"Should I use the blue?" Ruby held a package of wrapping paper—Powder blue, whatever that meant—up to the light, left eye shut tight as she examined it. "Or the white?" Switching hands, and eyes, she held it up as well. "Something with sparkles maybe? Both?"

Weiss was a difficult person to shop for, Ruby found. Unbelievably difficult, if Ruby was being kind, at the best of times. Times that weren't now, that wasn't today. Times when the issue was that Ruby had bought the wrong brand of shampoo, or about how half the cookies were already gone and that Ruby should watch her back/thighs. Minor things.

"Both with sparkles!" Glitter covered roll of double-sided duct tape in hand, she cheered. "Of course!" Tearing a strip off of it in a manner that would have left Blake clutching at her ears and cringing, she applied it to the box in front of her. "Genius!"

What did you get for someone as rich as Weiss? Diamonds? Clothing? Exotic Grimm? Hand-loaded dust rounds, hot off the press? She didn't know, which is why she was just kind of—winging it… But, obviously, it wasn't nothing, because of course not. Ruby couldn't just give her nothing. What kind of friend gave another friend nothing on their birthday? A…a not friend, that's who!

"Geez, Ruby." Ruby seized up in her chair with a strangled squeak, flailing as Yang ruffled her hair. Why!? "Is that a present, or some new type of Grimm? Some weird hybrid?" A prod from Yang had her finger sinking up to the last knuckle, ensnared by half a roll's worth of bedazzled sticky tape. "Yep." She nodded. "Present Grimm."

"You just don't understand my vision!" Ruby started as she began batting at her sister's hands, making sure to avoid some of her more artistic—read,sticky—embellishments."Plebeian! Philistine! Yang!"

"Oooh. Big words, sis." Yang laughed as she took her hand off Ruby's head and placed it on the package, "Really making use of that word a day calendar, huh? Good job." Then pushed down in order to get the leverage to pull her other hand out, "Oh wow." Only to have it sink in as well, up to the wrist. Ruby had to admit that wasn't exactly the best thing Yang could have done. "It's a hungry little guy, ain't it?"

"It's not even alive though."

"Could have fooled me." Yang shrugged and tossed her hair, tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she tried to free herself. "So what's in here, anyway?" Ruby opened her mouth, "Wait, don't tell me." Ruby didn't. "Is it Zwei?"

"I—No!" Ruby reared back in her seat and gave Yang another slap. Ruby hadn't figured out how to get Zwei in the box, no matter what she tried… So she'd just kind of given up. Not that she'd admit to it, or anything… Anyway, that one-day pet gift thing just hadn't worked out. "I'm not dad!" He was like, an animal whisperer or something.

"Thank god for that. Having dad on the team," Yang stopped and blew some air upwards, hair rustling and brows furrowing as her pulling started dragging the table up. "Would be fun for all of five minutes. Dad jokes. Around friends." They both shuddered as they felt the shadow of social death fall over them. "But yeah, back on topic." Yang sat down to stare at the box she was attached to. "Cookies. Gotta be."

"Nooooo." Ruby laughed nervously. "Crazy talk, Yang. You're doing it. Stop it." Another, friendly, slap to the shoulder was given. "Stop being crazy."

"Please." The table screeched as Yang started moving her hands back and forth, leaving what was probably permanent divots in the wood flooring. "If this had been one of your dust round packs, you'd have been running for the fire extinguisher by now." Ruby crossed her arms and huffed. You set fire to your bed one time after going a little crazy with the dust and no one ever lets you forget it… "Don't insult my intelligence."

"I can't insult something that doesn't exist… " Ruby said under her breath.

"What was that?"

"Please don't tell Weiss." Ruby put her face in her hands with a groan. Actual problems, the perfect save. "I know it's not much but," Ruby sighed. "She's rich, Yang."

"Ah… " Yang nodded slowly, "Yeah. I can see how that could be an issue. That whole thing where they could buy, like…a thousand of what you just gave them, but even better—"

"That makes me feel so good, Yang."

"—with just the change in their pockets. That's why I didn't even think about it when I got her a stack of adult literature. Straight from Menagerie." Ruby thought that Yang looked far too proud about that, from her view from in between her fingers. "That attention to detail shows you care. Remember that, Ruby."

"... I'm fine. Thanks."

"I agree that Blake would have probably liked it more." Yang's clumsy grasp at a nearby pair of scissors ended up in failure, the bladed instrument joining in with the tangle that had eaten Yang's wrists. "God damn it—but a gag gift or two never hurt anybody."

"You say that now, Yang." Ruby closed her fingers up again. "But I remember when it was your birthday, and you got a pack of condoms as a joke. From a guy." Yang let out a horrified gasp. "Dad wouldn't let you out of the house for a month."

"Who told you about condoms?"

"I'm fifteen, Yang." Ruby sighed, "Not five. Sexual education is a thing."

