"Anakin! I need you over here! Cody, his men, and I are retreating! If you don't soon, we will lose this!" Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi general in the infamous Clone Wars, yelled urgently into the communication device on his wrist, reflecting a couple red flickers of light while doing so.

"We're on our way," the voice of his former padawan echoed from Obi-Wan's wrist.

"Cody!" he called into the mess.

"What is it, sir?"

The jedi backed up to his comrade, "Anakin and the 501st are on their way. We have to hold them off a little longer. Split your troops into four groups. Have one behind me, and put any clones that know how to use a shield at the front of the other three groups. This should at least give us a little cover."

Yes, sir!" Cody responded. Just as he did, a droid's fire came hissing towards the commander. Obi-Wan caught it with his lightsaber, the blaster bolt dissipating on contact. "Thanks, General!" Cody's voice sounded relieved. General Kenobi winked at him playfully.

The clone commander ordered instructions through his helmet. While he was busy with that, Obi-Wan checked on Anakin again. "How's it going?"

"We're approaching your position."

"Good," Obi-Wan responded a little harsher than he should have, but Anakin knew Obi-Wan was in a tough situation. The clones around General Kenobi began to form the shape of the four groups. Once the clones were blocked behind him, the Jedi had to focus his full defense on the battle droids opposing them. Because of the concentration of fire increasing, Obi-Wan had to work harder to keep himself and everyone around him alive.

"Sir, incoming!" A clone's voice warned from the com. The jedi glanced up only to see a swarm of Separatist bombers fly over-head. There was no cover to hide in on the barren planet.

"Oh, not good," he muttered. He wanted to contact Anakin, but he now needed two hands on his lightsaber to deflect the oncoming fire. The ships dropped a dozen bombs onto his unprotected troops. "Shoot the bombs!" Kenobi commanded frantically. Blue streaks of light began to pelt after the plummeting projectiles, while red continued to attack him and the clones. A stray bomb avoided the blaster bolts, becoming a more desperate, deadly threat.

Obi-Wan reached towards the bomb, fingers outstretched. With a conformation from the Force, his fingers snapped closed, and the bomb exploded, showering dust and ashes over the clones.

"Ugh!" he grunted. "Blast!" One of the droids took the opportunity of his distraction and shot him in the shoulder.

They wouldn't be able to hold their position with both the bombs and the droids. "Fall back!" The general ordered. His voice hinted at the pain building up inside. Ignoring this, he began to retreat with the clones.

A lithe figure stalked the man's form from nonexistent shadows, dancing from the eyesight of both the clones and the Jedi.

It was then when Anakin finally caught up with his master's clones. The added forces pushed the Separatist droids back. The GAR regrouped in the lull of the battle. As the jedi knight came closer, Obi-Wan smirked jokingly, "Took you long enough."

"You don't look to good," Anakin replied, not returning the humor.

Obi-Wan glanced down at the blood seeping from his wound. "I'll be fine."

The clones behind the pair of Jedi began to firearm an incoming enemy, and Anakin yelled a warning. Obi-Wan ignited his lightsaber and engaged the dark jedi that had thrown herself at him. Any hesitation and he would have lost his head. "Ventress, this is a surprise," Obi-Wan commented lightly.

She responded by shoving him backwards with a little help from the Force. Obi-Wan landed harshly, and the weight from his fall gathered at his shoulder. It screamed at him like the wind howling on a moonless night, forcing a gasp to tear its way out of the general's throat.

Anakin covered for him. The jedi master watched as his friend's blade clashed with Ventress's in a flurry of sparks. Biting his lip, Obi-Wan tested his balance after leaning off of a dusty rock. The familiar hum of a lightsaber played on the chaos of the moment as he ignited his blade, and a flash of blue light joined in the fight. General Kenobi landed next to Anakin almost gracefully, but the pain from his wound was getting worse.

"Glad you could join us, Master," Anakin teased playfully.

"You try fighting her with a hole in your shoulder," General Kenobi argued, emphasizing the word 'her' with a jabbing lightsaber.

Asajj caught their lightsabers on hers, and sparks dripped from the connection. Abruptly, one of the red sabers pulled away and began to swing towards Anakin's legs. Obi-Wan immediately broke his hold on the lock to par the Sith's slashing lightsaber. His former padawan, now outmatched in the lock, was shoved backwards by Ventress. Until the other Jedi recovered, Obi-Wan was on his own to fend her off.

"Anakin!" he called, worry seeping into his tone, unable to look to see if his friend was fine. "Anakin?" he repeated after a few seconds of humming lightsabers and deflected attacks.

"M'okay," came a distant answer. The Jedi master began to circle Ventress, who was clearly annoyed with patience. He was surprised that she hadn't pounced yet. Asajj twirled her lightsaber almost as if it were a twitch.

In a blur of motion, she feigned left and swung at Kenobi's right hip. He caught the lightsaber with his own, but not before hers grazed his tunic. A wave of fresh pain dulled his senses, and the Jedi Master tried desperately to focus.

A fiery red light flew into his line of sight. With a swift upward stroke, Obi-Wan knocked the Sith's lightsaber off course. But it came back too fast, and he struggled to fight off his doom.

"Give up, Kenobi. You can't even fend me off with your precious 'padawan'," Asajj sneered.

"Hey, at least I have someone who'll care if I die." Obi-Wan could tell he hit a nerve. This fueled the fury churning in her eyes.

Great, Kenobi.

She attacked him with renewed energy. The whirling speed at which she slashed was difficult to match. A red burn sliced into his arm and severed the muscle. The Jedi cried out, clutching at the frayed arm as pain blossomed like a sickly flower. His shoulder flared up as he tried and failed to move it. The pain was so excruciating that he couldn't defend himself.

But Ventress liked to play with her prey.

General Kenobi felt his back crack against a nearby cliff with a resounding smack as Ventress threw him across the sandy terrain. The air that was trapped in his lungs tore itself out, leaving him winded. Beneath him, his legs kicked weakly as he was dragged off of the ground. From his blurring view, Obi-Wan could see Anakin attempting to shove a rock off that kept him pinned. Once the knight saw his master's face, he summoned a new-found strength and rolled the boulder off of his legs.

Obi-Wan fought for consciousness as waves of pain rolled over him, but he was losing the fight and his air supply.

Anakin's eyes squinted with a fierce and hidden love that emerged from deep in his heart. No one hurts my Master and gets away with it.

Asajj Ventress was distracted with Obi-Wan, and Anakin needed to get her attention away from his injured master. "Hey, Baldie! Don't you know that it is not nice to attack an old man?"

He launched into action after watching the other Jedi drop limply to the ground and moan. The haze of his blue lightsaber mixed with red. As he caught Ventress in the leg, she taunted, "Well here is an actual challenge!"

"You have to give Obi-Wan some slack. I mean, how often do you have to fight a manic while supporting a hole in your shoulder?" Anakin retaliated.

Swirling lightsabers collided in feral beauty. He drove Ventress back and away from his master. Anakin knocked the Sith to the sand with a swift round-house kick. A wicked sneer spread across her face as the Jedi Knight pointed his lightsaber at her throat. "Now I know what they see in you," the Sith murmured before she kicked him in the stomach and scrambled away. Anakin turned from the retreating woman.


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