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It took Milli almost an hour to calm down enough to return to their kids.

"Milli, I swear everything will be fine. Now come, let's see what the little rascals did while we were gone. And then I will make the fire outside. What was it called again, a Barbwbque? Vesemir and I prepared some meat with spices and oil and one of the baker´s wife brought some freshly made bread earlier. And Lasse Bluten´s* wife had some vegetables to spare after Fili hunted all of the rodents that plagued their gardens. And we have some fish as well.", Lambert kissed.

"You and the grandpa prepared a BBQ?", the young mother smiled, "What did you do with the twins while you prepared all of this?"

"They rode Fili and we went to the marked.", the dark haired Witcher answered, "I bet you can ride him one day instead of a horse. If he let you."

"Really? You think so? That would be so awesome, Eskel said we need to find me a horse sooner than later, especially if he leaves for the winter. But I guess a giant grizzly would work out just as fine, if not better.", the young mother grinned, already imagining herself riding the huge fluffy (and gentle) bear through the village. Maybe she would sew him some leather armour, just to be sure aaand to make him even more badass looking. She had already planned on braiding his fur into Viking themed braids. Battle bear Fili.

"Come, I bet the twins are annoying Eskel and Vesemir to no end. They kept asking the whole day where you are. They missed you.", not waiting for his woman´s answer, he walked back into the main room, Milli slung over his shoulder like a bag. His hands on both her ass and thigh, squeezing and pinching it.

"Look who is back! Everything better now?", Eskel called out, worry and curiosity mirrored in his voice.

"Yes. At least for now. So, what did you do with the two trouble makers while we were gone?", his brother answered, carefully setting the woman he loved back down onto her own two feet.

"We were outside and the two of them brushed the beast´s fur. Ready for the Barbebque? Fire is already burning. Vesemir is on watch duty, telling the twins stories and I am sure already teaching them facts about monster. Oh, and Hjalmar and a few of the others that were at Kaer Morhen might visit later with some fresh mead and beer. Maybe even some deer if they stumble upon some on their way here. You never know with them.", Eskel stated but were barely able to finish when his eyes caught the blissful look the female got when she had heard the word ´mead´.

"Mhm… mead.", she hummed, "What? They have the best mead I ever had! I mean it, nothing compares to skelliger mead."

She poked out her tongue at the men and huffed when they still laughed, "Whatever. I need to braid my hair or I bet I am going to manage to burn it somehow."

"Hurry up. Or we will drink all the mean on our own!", Lambert threatened with a smile on his lips.

"Don´t you dare. Or you are on Twin-duty the next five times!", Milli threatened back, already disappearing into her room.

It took her barely two minutes to braid her long hair into a simple Dutch-braid. Her blue tips making the braid look like white (well blond) spindrift on blue waves.

The night sneaked up upon the leaving day, tinting the skies into colourful play of colours, ranging from blue to red, violet, pink and everything in between. And the meat was finally done as well, because what Lambert had not mentioned was, that the meat he and Vesemir had prepared, consisted of a whole cow, a boar and some birds.

Like they knew exactly that, Hjalmar and the other warriors that were at Kaer Morhen and some of the villagers they had become friends with, showed up, bringing the promised mead, beer and other delicious stuff.

The party was about to start, only to come to a abrupt stop, when it had found its peak. Leaving the young woman confused.

What is going on?

"Milli.", Lambert spoke, standing up from where he sat next to her only to get down on one knee, "Everybody who knows me I am not one for sentiments or many words, but. Would you do me the honour to become my wife?"

He was rushing his words, clearly uncomfortable with all the eyes looking at him; but instead of answering the man, Milli took a piece charred bread (that was on her plate) and threw it at the oldest Witcher.

"You old Bastard! You – you- wedding announcement at the marked my ass! You asked me that on purpose!", she shouted, "I should have known you –"

Her little outburst caused every one gathered around laugh, some of them pointing at the more than uncomfortable looking Lambert, making her remember that he had asked her a question.

