They walk back to their apartment and Kara gasps when she opens the door. "How did I not see this through the door?" She asks.

"Probably cause you can't keep your hands off me." Mon-El states.

"Well, the man I love did just ask me to marry him. I can't wait to be yours forever. Especially after everything we've been through." Kara says.

Mon-El just smiles.

With that Kara grabs his hand and leads him to their bedroom. She slowly removes Mon-El's suit jacket. And it falls to the floor. She unties his tie, and drops it too. She then proceeds to unbutton his shirt and slips it off his shoulders. She runs her hands over his chest and down to his abs.

"Man, I've missed you. And now, I get you forever." Kara says with happy tears in her eyes.

"I'm yours, Kara. Forever." Mon-El whispers in her ear.

Mon-El then proceeds to unzip Kara's dress and let it slide to the floor among his already tossed away clothing.

Kara steps out of it and steps out of her heels. She then proceeds to unbuckle his belt and drops it to the floor. She unbuttons his pants and they drop to floor too.

He steps out of his shoes and walks towards Kara. He pulls her to him and kisses her soundly on the lips.

In the midst of the kiss, Kara begins crying happy tears. When Mon-El feels the tears, he breaks the kiss and says, "Kara, are you ok?"

Kara looks up at him and says, "I just realized I get your kisses like that forever. I can't believe it. I guess I'm still in shock, Mon-El. I never thought this would happen, much less so soon."

Mon-El takes Kara's hands, and leads her to their bed. He sits her down, and sits beside her. He turns to her, and says, "After the reconciliation, I knew I wanted it then. I didn't want to waste anymore time. I want to spend my life with you. I always have. When I got to the future, they told me you were dead. I clung to the necklace, and mourned you. I only loved you more with how much I missed you. Did you know they had a Supergirl memorial? I used to sit there and cry. Talk to you. Tell you my hopes and dreams for us. Marriage, saving the world together, maybe a baby - that's up to you - it's your body. But I've imagined being a dad to our little Daxatonian. I'm sure there will be powers, it's a given. We could do what you never got to do for Clark or me. To teach our child from day one how to be a good person, use the powers given by it's DNA and the yellow sun for good. It was always a crazy dream I had. I always pictured a little girl who looked like you. I still want it. Now, more than ever."

Kara sighs, "Oh, Mon-El. I want all of that. The baby included. What did you call it?"

"A Daxatonian. That's what the Legion called a cross between a Daxamite and a Kryptonian." Mon-El stated. "From what I know, because I was curious and grieving, I checked to see what weakness would happen if we combine our DNA. Especially since the lead still makes the atmosphere toxic. If it weren't for them curing me, I wouldn't be here completely invulnerable. And you with your Kryptonite weakness. I know it's rare, and it's getting rarer to find, but the other night scared the crap out of me. So, I checked. Our DNA combining, makes an invulnerable being with the powers we both have." Mon-El states.

"Wow. You actually researched that." Kara asks.

"I just had to know. I really dreamed of getting all this one day with you. I wanted it that bad. So I clung to the necklace and the moment I realized what had happened to you, I worked on a plan to save you from that fate. It took me years to convince the Legion to do it. Only when Imra lost Garth, did she agree to it because your death triggered a very bleak future. And she knew how much I missed you without me even saying a word. She wanted to get back what we both lost. Our true love's. I don't ever want to see that future again. I'm never living without you by my side again, Kara." Mon-El states.

"You did all that for love. My love. And a future together." Kara stated with tears in her eyes.

"Yes, and to prevent the nasty future from happening. A world without Supergirl, isn't a world worth living in. I'll never live without you again, Kara." Mon-El states.

"Oh, you sweet man. I know I'm marrying the right man. You have told me twice in the past couple minutes that you won't live without me anymore. I'm not going anywhere, Mon-El. Ever. It's Supergirl and her Valor forever. This ring stays right where you placed it tonight till time ends. I am yours, Mon-El. Now, make love to me. I want to feel your love, Mon-El." Kara tells him.

Mon-El turns to her and pulls her to him. He kisses her passionately and unsnaps her bra. He removes it and drops it to the floor amongst their other clothes.

Now, Mon-El, only in his boxers and socks, and Kara in her underwear come together for a kiss. She climbs up in his lap and continues kissing him. She eventually leaves his mouth and trails down his neck. His hands gripping her hips tighter than any human could handle. This is the Girl of Steel. And she can handle it.

He lays down slowly on his back on their bed with Kara straddled on top of him. Her kisses trailed from his mouth to his cheek, to his neck, and eventually she settled on his collar bone. All Mon-El could do was moan and sigh. "Oh, Kara." He sighs loudly. He tightens his grip on her and flips her to her back.

Kara groans when she feels her back hit the bed.

Mon-El laughs slightly.

"What?" Kara asks him grumpily.

"You're too adorable for words, Kara. I know you love being on top, but we just got engaged. Please let me do this for you. To show you how much I love you with my body. That was my promise, and I'm keeping it. Maybe round two – you can go wild and be on top, huh?" Mon-El states with a smile. He leans down and kisses her on the lips, the only sounds being their mutual groans and the shifting of sheets on the bed.

He releases her mouth and trails down her neck. He eventually ends up between her breasts and he raises his head to look up at Kara's face. When he looks all he sees in pure happiness across Kara's face. Knowing he is the source of Kara's happiness at this moment makes a huge smile come across his face.

He turns his head to the right and latches on to her left breast and begins to suck. Kara groans when she feels it. She raises her hands and runs her fingers through Mon-El's beautiful, dark brown hair. All Mon-El can do is groan back.

