Ruby wasn't sure she knew what she was doing.

Well. Okay. That wasn't quite true. She knew exactly what she was doing. It was the process in-between that escaped her. The element of surprise wasn't exactly something she was well-versed in, seeing how she carried around a weapon, a scythe, three times her size that also happened to be a really powerful sniper rifle.

Ruby snorted in the darkness of the enclosed space she'd found herself in, the knots around her wrists somehow becoming yet more solid as she tried gnawing at them.

Being subtle was something that Ruby had little to no practice in, seeing as how its use to her in everyday life and battle had been basically nil so far… So, just like every other time she'd tried to do something she wasn't practiced in—

Ruby tested the bonds around her legs and found them just as tough as the ones around her wrists, if not more so. She felt like she was about to cry.

—She'd completely screwed it up.

Another bite left her mouth tied as well, a perfect bow placed over her lips that muffled her almost panicked cries.

If this continued, she'd be joining Yang and Blake in the nurse's ward soon… The sound of a door opening, then closing, almost gave her a heart attack until she realized what was happening and relaxed...and then she almost had another when she realized what was happening.

It was time!

"This is—" Weiss, because of course it was Weiss, paused. "Quite a bit larger than I'd expected it to be, Winter." Ruby felt her prison tilt slightly and heard Weiss grunt as she tested its weight. "Heavier as well...this must be quite the gift." Weiss's voice became slightly strained. The voice of someone who believed they already knew what was coming, but was just pretending to be surprised. "I wonder what's inside?"

Ruby thought that maybe, just maybe, those years of stuffed bears and candy Winter had talked about had left their mark. She knew how that was, after years of clothes from her dad. Good once. Maybe twice, if you really worked on it. Anything past that though was a chore...not that Ruby, or Weiss, Ruby had just found out, would say it…

"It took a week to put this gift together. Made it with my own two hands," Winter said proudly, the low tone of her voice making Ruby feel more than just a little warm. A week of near constant masturbation, handjobs, and blowjobs had left their own kind of mark… Winter was the sort to make sure those marks ran deep, Ruby found as she began to salivate. "and I believe it may be my best work to date."

There was silence again. Long, painful, silence. "Again, Winter?" Weiss sighed loudly, obviously exasperated, "how many times do I have to tell you that I'm not interested?"

Winter had done this before!?

"I'm not quite sure," Winter replied teasingly. "But at least one more than before...and please. I know you better than that."

"... But where am I going to hide it all?" Weiss muttered above Ruby's head, the lack of denial a ringing declaration of her guilt…while also confusing the hell out of Ruby. What were they talking about if it wasn't her? "It isn't as if we have closets, Winter. Or chests big enough to hide fifty pounds of sweets."

Ruby's body went slack at that, never more grateful for the air-holes she'd been given as her breathing slowed… Then sped up again as a scratching noise started up above.

"You better have hired someone to move the trash after." Paper tore, and Ruby saw the light for the first time in thirty minutes. It burned a little.

"Of course I did," Winter scoffed. "Who do you take me for?"

"Do you really want me to answer tha—" Weiss trailed off, her face shifting into one of pure horror before she let out a scream.

Ruby gave a muffled scream back, sending Weiss scurrying back and out of view. Ruby had to admit that it kinda hurt her feelings a little. A lot...okay, it actually burned her down to the soul.

Was she really that unattractive?

"I thought we agreed that the ribbon was too much of a risk," Winter said dryly as her sister hyperventilated in the background. "That accident last week has left my sister rather high strung. You knew this. Just as you knew that you couldn't be trusted around tape and thread."

And now Ruby felt better! She wasn't unattractive! Weiss was just terribly traumatized! Wait… that had sounded a lot better the first time around.

Ruby spat, resulting in the bow in front of her mouth moving down to her throat, leaving her free to speak. "It wasn't my fault!" Ruby whined, "it attacked me!"

"... The fact that I believe you horrifies me."

"Ruby!?" Weiss said incredulously as her head popped back over the top of Ruby's box. "Winter!?" Weiss' head whipped to the side to look at her supremely smug older sister. "What did you do!?"

Winter actually had to take a step back at that, her face twisting in what Ruby thought might have been fear for a moment as Weiss came up to her in a rage. "Now, Weiss…"

"Don't you 'now, Weiss' me!" Weiss leveled an accusing finger at her sister, "I know you, Winter! I know your—predilections!" and hissed. "You've despoiled my partner!"

"I have not!"

Ruby started rocking the box from side to side—

"You had your fun with the dolt, then you put her in a box for my birthday! What else am I supposed to think!?" Weiss threw her hands up. "Honestly! How hard is it to keep it in your pants!?"

"I did not despoil her!" Winter declared, now finally over her shock as she stood up at her full height. "I readied her for you, you ungrateful little—"

—leading to the box resting on it's edge—

"I wanted to do it myself, Winter!"

"So you admit you have feelings for her!"

Weiss's eyes widened at that, then narrowed into angry slits. "How dare you!"

—which eventually lead to it falling over, forcing both Schnee to separate as Ruby fell between them.

"It's really flattering how you're fighting over me like this. It really is," Ruby said dryly. Both Schnee blushed, and didn't quite look her in the eyes. "but I'd really appreciate some help." Ruby squirmed uncomfortably. "I'm starting to lose feeling in my hands."

Any longer, and Ruby was really going to worry.

"Just let me—" Weiss and Winter started at the same time, hands outstretched before they paused to give each other a glare.

Winter was the first to crack, ending with her sullenly crossing her arms over her chest as she looked away. "Go unwrap your present, sister."

"She is not my present," Weiss growled, her fingers catching the knots that had eluded Ruby with ease, loosening them one by one, "she is my partner...and I can't believe that you thought you could get away with this. Did you even ask her?"

Time to catch that particular question before it got any worse.

"Actually, she did," Ruby said sheepishly, "and I said yes."

Nailed it!

One of the knots around Ruby's waist tightened to an almost painful extent. "What?"

The opposite of nailed it!

"Cookies weren't good enough, okay!? I panicked!" Ruby cried. "I didn't have a present, and you saw what happened when I tried to do it myself!"

Weiss's body made an almost unnoticeable shudder at that reminder. Winter started to look uncomfortable. "I remember," She said, her gaze distant. "I remember."

"Weiss." Winter sighed and placed a hand on her sister's shoulder. "What I did, what we did—"

Ruby tried to wave, forgetting that she still wasn't free. She was quick to nod instead, ending up with her strangling herself on the bow around her neck before she figured out that nodding wasn't something that she could do either.

Today just wasn't her day.

"—we did for you. I am not nearly so blind as you think me to be."

Weiss snapped back to the present, eyes wide with a different sort of panic as she looked at Winter.

"Ten years straight of stuffed bears of varying quality has to wear on one's patience." Leaning down over Weiss's shoulder, Winter extended a hand and pulled at a tie, freeing Ruby in a puff of shiny red ribbon. "You didn't quite share my—interests, so I went with the safe option of toys and candy. When I thought of this, I know what I thought."

"I… Yes." Weiss shook her head. "I suppose I do...and it did grate after a while," Weiss admitted grudgingly, almost hesitantly. "I'm not a child anymore…even if they were still appreciated."