"You shut your damn mouth."

"Also, I live with you." Ruby dropped her hands to give Yang a look, "I was literally in the same room as you when that happened. Dad cried."

"Well, you know, if you really want to get something good for Weiss." Yang smiled that smile that Ruby knew by heart. That smile that said 'I really don't want to talk about this, so I'm going to badly change the subject now before I blow something up as a distraction'. Ruby saw it a lot, when stuff like this came up. Sex stuff. It was very expressive. "I heard the Headmaster rented out a room to her sister. Winter, I think. You could just ask her?"

"I don't know…" Ruby said even as she got up from her seat. "She's a little—" Stiff, Ruby wanted to say.

"Chilly?" Ruby groaned instead. " Are you afraid she's gonna give you the cold shoulder? Get a little frosty with you?"

"Why are you like this?"

"Well, you shouldn't be." Yang continued easily. "She is Weiss's older sister after all." Ruby stepped back when Yang gestured, the small movement spreading the tape up to her forearms in a whipping motion. "And if she's anything like me—"

Please be unique.

"—Then she'd be perfectly happy to help out in any way she could, as long as it meant that it would make her little sister happy." Yang sighed, giving up on the mess she'd made of herself when said mess began winding itself around her elbows. Ruby had lost sight of the scissors about a minute ago, already suspecting that she'd never get them back. "And good god, Ruby. How many rolls of tape did you use?"

"Enough." Yang's mouth fell open slightly, "Three. I think…" Her face gained a look of resignation. The same look you'd expect to see on the face of a death row prisoner, or anyone going to Professor Port for detention. "It might have been three and a half. Maybe."

"Ruby. No. How do you even work on Crescent Rose, when you can't even—"

"I'm a mechanical engineer," Ruby hissed. "Not a Wallmark present girl!" How dare she bring Ruby's baby into this! "Those are two very different skill sets!"

"Whatever you say, Ruby. But, seriously. Focus." Yang looked frustrated as a whisper came out of the center of the ball, around where her fingers would be. Not being able to snap her fingers must have grated on her like almost nothing else. "Go find Winter. In the third year dorms. Talk to her." Ruby kicked the ground sullenly. "Or… You could help me out of this death trap you crea—"

"I'mgoingtogoseeWinternowbye!" Ruby said quickly, opening the door and escaping the room in a veritable hail of roses. Yang had brought that on herself, playing with forces beyond her understanding. The forces of glam and duct-tape combined. "Goodluck!" No one could help her now.


When you could run as fast as Ruby could? It totally was… Yang had said the third year dorms, right?

That sounded easy enough.


It actually had been that easy.

Five minutes of work, at most, before she'd been directed towards the room Winter had been assigned for her stay. Like her sister, she wasn't someone that people forgot about. Not easily anyway. She was a presence of her own, what Weiss could be in a couple of years. Not that Weiss was someone people forgot about either…

That might have been a bad comparison, once Ruby thought about it. Either way, Winter was someone that people remembered. Striking was the word Ruby was looking for. Or at least she thought so. That was what Winter had said she was when she had knocked at the door. That she was striking enough to remember. It was sort of flattering.

Ruby dug her toe into the flooring as she looked about the room, bouncing on the loveseat she'd been directed to while Winter busied herself at her writing desk, the only spot of individuality the room had. A picture of her and a much younger Weiss to the side, well loved. A silvery pen with the initials W and S, with its own holder. A tin of hastily hidden chocolate caramel bonbons, poking out from the inside of a desk drawer that Ruby could have smelled, even if she couldn't see them from where she sat.

Winter's room wasn't exactly what Ruby had expected. She'd expected it to be more—Schnee, for lack of a better word. With enough luggage to reach the ceiling in a corner somewhere.

"I appreciate your patience, Miss Rose," Winter said clearly as she signed another bit of paper with a flourish, effortless grace. "And your understanding," Another flourish, another paper set aside. "But if I may ask," Laying her pen down after one last signing, Winter spun around in her chair to face her guest. "What made you seek me out?" She cracked a smile. A small one, but still a smile. "Besides your fascination with my decor?"

"Ah…" Ruby quickly straightened her back, hands on her knees as she cleared her throat. "Weiss." Ruby began fidgeting again at Winter's raised eyebrow. "It's her birthday, and," Ruby gulped as she felt more than saw the older Schnee's eyes look her over searchingly. Judging her. Looking into her very soul oh god. "I just wanted to ask you what would be a good gift. For her."

"I see." Giving Ruby another up and down glance that had her forcefully repressing a shiver, Winter stood up from her seat to take the one across from her guest. Another loveseat, the same type, and brand as the one Ruby sat on. Nice and symmetrical. Orderly. "I am glad to see that my sister has found a partner so willing to just ask."