"Lambert, you don't need to do that. You are stuck with me, remember?", she smiled at the man she loved and had children with.

"Yeah, so lets make it official. Let me make you an honest woman and mother. Even though I want to see anyone try and call you dishonourable without meeting the big guy.", he almost pleaded shyly, "So what do you say?"

"If that is really what you want. I would love to make it official, make me your wife, Lambert.", she hummed, leaning forward to kiss her now betrothed.

Cheers and applause erupted around the two of them, though they quickly turned into another fit of laughter when the bear barrelled into the couple only to shower them in kisses.

"FILLI! Get off you heavy beast", Lambert groaned from beneath the bear, with happiness in his voice.

"Can I have mead now?", Milli asked the queen´s brother with a begging smile (they said it was too early until then, they must have known something was up), causing another round of laughter, "Please?"

A month and a half had gone by and the wedding was about to happen any day now.

Almost every guest was already there. Yennefer and Gerald had used a portal after receiving their invitation through Raven, bringing a few barrels of wine from their own wine -yard in Toussaint, as well as spices for the reception.

Triss had come with one of the boats, bringing Ciri, Zoltan and Dandelion with her.

Those most important people had been there for around two weeks, and the females had kidnaped Milli for a day when they had been all there and taken her to the keep where the Queen was already waiting for them. She had a seamstress with her and a lot of wine and mead.

"Wedding dress?", Milli just asked upon seeing that and was met with knowing looks.

"Of course. We can´t let you get married in a normal dress.", Yennefer scoffed.

"I will try and help you talk them down.", Ciri whispered into the young woman´s ear, having a feeling Milli otherwise would end up with some kind of ball gown. She hated it as a child to be forced to wear them.

"Thank you.", the soon to be bride breathed back.

"So, what do you want? I would suggest something traditional, but Triss and Yennefer brought some more modern designs from the continent. And of course, there will be jewellery. A little bird tol me you like braiding your hair, so I made sure there will be hair-beads involved. Now, drink. I stole some of my brother´s favourite mead for you.", Cerys grinned, handing her a horn filled to the brim with mead.

"Well, then I won´t decline. And I would love to get something simple for a dress. It´s not like I am a princess or Lambert a prince.", the bride answered, already drinking large gulps of the fermented Honey to make the upcoming ordeal any easier.

In the end, Milli had decided to get a traditional but simple dress of a Skellig- style, in dark blue, with silver embroidery and strings fitting her hair. Her hair would be braided by a maid before the wedding in a traditional wedding braid, with personalized hair-beads in form of a wolf, as well as the EnCraits rune, showing she was under their protection and considered a friend or even family. The wolf of course symbolised her ties with the Witchers of the School of the Wolf and especially her husband to be Lambert. With those braids in her hair, only a suicidal idiot would try and harm her. She was as good as untouchable.

The wedding itself would be held on a clearing near their hut, and everyone who knew and was friends with the couple was allowed and invited to come. Most of the guests that had to travel were staying in one of the many inns or even the keep itself, though only Yen, Gerald and Ciri had been offered that possibility. They happily accepted.

Fires, banks and tables had been places all around the clearing and the two sorceresses had insisted on decorating it will all kinds of different flowers from all over the world, using spells and magic. IIn the end it looked like a banquet straight out of a fantasy novel just as the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit.

Milli loved it.

Lambert was dressed in a beautiful dark leather armour with silver chainmail details on the chest and arms. There were no swords on his back, but a beautiful dagger was at his side.

He looked stunning! And even a bit nervous.

Moussack hold the ceremony under an old tree, with every guest, friend and familymember gathered around. Vesemir and Eskel stood on either side of them: Vesemir on Milli´s right with Kili on his arm and Eskel on Lamberts left with Lili on his arm. They were dressed as they usually would, only cleaner and with freshly cut hair and beards.

