This is a challenge for a female Harry Potter that is Elesis from Elsword.


Female Harry is Elesis.

Must be either the Empire Sword path or the Flame Lord path.

Female Harry/Elesis must return to her own dimension for the triwizard tournament.

Female Harry/Elesis must be a lesbian.

Pairings that I will allow (if you want to do your own pairing give me multiple different people than pm me and if I like one than I will tell you that one is okay.) Female Harry/Elesis x Daphne Greengrass, Female Harry/Elesis x Astoria Greemgrass, and Female Harry/Elesis x Susan Bones.


You can include other characters from Elsword that can com with Female Harry/Elesis.

Leave a review or pm me if you accept this challenge and don't flame me because I'm putting this in the Harry Potter section and not in the crossover section I want a lot of people to view this