Set in like season 1... idk.. before Amy and Bernadette lol

Sheldon had suspected something was wrong with his new neighbor since practically hours after they had met. From eyes that really had no business being that green to an almost blindingly white smile and hair that from the colour couldn't be anything less than pure gold.

She hadn't seemed human and now he finally had the proof. He wasn't sure whether to jump around in frivolous delight or scream in fear.

"You're a witch?"

Instead of looking surprised she simply smiled. "Which part gave it away? The hat or the broom?" She asked, tapping her nails against the wooden object in her perfectly manicured hands.

"Actually," said Sheldon, "I think it was the smoking cauldron."

For the first time since he had caught her, Penny looked ruffled. "Shit! It's not supposed to that!"