Fili stood behind his family, his fur washed and braided (with his own set of beads) and someone (Hjalmar) had even gifted him with some armour to make him look more malicious but better looking at the same time.

He stood guard over his little siblings and parents.

With a Kiss, their vows were sealed and they now where husband and wife.

"I wanted to make you a ring, but I couldn't find the right materials yet. But I promise you will get one day.", Lambert kissed his wife, the apology heavy in his words.

"You don´t need to do that.", she kissed back, "For now I only need you, our kids and family and food. I am starving. Yen didn´t want me to eat anything in case I ruin the dress before the ceremony.

"Then we better find you something.", he chuckled, guiding his bride to one of the tables. They had announced before that the guests can gratulate them, but that please after they had something to eat and drink- they wouldn't run of after all.

Their table was reserved for their family and them, and Milli wanted just to bite into some meat when something large, white and dead was placed right in front of her plate, a skull.

"What the-"

"Found it two weeks back, after that Raven had finally found my location, in a hoard of an ancient vampire. It is a baby Dragon skull. No idea how it died, there was nothing else of it around. Thought you might like it. I was on my way to get a ship and, you know wrap it up in something, when your big friend showed up out of nowhere – like a minute ago , I bet it scared the shit out of those bandits that wanted to kill me- and brought me right to this clearing. And I have to say, it was worse than traveling through portals. Thank you either way though Big Guy. Was kinda sad I had to miss this feast.", the rough voice of the Viper explained from behind her in a way only a seasoned Witcher could.

"Letho? Wha- Guardian brought you here? Sit down and eat! I bet you are hungry and hadn´t had something decent in a while.", Milli whirled around, pulling her friend into a hug.

"Looks like he found you in the middle of a nekker nest.", Lambert greeted his brother from another school with humour in his voice, "It´s nice to have you here. Grab some mead and meat and have fun. Vesemir offered to look after the kids, that means you will finally be able to witness a drunk Milli."

"You don't have to tell me twice, but maybe Milli should tell the others that her Chort is a friend and no danger, your other guests look rather scared.", the Viper grinned, already a junk of grilled bear in his hands.

"Oh, yeah. Shit.", the bride cursed and sprung to her feet, "Guys, this Chort is with me. Long story short, he is kind of my protector and guardian and won´t attack you as long you don't attack me or my family. Nice to see you too, Big Guy."
She mumbled the last part into the white fur of the Chort, who had laid down next to Fili.
Every single guest relaxed after hearing that, and Hjalmar immediately wanted to pet the giant beast hello.

The celebration had lasted far into the early hours of the morning, and the sun was already back on the firmament when the newlywed couple went to sleep as husband and wife for the first time of many.

And as merry as the mood was during the festivities, as dampened it was the next morning. But it wasn't just the fault of any hangover, but, as the young mother learned, the one of an late guest.

A blond woman, who just screamed sorceress, stood in front of the door, with Eskel and Vesemir opposite to her.

"Oh, come on, why won´t you let me inside? I just want to see what all the fuss is about and gratulate Lambert on becoming a ´father´. It´s not like I want to kill his ´wife´ the mother of ´his´ children.", she stated with a roll of her eyes and Milli immediately knew she didn't like her.

"You better watch what you are saying.", Eskel growled silently, apparently not wanting to wake up either of the pair.

"Aye. Milli is one of us now. And Lambert is taken. So say your words and leave.", Vesemir piped up, visibly angry about the way the sorceress talked about his daughter in law and grandchildren, "Even though I don't think you should have the right after trying to rather life in a villa then helping to fight the wild Hunt."

"Come on, I had to suffer enough living in that hut in the middle of nowhere- like I would leave the caste for I fight that could kill me. Now, we all know you two won´t do shit, so-"

"Maybe they won´t, but he will. So, either fuck off and leave me and my Family alone or get eaten by a magical Chort. Your choice. It is too early for shit like this.", Milli hissed making her appearance known and stepping right in between the two males, nodding her head at the humongous white Chort that suddenly stood next to the hut.

