I loved „The Witcher 3-Wild Hunt" and so I decided to write a little story about it. I think I will place it during the time of the game, just following Lambert around and not Gerald. I hope I don´t go to OoC and that my Oc ain´t to Mary Sue or unbelievable. Its been a long time since I played it, so please don´t kill me if the timeline or story is fucked up a bit... :)

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It has been dark outside for some hours now. But that didn´t bother Milli a bit.

She was having fun with some of her friends in the pub, when all of the sudden her boyfriend showed up, arm in arm with another girl she didn´t know. All the 23 year young women felt was a peng in her chest and the looks full of pity by her friends.

"Milli. -"One of her best friends said.

" I can´t believe- why would he?" trembled her voice, switching between anger, hurt and disappointment.

"You want to leave?"

Do I ?

"I need to talk to him know, maybe it isn´t what it looked like."

"We will come with you." Her other best friend said.

"No. I need to do that on my own."

"Ok. But we will be at the bar, so we are close. "

She only nodded in response.

It took the young women almost a minute to walk through the cheer amount of people in the bar, just to reach her so called Boyfriend. Every second she needed, was a second she saw him in the arm of another woman.

Just seconds before she reached her destination, her world collapsed. The man she loved, and were in a relationship with for over a year now, leaned down and kissed the other woman on her lips.

A tear sneaked her way out of her eye and she wanted to disappear into thin air.

She had reached her destination and knew she need to know what was going on. Better know or never.


He turned around with a bit of chock in his face.

"Milli? You are´t suppose to be here. I thought you had a movie night over ad your friends house."

Was he accusing her to be where she shouldn´t be?

"The TV went down, so we decided to go, grab a drink. But what are you doing here?"

He snorted

"Having fun. Listen I wanted to tell you this tomorrow, but now is alright, too. We were never a thing. You were just a bet I had with some of my friends. After I won I stayed with you until I found a new girl. What can I say, bad sex with an fat girl is better than no sex at all. But now that I have Sarah here I don´t need your stupid ass anymore."

He turned around again, leaving a stunned and broken woman staring at his back.

"Are you deaf as well? He said leave him alone. Troll!" The women, Sarah, sneered.

Everything was to much for her. And without thinking she just ran for the exit, not wanting to be there anymore.

She could feel the looks of other guests on her and one or two hands tried to stop her, but she couldn´t tell if they belonged to her friends or strangers.

A loud smack was the last thing she heard before bolting out of the door and onto the empty morning streets.

She lived three streets away, but she wasn´t feeling going home. Instead she turned around corners until there was no music left to hear.

The city she lived in,wasn´t very big. Just 50.000 townspeople, so it was unlikely for her to get lost.

She stopped, when she reached the little park, where the moat was located in the middle-ages.

It circled the whole old town of her hometown and was beautiful to walk in , during the day. At night, it was dark, only a few lamps spend light and wouldn´t it be for the moon, Milli weren´t able to see her own hand that night.

But she knew where she was. Only a five-minute walk away from home. Ten, when she would take her time.

She saw a bank and decided to sit down to gather her thoughts and get her head straight.

Why would he say such things? I know I am not the thinnest or sexiest girl, but that was just cruel.

Tears started to flow down her face. Blue hair got on her face, her braid must have gotten lose, while she was on the run.

A bet. I was nothing but a easy lay and a bet to him. How could he-

She went on, ranting in her head and sobbing into her hands, until a movement in the corner of her eyes got her attention and she looked up.

In front of her stood a brown wolf with amber eyes.

The young women looked it in the eyes trying to process what she was seeing.

It has been ages if not centuries that wolfs lived in these parts of Europe. There was only a hand full of small packs in her country and most of them, if not all, were on the other side near the border.

She was sure, there was no explanation on how it could be there. But she knew, those were dangerous creatures. Yes, dogs are descendants of these noble creatures, but that didn´t mean they are harmless.

No sudden movement Milli. Don´t want it to attack you.

She thought, knowing there was no possibility in hell she would be able to get away from this thing. So maybe it would decide, she wasn´t worth it and walk away.

But the wolf hat other things on its mind. Slowly, to slowly for her liking, it took one step towards her after another. Looking her right in the eyes.

It almost seemed like, it was making sure it was walking towards the right person.

Just mere centimeters away from her face, it stopped.

And now Milli saw how big it really was. It´s eyes were on one level with hers and it´s hot breath fell on her face.

It nudged her with its snout and let out a little huff.

"Did someone just left you alone like me? Mhm. Come here let me pet you. You not seem to be dangerous. Only alone. A lone wolf."

