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3. Glimmers of Light

She sat at the blinking computer; a finger pressed to her Bluetooth device. Sounds, many distressing sounds, suddenly blasted through the earpiece. One moment, there was silence, the next, a yell and a cacophony of noise replaced it. That was definitely gunfire. She wasn't just hallucinating that disgusting rattle sound from the depths of her fear, right?

Unfortunately not…

Before she had the chance to exclaim something across the microphone, she heard him release a deep grunt. Another sound she was hoping to avoid. Was he injured? Had he been hit? She didn't know, and without any kind of concrete confirmation, that was proving considerably troubling.

This was not the kind of mission that Agent Lucy Wilde, skilled on-field fighter, preferred. To be exact, she absolutely hated it. She was not one for sitting around fiddling with computers and researching boring websites, especially when her partner, her soon-to-be-husband, was putting himself in danger halfway across the country.

Of course, she understood why she was here, stuck in front of this monitor in the AVL communication hub. The 'Lethal Viper' mobster gang were highly vigilant. Sending two spies out to infiltrate their heavily guarded hideout would be a definite risk.

It appeared, considering the gunshots blaring across the speakers, that only sending one was equally as dangerous.

"Gru!? Gru, are you okay!? I can hear guns!"

Shuffling sounds came in response. He was clearly running at a substantial pace, and as his footsteps cracked against the concrete floor, the gunfire became more distant. That was of some relief to Lucy, though it could hardly be called relief when she could still hear the spraying of bullets in her husband's direction.

After a few agonizing seconds, a thump sounded across the speaker, and Gru finally offered a reply.

"Yes, yes, I am fine." He was whispering through his gasps for breath, likely hiding from the mob in some nearby foliage. "They spotted me before I could make it to de front gates. I did not expect them to be this…happy with de trigger."

"You didn't get hit, did you?"

"No, I avoided all of de bullets. Do not ask me how." There were some noises of movement, as Gru repositioned himself to catch a glimpse of the large, high-alert building from his hiding spot. "Ugh…it is too risky to try getting in again tonight, not while they are searching for me. Looks like I will have to come back in a few days."

Her eyes widening for a moment, Lucy released a saddened sigh.

"A few days?" She sat back in her seat and shook her head, like she was trying to reject the proposition. "Honey, you've already been four-hundred miles away for a week now. I dunno how much longer I can last without you…"

It was true. This gang were located a few states over, so Gru had been housed in a temporary, AVL assigned apartment building until he could plan out a route into the headquarters. Every day since he'd left nine days ago, she'd called and helped him in any way possible across the Bluetooth receiver, giving him info as she researched the location.

It was the least she could do, she thought. That and argue with Ramsbottom for a few minutes in an attempt to coax his decision of only sending Gru. To be of any kind of help to her husband right now was all she wanted. At first, it was actually kind of interesting to do something a little bit new…

But now, she was growing to hate this stupid computer, and this stupid gang of mobsters.

"I'm sorry, Lucy, but you know I've got to get de job done first." Gru was clearly in the same state of mind as her, evident when he gave his own irritated sigh. "When I get back, we'll spend de whole week together. Anything you want, we will do it. I promise."

Lucy offered the mic a fleeting, almost lifeless smile, as if Gru could actually see her face. It didn't last though, and within a second, she was dropping her head in sorrow.

"I'm just…worried, Gru. Not being there to help you." She glared down at the floor like an old foe, her frown bundled with an air of sadness. "Like, we're supposed to get married in a few months. I really don't…I don't want you to get hurt."

Gru softly chuckled.

"Honey, come on, you know me. I am not going to get hurt by some silly little mobsters. You will see, I will be back before you know it." He paused for a few moments, leaving a tense silence to hang in the air, one Lucy could bitterly taste. "In de meantime, go tell sheep's butt that de infiltration is postponed and write all of this in de report. That will help you take your mind off of de things."

Lucy gave a barely audible, humorous scoff.

"Yeah, that sounds like a right barrel of laughs." She gave another half-dead smile, glaring across the room mindlessly as no real thoughts passed through her head. After a few seconds, where another troublesome silence built up, she continued with a noticeably softer tone. "Love you, Gru…"

Another silence.

"Love you too, Lucy."

The call cut off and the female AVL agent was left truly alone in the huge, creepily quiet communication hub. After casting a few indistinguishable glances across the room, she sighed and leaned forward in her seat, planting her fingers atop the keyboard.

She had an absolute ton to write about, and right now, she wasn't sure if enough energy existed to get through it. But, she supposed, the quicker this report is updated with all of today's events, the quicker she could get home and have some food. Well, right after she also updated Ramsbottom on proceedings, and cooked some actual dinner…

Lucy sighed.

"God, I'm gonna need a whole lot of butt-kicking to get over this…"

Lucy almost collapsed through the front door of the Gru mansion, barely staying on her feet. She couldn't remember the last time she'd felt so utterly tired. Even though today's work was no more intensive than yesterday, the news of Gru's extended time away from home appeared to vacuum all her energy away.

She dragged herself into the kitchen and slumped down onto the booth seat, massaging her forehead with her eyes clamped shut. With her persistent tiredness, the kitchen ceiling light was causing her a little bit of discomfort. She had to battle the urge to turn the stupid thing off.