Kara's hands trail from Mon-El's head to his shoulders, to his back. Clawing where she can. She knows she can't hurt him, and so she goes full force ahead with how tightly she holds onto him. "Oh, Mon." Is all she can groan out with a huge sigh.

He eventually releases Kara's breast from his mouth and trails his kisses down her stomach to the top of her underwear. He places kisses on both hip bones and raises himself to his haunches. He grabs her underwear and slowly and gently pulls them down. He drops them on the floor with the rest of their clothing. He slowly lowers himself back down and kisses Kara on the inside of both her thighs.

Kara groans and tries to turn Mon-El's head towards where she wants him, but at the last minute he sits up and grabs her hands and holds them up. "Eh, Eh, Eh! I promise, you will get all you want in due time, my love."

Kara just lets out a frustrated sigh and removes her hands from his. She lowers them to the bed and tries to relax.

"Good, girl." Mon-El says with a smile.

Kara groans again.

Mon-El lowers his body back between Kara's legs and to the bed. Kissing slowly but, surely all the way up to Kara's center. When he begins to kiss her on her clit Kara groans loudly. Mon-El then adds his index and middle fingers and begins to massage her while still using his mouth.

Kara's hands grab his hair again and she groans, "Oh, Mon. Yes, please."

The more movement Mon-El makes, the closer Kara gets. At one point, he's edging on super speed, and Kara is feeling so much pleasure she can barely form any words. As soon as it all begins, it stops.

Mon-El removes his mouth and hands. He sits up on his haunches.

Kara opens her eyes and leans up on her elbows, "I was almost there." She says with a huge pout.

Mon-El smiles up at her and says, "I know."

"Ugh, you're incorrigible, Mon-El." Kara groans.

"I know." Mon-El says with a smile. He then stands up at the end of the bed and drops his boxers to the pile of clothes on the floor. He then climbs slowly up the bed towards Kara on all fours like a tiger ready to pounce.

"Hold, up mister." Kara says. "I've got one of those special, alien strength condoms Alex got for me. We will have a baby in due time, but let's get through the wedding and settle to married life first, huh? That, and I can't be Supergirl while pregnant, and I'm not ready to give that up yet."

Mon-El sits up on his haunches when she tells him to wait. "Ok, agreed. I would love to go at this properly. I do get you not wanting to give up Supergirl yet, even if it's temporary. We'll have to plan it all and put precautions in place. Just so you know, I will be with you through all of this. I can't wait to spend my life with the woman of my dreams. A woman that for 7 years, I grieved. I'm so happy, Kara. You have no idea. Getting to be with you again has been a dream come true. I will never be able to repay you."

"You don't have to repay me, Mon-El. I know. You deserve to get to be happy, sweet heart. And if I make you happy, then I'm here, ok. Besides, you make me happy too. I'm never letting you go again. With everything we've been through, the thought of losing you makes me hurt. I know it's selfish, but I just I want you." Kara tells him.

"I want you too, Kara." Mon-El tells her. "It's not just a want either, but a need. I need you in my life, preferably as my wife – which one day soon, you will be. Just know that my devotion to you is eternal. You will never have to worry or question that, Kara. My love will never change, it will only grow."

Kara tears up at his speech. She leans up and hugs him tightly. "Oh, Mon-El."

He hugs her back and kisses her temple. He slowly lays her back down on the bed and grabs the alien strength condom Mon-El knows Alex made just for him. She told him that she cringed when Kara unwillingly made the request but understood her sister's worries. He slips it on his erection and carefully lays down on top of Kara.

He kisses her solidly on the mouth and continues this motion slowly. He then slips inside Kara and slowly begins to move. He breaks the kiss and begins kissing her down her neck as his hip thrusts speed up.

Kara wraps her legs around Mon-El's hips and he slides deeper inside her.

They both let out a groan of pleasure.

The next thing they both know, Mon-El's hips are thrusting at super speed. The bed is beginning to move with his movements.

All Kara can do is lay there. She feels this full euphoric moment of pure pleasure and then it happens. She finally comes, and all she can do is groan.

While Kara is in her state of pure pleasure, Mon-El is groaning in pleasure himself. He had forgotten how tight Kara is. Even after all this time, it shocks him to the core at how perfect he fits in her. How she clings to him. It just makes him lose it even more. Then – comes right at the same time Kara does.

He slips out her and slips off the condom. He tosses it in the nearby trash and climbs back next to Kara who is still breathing heavy on the bed. He touches his hand to her cheek and turns her head towards him.

"Are you OK?" Mon-El asks.

Kara smiles at him with eyes full of love and says, "I'm more than OK. I'm madly in love with the most amazing man. A man I now know wants to be my husband and father my children. A man I know I can't live without by my side anymore. Everything we've been through, has only made me love you more. You proved to me tonight how much you love me. In your words, and actions." She leans over and kisses him softly with a smile on her lips. "You've made me the happiest woman in the world tonight."

He gladly returns the kiss and when it breaks, he smiles at her. "Well, then. I'm happy you're happy. That's my biggest concern right now, besides the safety of Earth. If my beautiful, amazing fiancée is happy, then I am too."

He lays down on his back and Kara rolls to her side. She cuddles up to him and places her head on his chest and sighs. Within minutes, she's asleep. Mon-El curls his arm around her and peacefully dozes off as well, knowing that whatever the world throws at them, they will fight it together. That nothing will ever tear them apart again.