Poems About the Fellowship

Disclaimer and Warning: See chapter one.

Frodo the Ring Bearer the center of the quest

Traveled to mordor to destroy an evil piece of jewelry

With eight members from every race of peace

To help him fulfill his quest

And fight against all who tried to stop him

A piece of jewelry once owned by Bilbo

A piece of jewelry he once thought insignificant

Has been revealed to be the most

Dangerous ring of all

Revealed in fire by Gandalf

The dreaded words from Mordor

Fear was seen in Frodo's eyes

While his heart was pounding fast

He knew he must flee to Bree

To protect the hobbits from harm

But three were determined to follow him

For they loved him so

And when they reached the Prancy Pony Inn

Disappointment was shown in their eyes

When they did not see Gandalf

Whom they did not know at the time

Was held captive by Saruman the traitor.

But a man tall and rough looking

Who put fear in the hearts of all who look at him

Lead them through to Rivendell

A strong and skilled warrior named Aragorn

But even he could not protect Frodo

From being stabbed by Sauron's greatest servant

Frodo struggled valiantly to stay in the land of light

Though his arm was colder than ice and his vision was foggy

He fought with all of his might from being swallowed by the shadow

And turned into a creature he hated a nazgul

Elrond had saved him from that fate

On he traveled with his eight companions

Through all kinds of dangers

From the snow and the darkness

And attacks from fierce orcs and trolls

And from a Balrog whom he and his companions

Narrowly escaped

Though one had to sacrifice his life

With courage in his heart he was determined

To destroy the Ring that was made by Sauron

Daring all who would try to stop him.

Rest and refreshment he with his companions received from

Elves who were so kind

Before he continued traveling

This time with his seven companions

All who had received gifts from Galadriel to aid them in the quest

Sadness, weariness, and fear increased in his heart

For the ring was strong and tempting

It tried to entice Him with many lies

To claim it so it could return it to its master

Now seeing that he was strong and it could not easily enslave him

Tried to tempt another with greater physical strength

But who wasn't as strong inside

He tried overpower Frodo and take the ring from him

But Frodo escaped from him

Onward he traveled away from his companions

For he knew he must finish this quest alone

When Galadriel warned him that some would

Give into the temptation of the ring

And destroy the quest.

He was able to escape from all but one

A loyal and brave friend who was determined

Not to leave him alone

For it wasn't the ring that he loved

But his master whom he served

Since he was a small child

Frodo took Sam under his wings again

As they traveled together through mordor

Joined by the treacherous Gollum, their guide

Captured by Faramir who unlike his brother

Refused to touch the ring

Was now released to continue on his journey

Betrayed by Gollum who lead him to the monstrous

Spider who poisoned him with her sting

And thought dead by his faithful companion

Passed out from the poison

And woke up in terror

In a dark damp room

Filled with horrible orcs

That would give him nightmares for years

Rescued by his faithful friend

And dressed as orcs

They traveled through a land

That was filled with ash.

Frodo had never suffered

Any greater in any other time in his life

Than when he was in the land of fumes and ashes

Tormented by hunger and thirst

Torn apart in his mind by the ring

That continued to tempt and threaten him

While growing heavier

And the wounds he had received

Were acting up filling him

With pain and irritation

He was thankful for Sam's company

For Sam protected and comforted him

Gave him the courage to continue

When he was more than ready to give up the quest

And who carried him on his back

When he was too weak to continue

Now that he was on top of mount doom

The evil ring was more determined than

Ever not to be destroyed so it could continue

To spread the evil of Sauron

Overwhelmed Frodo and made him

Unnaturally strong

Frodo at last claimed the ring

The evil piece of jewelry he fought against claiming

For so long

Excruciating pain he felt when his finger was severed

By Gollum who was determined to take the jewelry for himself

But who danced to his death.

Now rescued with his faithful friend by eagles

And healed of his wounds by Aragorn

He celebrated for days the destruction of the ring and Sauron

The maker of the evil ring

Invited his faithful friend Sam and his wife

To live with him in his home in Bag End

Returned to him by Lobelia

Who coveted for many years

Before she traveled to live with her family again

Happy he was to see the first born of Sam and Rosie

But suffering from the wounds he knew he would never

Be healed from in Middle Earth

Left his home to the Gamgees

Before he traveled West

And said goodbye to his three favorite hobbits

Before climbed aboard with his favorite uncle

Who adopted him when he was a tweenanger

And together with Elrond and Galadriel

They traveled West

Where he was finally cured of those wounds by

Elves and the Valor

The End