Animal House: Babs And Flounder.

I Always wished this should of ended like what happen between Bluto and Mandy.

So after Bluto droved off with Mandy Pepperidge. Babs was still embarrassed about being in her underwear and in front of the riot that was going on.
But meanwhile...Flounder after jumping for joy of what happen to that Asshole Neidermeyer. Suddenly spots Babs screaming and Shouting! then decides to run
over to confront her by picking her up and go over to an ally to have sex with her! While he picked her up, She says to him.

"Put me Down! You big fat Blimp!"

Moments later...As Flounder and Babs were now hiding behind a dumpster. Baps was screaming out.

"Oh God!...Oh God!...OH YES!...Oh Flounder!"

And the ending of the film says, Both Flounder and Babs get married are both actors living in Hollywood CA.

The End.

PS...Rest In Peace Stephen Furst.