Frodo's Gratitude towards Sam his Faithful Friend

Sequel to Sam's Observation to Frodo

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of the Rings Tolkien does and New Line Cinema owns the movies.

Authors Note: I made improvements to this poem because I wasn't satisfied with it. I hope this one is better.

Warning: Spoilers

On the quest to destroy the ring

Eight companions travel with me

Gandalf the Grey the leader as wise

As he could be

Aragorn the Dunadain

Protector of innocent folk

Boromir loyal to Gondor

A brave and skilled fighter

Gimli the dwarf Short but sturdy

Whose encounter the enemies fear

Legolas a woodland elf

Skilled with his bow and light on his feet

And don't forget

Merry and Pippin two cousins

Who are more like brothers

Without them the torment

Of the ring would be unbearable

For their stories

Brings my mind back to the

Peaceful land called the shire

Grateful am I to them

Wonderful companions

Eight in all

for without them

I cannot travel so long

Carrying a small but dangerous jewel

That tries to take over my soul

But there is only who travels with me

All the way to the end

Even in the land filled with poisonous fumes

Giving me his food even though he is hungry

Fighting the enemies even though they are

Larger and fiercer

Rescuing me from a place

Even the bravest would not dare to enter

And comforting me

When horrifying nightmares

Takes hold of me

Carries me up the mountain

When the ring becomes too heavy

Cries in his heart

When I give in to the enemy

If not for treacherous Gollum

Who falls in the lava with the coveted jewelry

We would all be slaves of Sauron

Our worst enemy

A truer friend I never had

For he gave his all to me

The gift of bag end

To his family

Is a small thank you

For a friend

Who deserves much more

For even after we return

To the shire the land of peace

He continues to care for me

Now I wipe the tears from eyes

While I say good bye

To a friend whom I will

Miss so much

While I travel to the land of healing

The End