Looks like Dr. Nefario didn't make her any extra when he fixed the girls some dinner. That was slightly irritating. She really couldn't be bothered to make herself any food, especially with her cooking ability. But, she couldn't deny, a good meal would likely help with the sluggishness.

Speaking of the girls, where were they? As she had learned since she moved in a few months ago, it wasn't their bedtime for at least another hour. Considering the amount of noise those kids usually make around this house, especially in Edith's case, it was kind of peculiar that she couldn't hear a peep.

After she huffed for what had to be the thirtieth time in the past three hours, she opened her eyes and was a little staggered to spy a small yellow note on the table. That's odd. Was that there when she came in? It must've been. There was no way someone could sneak in and place it right in front of her without her hearing…

Raising her brow slightly, Lucy picked it up and gave it a read. The handwriting was very messy and the letters were all over the place, but she could still just about grasp the message being conveyed.

Come out to the backyard :)

So, that solved that mystery.

A slight smile appearing, the AVL agent rose from the booth and exited the kitchen, heading out to the back door. When she opened it and poked her head outside, she wasn't surprised to find Margo, Edith, and Agnes, spread out on a blue mat adorned with many, many bowls of food and two green lanterns.

They were all beaming up at her when she appeared, an observation that proved to erase her exhaustion within moments.

"Wh…what's all this?" She questioned with a cheer, stepping out onto the grass. The moment Lucy came close enough, Edith leaped up from her little spot on the mat and presented the lady with a cheese sandwich, one that she was holding akin to a prized jewel.

"It's a night-time picnic!"

Lucy chuckled, taking the item of food from the nine-year-old graciously.

"A night-time picnic?"

"Yep, it was Agnes's idea," Margo explained, motioning towards her little sister, who was bouncing on the spot in complete, unfiltered joy. "Dr. Nefario helped us make all the food."

"Well, this is just…awesome!" She sat down with the girls on the picnic mat, spying all the many bowls of different foods. Crisps, sandwiches, heaps of sugary items. With that observation, Lucy gave them all a suspicious look, thoughts of upset tummies coming to mind. "You girls haven't already eaten dinner, have you?"

"Nope!" Agnes scampered from her position and grabbed a hold of Lucy's hand, looking up at the redhead with that infamous toothy smile. "We've been waiting for you!"

Lucy couldn't help but grin back at the six-year-old, as if she'd used some form of magic spell on her.

"Yeah, so can we start eating now?" Edith was giving a sausage roll a totally famished look, sulking a little. She could already imagine Margo having trouble stopping her from picking at the food. "I feel like I'm gonna starve…"

"Well, come on then, let's dig in!" Lucy chuckled, waving her hands towards the bowls of food. All three girls didn't waste any time following such a command, unsurprisingly.

It was an interesting dinner, Lucy considered. Sitting atop mats at 8 o'clock at night, eating cupcakes and cookies, and discussing unicorns at timed intervals. Though it certainly wasn't ordinary, and the food wasn't as filling as she would've hoped right now, she couldn't deny that she absolutely adored every moment.

Why couldn't they have night-time picnics every night?

Once pretty much all the food was gone, the four girls laid back on the mat and watched the night sky, which was grower darker and darker as time progressed. It was perhaps a good idea to put them to bed soon. Lucy couldn't deny, that thought was kind of saddening. After the sort of day she'd had, she wanted to spend all the time in the world with the three siblings.

Her line of sight rose to the sky, watching the large, black canvas closely. Space seemed like such a dark place, she thought. An infinite expanse of forever-lasting nothing. It was kind of creepy. In fact, that likely crossed Gru's mind when he was up there, stealing the moon.

How lonely it felt out there…

Lucy was brought right back to today's events. All the tension, gunshots, and bad news. What was Gru doing right now? Probably just watching TV in his enclosed AVL apartment room, taking a load off after his unwanted meeting with a carriage of bullets. Was he feeling just as lonely as she was? Was he missing her presence in the same way that she missed his?

Her gaze glided across the night sky again, taking all of it in. It was such a massive, thought-provoking entity, a lot like some recent revelations. The notion of Gru not returning, only a few months before they tied the knot, was such a bleak concept. Akin to space, in a way…

But, even though there was a heck of a lot of emptiness out there, space wasn't entirely empty, was it? There were still the stars.

Glimmers of light amongst a sea of black…

At that point, movement to her right dragged her from her thoughts. She glanced over to find Edith, fast asleep, snuggled against her contentedly. Lucy focused on the girl for a few seconds, a little surprised that she was out for the count. How long had the AVL agent been lost within reflection? It was clearly a lot longer than she originally believed…

Then, with that thought, she turned to her left. Likewise, Margo and Agnes were fast asleep, small little grins flickering on their expressions. She gave each of them an individual smile, relishing in how truly lucky she was.

Gru would come back, she knew he would. As he said, she knew him well at this point. He was a capable AVL agent, much more capable than a gang of mobsters that had only become a cause for concern a few weeks ago. They'll be getting married very soon, and in time, she'll officially become a wife and mother.

How could she fear anything, right now?

Bringing the girls closer to her, Lucy craned her neck upwards, observing the night sky once again. Even if life was getting a little worrying, if a situation was a little scary, if things were becoming as bleak as the emptiness of space…

Margo, Edith, and Agnes were her glimmers of light.

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