There was a bang at Hermione's door.

"Granger! Let me in!"

Hermione looked up from her laptop and rolled her eyes. Leave it to Draco to interrupt her from writing her research grant. She got up and stomped to open the door of her apartment.

"Malfoy, you better not be afflicted with—wahh!" A beam of silver light had struck her forehead. She stumbled backwards, tripped, and landed on her elbows with a thud. She looked up, eyes wide at the man snickering at her. Draco Malfoy's eyes were glowing. Literally, the grey-blue color of his eyes were now a complete silver. And apparently, he had just zapped her with silver laser beams coming from his eyes. "What the hell?!" Hermione jumped up to her feet, half-glowering, half-shocked.

"That's what you get for making flowers grow on my liver!" Draco was smirking. "I just came from the Barkson Hospital. Galvin Barkson had his Yapillon pet inject in me something that let's me do this." Silver laser beams emitted from his eyes again, but this time, Hermione jumped aside and dodged them. The beams hit the back of her wall, causing silver flowers to suddenly grow where they hit.

Hermione flinched. She touched her forehead. She felt flowers. "Oh my gosh. You just made flowers grow on my head, didn't you?!"

Draco crossed his arms. The smirk never left his face, and his silver eyes only enhanced the seductiveness of his smirk. "That's payback for when you released those Yapillons on me. Those things caused flowers to grow on my liver!" He leaned forward and spoke at her face. "On my liver, Granger!"

She pushed his shoulder sharply. "Those Yapillons also healed you! Galvin Barkson was supposed to have his Yapillon, Pokey, stop those flowers from growing all over your organs!"

Draco laughed. "Galvin Barkson is the man."

"Wait…did he have his Yapillon give you those silver eyes on purpose?!"

"Yep. He told me he wanted to get revenge on your for bringing him into our wizarding world, and I agreed to help him do so, since there's nothing more that I love than to see you struggle. So he gave me these silver eyes, and to strike you with them."

Hermione crossed her arms. "Really? This is how you repay me for helping purebloods like you? I brought Galvin, his family, and their Yapillons into our world so that they can help purebloods like you! And this is how you repay me?"

Yesterday, Hermione had completed making Organink, a magical ink potion she had been making. When writers wrote their stories with Organink, the writers would be able to use the Organink Wand, which is the only wand that could summon the characters out of their stories and bring them into the real world. The first writer to have written a story with Organink was M.B., who was also a Healer who worked in the same lab with her. Her story was about genetically modified animals, and one of the animals was the Yapillon, which was a Papillon dog breed that had giant monarch butterfly wings as their ears. According to her story, Yapillons could exhale chemicals that caused flowers to grow on your organs.

However, these Yapillons were not the first characters to have been summoned from M.B.'s book with the Organink Wand. Apparently, some unknown person had broken into the lab and used the Organink Wand to summon Cobrazors from M.B.'s book. The Cobrazors were 10-foot-long purple cobras with three-pronged tongues and three-pronged tails. They have been wandering around the wizarding world, stabbing wizards with their razor-sharp, three-pronged tongues, causing them to acquire Black Bile Syndrome. Black Bile Syndrome was a condition in which blood would turn thick and black, and then rapidly start leaking out of the nostrils, mouths, ears, and any opening in the body. Only the Yapillons had the power to cure Black Bile Syndrome, so Hermione and M.B. summoned four Yapillons from her book, as well as the humans who took care of each Yapillon so that they could keep the creatures under control. In her book, M.B. had named these humans "the Barkson family," and they consisted of a married couple with three children, two of which were Healers just like the parents were. The Barkson family was running the Barkson Hospital, where pureblood wizards afflicted with Black Bile Syndrome had to visit in order to be cured by the Barksons' Yapillons.

"These Yapillons, these butterfly-eared pups, are the only creatures that can cure Black Bile Syndrome," said Hermione, narrowing her eyes at Draco. "And considering that only Purebloods can catch Black Bile Syndrome, you ought to think of me as your hero."

And she slammed the door in his face.

A few hours later, Hermione found herself lying on her back, on a grassy a meadow with Draco lying to her left. She was smiling at him, and he was smiling at her. She giggled as he stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. Such soft hands. Above them, little Yapillons were hovering around them, their butterfly-winged ears fluttering to keep them in midair. They were yapping and exhaling a yellow mist that smelled like lemon and honey. Hermione let out a long sigh. She had never felt so content. She rolled over to her side, grabbed Draco's face with her hands, and pressed her lips against his. Draco wrapped his arms around her shoulders, and before she noticed it, the two of them were rolling across the grassy meadow, kissing and smooching like crazy. The Yapillons fluttered after them, yapping and releasing their yellow mist from their mouths and butterfly-winged ears. Draco and Hermione rolled down a great hill, and then crashed into a picnic table where Harry and Ginny were sitting.

Hermione instantly sat up in her bed, breathing heavily.

"Oh, Merlin…." Hermione looked around wildly. It was all a dream. But her head was throbbing. Her heart was pounding. She could still feel Draco's lips against hers, and she felt an intense longing to be rolling down the grassy meadow with him again. Her heart ached that it was all just a dream. Why?! Why wasn't it real?!

"Dammit, get a hold of yourself!" Hermione snapped at herself, grabbing her head. Why on earth was she suddenly craving to be around Draco?! She looked across her room and saw herself in the mirror. The silver flowers on her head were glowing. "It must be the power of these flowers. I must see the Barksons tomorrow and have them rid me of these horrible plants at once."