"That's right. You are not a child anymore." Winter gave Weiss's shoulder a comforting squeeze. "But neither are you an adult."

Weiss stiffened, her mouth opening in scathing rebuttal.

"Ruby shares that particular...issue. One that you can figure out between the two of you."

Ruby groaned and blushed as Weiss began choking on air. How embarrassing...

"I am not so cruel as you think I am," Winter continued, "I have left her perfectly intact for you." Winter nodded sternly. "And I expect your appreciation." She gestured at Ruby, making the much younger girl instinctively curl up into a ball of embarrassment, acutely aware of the fact that she was completely naked. "Begin the appreciation."

"Winter," Ruby croaked. "Why?"

"Why?" Weiss echoed. "How do you expect me to—"

"I have my—inclinations," Winter admitted cautiously, "but your accusations as to whether I had sought Ruby's permission or not—"

Weiss winced and placed her hands over her face with an ashamed groan.

"—and that I had planned to give you my, to be crude..." Winter gave Ruby an apologetic look."Hand-me-downs was unbelievably rude. Denying the gift that Miss Rose and I spent all week working on—"

"My jaw still hurts a little!"

"—would be unbelievably crass," Winter finished, her cheeks lightly dusted with pink as she coughed into a hand. "You could, at the very least, allow me to see the fruits of my labor firsthand in return, yes?"

Ruby made a small squeaking sound and hid her face in her legs. Otherwise, there was only silence.

Winter, once you got past her cold, military trained exterior…was surprisingly liberal.

"By the gods, Winter!" Weiss scooted away from her sister as if she had suddenly burst into flames. "Don't even joke about that, you pervert!" Weiss stopped her panicked scramble backward as she hit the front of her bed. "I am not going to have my first time in front of a family member, let alone you!"

And a huge pervert. There was that. Ruby swore she should have expected this. She'd spent a whole week with the woman after all.

"You act like it's something I've never seen before, dearest sister." Winter's small smile turned absolutely evil. "It can be surprisingly stimulating when done right."

"... Ewww."

"And don't think I haven't noticed the fact that you're actually considering giving your first time to Miss Rose." Winter spun on her heel, picked out a bed to sit on—Ruby's—and did so. "Now please." Winter rolled her hand. "Don't stop on my account."

Weiss's mouth puckered up as if she'd just bit into something sour. She'd never been all that graceful when it came to facing her mistakes...having them thrown at her by Winter just seemed to make it an odd mix of better and worse.

Better if only because Weiss wasn't yelling. Worse as in Weiss took it personally. It was a tossup as to whether it was good or not… Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

"I don't really...mind?" Ruby let out a weak laugh. "I mean—"

Weiss glared.

"After our room was condemned," Ruby said sheepishly, then began awkwardly rubbing her neck, "I spent a week in close quarters with your sister—just letting her watch wouldn't bother me all that much."

It was scary how quickly things could change.

"... Taboos are shot?"

" support?" Ruby shrugged, "They aren't what they used to be. I actually kind of stopped wearing clothes because I got sick of doing laundry."

Weiss's glare became a thing of pure confusion.

"Your sister has problems with aiming."

That was clear enough, right?

"I do not have problems," Winter said with a smirk, "I have character traits...and it was rather fetching on you."

In other words, she just liked seeing how Ruby looked when covered in white… And wasn't that a fun conversation with the school quartermaster.

"That is just—"

"Now, Weiss." Winter cut her sister off with an upheld hand. "I believe that your little play for time has gone on long enough."

Ruby, taking the moment of inattention from Weiss as an opportunity, pressed herself against Weiss's side before the other girl even knew what was happening. She then took a breath, and let it out against Weiss's ear, prompting a heavy shudder.

"If you don't take what is offered to you..." Winter intoned, her eyes like chips of ice as she looked at the both of them, "I won't let my efforts go to waste." She laid her a hand in her lap and ran it suggestively down her thigh. "Do I have to spell it out?"

"I—" Weiss's jaw tightened, the only thing saving her from an impromptu visit to the dentist being her aura as she began to grind. "But it's my gift!?"

Ruby felt the mood shift quick enough to give her whiplash. It was a tangible thing, sibling rivalry.

"And if you don't play with it, then I shall return it to the sender," Winter shot back, "I did not spend a week, holding myself back, only to have you throw my gift back in my face."

"Blackmail," Weiss whispered.

"For your own good," Winter replied.

"Please don't put me back in the box," Ruby finished.

The two Schnee sisters gave the brunette an intense and startled stare. Had they forgotten she was there?

"You heard the girl, Weiss." Winter finally said after a short period of awkward silence, affirming Ruby's silent suspicions. "Are you really going to put her back in the box?"

"Please, Weiss!" Ruby whined. "The box sucks!"

It was super uncomfortable and it smelled like old candy!

"Fine!" Weiss snapped as she stood up and scooped Ruby up into her arms. She then gave her a squeeze, forcing her to squeak. "Fine! But it's just because I don't want you breaking anyone else!"

"Whatever you say, sister."

"I'm serious! Being able to afford another lawsuit is not an invitation for more!"

And wasn't that something?

"I don't see clothes coming off," Winter said as, from what seemed to be nowhere, she extracted a bottle and a wine glass, "How do you expect to get anything done if you aren't in the proper attire?" A minute shift of the hand kept her glass from getting clipped by an errant heel that Weiss had just kicked off in her direction. "That's the spirit."

"Please be gentle with me," Ruby said meekly, the resulting stutter step it got out of Weiss totally worth the sudden drop onto the bed. "I said gentle!"

Weiss growled as she reached under her skirt, pulling something with far too much lace out from under. Ruby hadn't even known that something so frilly, with side ties, was even an option for her underthings until Winter had told her. So was ignorant of so much...

"You seem stressed," Winter casually said as she poured herself a drink, "you needed this more than I thought… and really. That's no way to treat a girl."

"I don't want to hear that from you! I know you, you savage!" Weiss threw her lace floss at Winter as well. Winter continued to twirl her glass. No matter how angry you might be, it was almost impossible to properly throw underwear in anger. "Just—Just let me—"

Weiss never finished that sentence. She probably never would have either way with how flustered she was.

"You really should just lie down," Winter interrupted with a sigh just before she gave Ruby a nod. "You'll find that Ruby can be rather...refreshing when you let her work."

"Yeah." Ruby took that as the cue it was and ran her hand down the middle of Weiss's upper back, making Weiss freeze, then press her hands over her chest as something clicked. A quick use of Ruby's semblance later, barely a second before Weiss covered herself, and Ruby was spinning yet more lace on her finger. "I've gotten kind of good at this."

She'd better have, considering what she'd gone through to get this far. Messing up at this point would kill her… Not literally. But still.

Embarrassment was a slow and insidious killer… in its own way.

"How—" Weiss blushed a brilliant red before she snatched the lacy unmentionable out of Ruby's hand. "Don't do that without telling me first, you dolt!"

Like that. If Weiss got any more red, the nurse's ward would definitely have three-quarter's of Team RWBY in residence...with Ruby as the odd one out for once. That was a good thing.

