"I just realized something." Lisa rolled over on the bed and put an arm under her head as she watched Taylor strip down to what was, effectively, nothing at all. A perfectly fitting bra. A barely-hanging-in-there pair of 'Plot Device'—that had set Lisa to rolling on the floor, dying from laughter when Taylor had shown them off—labeled panties...and still, not a blemish to be seen anywhere on that softly tanned skin. Unnatural was what it was. In a good way, of course. "It's weird though, once you think about it. And obvious."

"What is?" Taylor asked absentmindedly as her bra straps loosened, leading to the cups coming away from her and the whole thing sliding away onto a nearby table on their own initiative. She then turned to face Lisa in her entirety with her hands on her hips, chest thrust out, inadvertently showing off a high-sitting pair of pink-capped breasts that had Lisa feeling more than just a little pink herself… Christ. If she got any gayer her nightshirt would turn into flannel through sheer proximity. "The existence of magic? Because if it is… I am ready to accept your groveling."

Hah. Funny.

"I will allow you your delusions, Taylor. But no. That isn't it." Lisa sniffed in the face of Taylor's eye-rolling...then did it again as familiar scent reached her nose. A familiar scent that came with a familiar sight, if only from her end in the mirror after her first time in the pool, as she noticed that Taylor's underwear was as good as soaked through with good, clean, feminine arousal. "Have you noticed that we've never had sex naked? Like… You've seen me naked—"

Taylor, in an uncharacteristically shy moment for the self-acclaimed Sex Witch, raised her arms up to her breasts with a wooden expression. Her brow furrowed as she started mumbling to herself.

"—but this is, literally, the only time I can remember seeing you in just your underwear. You're always wearing a dress or something when we make," Lisa's voice dropped an octave lower, "love."

Taylor twitched and turned her eyes to the side as a blush began to make its way up her neck and into her face.

Lisa rolled over again with a laugh, now looking at Taylor upside down as her head hung over the edge of their shared bed. "You run around town in little more than some dental floss and a lot of wishful thinking, but you can't get naked for me? What's up with that?"

Taylor's blush started making headway in turning itself into a full-body thing.

"Oh. My. God. You're blushing. Why are you blushing?"

"You're making me self-conscious!" Taylor fled behind a nearby shelf and took a knee. "Stop that!"

"You stop it first!" Lisa shot back with a raspberry.

A raspberry that started a raspberry war between the two of them, up until the point where Lisa's shirt flopped over onto her face and she started clawing at it while Taylor trailed off with a groan, no doubt a result of her staring at Lisa's breasts in turn.

Taylor had come a long way in the last few months, but she still needed some work. A damn good pair of breasts were no excuse for losing your composure so badly that you couldn't continue a good, old-fashioned, raspberry war.

"I-I didn't notice that either. The whole...not naked thing. Thank you for bringing this to my attention." Taylor, after a little look at Lisa and then herself, when she finally figured out she was being silly, stood up again and moved out from behind the shelf...and Lisa was glad to see that she wasn't trying to hide her breasts anymore, even if it was only to adjust her glasses. "I guess it just kind of happened?" She shrugged and gave Lisa a sheepish smile. "I'll make sure to be naked next time."

"You dork..." Lisa grumbled as she threw her shirt at Taylor. Taylor expertly dodged it and skipped into her workshop, closing the door behind her...and leaving Lisa behind, feeling as confused as she'd ever been in her life when she found she wasn't getting ravished right then and there.

Why had she gotten naked, while Lisa was in the room no less, if she wasn't planning on having sex? Honestly? What was the point there?

It said a lot about how living with Taylor had changed her that, when she stood up to get her shirt, she could only stare at the door Taylor had walked through, almost completely naked and alone. The one that they had salvaged from an old prop shop, made out of solid wood that Taylor had spent a whole day sanding away fake runes so that she could put her own, real ones on the next.

Lisa had tried to help with it...and it had been what had convinced Taylor that, without a doubt, Lisa had the magical potential of your average brass knob. Possibly, even less...but that wasn't the point. What was the point was that Taylor had left her behind in their bedroom while she did something in the same room as Squiggles. A course of action that she'd decided to take after a couple of hours of talking with an increasingly twitchy Madison that had led to Taylor taking on the role of 'tracker' for their little group.

