Poems About the Fellowship

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of the Rings, Tolkien does and New Line Cinema owns the movies.

Warning: Spoilers


There once was a child named Estel who was as precious and precocious as he could be

who with his mother lived with elves that taught him played with him and loved him tenderly.

There once was a faithful servant named Throngil though an uncrowned king was he

for he served stewards and kings who honored him greatly for he served them faithfully.

There once was a ranger named Strider who with other rangers traveled far and wide

to protect innocent folk from danger including peace loving hobbits.

There once was a king named Elessar who ruled his people with wisdom and peace

married to an elf who matched the beauty of Luthien herself.

With all of these names one would think they were different men.

But they all belonged to the same man who fought bravely in the battles

caused by Sauron and Saruman and who protected the bearer of the ring.

His name was Aragorn son of Arathorn a direct descendant of Isildur.

His kindness, faithfulness, bravery, and ability to lead made him

more capable of being a king than many before him.

To be Continued