"God, Weiss." Ruby rolled her eyes… and screwed it up a little, mostly making her dizzy rather than what she'd been going for...but onwards! "Just sit down, flip up your skirt, and lighten up."

"... What?" Weiss breathed, hands still crossed over her chest and bra still in her hand.

"This is supposed to be your birthday, but you're not happy at all. That isn't right." Ruby, in a fit of impulsivity far beyond the norm, even for her, took Weiss's tiara off her head and set it to the side. She labeled the action a tentative success when, instead of tearing into her like she normally would have, Weiss just stared at her with suspiciously moist eyes. "Let's pretend it's just you and me in here, okay?"

Weiss nodded, and Winter stayed thankfully quiet.

"We're going to have—" Ruby's breath hitched as she started playing with the zipper of Weiss's dress, tugging it slowly down to reveal inch after inch of creamy white skin. "—fun if it's the last thing we do...and we're going to do it as partners. Alright?"

"I had fun once." Weiss grimaced. "The ballroom burned down. It was awful."

And Ruby had thought it was a joke.

"Winter told me about it." Ruby giggled as the tab finally hit the end of the line at the very small of Weiss's back. "You won't have to worry about that here though."

"No dust?" Weiss asked.

"No dust." Ruby affirmed, "Dust has no place in the bedroom."

Winter raised her glass at that and smiled. It had taken a while, longer than it really should have, for Ruby to realize that the fireworks people talked about during an intimate encounter were metaphorical.

She wasn't proud of that.

"Tell me we're going to have fun, Weiss." Ruby brushed her hand along her friend's shoulders, baring them to the air. Weiss shivered when Ruby's hand touched her skin directly. "I want to hear you say it."

She needed to hear it. The sleepless nights. The long days. They'd all come up to this, to her and Weiss on a bed together… If Weiss couldn't commit though...then what was the point of it? What was the point of her week-long struggle, if the one she had done it for was unable to enjoy themselves as they should?

Ruby really hoped that all of that hadn't just come to nothing.

Weiss laid her own hand on Ruby's, the one the brunette had placed on her shoulder and held it. Something that Ruby allowed even when Weiss's grip tightened, became more than a little uncomfortable. Weiss then sighed and loosened up her grip. "We're going to have fun, Ruby."

"There we go~" Ruby sing-songed, " now was that so hard?"

"Don't push your luck, Ruby," Weiss muttered.

"... Such a stick-in-the-mud," Ruby teased just before she peeled down the top half of Weiss's dress to the waist, and admired the curves of her partner's breasts. Small, yet perfectly formed...capped with rosy pink nipples and not a hint of a blemish to be seen. "Let's see what you have..."

She couldn't be any bigger than her sister, right?

"Please don't scream."

"That's silly, Weiss. You act like I've never seen one before," Ruby snickered, "as long as it doesn't glow in the dark," Ruby removed the last of Weiss's clothing. "I don't think—now that's a katana!"

And now Ruby understood what Winter had meant when she'd said Weiss would probably never be able to wear trousers of her own. She'd thought that she'd just been talking about that problem most teenage males had. The one where, at a particularly stiff breeze, they'd find themselves hunched over in their seats and trying not to be obvious about things...but no. That wasn't the issue at all.

"Weiss requires a bit more...restriction than I do at the best of times. Trust me when I say… It isn't nearly as big as it looks. She's just impressive at first glance."

It was like someone had picked up a child-sized baseball bat— for children, duh—hit it with a softening semblance, and stuck it in between Weiss's legs. How was that not big!?

"And now you know what I have to deal with every day. The main contributor to my irritability," Weiss drawled. "There is only so much lace and silk can do to deal with the feeling of having a major part of your anatomy suffocated for years on end." When Weiss tried encircling her shaft with her hand, she failed, almost making Ruby laugh before she stifled it. Weiss's hands were just so tiny. "And thank you for not screaming, even if it meant you making that horrible joke."

It had been a close thing.

"You did ask me not to." Ruby took her hand off of Weiss's shoulder and started it on its way down. Through the valley of Weiss's breasts and over her stomach, then even lower still. She started making small, teasing circles above Weiss's pelvis. "But you've got to throw me a bone here...smooth."

The sisters weren't so different after all.

"I swear," Weiss sighed, "You're worse than your—HELLO!" Weiss spasmed as Ruby grabbed her at the base. "Personal space!"

"Isn't here right now!" Ruby shot back playfully, enjoying the now familiar feeling of warm, turgid, flesh thickening under her hand. "and it won't be for the next two to five hours!"

Weekends and a lack of responsible supervision that wasn't in the hospital were great like that.

"Like I said," Ruby cooed into the trembling girl's ear, "Loosen up. Have fun." Ruby began working her hand up and down Weiss's shaft, rolling her hand in a way that she'd spent an entire week perfecting for this moment. "Let your gift do all the work."

Weiss tensed with a whimper in response. Her hands balled up in the sheets as she stared straight ahead at the closest wall, the stoic look on her face almost perfect except that her eyes had crossed before she closed them...and thankfully, Ruby found that Winter hadn't been lying.

Weiss only grew an inch more at the most before she stopped, rivaling, but not surpassing her sister as she stood fully erect. A great deal of anxiety left Ruby at that. She could take her. She could do this...then came back when she realized that Weiss had a couple more years to go before she stopped growing.

That was actually sort of scary.

Ruby blinked to clear her head. That was something to deal with in a couple of years. She had to keep her head in the present.

"So Weiss," Ruby said, not breaking her pace. "Fast or slow? Warning you now though..." Ruby watched the emotions play over Weiss's face. Anxiety and excitement. It was almost better than cookies, knowing that she was the cause of those feelings. The shivers running down her spine at that were interesting. "I can go really fast."

And hadn't Winter been surprised?

"S-Slow?" Weiss finally managed to gasp out between soft cries.

Ruby gave the shaft a gentle squeeze, making Weiss hump up into her fist before the younger Schnee remembered herself.

Not different at all...

"Slow..." Weiss groaned as she placed a hand on her face. "I think fast would kill me."

"Sure, Weiss." Ruby slowed her hand as requested. "Nice and slow…" An evil grin appeared on Ruby's face.

Weiss had just fallen into her trap.

"... Why do I suddenly feel as if I had just made a terrible mistake?" Weiss asked.

A huntress's danger sense was a powerful thing.

"I don't know," Ruby cooed playfully, as her other hand moved around Weiss's waist to join the first hand below. "just try not to jump."

"Jump? Why would I—" Weiss sat up completely straight, her eyes wide and face aflame as Ruby, gently, but firmly took hold of her sack. "Oh."

"Yep!" Ruby blurred, moving onto her knees around Weiss's front instead. Weiss probably hadn't even noticed that Ruby had let go of her to do that. "If you'd told me to go fast, I'd have never been able to do this!"

Going 'fast' on someone's testicles was a good way to end a friendship...or so she'd been told. She'd never been brave/mean enough to test it.

"Do...what?" Weiss asked in a quiet hiss, the look of someone who was just barely avoiding panic written all over her face. "Give me a heart attack? Threaten the Schnee line?"