Lisa had a good idea of what being a 'tracker' meant...but she didn't actually want to know.

The blonde, eventually, walked away as she put her shirt back on and flipped open her phone to play some games. Turned it on with a catchy jingle that she played along with with a hum, then made some calculations on just how much she could squeeze out of her slowly budding 'partnership' with Madison in the slime business, leaving most of the work to her power while she focused on beating her old high score.

Seconds passed. Minutes. Her Aleph robot unicorn exploded, just shy of the mark...and she looked back at the door, sweating as her curiosity started eating at her restraint.

She didn't need to know, sure, but not knowing was starting to bug her like the dickens.


"Here you go, little guy. Eat up," Taylor murmured as she fed a couple of cabbages through the chute. Soaked in vinaigrette and seasoned with black pepper and thyme, with just a hint of cottage cheese and Worcester sauce. Not exactly the sort of thing that Taylor thought of as appetizing, but Madison had told her that he'd like it, and that was what mattered. "You've got a long day ahead of you."

Squiggles chirped gleefully as he was repeatedly bludgeoned with some of his favorite foods, then began to feast while Taylor took a seat.

She cradled her chin in her hands. Listened to his squeaks. Thought about things, then stopped thinking about things as her mind started going to some truly strange places.

Yes. She knew where that hairbrush had come from and who it belonged to. No. She was not going to think about it right now, for many reasons beyond the obvious trauma that came with it. If she decided to actually think about it, to consider the ethical problems that came with having sex with Squiggles… Well. She'd never get anything done.

And, yes. She was going to have sex with Squiggles. Again. Right now. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If she ever hoped to find the rest of his kind anytime soon without having to worry about missing one, it was something that she had to do...which is why she'd left Lisa out of it.

Even if the blonde had admitted that she'd enjoyed her violation, it didn't mean that she wanted to go through it again even if only vicariously through Taylor. It probably wouldn't take long for her to figure out what had happened in here but, hopefully, she'd take the fact that Taylor had left her in the dark, in this case, the way it was meant to be taken. As a necessity, of course, and as a sign of worry for her well-being. Not a comment on her lack of sexual experience and skills.

In Taylor's totally expert opinion, while what was probably a really goofy smile spread across her face, she thought that Lisa was perfectly adequate as she was.

A boop on the nose from a tentacle, along with an inquisitive chirp, led to Taylor smiling for a totally different reason. A return boop, and a bit of slime along her cheek as a cabbage and cottage cheese swollen tentacle monster forced himself up the chute to meet her turned that smile into a laugh...and then he got pushed back down the chute, whining the whole way.

"Not quite yet, Squiggles. Not quite yet." Taylor stood up, hands on her hips once more and thumbs in the band of her underwear, as ready as she'd ever be as her breath began to quicken. "Maybe later today, after the seals have been laid."

Her panties dropped. Heavy, wet. Almost completely see through from the juices she'd spilled into them as her interface forced her open, forced her to be ready for anything the monster was capable of throwing at her… Hopefully.

'Hopefully' was her last thought as she stepped into the enclosure, the glassy membrane letting her through effortlessly into her pet's home...and then Squiggles was upon her, happy that, after all these months, she was finally here to 'play'...and he didn't do it quite like Taylor had expected him to.

Not at all.

Curious about this sudden, and happy, change in his life, Squiggles, amazingly enough, didn't go straight for the sex. Instead he gracefully, almost quietly beyond a single chirp, started climbing up her body. From her legs to her thighs, to her stomach to her breasts, he made his warm and slimy way up, rumbling the whole way with joy as he gave her a cuddle in the only way he knew how.

Blueberries. Freshly baked bread and a dab of wild honey. The scent of friendship, or so Madison had labeled it...and now, it was so strong that it was almost overtaking the smell of sex that hung around her like a cloud...and then he started to rub her shoulders, and everything became much better. Taylor couldn't help the groan that slipped past her lips as she felt him begin to work out the knots in her back with the talent of a master. Crazy as it sounded, despite the literal magic flowing through her veins, she wasn't perfect. Just seemingly so.

The stereotype of witches with a hunchback was a stereotype for a reason. Slaving away for hours bent over a cauldron or a workbench didn't exactly do good things for your back and, before the relative ease that came with living in the modern age where every ingredient and tool you might have wanted was just a heartbeat away… Well.

