"Akoya!" Kinshiro yelled as he ran with Ibushi.

Akoya heard Kinshiro's voice, he turned around and said, "You guys are here, I've been looking all over for you guys." Akoya hugged Kinshiro and Ibushi tight.

"We're here too!" Yumoto yelled as he ran with Dadacha, Akihiko, and Haruhiko.

"Yumoto!" Ryuu hugs Yumoto tight. "Alright I and Akoya thought about to get back Yui's heart," Ryuu said as he looked at Akoya.

"We have a plan and let's gather around," Akoya said as they all gather around.

Akoya is working to unite the vampires in order to face Karlheinz and pressure him to return Yui's heart. Yui's life is at stake and if she doesn't get her soul back she will die; the crystal magic that was installed to replace her heart is growing weaker. Her father is disturbed by this fact. Akoya has summoned the Battle Lovers which are the Defense Club, the Conquest Club and the twins to persuade them of the need of confronting Karlheinz and getting Yui's heart back. Present in this meeting is Ibushi, Kinshiro, Yumoto, En Yufuin, Atushi, Io, Ryuu, Wombat, Akihiko, Haruhiko, and Dadacha.

Akoya instructs "I know we have not been friends and we don't work in unison. But I have summoned you here today to ask all of you to join me in an important mission. Our existence is being threatened by Karlheinz and his demons. They are stealing people's souls and using them for rituals. We have to team up and find the best way to stop them."

"They stole Yui's souls and now her life is at stake. If we don't act fast she will die. Let's devise a plan that we can use to stop the demons" Ibushi adds.

"I think I have a plan. Karlheinz is a cool guy, though he is a demon with strange powers. I will personally deal with him" Akoya informs the audience.

"That sounds good. I think we also need to get the best weapon to fight the demons" Says Ryuu.

Akoya directs "let's meet tomorrow evening. Then we will proceed to the vampire's mansion to face Karlheinz and his demons."

At the Vampire's mansion, Akoya and his team come face to face with Karlheinz. Karlheinz is the leader of all the vampires. He has a pale skin and long white hair. He has unique powers and he appears as a god in the demon world. Karlheinz lives in dark places and in the mansion. The Sakamaki brothers serve as his fighters. The brothers are Ayato, Raito, Shu, Subaru, Kanato, and Reijji. Karlheinz is the husband of Cordeilla, Beatrix, and Christa.

Upon seeing Karlheinz, Akoya gets excited and he realizes he is in love with him. He says "hey, Karlheinz, we are here for peace. We are not here for trouble." He has a bright smile all over his face.

Karlheinz looked at them and took his sword out. "What brings you here, dressed liked this and armed with swords?!" he asked with an angry voice.

Reijji interrupts "They are here for war did not listen to them. Their dressing tells it all; they are liars. We know they have been hunting us."

"What would make me believe you are not lying?" Karlheinz asks Akoya. "If we were here for war we would have attacked long before you discovered our presence. Karlheinz you know me and I believe you can trust me I never lie to you. We are here to get Yui's heart. She is growing weaker every day and is almost dying" Akoya explained to him as he gets closer to Karlheinz.

"So you are workings together to defend the humans?" Karlheinz queries.

Ryuu comes to Akoya defense "No we are just being merciful. We are here to ask that you stop stealing people's hearts. You're putting people's existence at stake and we are concerned."

"What shall we get in return for giving back the heart?" Karlheinz asks.

"You are out of your mind. We are not giving back any heart to anyone. Let them go to hell" Ayato says angrily. "You will have me as your love and I will make sure none of my fighters will ever disturb your peace."

Karlheinz gives in and says, "Sounds good to me. Come with me." Akoya follows Karlheinz to one of the darkrooms where he is issued with the heart. The rest of the Battle Lovers went inside the mansion and look around.