"You'll be fine, you big baby." Ruby made an appreciative humming noise as she weighed Weiss's balls, finding them heavy. Full and round. She wondered when Weiss had last relieved herself of some of that weight… She wondered if Weiss had ever relieved herself in that manner at all. Probably not, knowing her. "I know exactly what I'm doing."

She actually did know what she was doing...for once. If she hadn't, Winter would have shut this whole thing down a long time ago.

"What are you doing then, if you aren't trying to scare years off of my life?"

"Well…" Ruby pretended to think...before teasingly sticking her tongue out at Weiss, making the older girl growl in annoyance until Ruby pulled it back in for the moment. "I was thinking—I could maybe—" Poking her tongue out again as she dipped under Weiss's shaft, she gave one of Weiss's testicles a slow, long lick. "—Give you a tongue bath?"

Weiss suddenly went deathly quiet and still as her cock pulsed overhead, the first wave of lubrication making its way out of Weiss's tip to fall into Ruby's hair. Even if Weiss said she wasn't into this, her body was much more honest...and sticky. There was that.

Getting that out of her hair was going to take forever.

"I can tell someone's excited~" Ruby whispered into Weiss's trembling sack before rubbing her cheek against it. She could worry about that other stuff later. "Already better than you thought it was going to be, right?"

"... Don't get full of yourself," Weiss whispered, her voice strained as Ruby placed a kiss at the thin expanse of smooth skin between the heiress's shaft and balls... It tasted like vanilla. "Assumptions such as that are—" Weiss's eyes fluttered shut when Ruby started tugging at her length once more. "—unbecoming."

Ruby couldn't help the juvenile giggle that escaped her right then, her already hot face getting yet hotter as she cut it short by lowering her head to busy her mouth with other things. Important things. Placing her mouth against the left side of Weiss's scrotum was, thankfully, enough to cover up her faux-pas—Ruby was learning all sorts of new words these days— the gentle sucking and licking, combined with the impromptu humming enough to get Weiss to tilt her head back in reluctant enjoyment.

That was an achievement of its own, honestly. The semi-forced enjoyment, Ruby meant. When Weiss didn't want to enjoy herself, convincing her as to otherwise was a job and a half.

Ruby blew onto the wet patches she'd left, making Weiss shudder and twitch with an embarrassed yet quiet moan. A much tighter grip around Weiss's length, going from the base to the bottom of the large, pale head made those sounds much louder.

Little steps. It was all about the little steps with Weiss.

Another suck, a long, constant draw ended with Ruby looking up at Weiss in a way that Winter had described as 'heart melting'. Weiss returned the look with an expression of purest shock on her face as her fluid production increased at the sight of Ruby's swollen cheek. The lather Ruby's tongue and lips added to the trapped testicle nearly doubled it, making the already heavy flow into something the Ruby of a week ago would only be able to describe as 'insane'.

Now? Now it was a Monday afternoon...and she was starting to suspect that her understanding as to what a 'normal' sexual experience was could no longer be considered normal. Funny, that.

"Oh...oh my, yes," Weiss breathed as Ruby removed her mouth with a pop to provide some assistance to her overworked hands. She had quite a bit of space to cover, and only so much time to do it in. "I see you weren't exaggerating in the slightest." One of Weiss's hands ended up at the back of Ruby's head where they tangled themselves comfortingly in a miraculously dry patch of hair. "I have to say...there are much worse gifts I could have received."

And once again with the backhanded compliments. Ruby narrowed her eyes. It looked like she was just going to have to step it up a notch or ten.

"I did say you'd enjoy it, did I not?" Winter chuckled quietly, the first sound she'd made since they started. She then waved her glass at them both. Pink-cheeked and with a half-empty bottle of something that was probably more expensive than the contents of the room at her side as she adjusted herself. The situation was obviously getting to her, even if she hid it well...ish. "And Ruby has yet to even hit her stride."

Ruby gave Winter a sharp look as she licked her way to the top.

Winter pretended she hadn't seen it and continued to smile.

"Her stride, you—" Weiss's breath caught as the sheets in her hands creaked and she closed her eyes at a gentle nibble of Ruby's lips. "—say?"

"For only a week's worth of practice the girl is a veritable maestro," Winter admitted, much to Ruby's everlasting embarrassment. "I can count the number of women capable of bringing me to completion within ten minutes on both hands. With fingers left over." Winter took a dainty sip of her drink. "That number recently went up to seven."

"Don't tell her that," Ruby groaned, "That's weird." Ruby wondered how strong that stuff was if Winter was like this. She wasn't normally this chatty.

"Oh?" Weiss intoned, her grip in Ruby's hair tightening just a hair shy of painful when Ruby started cleaning up some of the mess Weiss had been making of herself. The floor was where she drew the line. "Now you've made me curiOUS."

Ruby giggled lightly around the tip in her mouth, her mouth slowly taking the whole of the top part in to sit behind her lips and on her tongue. She didn't even need to dislocate anything this time!

The high note had been funny too. Couldn't forget that.

"Nothing happened," Weiss said flatly.

"Of course not," Winter agreed with an amiable nod. "And really. If you are so curious, then why not just ask Ruby to do it for you? She is rather agreeable."

Ruby exhaled through her nose and resisted the urge to palm her face as she closed her eyes. This only got easier. Never easy.

"... She is, isn't she?" Weiss let go of the back of Ruby's head to give her a caress along her neck, the underside of her jaw and over her right shoulder. "Show me, Ruby. I want to see you, feel you," Weiss amended quickly, "at your best."

"At my best?" Ruby repeated slowly. "I'm not sure you understand what that means." When Winter had said 'in under ten minutes' that had been a ringing endorsement. The equivalent of being handed your master huntsmen credentials. Winter was jaded. She'd met masters of the craft and left them broken and used in her wake. Weiss wasn't. Weiss hadn't. "But if you're sure..."

If Weiss said yes...then things were about to get crazy.

"I'm sure." Weiss's mouth set itself into a thin line. "How am I to enjoy myself, now that I know you are holding back?"

Oh, sweet honeyed ice came the guilt.

"Yes, Ruby." Winter crossed her legs with a smile. "How will she be able to enjoy herself, knowing that you didn't care enough to give it your all?" Winter clicked her tongue. "Shameful."

Dangit, Winter!

"... Fine." Ruby said with a sigh. "Remember though. You asked for it."

"And I accept the consequences."

Ruby sighed, nodded, and worked her jaw from side to side as she massaged her neck.

"Well?" Weiss prodded, "Get on with—"

Ruby opened her mouth, put her hair behind her ear, and took Weiss back in. She then kept on going, and going, and going...until she couldn't go any deeper. Physically anyway. Not morally. The latter wasn't doing too well.


Having your face run into someone's crotch often meant you had just hit a dead end in one way or another. The exclamation was new though. Maybe more than a little blasphemous.

"I said much the same the first time that happened to me." Winter piped up. Not said, interjected, or reminisced. Piped. Ruby wondered how much of the bottle was still left. "The lack of a gag reflex can be rather exciting to the uninitiated."

Ruby swallowed, her fingers at her neck, the other hand on Weiss's thigh as she looked up into her eyes. Balls on her chin. Throat stretched nearly to the limit. Ruby could feel Weiss's heartbeat through her fingertips down to the point just above her collarbone; a not-so-subtle bulge under her skin. She could feel Weiss's fluids moving the rest of the way down, with most of its journey downwards already done for it

She still wasn't used to that last one. The others were a work in progress.