Did you grow since yesterday or am I still drunk?

I don't like her. Though I try and make her wet herself. And the bigger I am the more fear I can spread, the Chort answered the mother in her head, an amused snicker in his voice.

Smart. "But don´t splatter her around here. I don't want my soil tinted by her blood. And please don't be too loud. The kids are still sleeping. Vesemir, Eskel, I wanted to reheat some leftover meat and grill some bread from yesterday. Do you want anything else?", the last part was only called over her shoulders, for Milli had already made her way back into the hut.

"You heard the Lady of the house. See you- or not. I don't care.", and with that the two men stepped inside as well, leaving only the unwanted woman and the Guardian outside, whom left out a deep, rumbling growl.

The last thing they heard was the *woosh* of an opening and closing portal.

"What a bitch.", the young mother cursed, causing the two Witchers to chuckle.

"Yeah. I think she had a thing for Lambert and the finer things in life. No idea how that goes together though.", Eskel laughed about the last part at the statement; no Witcher was really one to lavish in luxus.

"Well, Lambert is mine and now that the annoyance has left, I need to speak to the Big Guy. If you excuse me.", she smiled, taking one of the bigger pieces of meat with her.

"Go ahead, we will make sure nothing burns.", Vesemir answered with a fatherly smile on his face.

Stepping outside, Milli was not greeted by the Chort, but by the wolf that had brought her into that world.

"Hello, Guide. What can I do for you?", Milli breathed surprised.

I am here to answer a question plaguing your mind. When I brought you here, I gave you everything you need to survive in this world and be happy. You could say I gave the abilities of a Witcher, without the mutations. That´s why they are not as strong as those of the real ones and some you cant even use. But you are equal to them., the wolf´s voice echoed in her head, his gentle and intelligent eyes looking straight into hers, As are your children. You are the first in a bloodline of people with the blood of the Wolf. But don´t worry. With time, it will weaken, because other blood will enter your line. But as long as you stay on the righteous path and don't use the powers for evil, your line will be healthy. And is the love pure, they will share their lifespans. Just like you and Lambert.

"Hold on, did you just say what I think you said? I won´t die at the age of eighty because of natural causes, and neither will Kili and Lili? And we will age at the same rate as any other normal Witcher?", Milli exclaimed exited.

Indeed. And we will remain the guide and guardian of the line you had created.

"Holy shit. Thank you. These news are the best present we could have wished to get.", she thanked, tears leaking down her face, "We will not throw away the gift you gave us."

Go. You husband is waiting for you. And don´t forget, should you ever need guidance or help. We are just a call away.


Eskel and Letho had left the Family a week later and returned on their path together. Killing and fighting their way all over the continent. From Toussaint to Skellige and back. Sometimes Ciri would join them for a bit, training and learning alongside the more seasoned Witchers.

Gerald and Yennefer had returned to the wine-yard they owned (well, Gerald owned, but that changed nothing) in Toussaint using another portal, thought they promised to stay in touch as they did. At least once a year they came to visit them on the island- Bringing new wine or other things they purchased.
One time Lambert went with them, it was in the second year of their marriage; he decided to be able to protect his family and to always be able to return to them, he would use the same apparatus as Gerald did, to change his mutations and make him stronger.
He returned within a month, bringing Jewellery, light (but strong) armour, some weapons and clothes for his wife and children with him. Vesemir received an enhanced wolf-gear, made by the best smith in the country. Gerald had found the instructions during one of his travels though his new home.
The old man had tears in his eyes, because the men who had designed them, had once be a brother of his.

