Kara's mind begins to slowly wake up. She hears monitors around her and soft murmurs of a few voices.

The more awake she became, the more aware of where she was. A bed in the DEO medical bay, under a yellow sun lamp.

She opens her eyes and sees Mon-El sitting by her side on the stool laying over the side of the bed asleep. Almost like he'd been there whole time. Which, he probably had, knowing him.

Since their reconciliation, he's been nothing but the sweetest man. Everything she'd ever wanted, and she had it again.

Until Reign tried to kill her, or so she thought. Mon-El kept worrying about losing Kara more everyday and was determined to never lose the one thing he loves above all else again, her.

Kara grabs Mon-El's hand and gives it squeeze, one that would break the bones of a human. Her man isn't human though, and good thing too, cause she wants nothing more than to show him what he's done means to her.

She doubts she'll never ever be able to truly show him how much it means to her. She's never been more grateful to know someone loves her like he does. She never thought she'd get to feel loved like this again, much less from Mon-El.

Mon-El feels the squeeze on his hand and sleepily wakes up. He turns his head and smiles at her. "You're awake." He states.

"I am." She says with a smile.

Mon-El sighs and says, "You scared me, Kara. The one thing I spent centuries trying to prevent from happening and it happened anyway. I'm grateful I'd worked out a plan with Brainiac 5 to bring you back, just in case we failed. I'm so happy it worked. You're safe now, Kara."

"What do you mean?" She asks.

"Kara, you got killed by Reign, despite me trying to prevent it. I did all I could to stop it. We all did. It took all of us to kill her." Mon-El states.

"Really? Then, how am I here? Alive?" She asks him.

"The resurrection ritual Brainy and I created as backup. The world needs you, Kara. I need you. I lived without you for 7 years. In misery. Figuring a way out to save your life so I could be with you again. My only reason to live is you, Kara. I love you that much." Mon-El says.

With tears in her eyes, she smiles at him and raises her left hand to his right cheek and says, "You sweet man. I love you too. You spent 12,000 years in stasis for me, Mon-El. You time traveled to save my life. You have literally rewritten time for me so we could be together. You literally resurrected me from the dead with the power of our love. I doubt I can ever repay you for this."

"You don't have to, Kara. I told you once I wasn't a very strong man. I mean that. You are my weakness, Kara. My lead, if you will." Mon-El states.

"No lead jokes, ever again. Do you know know how often I had that device slapped in my face while you were gone? Every day. Do I regret my decision, our decision? No. You're alive. You've been cured. We have each other again. We can finally get what we both have only dreamed of. A life together, saving National City as partners." Kara states.

"It was always my hope, too. It's all I've ever wanted." Mon-El states. "The one thing in my entire life I have wanted was you. To love you. Help you save the world."

With happy tears running down her cheeks, Kara smiles at him and sits up slowly, "How did I find you?"

"In a pod. Twice." Mon-El jokes. "It's fate, Kara. You're my heart and soul. My soul mate. I knew years ago. I'm never letting you go again."

Kara hits his arm at his joke, but tearfully smiles at him. "I'm never letting you go either, you sweet man." She leans over and gently kisses him on the lips. She feels him deepen the kiss and she grabs his hair and pulls him closer. They broke the kiss when they began running out of breath. Both heaving from the kiss, they touch foreheads and look in each other's eyes. Both of them full of happy tears.

Alex walks in and sees her sister sitting up and cuddling Mon-El. She smiles. This past year has been so difficult on all of them. But knowing that her sister has a man who changed time to save her life so he could love her and be with her again makes her so happy. Alex has had her reservations about Mon-El. Especially after his return. But she realized the extent of what his plan was and what he had done. She was so impressed that she would never say an ill word to him again. He saved Kara's life. And hasn't left her side since.

"You're awake." Alex states. Kara turns her head to her sister and smiles.

"Yeah. No thanks, to this sweet man." She sends a smile to Mon-El. He can't help but return it.

"Mon-El, can I speak to you for a moment?" Alex asks.

Mon-El turns his head towards Alex and says, "Sure, Alex." He stands up to leave and asks Kara, "You'll be ok?"

"Never better." She states with a smile.

"Ok." He leans down and places a kiss on her forehead. He follows Alex out of the room and into another room that Kara can't use her super hearing to hear what they are saying in.

Alex closes the door and Mon-El nervously turns around and asks Alex, "What's so urgent you need to pull me from Kara's side?"

"I want to apologize, Mon-El. For how I treated you when you returned. I was so scared for Kara. She shut down for 6 months after you left. Pushed us all away. She missed you so much. When she saw you again she was so happy and relived. Then you dropped the bomb on her heart. She shut down again. All her progress was gone. I wanted to strangle you." Alex stated.

"You almost succeeded." Mon-El joked.

"I had to protect her, Alex. If she knew what I was up to, she would've stopped me. She's so stubborn. I love that about her, but it's quite annoying at times."

"Tell me about it." Alex replies.

"Then everything came out into the open and I was floored. I couldn't believe what I had heard. All I knew was I had to protect my little sister."

"My only mission was to save Kara. Prevent her death or resurrect her if I couldn't. The latter came to pass." Mon-El states.

"This world needs Supergirl. I need Kara. I know you do. Believe me, life without her alive sucks. I resolved myself to save her and come back to her. It may have been somewhat selfish, but the world died without her. My heart died without her."

"Mon-El, I get it. You love my sister. I've never once questioned that, except right after your return, but once things began to be revealed, I realized that you did this for her. I'll never question your love for Kara again." Alex stated. She hugs Mon-El and he gently hugs her back.

"Thanks, Alex." Mon-El states. "I have a question I want to ask you while we are in here."

"Sure. What's up?" Alex asks. "I want to marry Kara. I can't lose her, Alex. I want forever with her. Just the thought of losing her makes my chest hurt. I want your permission to propose." Mon-El states.

Alex smiles and says, "Of course. Any man who does what you just did to prove your love, deserves to get to marry my sister. She'll say yes, of that I can count on it. She adores you, Mon-El. You make her so happy. This will make her ecstatic."

Mon-El hugs Alex just tight enough to not hurt her with his super strength. "I need to get back to her." He states.

"Ok, and Mon-El - " Alex says.

"Yeah." He replies. "When you propose, make sure that ring is the best money can buy. I'll help if needed. My sister deserves the best. Especially after all you've done for her. Let the world know it, Mon-El. Let everyone know that she's yours." Alex stated with some happy tears in her eyes.

"Thanks, Alex. I'll keep that in mind. I already have an idea of what I want. I need Winn's help." Mon-El states.

"I'm sure he'd be happy to help. He's your buddy, right. And Kara's best friend. He wants the best for both of you too. He'll be eager and very pleased to help with such an amazing symbol of love between you and Kara." Alex says.

"Thanks again, Alex." Mon-El says. Mon-El turns and walks out of the room. He super speeds back to Kara's side.

"Back so soon?" Kara asks.

"Of course. I can't keep my girl waiting." Mon-El says. He leans over to kiss her cheek. He sits down on the stool and grabs her left hand. He brings it up to his lips and kisses her knuckles.

She smiles. "I love you, Mon-El."

"I love you, too, Kara. With all I have." Mon-El replies.