"You won't believe what we went through to get that far." Winter crossed her legs, her hand over her mouth as she let out a sigh. "You're a lucky girl, Weiss. Having friends so willing to please. A huntress friend at that."

Weiss whimpered as Ruby slid back up, her lips still tight around Weiss's shaft all the way up to the head. A bead of sweat landed in between Ruby's eyes from above.

"The things you can get away with when you don't have to worry about hurting anyone beyond the superficial…" Winter sighed again, "A delight. Now, please. Don't mind me." Winter waved her hand. "Get on with the show."

"Terrible…" Weiss gasped, "You're terrible, Winter."

A quick intake of breath was all that Ruby needed for her to continue. To have her tongue lash from side to side, to run lovingly over every inch of flesh that it could reach before doing the same on the way back up to the background of Weiss's moans and gasps.

"The absolute worst."

Ruby took her hand away from her neck and brought down again. Held Weiss's sack once more. Weighed it. Found that somehow, Weiss had become even heavier in the short time since they'd started. Twitching, roiling with need.

Weiss just needed a push.

"Don't hold back on my account," Winter replied, as amused as Ruby had ever heard from the older woman's mouth. "Tell me how you really feel."

Ruby started to hum. Something long, complicated and with plenty of variations in pitch and tone. Something that Winter had assured her that Weiss would just adore... Winter had then told her to remember to do her breathing exercises.

By the way Weiss had just clutched Ruby's head in both hands and started pressing down as her sack pulled up, leaving Ruby with the opening she needed to start fingering Weiss's more feminine parts—which she did... Ruby had been given worse advice.

"I'm… I'm… Oh gods," Weiss squeaked as her shaft thickened and strained deep within Ruby's mouth. "I think I'm going to—" She then fell still again to stare into nothing, her fingers like claws over Ruby's head as her thought became a reality.

Cum. Long, hard, and fresh from the source as it coated the insides of Ruby's throat and went straight down into her stomach. Heavy going down, heavy where it sat. Thicker than anything Winter had ever given her as well, like gelatin coating her insides. A clear sign that she hadn't 'relieved' herself for a while… The only one clearer was the fact that Ruby, who hadn't had breakfast that morning, wasn't feeling nearly so hungry anymore.

"Alright, Weiss," Winter spoke, the only sign that she'd just emptied a bottle of alcohol being the heavy blush on her face and the pep of her voice. The slow clapping was a nice touch as well, Ruby had to admit. Open expression wasn't exactly one of Winter's strengths. "Let the poor thing go. She needs to breathe."

And, just before Ruby started to worry about her vision going dark, Weiss did. Her hands quickly loosened and fell to her sides, allowing Ruby to finally take herself off of Weiss so that she could splutter and cough for air as her throat underwent repairs...she wasn't surprised to find that Weiss hadn't softened in the slightest.

The last shot down the middle of her scalp was the only surprise there.

"That...I—" Weiss panted as she ran her fingers through her hair, her face dripping with sweat as she did so. "—I'm so sorry. I have no idea what came over me."

Ruby did. It was like cookies or weapons parts. You couldn't help but want it all.

"It's fine," Ruby rasped, "I'm fine. I'm used to it." Winter was a harsh and needy mistress. "Give me a minute," Ruby then coughed as she stood up on shaky legs and pushed Weiss over onto the bed to climb onto her for a quick cuddle before the main event. "Two, maybe."

"A minute and a half." Winter shook her head sadly, "And really, Weiss. For shame."

"What?" Weiss replied the most relaxed Ruby had ever heard her.

"I really shouldn't have to explain this to you." Winter moved the fingers of her right hand suggestively. "But reciprocation is a lady's prerogative." Winter then faked a swoon, her hand over her forehead in false distress. "What a curse I bear, having such a brute for a sister."

"I don't—" Weiss started vaguely.

"Understand, yes. I noticed." Winter rolled her eyes. "Hopefully, after this, Ruby will be able to explain it to you. You can make a game of it. Now you might want to hurry up." Winter adjusted herself again, most of her class gone out the window as she took a while longer than was absolutely necessary to do so. Ruby wasn't the only one feeling a little pent up. "I've teased the poor girl all throughout this week, just for this moment. Any longer and she's liable to explode, little ball of sexual frustration and need that she is."

"Winter!" Ruby exclaimed before she hid her face in Weiss's chest. Soft, but firm. Comfy...and Winter wasn't exactly wrong. "Why!?"

"You haven't availed yourself of the main event." Winter waved a hand dramatically. "The main course. The raison d'etre for every being, human or Faunus, on this world of ours. Sexual reproduction." Winter then nodded. "I tell the truth as I see it."

"And the fact that you have more wine than blood at the moment has no bearing on that, I'm sure." Weiss groaned as Ruby took her erection in hand again, keeping her from losing interest in the most direct way possible. "Damn it, Ruby..."

"Sorry, Weiss." Ruby laid a kiss on Weiss's cheek that had the older girl into a reflexive, half-hearted rant about impropriety before she cut herself short with a sheepish giggle. "But we aren't done yet. She's right about that."

This present gave out as much as you put into it and…and... Wow was Winter a bad influence.


"I'm still a virgin, Weiss." Ruby swallowed and ran her fingers over Weiss's chest as the older girl choked on her own breath. "I held onto it for something special, and… Well..." Ruby drifted off. An awkward silence passed as her cheeks grew dark. "I think you're kind of special."

Weiss sputtered, making Ruby snort.

"Well, Weiss?" Winter commented as she started to open her second bottle of wine. "Your Huntress partner and best friend just confessed their feelings to you while in your bed. Whatcha going to do about it?"

Winter was drunk. Obviously, painfully drunk if she was talking like that as a matter of course. Weiss knew it too. Ruby could see it in her eyes. On her face. Mortification. Embarrassment. Annoyance. Defiance and competitive fire.

"... What am I going to do?"

Ruby only had time to yelp before she found herself on her back staring up at Weiss instead, with the older girl's face almost as red as Ruby's namesake as she cupped Ruby's face, pressed her lips against hers, and gave Ruby the most passionate kiss of her young life.

Her first kiss, yes...but she loved it all the same.

After a few moments, Weiss broke the kiss, gasping for air for a much different reason as she left a dazed, giggling Ruby behind. "... I just realized that maybe I should have waited for you to wipe off your mouth." Weiss said with a bit of disgust as she ran her forearm over her mouth.

Ruby couldn't help it. Her giggles became outright laughter.

"Oh...what's a little accidental snowballing between friends and lovers?" Winter said, halfway through her wine glass. "Sharing is caring~"

Weiss said nothing, her stern glare of disapproval as she moved to ready herself said all that it needed to say.

"You're no fun."

It was nothing nice.

"" Ruby interrupted with a weak smile and a mumble. "I'm ready? Maybe? I think?"

"Have some confidence!" Winter said as she swirled the last of the wine in her glass. The fact that she didn't spill any of it was, quite frankly, amazing. "Be loud!"