She slowly lifted her hand to let the wolf sniff at it. Not wanting to scare it, making it attack her.

When it had sniffed at her hand, she stroke it´s head and after a while the wolf licked her face.

When it´s tongue reached her forehead, a bolt got through the young woman´s body and she lost consciousness.

Milli woke up with a headache, she never thought would be possible and when she tried to stand up, she realized it wasn´t just her head that was hurting, but her whole body was.

What the fuck happened yesterday? Oh -yeah.

And then she remembered. Her boyfriend (well now EX), her run and -The Wolf ,were was the wolf. But more important, where was she?

That wasn´t her bed she was laying in.

In fact, it wasn´t a bed at all.

Looking around she realized she was in the middle of a forest. One she had never seen before in her life. It was definitely not the forest that could be found a 15 min drive out of her town by car.

"Fuck. Where am I? And how do I get home?"

She sighted and wanted to cry again, when she spotted the wolf. It stood there. Ten meters away and looked at her with a interesting look on it´s face.

"You! How- Why. What?"

She started to say, but realized it would be stupid to talk to a animal and ask it where she was and how she got here.

Maybe its trained...

"Can you show me the way out of here?" Milli asked with hope swinging in her voice.

The wolf looked at her and turned around, only to look back at her again over its shoulders.

Is that thing bigger than yesterday evening?

She started to walk towards it, only to realize she was still wearing her outfit of the previous night.

It consisted of a pair of denim shorts. A T-shirt of her favorite festival (the W:O:A) and a pair of chucks.

The wolf waited for her to reach it, and they walked next to each other for hours.

When the sun went down and night fell, the young woman had scratches everywhere. On her arms, her legs and even one or two on her face.

She was getting tired, not being used to walk for hours through under-bushes.

Although her family and her used to go hiking in the mountains.

She had stopped for just a second to tie her shoe, but when the young woman looked up again, the wolf was gone.


Panic started to overtake her body when she heard a voice.

"Is someone there?" It was an male voice, fear was in it as well as was age.

"Yeah. I am here. I lost my path." Milli answered- she was already lost and in danger, perhaps she was lucky one time this evening.

A light started to come towards her, and just a moment later she saw the person the voice belonged to. It was an older man ( maybe 50?) that stood in front of her, looking her up and down, crunching his eyebrows.

They looked at each other for some time and Milli recognized the clothing the man was wearing as something the medieval people would have worn.

Please let this just be a festival... please.

"You said you lost your way back there?"

"Yes. Can you help me getting back to civilization?"

Another minute of silence followed, were the old man looked her up and down, as he were thinking what to make of her appearance and the circumstance of their meeting.

"My wife and I have a little house, mere minutes' walk down that way. You can come with me and stay the night. Have some warm stew too."

He turned around with these words and walked back the way he came.

Well let's go then!

And ten minutes later, she joined her savior (hopefully) in front of a little wooden house.

"Dava! What took you so long? I feared you attacked and dead."

A female voice said, before he could open the door fully.

"Sapra, I am fine. This is Milli. Found her near the wooden stone. She lost her path. That´s why I am late. I told her she could stay the night."

He told the woman on entering and motioned Milli over.

"Hello. I don´t want to intrude."

"Nonsense. My husband doesn´t trust people. That he brought you here means you are in need and harmless. Let me take a look at you."

The old woman said.

She had long white hair that was braided into a long dutch braid. The dress she wore was simple, no jewelry and her face was gentle.

"You are wearing next to nothing. You will fetch your death. I will give you one of my old dresses. Come on, come on. We can eat as soon as you are ready."

Milli followed Sapra into the only other room, it was their bedroom. But it wasn´t very big. Only one bed.

"Put this on and then you can join us in the other room." Sapra left.

Milli striped her clothes down to the underthings and put on the dress.

It was a simple one, nearly a tailed sack. But it was warmer than what she wore before and was glad about that.

The young woman entered the main room and saw Sapra and Dava sitting at their table.

"Ah Milli. Seems like my old dress fits you. Come sit with us and eat. It´s not much, but it will warm your body."

The old woman motioned towards an old chair on her left and the young woman gladly accepted.

Dava handed her a bowl of stew and a piece of bread.

They ate in silence.

"Tell be girl, how did you end up in the woods?" He asked her with a gruff voice.

Earning him a scolding look from his wife.

"I was with friends, but I got separated. I tried to find my way back, but I got lost. That´s when you met me. No need to tell them about the wolf. It looks like the middle-ages and I don´t want to be burned as a witch. I am very far away from home."