"I don't—"

"We are Schnee." Winter replied dryly, "The normal response to one of our celebrations is either nothing because we could easily afford anything they were willing to bring, or something painfully ill-thought out and expensive." Then sighed, hand on her forehead as if she were rubbing away a headache. "Like igniting the ballroom by accident with an experimental dust mix."

"... That sounds stupid."

"It was, especially considering the venue. The man was a complete amateur. A charlatan." Leaning forward, Winter picked out a small mug from the coffee table—Number one sister proudly emblazoned on the side—along with a thermos, placed into a tiny rack at the side. "And he chose to showcase his 'talent' at my sister's tenth birthday." It looked as if Winter took her coffee table at its name. "Last I heard, he'd disappeared off the face of Remnant." Cream and sugar out of a little packet, poured in and stirred before a sip was taken. Relief, obvious as the barely noticeable stress lines on her face loosened. "Probably suffered an accident of some sort… " Winter paused. "Of his own doing, of course."

"Oh jeez."

"I know how that sounds, Miss Rose." She offered Ruby a cup of her own, only to get a shake of the head in reply. Coffee was - situational. A bad idea when she didn't need to get somewhere really fast or she didn't feel like sleeping for a few days. "But that wasn't an innuendo. Or an implication. He was last seen in the vicinity of a rather large mushroom cloud, where his house once stood."

"Oh. Well. That's too bad. I guess." Ruby knocked her knees together awkwardly, wondering how her host could drink like she did. Without slurping, or blowing on the mug. Without little marshmallows in it. Unnatural was what it was. "But, about Weiss?"

"Of course. I apologize." Winter laid her drink down with what looked like honest regret. "Just reminiscing, silly of me." She cleared her throat. "May I ask how much you are willing to spend?"


"Your budget." Ruby's host leaned forward slightly, interlacing her fingers underneath her chin. "The amount of time, lien, and hypothetical manpower you are able, or willing, to invest in my sister's gift."

"... This got complicated really fast." Ruby said under her breath before she cleared her throat. Laying out all the cards then, great. She had this. "I've got all week to work on this, fifty lien in a piggy bank with another twenty in a wallet, and… um." Ruby smiled sheepishly. "Me?"

"Is that a question?"

"Yeah!" Ruby frowned, "Wait, no." Winter raised an eyebrow. "I meant we had me!" Ruby spread her hands out. "Tada!

"..." Winter gave Ruby another look, tracking her entire body from the bottom up…then sighed. "I suppose I've worked with worse."


"Let me be frank with you, Miss Rose." Winter picked her mug back up and sat back in her seat. "What you have at your disposal isn't particularly impressive."

"Oh…" Ruby sniffed, a lump in her throat as she started to get up. It looked like it was going to be the cookies after all. "I'm sorry for bothering you—"

"You misunderstand." Ruby stopped in her tracks as Winter stood up. It was almost - hasty. "I…" The older woman grimaced, "Also happen to be having some issues when it comes to finding a gift. Difficulties." And exhaled through her nose in obvious frustration. "It used to be so much simpler when she was younger. A stuffed teddy or somesuch. But now—"

"She's all grown up?"

"She thinks she is all grown up. Weiss is still a girl, where it counts." Ruby blushed at Winter's gentle correction. "But yes. Another question." Winter gestured back at the seats, waiting for Ruby to take hers before she took her own, elegantly crossing one leg over the other as she did. "What is your relationship with my sister?"

"She's my best friend." Ruby said enthusiastically, "My partner. She helps me whenever I'm stuck on my homework," Before she began doing impromptu charades, "And we've killed Grimm and beat up terrorists together." And rapid nodding. "I like to think we're pretty darn close."

"How good are you at keeping secrets?"

"... What kind of secrets?"

"The dangerous kind. The kind where if anyone ever hears about it, I will know who to blame, who to ruin." Conditioning kicked in, making Ruby cower in her seat as the look in Winter's eyes turned positively glacial. "Any chances of you having a career worth anything after you leave Beacon will be nothing."

The scariest part of it was, that Ruby knew that Winter would do it too. It was in the eyes, just like her sister. That resolve, refined.

"I can keep a secret." Ruby squeaked. "Yep, totally."

"Good." The look in the older woman's eyes softened, allowing Ruby to relax. "You understand how serious this is?"

"Kind of hard not to…"

"Then this will be quick." Winter clapped her hands together. "I assume you know the difference between a man and a woman?"

"W—what kind of question is that!?" Ruby blurted out, her face really, really red. "Of course I do! That's part of a mandatory class! We are in a school!"

"As you get older, you'll see that some never quite got that particular memo...but I digress." Winter waved a hand in dismissal. "The secret is," Ruby scooted closer, up to the edge of her seat. "That there is no such thing as a purely female Schnee."