"I'm ready!" Ruby said hurriedly, her back going straight at the sound of authority.

Weiss just rolled her eyes with an annoyed grumble before she found what she was looking for.

Ruby couldn't help the squeak that came out of her mouth when Weiss decided to press the issue a bit and push, getting the tip in but no further. The fact that she didn't have a hymen, just like the eighty other percent of the huntress population, had never been so reassuring.

It already felt like she was about to take something about half as wide as her leg as is. Add anything to that, and she was likely to run screaming out the door.

"Wet..." Weiss gulped and looked up from the point where they touched. The two of them locked eyes. A word didn't need to be said.

Ruby nodded, embarrassed. "Yeah," Ruby said a word anyway...because how could she not? This was a big thing, and big things deserved words. Needed. Not needed. Pshaw.

Weiss pushed. Grunted. Was stymied by just how tight Ruby was...then she tried again, making Ruby's mouth fall open in a silent scream as the head slid in.

If Ruby could have said anything, anything at all as she wrapped her arms and legs around Weiss's body...she wasn't sure what she would have said. Would she have called out for Yang? Blake? To God? Or would she have called out for Weiss, the one who was making her small body feel even smaller as she touched parts of Ruby that she had never thought existed?

She didn't know exactly...but, as her nails dug into Weiss's back, scraped at her aura in a pleasurable panic...she had a good idea.

"How romantic…"

It was at this point that Weiss had finally had enough of Winter, and uncharacteristically flicked her off, her hips still going the whole way through much to Ruby's enjoyment.

"Ohhh!" Winter laughed and kicked her feet, "There's some of that Schnee fire!"

Weiss made a sound that was a combination of a sigh and a growl as she doubled down on Ruby, her lips pressing hard against the smaller girl's, seemingly forgetting about Ruby had yet to rinse out her mouth as her hands found the back of Ruby's knees and pulled them up.

Ruby screamed into Weiss's mouth as, somehow, Weiss found a way to get even deeper, pushing her way past all resistance as if it weren't even there until she reached the very end of Ruby's tunnel. The final barrier...and didn't try to go any further, much to Ruby's hazy, muddled relief.

Aura could fix a lot...but getting your cervix opened up by a baseball bat sounded a bit farfetched, even for that...or did it? Maybe she should have asked Winter. If anyone knew how aura played into sex, it would be—

Weiss's lips separated from Ruby's with a loud smacking sound, almost as loud as that in between their legs as she gave Ruby a possessive glare. Her hips then started moving harder, faster, powerful enough to drive Ruby backward with the force alone if not for the hold Weiss had on her legs.

A couple of taps to Weiss's face in between panting and groaning and Ruby was content again. Weiss's mouth and tongue in play against her own, passion making up for what Ruby assumed was experience. All she could do was assume.

Winter may have taught her how to pleasure someone...but she had never taken away Ruby's first kiss. Or her virginity. Odd, very odd considering who Ruby was talking about, but she hadn't...maybe she was more of a romantic than Ruby had ever thought?

This time Ruby separated from Weiss, almost demure as she looked up from under half-lidded eyes, her fingers locking behind Weiss's head to bring her lower down as the heiress continued to ravish her.

Either was nice of her to hold back like that.

Weiss allowed it, went along with it, only pausing for the sake of adjustment as Ruby pressed her forehead against hers.

Ruby was grateful for it.

"Happy birthday to you~" Ruby sang, her voice soft and shaky as her lips brushed against Weiss's cheek and ear in between thrusts. "Happy birthday, dear Weiss~"

This wouldn't have been nearly so special if she hadn't… That was her opinion.

"Ruby…" Weiss trailed off with a breathy sigh as Ruby pecked her way along the side of the heiress's face and neck.

"Happy—oh gosh,"Ruby's voice rose in pitch as Weiss's already powerful thrusts became something close to manic in their intensity. Almost painful, leaving her with the thought that walking after this was going to be a chore and a half. "Weiss!"

"Again…I'm going to—" Weiss panted, moaned just before her lips caught Ruby's own in a deep kiss that felt like forever, taking Ruby's breath away. "—cum again."

"I know..." Ruby could feel it, had felt it coming...and she couldn't even laugh about it like she would have normally. It wasn't the time for it, nor the place. This was serious...which is why Ruby locked her legs behind Weiss's hips and waited. "Do it!"

And, almost as if Ruby's words were the key to a lock, one that held back Weiss's inhibitions and wants...she did. No holding back, no remorse as the entirety of her weight came down on Ruby and she jerked her hips, filling the smaller girl with her seed.

Wave after hot liquid wave in amounts that surprised even Ruby who had thought she'd seen everything that Weiss had to offer... What had happened before though, the liquid mass that Weiss had fed her didn't even compare to what was happening now. Weiss showed no signs of stopping anytime soon, just jerking into her and growling even as Ruby's stomach started to swell and excess cum started to wet the sheets.

The only thing that kept Ruby from screaming or worrying about this was Weiss's mouth on her own. An unbelievable comfort as, after a short delay, she joined in with her own orgasm. A strong, pulsing thing that made her seize up and her legs kick out as her vision went out and her head lolled back…

Ruby found it terrifying just how good her first time had felt...


Ruby blinked. Smacked her lips and yawned. Blinked again as she realized the room was different somehow… Ruby wasn't proud of how long it took her to realize the obvious. The room wasn't different. She was.

That wasn't the ceiling. That was the wall, duh. Man was she glad she hadn't asked that question out loud. Weiss would have never let her hear the end of… Ruby's face turned a brilliant red as she remembered.

She'd had sex. She'd had sex. Sex, she had had. By Zwei's fluffy ears, she'd had sex!

Any further mental screaming screeched to a halt as the hold around her middle, the one she hadn't even realized was a thing tightened and pulled her close to the body at her back.

"You're too loud, Ruby," Weiss sleepily said from behind her as she pressed her front into Ruby's back.

Ruby said nothing, aghast at the thought that she'd said that out loud as she felt herself be pulled closer to her partner, best friend, and...lover. Wow. That was was going to take her at least a week and a barrel full of strawberries to get used to that last one.

"Kay." Ruby finally responded, resigned to the fate was basking in the warmth of Weiss's body, and enjoying the feeling of being protected that she got from being held...she didn't really mind it all that much actually. She was just being dramatic.


"Yes?" The white-haired girl grumbled sleepily into the side of Ruby's neck.

"What happened to Winter?" Ruby hadn't heard her for at least five minutes. It was sorta worrying.

"She passed out a while ago," Weiss yawned, and smacked her lips, "she is no lightweight, but two bottles is enough to test even her constitution."

"... Only two?" That didn't sound right.

"Not everyone is like your uncle, Ruby," Weiss interrupted before Ruby could try and ask a completely reasonable question. "the man drinks like a fish."

"Oh." Was all Ruby could say to that. It wasn't as if Weiss was wrong... Ruby's arm started to tingle so she started wriggling about to get some feeling back. Floppy arms were just the worst.

"Stop that," Weiss said sharply.

Ruby was about to ask why when she felt it...and she grinned.

"Why?" Ruby asked innocently, still moving her body even as Weiss's erection continued to grow against her back.

"Because I said so!"

