Why me?

By DamHotDog

A Percy Jackson and Trollhunters crossover

Time period: After Giant War for Percy. When Jim is in the Darklands, a few days after Nomura is brought in. (Season 2 of Trollhunters)

Recap: My recap is the same as the last. Go look at chapter 1 for recap.

Chapter 2


It was the only sound he made. No grunt. No whimper of pain. No indication that he knew that he had been thrown into an empty, dark cell.

Or so it seemed.

For lurking at the back of the cell was another figure in glowing red armor.

James Lake Jr.

Or Jim, as he prefers being called.

Or as Trolls know him as; the first ever human Trollhunter.

Jim slowly crept up to the boy, his armor clanking on the ground.

Jim flipped the boy onto his back and hen he made no sound, no indication of being conscious, Jim spoke to the prisoner in the cell adjacent to his own.

"Hey, Nomura? Do you know who this guy is?" he asked. He looked back to see Nomura's eye looking through the small hole in the wall where the two prisoners could see into the other's cell.

"Move aside. Let me see the boy," she responded. Jim moved aside.

Nomura's eyes narrowed as she took a good look at the boy before her. After a few seconds, her eyes widened and she fell back in shock.

"N-n-no! They've g-got him! All hope is l-lost!" she whimpered as she buried her face in her hands.

"No! No. No..." she kept muttering over and over.

"What? Why is all hope lost if this one boy is captured?" Jim asked. He was confused. How was this boy more important than him when he was the Trollhunter?

Nomura looked up at Jim through the hole.

"Why? I'll tell you why. That is the one boy who everybody talks about. The bane of Gunmar's father and Grandmother. The best swordsman to ever live. The slayer of all monsters. The only one that Gunmar fears. Do you now know who he is, and why all hope is lost?"

Jim thought for a moment.

"He's the one that Gunar fears and is the best swordsman to ever live. He killed Gunmar's dad and gran. No one can best him. That's why all hope is lost. But who is he?" Jim thought again.

'That is the one boy who everyone talks about.'

The one boy.

That everybody talks about.

Jim's eyes widened.

He knew who it was.

"Perseus Jackson."