"I… I'm sorry?" Ruby's brow furrowed, eyes moving from top to bottom in a reversal of what Winter had done to her. "You look—" Then again, just to be sure. Nope. Those were breasts alright. Did not compute. "I don't get it."

"It's hereditary. Like our semblance. Not something we like to spread about, so we developed ways to keep it out from under the public eye." Winter continued, murmuring into her mug while she uncrossed her legs with a sigh. "Some of us are better at it than others, which is why Weiss only wears skirts and dresses."

"I understand the words you are saying, but they don't make any—" Ruby stopped, choking on her words when Winter gestured at her lower half. The lump traveling halfway down the Schnee's trouser leg like an especially fat snake said more than any amount of words. "That's not a katana."

Ruby still had to say something though. It wasn't as if she could just not say something when something like that came up. She wasn't a robot.

"Astute of you." Winter raised a concerned eyebrow. "And are you sure you don't need a drink? Tea? Juice? Sparkling something or other? You are looking a little…"

"I'm sure." Nope. "I'm great." She wasn't. "Awesome." Ha no.

"If you're sure… Anyway, as you can see," Winter spread her legs with a sigh of relief. "I am quite capable of hiding my gifts whenever it is called for, through the use of certain dust mixtures, self-control, and biology."

"So… when you say biology…" Ruby said slowly, blinking more times than she should, just to see if the thing in front of her eyes would disappear if she did it enough, proving this whole thing to be a dream. "Are you saying that it's all—internal? Because that would explain a lot." It didn't disappear. Drat.

"I promise you, Miss Rose," Winter replied with an amused tone. "That I am not a reptile or some form of avian that looks like a human. Just a particularly impressive example of what people call a 'grower' if you want to be crude about things. Weiss though…" Winter's smile fell a little. "It is unlikely she'll ever be able to wear trousers, even if she wasn't a teenager."

"That is…" Words. Ruby had none.

"Isn't it?" Winter drained her mug of the last of its brew and started fiddling with it. "We are an old family, Miss Rose. Very old… and a great many of our starting records imply that our traits had been around since before the start of the Kingdoms as we know them. We also breed true." Winter shrugged. "If it weren't for the abysmal survival rates of the time before we had the Kingdoms…"

"I'd have a—thingy, too?"

"Most likely. We are rather prolific… And the Schnee actually do have several branch families. Twenty or so, with more than five that I can think of that are composed solely of Faunus. Not that father cares." Winter's smile fell yet further. "There is a reason why we no longer speak."

"I'm sorry but…" Ruby cringed as Winter turned her gaze back to the brunette. "What does this have to do with Weiss? Not that I don't find it interesting…"

"It has quite a bit to do with her. Weiss is," Winter tapped the side of her mug a couple of times, "A romantic at heart. Almost prudish. Unlike me, when I was younger. Lost my virginity with one of the maids." Winter giggled. "Thankfully, the Scarlatina branch was willing to take her in when she started to show. Father would have been furious if he had found out that I'd sullied myself with a Faunus. Servants, not partners, are his views on the matter."

"What!?" Ruby shot up from her seat, finger pointed accusingly at a bemused Winter's face. "You're Velvet's dad!?"


"A second year!" Ruby said as she puffed herself up, somehow getting larger. "Scarlatina is her last name!"

"I'm not sure you understand what you are implying," Winter stated flatly. "Either I was in the habit of seducing my maids at the age of nine—"

Ruby hit the couch. Hard. As hard as if she'd been smacked into it by the hand of God. Awkwarrrrrd.

"—Or I look much older than I actually am. Which is it?"

"There is—no good answer to either of those questions." Ruby said meekly, "I'm sorry. Just—it sounded like—"

"It's likely that this Velvet is a branch member… I'll have to make sure to visit her at a later time." Winter moved on as if nothing had happened, something that Ruby found herself grateful for. If it had been Weiss she had accused of something like that, she would have never heard the end of it. "It's always nice to meet a family member, as long as they aren't total pillocks."

"She's actually nice. Very sweet." Ruby nodded. "Likes photography too, like, a lot. I don't think I've ever seen her without her camera."

"Photography?" Winter visibly brightened up. "How delightful. I'll have to ask her to take a few of my daughter for the scrapbook. Something suitably embarrassing for me to laugh over with her mother when Lucia is older."

"That's a nice name."

"Why, thank you. You know, when I first held her in my arms, my first thought was—We've gotten sidetracked. Again." The older woman laughed, loud and free. More human than a living icicle. It was nice. "Not that it was unpleasant, but back to business before something else happens." Winter coughed, her cheeks lightly dusted with pink. "As our gift to her—With me in charge of the setup… I'd like you to be my sister's maid."

If Ruby had been drinking something at that moment she would have spit it out. But she didn't, so she settled with a garbled, wet noise. A noise somewhere between a crippled Nevermore and Yang whenever she thought singing in the shower was a good idea.