Not every Witch had been as pretty as they could have been… And she thought that things were expensive now...

Taylor's eye started to roll back into her head a bit. Just a little when Squiggles started to scratch around her back, directly under where her bra strap would normally be. She didn't know how he'd known that it had been feeling a little uncomfortable...but his slime was somehow better than having Lisa scratch it for her. Almost better than sex.


"Lisa was right. How do you know how to please a woman so well?" She asked him while gently stroking the closest approximation to where his head would be if he had one. All she got from him was a friendly, moist coo of affection and a nuzzled against her hand. Just as expected...sadly. Maybe she should make a collar for him? Something that could help him talk?

This continued on for awhile. Squiggles finding each and every point of her body that was even vaguely uncomfortable, and working his, maybe, metaphorical magic on it. Taylor, meanwhile, leaned against the now solid walls and did her best not to collapse bonelessly to the ground into a pile of blissed out goo. Madison had a better thing going here than even she had thought.

Then suddenly Squiggles stopped. He froze in the middle of his actions. Complete lack of movement. He didn't even seem to be breathing anymore, leading Taylor to cautiously poke him in the face. No response. And then, in a flurry of activity, Squiggles sprung back to life. It seemed that cuddling time was over. With a vengeance.

Taylor giggled and felt silly for a second. Just a second before Squiggles stretched out around her. Around her arms and legs in a way that forced her to hop a little, then fall forward onto her face with a little scream as he constricted around her legs and forced them shut. After that, he just dragged her along, rolling her in what felt like every slime puddle his home might have had in what had to have been a good ten seconds before he pulled her up onto her feet once more, and tried, and succeeded, in reeling her unresisting body up into the air.

Taylor relaxed. Blinked some of the goo out of her eyes and blew a lock of fluid heavy hair out of her face as she found herself over six feet off the ground and counting… Higher than Lisa had gone off the ground the first time around, and still going. She found it fascinating, really. Was it a personalized sort of thing, specially crafted for any prey that might have found itself in his clutches? Or was it just a response to what had happened the first time, where Taylor had smacked him about with a broom?

Questions, questions… Questions that would just have to wait, now that there were several tendrils in her face. Large. Fat… Throbbing. Different in a way that Taylor chalked up to Squiggles' advancement along the path of what his species could consider 'puberty' as they swung from side to side before her eyes.

He was welcoming her back. Admonishing her for taking so long to return with a tease. An exhibition of how much he'd grown over the last three months and what she'd been missing.

Taylor's lips made a minute, upwards twitch as she clenched and a gush of fluid escaped from between her legs.

He was being cute. Showing off his 'plumage' and proving that he wasn't just a damn good cuddler, but a damn good 'mate'... She found it funny that it was actually working. At least, well enough that her interface was looking to make her the tightest, smoothest fit she could possibly be.

"Easy there." Taylor reprimanded quietly reprimanded him as she tried to move her arms and found it harder than it should have been. This proved to be a mistake as another couple of tentacles wrapped around her wrists tightly. Thankfully though, he hadn't been the only one getting stronger these last few months. Just a little bit more exertion would be all it took to get out. "It's not a race."

Squiggles seemed to disagree. Almost faster than even she could track, something that made her gasp with surprise, considering he hadn't been anywhere near as fast as that before, she found herself being spread. Legs out, arms up and locked into a textbook spread eagle position.

This was going to get rough. She could already tell... Oh well. If that was the only price she had to pay to get this particular menace off of the streets of Brockton, she'd be able to say that she'd gotten off rather light… Not that she actually minded how this went, up to a point.

A particularly large limb at her rear flattened out, then pulled back. Back. Back… Then came forward once more, making her scream when it spent all of its built-up tension against her rear, no doubt setting it to bouncing like little else in this world, or the next, could. A turn of the head, far enough to make a normal person worry about breaking something important as she bit her lip, let her see the next blow before it landed.

And this wasn't even close to reaching that point.

Adrenaline hit. A moment in time where she could feel her eyes shift, dilate in real time as the whip, the world, slowed down to a crawl. She could see everything about it. The ridges. The quickly expanding veins… The almost microscopic nubs covering its length like miniature goosebumps, ready to grow into something more...and a heartbeat passed. The tip met her flesh...and she came, coating the walls of Squiggles' prison while watching the ripple spread in real time.

