"Hey Li?"

The Force figment looked down from their floating. Padme, eyes still bleary and hair messy from her nap, was staring at her in curiosity. BB-8 was looking up at them too. They moved to rest on their stomach, offering their arms. The child eagerly accepted the chance to float with Great-Great-Great Grandparent and giggled as they were lifted up. "Yes, little one?"

"I had some questions." the child said with all the wisdom of a five year old. "I know I can see you because I'm related to Great-Great Grandfather and I'm good in the Force."

Li cocked their head. "Yes?"

"How come Ani can see you? He's not good in the Force."

What appeared to be a teenage girl smiled. "That's easy. He's family, just like you." Padme giggled as they rubbed their noses together. "Your mother, I have no idea. Kinda freaked me out when I realized she was staring at me when we met."

The girl giggled again. "Okay. So, could anyone see you if they were really strong?"

Li shook their head and stood, standing on the carpet. "Nope. Your mother is the only exception. Everyone else has to be directed to where I am." They thought for a minute. "Well, if we were on a really strong Force planet, everyone could see me. But there's not a lot of those." Padme was set down. "It doesn't matter. I'm happy with my family seeing me." A finger reached out and booped the toddler on the nose. "Like you."

"So nobody else could see you? Even if they tried really hard?"

"Even if they try really hard."

"Even Captain Phasma?"

"I don't know what's with you and that woman, but no. Not even Captain Phasma."

Padme frowned.

"Hey Li?"

"Yeah?" They drawled out with a smile.

"How come Daddy can't see you?"

The smile disappeared.


The smell of fire, mixed with the stench of the dead.


Their grandson losing his hope.


The Resistance ships getting shot one by one.

Their son slipping away.

The path of blood Ren left in his wake.

His obsession with the female Jedi on the other side of the connection.

The silver collar she wore around her neck, keeping her from the Force.

Li didn't realize they were crying until tears dripped off the chin.

They cried as they hunched in front of Padme.

Some sins can't be forgiven.

Have some angst!

Li is part of a new Star Wars au I have. They're basically the Force in human form, only visible to people descended from Shmi Skywalker. This scenario wouldn't happen in that au. I really just want to write Li hanging out with five year old Padme.