"That's a terrible reason." Ruby pointed out, giving her but a wiggle at every syllable. This teasing thing was fun. No wonder Yang did it all the time. "Give me a better one."

"I said stop!" Weiss said, her voice rising just barely above the whisper she'd been using at the start.

"But, Weiss..." Ruby giggled and kept wiggling. With every wiggle, she felt Weiss get harder and harder as it pressed against the small of her back. "I don't feel like it."

Ruby swore she heard something snap at that. She hoped it was something important.

"That does it!"

Ruby giggled helplessly, helplessly screaming as she was picked up and spun around. She found herself staring down at Weiss's grumpy face.

"What am I going to do with this, hmm?" Ruby looked down. Weiss's slightly throbbing member was right in front of her, the crown touching the upper half of her pelvis. "I just got done with cleaning everything up—"

Ruby licked her lips as she continued looking. "I can tell," Ruby swore that Weiss's penis was so clean it glowed...and she didn't even feel bloated anymore!

"—and now you want to make yet another mess?" Weiss put a hand to her forehead and groaned. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Well..." Ruby got up on her knees and posed suggestively over Weiss's erection...or what she thought was suggestive. It was a work in progress, not that Weiss seemed to mind. "I can think of a few things."

Weiss's lips twitched upwards into a smile, then back into a frown as Ruby pretended to be sorry about things. "Do you really think that I'm so easy to bribe?"

"Well…" Where did Yang put that cheesecake?

"And I'm awake!" Winter beamed from over Ruby's shoulder. "What did I miss?"

Both of the younger girls screamed.

"It was the anal, wasn't it?" Winter pouted. "I always miss the anal."

"Wha—" Ruby sputtered, "How!?"

"We haven't done anal!" Weiss shouted over Ruby. "In fact, we weren't going to do anal!"

"Well, I can do the anal!" Winter chirped.

Ruby swore that she heard crickets join in as silence reigned.

"No. No, no, no, no, no. A million times no!" Weiss replied quickly, the look on her face suggesting that she was a hairsbreadth away from drawing Myrtenaster if it wasn't for the distance and the possibility that she'd leave Ruby behind.. "Not only is that even more creepy than you watching all this—which was very creepy I might add!" Weiss sat up completely pulled Ruby protectively against her chest.

Ruby squeaked as Weiss tried to choke the life out of her with a Yang level bearhug. There was a surprising amount of strength in those arms.

"And she's my present!" Weiss finished with the air of a young child that thought they had just won something important. "Not yours!"

"But sisters share!" Winter replied with the air of an older sibling who knew they'd won something important. "Are we not sisters?"

Weiss and Winter looked at each other. Stared. Made faces. It was very dramatic.

"May 22nd. A bottle of sherry, four vials of yellow dust...and forty cakes." Winter said smugly, in reference to something that went completely over Ruby's head...but had the feeling of a declaration of war attached.

"Fine!" Weiss said, looking as if she were about to murder something as she, in a quick turn around, threw up her hands in frustration as Winter scratched a one into thin air. She then slammed her hands into the bedding, dragging Ruby into an incline as she stared up at the ceiling.

Ruby had never been more curious about something in her entire life.

"Now that is blackmail." Winter chuckled as she got onto the bed as well in truth, dropping clothing behind her like a highly expensive rain. "Good to know you still remember your obligations—"

"You didn't let me finish" Weiss barked, interrupting her sister in the middle of her removing her own bra. "We need to lay down some ground rules first."

Ruby was starting to wonder if they'd forgotten that she existed again.

"No kissing for one. Ruby is my girlfriend. Not yours."

Ruby squealed happily as she buried her face in the side of Weiss's neck.

"Only anal sex. Once again. My girlfriend." Ruby's squeals were quite a bit quieter at that. "The thought of our sperm intermingling is not one that I find pleasant."


"Shush! This is creepy enough as it is. Only reason why I'm doing this is at all is because of blackmail—"

"I don't really mind trying it once," Ruby chimed in, "Much...ishly." It was a half and half sort of thing. "Just once!" Winter did need a little something in return for setting them up...

"—and because Ruby is much kinkier than I thought." Weiss gritted her teeth. "Something that I blame you for."

Winter's bra fell to the floor as she gave a reluctant nod. "... That's fair."

"And the balls don't touch!

Winter gasped. "But it's not incest if the balls don't touch!"

"Exactly!" Weiss cut her sister off again. "Take it or we walk."

"Yeah!" Ruby cheered as she backed Weiss up. Like...she loved Yang. That was obvious...but the thought of having sex with her sent chills down her spine. Not the good kind either. She got where Weiss was coming from. "What Weiss said!"

"Et Tu, Ruby?"

"And finally no cuddling. Ruby is my girlfriend. Find someone else to fulfill that need."

Winter opened her mouth.

"Not me."

Winter closed her mouth.

"Now, before I change my mind, I must know…" Weiss sighed. "Do you have lubricant?"

Winter pulled a bottle out of...somewhere and presented it like a trophy.

"Of course you do," Weiss said sourly.

"Of course," Winter agreed as her trousers came off in one go, "the lack of it can be a dealbreaker for someone of my size...and you know how I feel about that."

Ruby shivered as what felt like more than half of the bottle was upended over her backside, cold and smooth before Winter warmed it up by putting her hands on Ruby's body to work it in. She then shivered again because Winter was thorough.

"The finest lubricant money can buy, Ruby," Winter said with a smile in her voice. "Coconut flavored and scented. Will last for hours before it needs a new coating." She then ran her hands over Ruby's rump, the palm of her hand almost gliding over it before she took hold of Ruby's hips. "A smooth ride."

Ruby squeaked a bit as Winter gave her butt a few good squeezes.

"Ah. Nothing like the sight of a well-oiled girl to make you appreciate life."

"Stop making this harder than it already is!" Weiss complained.

Winter ignored her, instead devoting her time to other things, more worldly things. "Now to apply some to General Winter…"

"You named it?" Weiss asked before she pressed her face into Ruby's chest to hide her shame.

Ruby stroked her hair and cooed comforting things into her ear. Yang had named her breasts. Ruby could relate.

"Of course I did," Winter said with an upraised eyebrow and a rakish grin as her hand moved down the small of Ruby's back. "Now Ruby. Try not to tense up."

"...What? What do you mean, 'don't—Eep!" Ruby's voice rose into a high pitched squeak as soon as she realized exactly what Winter meant.

That was a finger. There was a finger in her butt. Wriggling around in there, sinking deeper and touching places that Ruby had never thought existed.

It wasn't a hard realization.

"You need to loosen up first," Winter breathed into her ear. "Anal sex isn't something you can rush. You can't just jam something in and expect everything to be all fun and games. Try and relax." Winter explained as she moved her finger around, slowly expanding and loosening Ruby's rear entrance. "It'll be quick."

"I'll—try..." Ruby squeaked out. Having a there...was odd. Unique. Completely new, but not unpleasant even if it gave her chills.

"Okay, Ruby," Winter said as she withdrew her finger with a nearly audible pop that left Ruby feeling empty for a moment. "Now, assume the position."

Before Ruby could even try to comprehend what Winter had just said it was too late...and she was no longer empty. The very furthest thing from empty. Not empty squared.