She wasn't allowed to recover. To breathe. No quarter was given or asked for while Taylor's pet continued to 'punish' her. To act out like the teen he was. Aggressive. Impulsive. Defiant to the very end as every gasp and groan was met with yet another taste of the lash. Yet another taste of what he could do to her, for her, if she only stayed.

Taylor had to wonder just how many people had been caught with that promise alone. Far too many, in her estimation. Not everyone had her particular advantages... Her ability to push away temptation and, what she would consider, negative influences. Influences such as Squiggles, and his apparent ability to wipe her mind of thought.

Lisa wouldn't have stood a chance if Taylor hadn't brought her back that day.

If she hadn't given the blonde the tattoo or that anklet before she'd left the house that first time… It didn't bear thinking about… Anyway, after what had been the tenth strike, the tenth and strongest orgasm yet when he used an extra tentacle to give both cheeks an inwards slap that led to them quaking against each other, loud as thunder...he flipped her around.

Taylor gasped, still reeling from aftershock as she was pulled back, then run forward into the wall of the enclosure. Front first. Breasts pressed flat against the cool, glass-like material as she was brought down once more, this time with her knees forcefully bent into what she could only call an aborted squat while her arms were wrenched back and into the air, leaving her relatively 'helpless' to do anything but wait for the pounding she was about to take...and leaving her with the knowledge that Lisa was watching her from the other side of the glass.

Lisa was here. In the room. Barely five feet away, her face perfectly flat. Placid almost as she held a heavy, leather bag in one hand and a phone in the other. A phone, with its light on at its highest level, pointed directly at Taylor's face, illuminating her perfectly just before another light came on. A red one that turned the already almost unbearable heat in Taylor's stomach into a bonfire.

"H-hi, Lisa." Taylor smiled. Tight. Shaky... Ecstatic. Almost overly so when Lisa roughly dropped the bag, spilling a small wave of sex toys, big and small, across the floor as her arousal rose to whole new heights...she'd just become the, conflicted, surface of the sun to Taylor's, assured, center. "I hope you're making sure to get my good side?"

Lisa didn't respond. Instead, she began to sweat heavily, her face still set in the same flat mask as her phone began to rise up and away from Taylor's face.

Taylor, even though she knew she shouldn't have been, was deeply surprised when her interface suddenly decided that her current level of 'readiness' wasn't nearly enough, ramping her up, forcing her inner walls out to what might as well have been max capacity just as she turned her head to take in the view...and...and... She understood Lisa's reticence. It was hard enough for her to do nothing more than stare as it was.

That...That was a dick. Obviously inhuman. Obviously unnatural... Huge, gnarled, lumpy, veiny, meaty and covered in enough ridges and nubs to count as its own mountain range...but, unlike the first time around, it was quite recognizably a dick and not just another tentacle.

Lisa gulped, then whispered lightly as she fiddled with the button of her pants."S-someone's really going for the gold today, huh, Taylor…?" After a while without success, Lisa just ripped her sleeping shorts off, showing how she preferred to go...natural, while she was at home...and a stream of lubricant started making its way down her thigh. "But you'll be fine, right?"

Any attempts for Taylor to say anything were taken from her. All she could do was let out a soundless mewl when Squiggles decided that enough was enough and, well… Took the plunge. That was the best, and least obscene, description that Taylor could think of when she found her face squished up against the glass, her breath exploding from her mouth to cover the barrier in a light coat of spit and fog after what felt like the Behemoth's larger, angrier cousin found itself closely acquainted with her cervix.

That one violent thrust of Squiggles' newly developed genitalia had stretched her in ways that she'd never even considered before. The Behemoth was the Behemoth, but the Behemoth hadn't expanded as it made its way through and into her. Growing, shrinking, retracting, pounding, and spinning inside of her. Stretching her out in a way that made her interface at its most frisky seem like a walk in the park as it pinpointed, then stimulated every nerve she knew about and even some she hadn't...all while the rest of the tendril stayed completely still.

Madison had a really good thing going here. Even if she didn't know it. The most expensive bead vibrator available on the market, Tinker-tech or not, had nothing on this...and it gave Taylor ideas.