It was never a good idea.

"You claim to be her best friend. Your bonds have been tried and tested, tempered by the sort of experiences only fighting for your life can bring." Winter calmly pointed out. "Those sorts of relationships often bring up certain—emotions. Feelings of a more, carnal, sort of affection." The Schnee thought for a moment, quickly reaching a conclusion. "The likelihood of her rejecting you is slim if that is what you are worried about."

"I'm not worried about that!" Or at least she hadn't been, up to just now. Winter had just made it weird. "It's more how you just assumed that I'd instantly agree with you!"

"You asked for my opinion, Miss Rose. I am just offering what I believe is the best possible solution for our problems."

"So you jump straight to sex!?"

"Well…" Winter stalled, "Yes. Yes, I did. Birthday sex is a classic for a reason. You know this, yes?"

"Nooooo." Ruby's eyes felt really, really dry all of a sudden. Most likely because she'd stopped blinking. Her eyes had gone so wide, they'd stuck like that. Owie. "I don't, didn't, know this."

"How could you not?"

"I," Ruby intoned blandly, "Have just realized that I am very sheltered." Damn it, Yang!

"Sheltered. Yes." Winter groaned as she put a hand to her temple, "I suppose that would do it. Obvious in hindsight, just from how you act." And pursed her lips. "You just made yourself a much more attractive prospect for my sister's first time."

Ruby squawked.

"As I said, my sister is a romantic. Spending her first time with a close friend, one that also happens to be relatively—inexperienced, would appeal to her... which is why I require an answer, Miss Rose."

"An answer?"

"Yes or no," Winter stated dryly. "If yes, we can get started on the preparations for what could possibly be the greatest day of my sister's life so far." Ruby shifted uncomfortably at that reminder. "Or, we could just stuff my sister full of sweets until she crashes."

"... Are those really our only options?"

"No. It's just that my only option is another stuffed bear. Designer. A safe choice. You?"

"Homemade chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Good ones too." Ruby slid down in her seat with a groan. "They are a lost cause though." Yang and the present were probably one and the same by now. "So…"


"What would I have to do, if I, hypothetically," Ruby did some midair finger quotes, "Decided to say yes?"

The things she did for friendship…

"Hypothetically," Winter made some finger quotes of her own, "There'd be some learning involved. Hands-on, over the course of the next week. Mostly about the use of teeth."

"The use of teeth?"

"Yes." Winter sighed. "It is 'do not use' if you were wondering." The older woman began, rubbing the top of her left hand's knuckles with a thumb. "You'll be trained in the arts of service, pleasing your partner without actual penetration."


"Weiss will be responsible for that last part if you must know." Winter cleared her throat. Then she did it again. Then again. Stalling. Ruby felt the same way. "But, otherwise, I'd be responsible for ensuring that you are at least, competent when the day comes."

"Then, hypothetically, if I asked when these lessons would start," Ruby stared up at the ceiling, counting the tiles in a weak attempt at calming herself. It was weak because there were no tiles, just marble. She hadn't thought it through. "What would you say?"

"I'd tell you to drink some water first." Winter pulled a water bottle from the rack and slid it across the table. Ruby stared at it, then picked it up. "A dry mouth wouldn't do you, or me, any favors."

"Ah…" The brunette rolled the bottle in between her hands, her tongue running over her suddenly dry lips. A bodily endorsement of Winter's recommendation. "That makes sense." Ruby twisted the cap off, back on, then off again. She wouldn't have been surprised to find out that her face had turned the color of her name as she raised the bottle to her lips, "Since we are both already here and all." And took a sip.

"No longer a hypothetical then?" Winter leaned back and spread her legs, as far as they could go as she laid her arms on the back of the loveseat when Ruby gave her a hesitant shake of the head. "On your knees then. In front of me." Winter closed her eyes. "The lesson will start when you do."

"My knees…" Ruby muttered, drinking the last of the water in her hand as she went around the coffee table. "In front of you." Ruby kneeled and put her hands on her thighs before looking up at the older woman's impassive face. "Got it."

"Alright then. For your first lesson." Winter allowed her neck to loll to the side, now looking at Ruby at an angle. "Now, if you look closely at the front of my lower wear, you'll notice a seam. Directly under the button."

"I don't…"

"I did say to look closely, did I not?" Ruby winced at the rebuke and leaned forward, chin almost touching the seat before she finally saw what Winter meant. If she hadn't been told it was there… "I don't believe I need to explain what happens next, do I?"

Ruby shook her head, her words having left her as she drew her trembling hands up towards the button first, popping it after what felt like an eternity of fiddling before she moved them down. Her shaking, if it was even possible, became worse when she pulled down the zipper behind the seam. A single movement, pulling it down as far as it would go before she placed her hands back on her lap where she started twisting them in nervous excitement.