"Ooooohhhhh Goooooooddddd." Ruby moaned out into Weiss's hair as she felt herself slowly being stretched out. She didn't know what she'd been expecting, maybe something similar to how it felt when Weiss had taken her virginity...but this was not it. Ruby took a handful of sheets with one hand and clutched at Weiss with the other as she shook her head.

This was too much. Far too much.

Inch by tantalizing inch, Ruby was reduced to a shivering wreck. Her throat felt a bit tight from the excitement, from the feeling of Winter making her way into her body. Such a thought caused shivers of pleasure to run down her spine.

By the time Winter had hilted herself, Ruby had started drooling. Hopefully, Weiss wouldn't notice.

"Took it like a champion…"

"So… Full." Ruby managed to gasp out. She was pretty sure that she'd clawed a hole into the bed...and Weiss did not look too pleased as she wiped at the drool Ruby had left on one of her bangs.

"Winter, you filthy pervert! How dare you go first!"

"The early bird, Weiss," Winter said from over Ruby's shoulder as she wrapped an arm around Ruby's front, "gets the worm. Were you early, Weiss?"

The glare Weiss gave Winter at that was positively caustic, the look of a younger sibling scorned by the older all the warning Ruby that Ruby received before became a great deal more stuffed.

"Who got where first doesn't matter!" Weiss jerked her hips angrily up into Ruby's shaking form, filling her to the limit without a thought. "It's who was there last!"

That set Ruby over the edge. She collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut. Not that she was motionless. Her fingers were clutching at the sheets so hard that her hands were turning white. Her toes were similar, so tightly curled that they almost blended in perfectly with the white bedding.

"Strong words, dearest sister," Winter clicked her tongue as she used the leverage around Ruby's middle to get into her rhythm. Long and slow, nearly tortuous as she pulled out. "But can you back them up?"

And finally, that was when Ruby understood what 'squirting' meant. She had overheard Cardin and his team talking once. Even back, with her mind full of fluff and sisterly lies, she'd known that they were nothing but talk... But she had still wondered, and now she knew. Despite Weiss filling her completely, it still came out. She couldn't help it.

A small puddle was starting to form on the bed, and they'd just started. It was all hers.

"Excitable little thing…"

Ecstasy. Blake had explained it to her once, the concept when Ruby had 'borrowed' one of her books. She thought that she'd understood it then. Then...she'd known nothing. Nothing at all.

"I'm going to have to throw the bed out, aren't I?" Weiss complained even as she humped up into Ruby like nothing else mattered. "I just got this one..."

This was ecstasy. Right here. Her entire being completely full, the warmth of the two bodies pressed against her, the sense of being desired by both of them, Weiss's inadvertent confession and admittance that they were in a relationship.

"Welcome to adulthood, Weiss."

She was in Heaven.

With shaky hands, Ruby lightly took ahold of Weiss's face and looked up. Gathered all of her strength to keep herself steady as she gave Weiss a kiss. Short, light and full of passion. This time, there were no words. Just feelings, ones that even Winter respected by stopping as Weiss did, the both of them fully hilted and still.

Weiss returned the kiss with a promise of something more...and then she started again, catching Winter off guard.

"Cheeky little…" Winter trailed off with a bark of laughter as she brought herself into Weiss's tune, pulling out as her sister came in, "Dirty pool, sister!" Then driving herself up into Ruby as hard as she could as Weiss pulled away. "You're learning!"

Ruby, having given up most of her strength to give Weiss her kiss could do little else but bounce around between the two of them. Gasping, moaning and fighting to keep her mind in one piece as the two fighting over her fought to break it.

"Shut," Weiss growled as her already fast pace doubled, "up!"

Ruby could feel herself being filled with their fluids, warm and sticky as they took up the space that the Schnee's erections did not.

This rhythm kept up for a while. With Winter and Weiss were concentrating on their rhythm. With Ruby was concentrating on the sensations that she felt in her very soul. Thrust/Withdraw. Withdraw/Thrust. Twin sensations that drove Ruby closer and closer to the edge...the edge of true ecstasy. Of deepest madness. Both?

She couldn't say...not even as Winter and Weiss, in sync, started to fall apart in their rhythm. Jerky. Short and quick as they began to throb and grow.

This was the end. Her end.

"It's okay." Was all Ruby said as her heart felt like it was about to burst. "Do it."

That was all the encouragement that the two of them needed really. Her permission to tighten their holds on her body. To finish what they had come here to do as their breathing growing heavier and heavier with each passing second.

This time there was no calling out of names. No exclamations or declarations. Not even a hint of sibling rivalry, a force powerful enough to surpass nearly anything... Everyone was much too tired for it. Winter's hold around Ruby's middle tightened just as Weiss's own arms wrapped around her, constricting her, making her feel safe and loved as, for a brief moment, Ruby's entire being flashed white-hot, and both sisters filled her full of their seed.

"I love you," Ruby whispered just before darkness took her again.


"Good morning, sister!" Weiss crowed loudly as she exited Winter's attached bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head, and looking every bit the early bird. She adjusted the belt on her borrowed bathrobe and skipped over to the tea table. "How are you doing this fine morning!"

In contrast, Winter looked like hell. Her bathrobe didn't seem to have been put on, so much as it just happened to find it's way onto her shoulders. Her face was buried into a throw pillow on the table, and, in general, she looked like she'd just rose from the grave that very morning.

"Quiet..." Winter intelligently replied to Weiss's greeting. "Please..."

Weiss smirked and as she made her way to the coffee machine. Still skipping. A couple of minutes later and Weiss came back with two mugs of coffee. Without skipping. She then placed one in front of Winter and sat down to nurse her own.

"Weiss," Winter uttered painfully. "Did I really say 'But it's not incest if the balls don't touch'?"

"Why yes. Yes, you did." Weiss started adding sugar to her coffee, well on her way to making it the other way around. "You were quite vocal in your disappointment as well."

"Bloody hell."

"Don't worry though. I don't judge." Weiss gently patted Winter's hand. "Just don't expect me to ever take you up on that offer of a friendly shower."

"Weiss," Winter muttered after some time as she took her coffee like her mood. Completely black. "Next time I reach for a wine bottle... Slap it out of my hand."

"Sure," Weiss said as she paged through her scroll. Today was looking like a great day. She'd never been this relaxed...maybe Winter was onto something? "So what birth control did you suggest to Ruby?" Weiss asked, just making small talk.

"Birth control?" Winter groaned into her pillow.

Weiss blinked and felt a sinking sensation. "You know… Birth Control? I mean you spent a week training Ruby for my birthday and… You did remember to put her on some sort of birth control?

Winter didn't say anything. She just slightly lifted her head and took her first sip of coffee.


Winter slowly raised her head fully from her pillow, giant bags under her bloodshot eyes as she stared at Weiss. She then, just as slowly, turned from Weiss to look at Ruby.

Weiss followed not so slowly after.

"Katanaaaa..." Ruby mumbled before she turned onto her side.

The two sisters watched with dread as enough cum to fill a large cup leaked, separately, from both of her holes.

"... I'll help you write up the prenup if you want."

Weiss could only look at her sister with horror.