Taylor couldn't say how many orgasms she'd had since this had begun. She couldn't say whether she had had just one or hundreds. It was all the same in the end. She was still here. Still standing even after a testing, almost frenzied back and forth rock of the hips to see if she could dislodge the dick inside of her ended up with the lower third of the whole thing swelling up to the size of a small melon… Just before another dick, exactly the same size as the first ended up lodged in her rear while she wailed.

She could no longer see Lisa's face. Neither could she see the rest of her besides her feet through the glaze over the glass. The last she had seen of the blonde had been of her sitting down, then emptying the leather bag out onto the floor... However, that didn't mean that she couldn't hear Lisa. She heard Lisa's ripped pair of shorts hit the side of the glass. The tap of feet pressing against the glass for support.

The slight buzzing and the gentle hisses and rattles of plastic and metal from the other end painted a good enough picture for Taylor to admire...and feed upon. Gasp. Moan. Inhale. Exhale. Power in...magic out. Lisa, even if she didn't mean to be, was little more than an addition to the already cloying amounts of power Taylor could feel burning her from the inside out. One that was welcomed with open arms and then thrown into her current works as quickly as she could make it. Seals. Binds and connections were laid down one by one. Things that Taylor could have done, should have done months ago if not for her resources, finally finished with a teary smile.

"Let go of my arms, please," Taylor ordered with just a hint of power...and so it was. The hold on her arms loosened and she stood up again. Began rolling her shoulders and, forcefully, suppressed the pleasure from what she was still being put through and had yet to order stopped, just for a little extra power. "Thank you."

She finally, after far, far, far too long for a Witch of her age...had a familiar. Not exactly a black cat, but if this was how it was going to be from now on—

Taylor gave her stomach an inquisitive look, examining the highly visible outlines pushing out her skin with more than just a little interest before she started poking them and gauging Squiggles' reaction.

—it wasn't too bad. Not ideal, but well... She could deal with it.

Some more poking and an attempt at extraction without an order later that led absolutely nowhere but an even larger pair of erections refusing to remove themselves, Taylor sidestepped the slimy smears she'd left behind in the enclosure and cupped her chin. Considered things as she caught Lisa on the tail end of her looking up at the ceiling, panting like mad with her eyes glazed over as she squeezed out a still active rabbit vibrator...and, damn. She'd really changed her mind about that 'no butt-stuff' rule.

Taylor could see at least three different strings worth of beads up there. The small sort, sure, and one of them might have actually been a bullet vibe, but that was still impressive!

Taylor beamed as she walked out of the enclosure with Squiggles draped over her shoulder, only to come to a stop next to a near catatonic Lisa. The next time they made love was going to be great. But that was later. Busy now.

"Hey, Lisa. I know you're a little tired out and stuff." Taylor cleared her throat. It was still feeling a little heavy. "But, if it's not too much to ask...can you follow me to the bathroom?" She cleared her throat again. "Release."

Squiggles started getting to work on giving Taylor everything he had. Which was quite a bit, obviously... No. More than just 'quite a bit'. He was a growing boy and all that, and it wasn't exactly like he'd had all that many opportunities to relax the last few months…

She should have thought that through.

Lisa gave Taylor a slow blink, seemingly uncaring about her girlfriend's writhing stomach or its steady, cum-bloated growth.

"I need to harvest some of this for the tracker and…" Taylor twitched as she felt the seal of her womb give way under the pressure of the sperm assaulting it, causing her to compare it, weirdly enough, to a gang member's face that had found itself under her boot. In other words, it gave in without much of a fight, and was very, very wet at the end...boy was that a lot of cum. She needed a bigger bucket. "For other reasons...and he's stuck. Really, really stuck. Involuntary response to sexual stimulation. Help."

Lisa sighed. Wiped her face...and cringed when she remembered what she'd recently been doing with that hand. "Sure. Whatever. Just...get on over there, and I'll see you in a moment."

Taylor nodded and began her long, long waddle to the bathroom...and then she burped, and that waddle became more of an outright run. She had to find a container and fast. Plus there were some fuzzy bathrobes and a brand new flat screen tv with their names on it. Lisa could be vicious when it came to negotiations...which reminded her of something important.

Madison needed her share as well. Couldn't forget that.


Madison blinked. "... Why is there a five-gallon bucket of cum on my porch?"