Winter was—very neat. Clean. Not even a hint of stubble to be seen, from what little Ruby could see. It was odd. Another thing that she hadn't expected, for some reason. Funny how it was the first thing she focused on. How it wasn't the base, the start of Winter's penis, the only thing that could be seen with the rest snugly under Winter's right pant's leg, now in full view. It throbbed. Because of her? For her? That was how it worked, wasn't it?

Was she doing this right?

"A good start, but you left the job unfinished. You're a smart girl, and it isn't difficult to figure out what comes next." Winter rolled her hips, allowing her trousers to slide down a bit more, revealing more of herself to the nerve-ridden brunette in between her legs. "It isn't high-level ballistics."

"Yeah. I noticed. " Ruby swallowed nervously, fingers slightly numb, head light, as she began tracing the material over Winter's crotch, over the bulge. She could feel Winter's heartbeat, clear and strong. A steady thrum that sent a guilty thrill through the young girl's body. "If it had been, I'd actually know what to do."

"... I suppose this is your first time doing something like this. Some hesitancy is only to be expected." Winter mused as she carefully removed her hand from it's place at the back of her seat to grab herself. To wrap her pale fingers around the visible parts of her length. "So I shall be lenient with you, just the once."

Ruby's voice deserted her once more when she felt the bulge under her hand disappear, sliding out from beneath her palm. Nearly a foot of meat slipping through her fingers, gone in the blink of an eye when Winter extracted it from her clothing—

"Not exactly what I was going for, but I must admit," The older of the two spoke, her voice faint and breathy as she removed her hand, leaving her cock where it lay with an approving smile. "It has its appeal."

—And left it where it fell, leaving Ruby staring, cross-eyed and in shock, at what Winter had just—left to sit on her face. The scent of vanilla body wash, mixed with sweat and musk. A raging beat, that she could feel all throughout her upper body. Heavy, heavy enough that Ruby could feel it adding pressure, a tangible weight to her head that made holding it up slightly more difficult. Too thick for her fingers to wrap around, and long enough the tip of it was now busy leaking something in her hair.

It took a while for Ruby to come to terms with things after that. Much longer than it should have, for Ruby to realize that, yes. Yes, that was a dick on her face. That Winter had, from what she had said, accidentally slapped her with what had to be at least four pounds of meat, and then told her that she looked good like that.

What the hell was she supposed to do with this? How did Winter expect her to do anything to this log she'd just presented Ruby with? How did she expect her to do it? Ruby had majored in engineering and its uses in hunting. Not the next closest thing to organic weaponry she had ever seen, a weapon of mass fertilization.

That had sounded a lot better in her head the first time around.

"I appreciate the awe, Miss Rose. In fact, I find it flattering." Winter thrust gently against Ruby's face, the strangest wake-up call that Ruby could ever possibly imagine. "But we aren't anywhere close to done with your lesson."

"Ah…." Ruby refocused her eyes with a shuddering inhalation, throat tight with anxiety as she wondered if she should move back or not. As she wondered whether it was the older woman's scent that was making her lightheaded and warm or just the situation. "What do I do with—"

"You hands would be a decent start." Winter interrupted her voice a mix of exasperated and amused as Ruby took ahold of the weight on her face and pushed it to the side, where it fell on her shoulder, and into the crook of her neck instead. So embarrassing… "And after feeling them just now, I can tell you that you are going to need both if you plan on getting anywhere with me."

"Well, yeah." Ruby studied her hands, flexed and stretched them as she scooted to the side, allowing Winter's penis to stand under its own weight and feeling lighter for doing so… Then she studied that as well, a quick comparison between the body parts that led her to a simple conclusion. "You're kinda—big." An understatement.

"Or your hands may just be small." Winter chucked. "But please. Do go on."

"Shut up…" Ruby's pout turned into a backward flinch when a touch resulted in Winter's member jolting upright, standing the tiniest bit straighter than before. Ruby looked at her hands again. Her tiny, tiny hands. "Ah…"

"It's not that much bigger than this when it reaches its full size, Miss Rose. I have full faith in your ability to handle it." Fingers ran themselves through Ruby's hair, ruffling it gently, almost affectionate before they were pulled away. "Smaller girls than you have tried, and succeeded after all."

"... I'm five feet, two inches tall."

"And my sister is five even." Winter retorted, "There are girls much, much smaller than you Miss Rose, of that I can assure you. Even at your tender age." Her tone turned wistful. "Like this one slip of a girl, with two-toned hair I met once. Four and a half feet at her best. Hated talking and shagged like a minx." She frowned. "If only I'd gotten her name…"

"Please don't make this more awkward than it already is."

"If only you could do something to make me." The older woman hinted. Heavily. "The longer you take, the more I feel like recounting old memories." With a smile, thankfully. Was it an older sister thing? It felt like an older sister thing. Or at least an older thing. "Continue, or suffer the consequences."