Vesemir used his (long) evening of life, to teach whoever was interested -and he deemed trustworthy- the art of fighting. Returning to his task and life of an instructor and teacher. He taught a lot of great and (later) famous warriors and clan-leaders. Not discriminating between male or female. One of them was the later husband of Queen Cerys, as well as their three sons and two daughters.
The queen died at the age of 80 of a natural cause, with many grandchildren and even some great-grandchildren surrounding her deathbed. Under her reign Skellige and Nilfgard came to a truce; a war would cause to much death on both sides, and so Skellige would go and plunder once in a while, making sure not hit the same villages every year, and the Kingdom would not start a war.
Under her daughter Luna (whom had followed her on the throne) they formed an alliance of some sorts and peace followed, adherent with bigger trade routes and contracts.

Vesemir and Eskel died during the reign of Queen Luna. An ancient Vampire (who could have been mistaken with an unseen elder, if he hadn´t been killed), had been found in a cave deep within the centre of Ard Skellige. It caused death and destruction, and it took the combined efforts of the Witchers of the School of the Wolf, the one hundred bests warriors of the Vikings (trained under Vesemir) and Triss, to finally kill it. At the end, only ten warriors, Gerald, Lambert (who lost an arm) and Triss remained alive, and Milli mourned long over the lost of her family. She had been visiting Yennefer with the twins, whom wanted to learn something about spells and the nature of some herbs specific to Toussaint. The men had decided to get some quality time as well, just like the good old times.
The mother of the blood of the Wolf thought long it was her fault that her adoptive brother and father had died. Had she been there she could have called her Guardian and save them. But she wasn´t and now they were lost.
Lambert and Gerald had reminded her then, that it was the nature of their life and that both men had long and eventful lives and wouldn't want her to beat herself up for something that had been their fate for a long time.

It was ten years later, that Kili found his love in the daughter of a merchant and the couple became grandparents not long after.

Lili was different. She lived for battle and fight, to protect their rulers and so she was the first Valkyrie- the newfound all female guardians of the queens and kings of Ard Skellige. Unfortunately, she went overboard during an enormous storm, when she had escorted Queen Luna´s daughter to meet some royals on the continent, so she might find someone to love.
And because neither guard nor guardian wanted to tell them if she was alive or dead, both parents and brother came to the conclusion that she had survived and build a life for herself, wherever she was. And if not, that she was with her beloved grandfather and uncle, causing mischief.

After around three hundred years ( Milli lost count after the first one hundred and something), Milli fell ill with an unknown illness, one Yennefer assumed had made its way from another world into this one, and without any possibility of healing, she died alongside Lambert, who couldn't stand being alone and without the love of his life anymore. The poison they drank was very potent, but caused no pain, and so they had slipped into the next life like falling asleep.

They were awaited by both Wolf and Chort, who (as they had promised Milli in the past) gave them the choice of returning to Milli´s world or not. In which case they would enter the afterlife, leaving the wolf and guardian behind who promised to keep watch over their blood.

Having lived a long and happy life, husband and wife decided to decline the offer and enter the life after death. A light had engulfed them at that point, and when it had subdued, they found themselves standing in a huge hall, filled with endless tables and chairs- stacked to the brim with food and drink of every kind- alive with laughter and voices. And before they had been able to look around, someone handed them horns with mead.

"Took you long enough you two. We almost feared we were too annoying and that you chose to return to Milli´s world first.", the well known and missed voice of the black haired Witcher smiled.

"I told you once before Eskel, you are stuck with me and I am not easy to get rid of.", the woman smiled, tears of happiness gathering in her eyes, that fell once he had pulled her into a welcoming hug.

"Well, then come on. The others are waiting over there. Letho and I have a few stories we want to share, and there are some older Witchers who want to meet the Mother of the Blood of the Wolf."

I wonder if this is Valhalla.

"Come Kitten, time to rejoin the pack.", Lambert kissed his wife, his own eyes glittering with unshed tears.

"I will be at your side Wolf.", she kissed back.

It took a few years, before the whole Family was united again, for Gerald and Yennefer took their time to enter the halls, but in the end, it was just as the good old times. Without the monsters, the fear of death or the fact that everything wanted to try and eat Milli.

In the end, they spend the rest of their all existence in happiness, and it would never get boring, for there would always be someone new around.

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