Earth 2: Nov.25, 1993

Dinah held onto her little sister as they weaved in and out of the crowded hall. It was her eighth birthday as well as being Thanksgiving. So of course along with her birthday guests her family and their close friends have gathered to share Thanksgiving.

The normal Thanksgiving dinner with just their dads would be tomorrow. They like to make sure when Dinah's Birthday falls on Thanksgiving it's her special day. Same with Sara and Christmas. Their Christmas is everyone else's Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is all for Sara.

Sara grasped tightly to her big sisters hand and they finally found who they were searching for. Sara giggled as her sisters face became flushed.

In front of them stood a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes rimmed with pink glasses, a shiny golden dress and a beautiful smile. "Happy birthday Dinah" the girl said smiling handing Dinah a small gift. Dinah giggled and opened it. Inside was a teddy bear with pink glasses and a golden dress. "Oh my Felicity, this looks just like you" Dinah said excitedly holding it close. "I always want to be close to you Dinah Laurel Lance" Felicity said pecking her cheek and wrapping her arm around Dinah's.

"Felicity and Dinah sitting in a tree" they heard the mocking voice of Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlin chant. Dinah smiled and said "so what" and kissed Felicity. The boys made an "eww" sound and ran off.

The three girls giggled and Dinah, who upon seeing her dad busy talking to two men in priest outfits, motioned towards the stairs and they all headed up to Dinah's room. The older man watched the girls head upstairs and said a silent prayer for what was to come.

Up in Dinah's room, the three girls gathered around a monitor. Dinah pushed a button and a mirror image of the girls came up on their screen. It wasn't a mirror image though it was them on Earth one. They spent the rest of the night laughing and talking about what the future was to bring. None of them knowing that heartbreak and sorrow were just lurking over an unsteady horizon.

Earth 2: November 25, 2017

Quentin and Bruce Wayne's manor: Bat Cave

Dinah is laying on a bed in her childhood home. Arms and feet locked to the bed posts. She barely can remember what's going on, as she hears chanting in a language she shouldn't understand but does.

Looking to her right she sees her parents friends. The two priests that come to dinner every Thanksgiving but right now they aren't smiling. They are reading passages from the Bible and praying. "In the name of Jesus Christ we compel you" shouted Marcus, the older man. Dinah hisses and starts remembering why she was in this predicament.

ov. 20, 2017

Star City City Hall

Dinah walked into work that morning feeling aggravated. She hadn't slept thanks to a crime spree that kept her up all night. Thankfully the only reason she went to her day job was that her beautiful and caring wife, Felicity Smoak, was by her side or more like in her ear all night as well. Being part of a group of vigilante super heroes had its ups and downs and this was a real down.

Grumbling swear words under her breath, Dinah Lance, better known as Black Siren at least to the criminals took a seat behind her desk. She loved her job as district attorney and as the Black Siren but it was running her into the ground.

She glanced at the latest Thanksgiving picture and smiled. She loved family get-togethers and Thanksgiving was one of the biggest. It was the one time of year everyone was together and she even got to see her godfathers, Tomas and Marcus Keane. She sighed. Being exorcists kept them really busy, something she understood fully.

Dinah picked up the stack of papers on her desk and was about to go through them when someone knocked at the door.

Looking up she saw the two men she was just thinking about. She got up and and opened the door. "Come in" she said excitedly. They nodded and headed into the office where they both took a seat. A sudden chill went up Dinah's spine.

She took a breath and went and sat in her chair. The men were quiet. Which for them was very unusual. Marcus usually was a talker. Tomas on the other side was always trying to get him to let someone else talk.

The chill came again and Dinah knew she shouldn't ignore it. She tried to get up and couldn't. When she looked up Marcus and Tomas were gone and Damien Darhk and Julian Slink were there instead. She heard a creaky laugh and looked toward the door. "Hello deary" Rumpelstiltskin said waving his creaky fingers.

Dinah tried her hardest to get up but couldn't. "Don't bother, those aren't normal ropes. They are actually forged from demonic fire" Slink said with a grin. Dinah growled low in her throat, making them all stop for just a second.

Just as she was about to say something else her body became wracked with pain and cold. She could hear a voice talking to her but didn't know where it was coming from. Slowly she slipped from consciousness. The last thing she saw was Damien, Julian and Rumple smiling at her.

Back at Wayne Manor

Marcus helped Tomas up. They had been thrown against the wall by Dinah's cry. They had put a power dampener on her but even with that her cry was powerful.

The two men headed back towards Dinah. As they approached her ruins appeared on her body. They were split down the middle of her chest. On one side was the words Earth one and on the other was Earth thirty seven. Under each was a set of names.

"I guess God has give us some clue on what we need to save her" Marcus said sarcastically but was glad for the help. Tomas smiled and nodded. "But how do we go to these other Earths?" Tomas asked scared and intrigued at the same time. "I can help with that" Felicity said walking in. She tried her best to ignore her wife chained to the bed with ruins spread over her as she went to the exorcists. They both looked at her. "Stop staring and let's save my wife" Felicity growled making both men jump and nod. "Don't worry my love, we will save you" Felicity said and the three left the room, locking the door tightly.