"Definitely an older sister thing…" Ruby grumbled, focusing on that, rather than on the beat of Winter's heart as she put both her hands around the shaft, one hand in front of the other, and began jerkily and, in her inexpert opinion, clumsily pulling at it. It was a disturbingly easy thing to do to a thing so large, her palms sliding smoothly and easily over the slick surface. "Oh, ewwww…"

Even though Winter seemed calm—much calmer than Ruby was, that was for sure—her body, her genitals, had been—busy. Excited, venting a milky white lubricant from the tip that had begun moving down the sides in thin streams at the brunette's first touch, every pump of the hand producing yet more.

Sex ed never talked about this.

"May I call you Ruby?" Winter rolled her shoulders, looking almost nervous—a trick of the light, Ruby was sure—when the brunette looked at her, startled out of her near trance and simple, repetitive motion thanks to the Schnee's sudden tangent. "Calling you by your last name while we're doing this sort of thing," She nodded at her erection with a sigh, a reminder that Ruby wasn't done and an explanation. "It's rude. Impersonal."

"Sure. Go ahead. Yep. Makes sense. Totally." Ruby moistened her lips as a glob flew from the end of Winter's cock, arcing in the air before it hit the ground with an audible splat. "And, is this, you know, normal? Because if it is, I'm starting to wonder just how much of what school has told me is wrong… and where the nearest towel is."

She was starting to feel a little… moist. In more ways than one. Not that she'd say it out loud. Ruby was just getting used to not being the strangest person in the room, and she wasn't going to mess that up for anything!

"Thank you, Ruby." The younger girl had her hair ruffled again, this time for much longer, almost as if she were a pet before Winter pulled her hand away. Ruby wasn't sure how to feel about the fact that she actually kind of missed it. "And no. This isn't normal in the slightest." Winter admitted. "I wouldn't doubt that Weiss has similar output to me though, so it's probably for the best that you get used to it now."

Ruby wasn't sure how her face looked after hearing something like that… but it obviously looked like something, seeing how Winter coughed into a hand with a badly hidden grin.

"Just like everything else when time and practice is applied, this will get easier. Trust me. And please, slower." Winter tapped Ruby's head in reprimand like one would discipline a puppy who had done wrong. "You are pleasuring me. Not scrubbing a rust stain off of the handle of your scythe. Keep that in mind."

"Not like it's hard to... Crescent Rose doesn't leak like you do for one." The smaller girl said with a pout, barely resisting the urge to rub her head—a bigger mistake she couldn't think of at the moment, seeing what her hands were coated in—in favor of slowing down her ministrations to a near crawl. "And how am I supposed to tell if I'm doing it too hard?"

"If my fluids are landing five feet away from my position," Winter pointed at a quarter sized dot of liquid that had landed on the coffee table. A drop fell from the edge of the farthest end of the table. "Then you're doing it too hard."

"I didn't—" Ruby winced and shifted uncomfortably as her legs began to ache. Her skirt by itself may have been a decent enough cushion, but a pillow it most definitely was not. Something that Winter, it seemed, had taken notice of as well as she took on a contemplative look. Or what Ruby thought was a contemplative look. The older woman wasn't very expressive. "Know that. It's not like I'm used to this sort of thing, you know?"

"... You are a novice. I had forgotten. I am not in the habit of dealing with novices." The stare that Ruby received this time, the one that felt as if Winter was looking into her soul and stripping her naked, sent an instinctive shiver through the younger girl's body. That was—new. Very new. Different. Tingly. "If you require rest," Winter suggestively patted the seat next to her. "You may continue your lesson at my side instead if you wish."

"Oh god," Ruby quickly stood up with a groan. A steadying hand at her elbow kept her from falling, the ache in her legs replaced with the pins and needles feeling that came with a sleeping limb. "Thank you, thank you so much. I didn't want to say anything, because of the lesson," Ruby sat down to her teacher's right, taking a moment to get into a comfortable lean against Winter's side before taking her in hand again. "But that was really starting to hurt!"

"Again, I apologize… but now you've gone too far into the opposite direction. Too slow, and not hard enough."

Ruby winced at the cool tone of Winter's voice, her head actually dipping under the weight of her shame…and then dipping further yet when she remembered what she was doing and the reason for that disappointment. This was painfully confusing.

"Look at my face every once in awhile. Pay attention to my reactions, even if they prove to be personally—uncomfortable to you." A firm stroke of the top half of Winter's shaft caused it to flex in her wide-eyed student's grip. A string of pre attached itself to the couch soon after, only snapping after Ruby gave the length in between her hands a shake. "Those are often the most reliable ways of telling if you are on the right track. It is an important skill to have, finding those tells—when you're doing things like this." The older woman draped her arm over Ruby's shoulder and gave her a squeeze, a miniature hug that Ruby found oddly comforting. "Which is why I give you leave to experiment."


