Ben Solo is afraid of children.

Well, not children. His children. And not really that. He's afraid of his blood.

After all, he turned to the Dark Side so easily. Who says that his children wouldn't do the same and destroy the new orders that the peace between the First Order and Resistance, as well as him and Rey working together, had created?

The Decro-Empire. (There had been a long discussion about what to call the new government. Ben was still embarrassed about what came out of it.)

The Grey. The new order of Force users that sought a balance between Light and Dark.

His and Rey's blood mixing together could bring that down so easily.

Their first child is a boy.

After a long, painful birth- for him and Rey- their child comes screaming into the world. Ben cannot describe how relived he is when he sees that his son has inherited his mother's looks.

"What should we name him?"

Rey smiled down at their son.

"Anakin. Anakin Han Solo."

Their son learns politics quickly. C-3PO toddles along next to their son, helping him. He sits in Ben's lap, watching as his father leads. But, Anakin is not strong with the Force. That comes as a surprise. He is even tempered and peaceful, something that is also surprising with his parents explosive tempers.

But Naboo loves him, and elects him as their senator at sixteen.

Ben can't help giving a smile of pride when he hears the news.

Their second child is a girl. She is born on Naboo, same as her brother. But after the birth, Rey nears bleeds out to death. When she comes to, Ben tells her firmly "No more children."

"Alright. So, what do we name her?"

It takes a second to realize that she was asking Ben. He gulps, glancing at their sleeping daughter. She has her mother's hazel eyes, but his dark curls.

The name comes unbidden.

"Padme Mara Solo."

Their daughter grows. Unlike Anakin, who adores her, Padme is strong with the Force. She sits in her mother's classes, learning about the gifts she has. Unlike her brother, she is reckless and emotional.

She learns about the military quickly. Phasma quickly grows loyal to her, always at Padme's side. Ben isn't sure what Hux thinks of his daughter, but he seems to tolerate her.

Ben was scared of his children once.

But now...

He isn't.