"Your pressure and speed. The way you roll your wrist and how you hold me. There is an art to this, ability that can only be gained with experience." Ruby's teacher shuddered pleasingly when Ruby gave the underside of her cockhead a squeeze, forcing it to expand and dribble before she let it go. "Do well enough, and I'll think about trusting you with the rest of me."

The brunette glanced lower down, her eyes lingering questioningly on the bulge in Winter's trousers, directly under her shaft.

"Maybe in a day or two, if you work for it." Winter mused. A simple repeat of what she had said before, pointedly constructed to neither confirm nor deny Ruby's suspicions. As good as a yes, that Winter actually did have testicles in Ruby's opinion. "A lesson for another time."

Ruby nodded understandingly, changing her tight-fisted, double-handed grip to something a bit more—comfortable. Relying on the hints she'd been given beforehand as a guide when she replaced her double-handed grip at the top with a single, giving Winter's shaft another squeeze, holding it up from right under the tip while the other started a slow stroke along the underside from the bottom up.

The twitch of Winter's lips at that gave Ruby a warm feeling. Approval, even if silent, was something Ruby couldn't get enough of… And that was going to bother her for a while.

Ruby experimented after that, taking full advantage of the permission she'd been given in the only way she knew how. Squeezing, rotating, fondling, and pumping, done one at a time or all at once. Pace and technique constantly changing at her teacher's subtle queues, grimaces, hugs, and tiny smiles. A sudden surge of the meat in the young girl's hands or a change in the flow of the nearly endless faucet that was Winter.

A gasp from Winter, the first sign of weakness Ruby had heard from the older woman since the lesson had started due to a twist of both hands, rotating opposite of each other was quickly memorized. A repeat of that action broke Winter's iron control, her waist pushing up into her student's hands twice before she remembered herself. Ruby couldn't stop herself from grinning at that, or at the deep red in the elder Schnee's cheeks.

"You have some talent for this." Winter inhaled sharply and tensed when Ruby's palm encircled the head completely before giving it a quick rub. "Enough that I feel more than a little regret that we can't take this furth—" Winter stopped talking in favor of choking, hips bucking as Ruby did something…unexpected. For the both of them.

A lick. An impulsive, open swipe of her tongue across the cumslit of Winter's prick to see how it tasted. To get the experience over with before she lost her nerve, and lost the chance to find out the taste of what, she assumed, was something she was going to have to get used to as well by the end of the week.

It…wasn't nearly as bad as she'd expected it to be. It was—tangy. Salty. Sweet. Like some kind of weird candy.

Ruby had another taste, a lick under the ridge of Winter's bellend where her fluids had gathered that wiped that spot clean. She smacked her lips once, the gobsmacked look on Winter's face—an expression Ruby had doubted she was even capable of before that moment—secondary to the thick feeling of something sticky getting in between her teeth… And the feeling of her fingers getting spread even further when Ruby tried to see how much of Winter she could fit in her mouth.

Answer? Not much…and she'd just made a grave mistake. Not that she realized it at the time.

Ruby couldn't help but swallow when the first shot hit the back of her throat. It was reflexive, maybe instinctive due to the fact that she had stopped thinking in her shock. It wasn't until the second and third gulp, with the fourth ending in thick, almost jelly-like semen shooting out of from her nose that she finally realized what was happening and she pulled away.

She blamed Winter for this.

Ruby, coughing, and hacking, held her hands up in front of her face, much too late to spare her face, hair, and the front of her dress from the last of Winter's load.

Winter, and her own sense of boundless curiosity and childish wonder. Curse them all!

"I am so sorry!"


"Stupid Winter," Ruby grumbled as she made her way back to the dorm. Despite it being night now, with the hallway lights dimmed, she could walk back to her dorm blind... Which she had actually done before for a few a days when Nora had tried to make a better flashbang.

Needless to say, Nora had succeeded.

"Stupid Birthday. Stupid, stupidly rich Schnee Family. Stupid penises, stupid… Why couldn't I have been rich?" Ruby continued to grumble. She blew her nose into the third handkerchief that Winter had given her, one of five, with two already a mess, and it still felt like there was something up there. Sure Winter had been very apologetic about it, but it still didn't make it sting any less. "It's not fair."

Ruby stepped over a smoldering patch on the floor, shaped suspiciously like a person on top of another person.

"Stupid plastic smoke and Macadamia nuts smell…" Ruby paused at that. Smoke and Macadamia nuts? That was odd. As she rounded the corner to get back to her dorm the smell got even stronger. Almost as if it was coming…from… Ah, shoot.

Ruby pivoted on her heel in a perfect hundred and eighty-degree turn and began her long journey back to Winter's room.

It looked like she'd be taking Winter up on that overnight training offer after all.