Obi-Wan attempted to relax his heaving breaths. His task, simple but daunting, lay before him in the form of a metal contraption. He had only begun the physical therapy to strengthen his immobile arm a few months before. Doctor Tu-Shwana stood behind him, assessing any progress the Jedi made.

The general weaved his limp limb into the machine once again and struggled to hold the weight of his own arm even before the metal shoved against it. But Kenobi had at least regained some movement. After a few seconds, the machine succeeded and pressed the Jedi's arm down. Frustration threatened to distract him, but he dipped himself into the Force and released all emotions. With fiery fatigue surging through what he could feel in his arm, Obi-Wan glanced up at the doctor. The humanoid looked thoroughly impressed.

"Anakin is here to see you again, Master Kenobi," Doctor Tu-Shwana informed. The exhausted Jedi smiled and left to go find his former padawan. The Jedi Knight had been visiting him constantly in between missions over the past few months of his recovery. The state his right arm was in wasn't the greatest, but it was better than many of the doctors had hoped. It was still near impossible to move his arm without the aid of the Force, but the general had undergone several surgeries to boost the strength and repair the servered nerves in his arm.

Down the hallway, Obi-Wan could see Skywalker rushing to see him again. Once they met in a one-armed hug, the Jedi Knight moved to inspect his arm. "How's the arm coming along?" Anakin asked playfully.

"I have more range of motion, but not much more strength than last time," Kenobi answered.

"At least there's progress," his friend commented.

"Touché," Obi-Wan hummed contentedly.

Yoda stepped outside into the warm Coruscant air. He was meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi after a year of the Jedi's recovery. The general had finally been released from the medical center. A transport ship glided gracefully towards the temple, and halting in front of the grandmaster. Something powerful broke through his thoughts, a powerful Force-presence. The injured Jedi stepped out of the transport, and Yoda located the signature. It belonged to Kenobi.

"Master Yoda, it is good to see you again," Obi-Wan smiled warmly. It had been a few months since he had last seen the wizened Jedi. The Coruscant sunlight glowed on his face as he walked over to Yoda.

Stepping forward, the grandmaster shook hands with Obi-Wan, who gladly presented his right hand. "I got Dr. Tu-Shwana's approval. He didn't think I would be able to move my arm. It was fun to prove him wrong," the Jedi general winked, emitting a little of his pent up humor.

Kenobi followed Yoda towards his home and paused to marvel at the architectural wonder. He had missed the temple, and he was relived to be returning. Yoda began to inform him on the changes that had occurred since he had last been there.

They entered the home of the Jedi, and one of the knights in the hallway greeted in delightful surprise, "Master Kenobi, you're back in action!"

"Thank you, Master Twisu," Obi-Wan bowed to the Togruta.

"We have much to catch up on," came her reply.

"Yes," the wizened Jedi agreed. "Meet us in the council meeting, will you this evening, Master Kenobi?"

"Yes, Master Yoda," Obi-Wan answered. The grandmaster gave a small hmm and a smile before leaving Obi-Wan in the hallway to go find Master Windu. He gave a swift goodbye and began to make his way to his quarters, acknowledging several friends on the way. Including a group of overly-excited younglings.

"Master Kenobi! Master Kenobi! You're back!" a chorus of eager shouts called to him.

"Hello, younglings. It is good to see you," he responded.

"He said he was glad to see us!" a small, female youngling whispered giddily to her friend. It made Obi-Wan grin.

"I must be on my way, but I will come see you later," the general promised, and the younglings practically exploded with enthusiasm.

Just as he turned around to leave, a whirl of brown crashed into him almost knocking him off of his feet.

"Anakin! Wow, you're about to send me back to the medical center!" Obi-Wan grinned at the young Jedi knight.

"Sorry Master, but you're back at the temple! How's your arm doing?" Anakin returned the grin when the Jedi master laid his right hand on his shoulder. His padawan began to ramble on about everything that happened since his injury. As the time passed, the sun gave up its daily battle and drained into the clouds.

"I must go Anakin. The council needs me, but it is great to be back home," Obi-Wan gently interrupted.

The man deflated a little before responding with a nod of understanding.

General Kenobi made his way to the high council chambers. When he arrived, he quietly opened the doors and moved to take his seat next to Ki-Adi-Mundi. The other Jedi masters were discussing an upcoming battle and the reports that the Jedi knight there had made. This issue was quickly wrapped up. It was replaced by one from Kit Fisto.

While the other council members continued the conversation, the grandmaster thought back to the discussion he had with Mace Windu earlier day. Blinds were drawn over windows, blocking out the lights and sounds from the world outside, leaving the room peacefully calm.

"A story I have, Master Windu. Back from the medical center, Master Kenobi is. And found something strange, I did. Leave the transport did a powerful Force signature, I sensed. Different Kenobi's is. Stronger, brighter. A mystery this was to me," Yoda told his longtime friend.

Mace thought for a moment before replying. "Well, I certainly don't have an answer. Could it be from his strong dependence on the Force for so long? There is no way that Obi-Wan could have been able to recover from the injury without the Force. It is something that few Jedi can do. How strong is his signature now? Surely it isn't more powerful than yours."

Yoda nodded slightly. "Not quite, but powerful, indeed it is."

Mace's eyes widened in astonishment, "But it isn't possible to gain Midi-chlorians."

Yoda hummed, "Understand this, I do not. Hide his new-found power from the Sith, we must. Endanger Master Kenobi, it would."


"-tracked the pirates to the Nal Hutta system," Master Tiin finished.

"I will go," Kenobi offered.

"But you just got back from the medical center," Eeth Koth protested.

"Send another jedi, we will Master Kenobi. Wish for you to stay at the temple and train, I do. Been away from combat too long I believe you have. Train more you must." Yoda said.

"Yes, Master," Obi-Wan nodded.

"I would like to see you in training later as well," Mace told the general, and began to carry on the conversation before anyone could think too deeply about his request.

Obi-Wan Kenobi's eyebrows twitched in curiosity, but he let it slide.

A light buzz was followed by a life size hologram erupting in the center of the room. It was a Jedi on a mission at the Suevio system, a relatively "normal" planet covered in forests and waterways. The Separatists were attacking the natives of the Republic planet, and so the GAR came to defend them. It is a war, after all. Obi-Wan thought.

"It is not going very smoothly here. With about 1,000 troops to begin with, we've done well, but the Separatists are fighting hard. I regret to report 250 clones taken by those cursed droids, either dead or wounded. We need more help here," the Jedi knight explained.

After the comment, Obi-Wan watched Yoda think about the best possible way to solve this. "Ask to send more troops, we will. May the Force be with you."

"May the Force be with you all as well," the man replied to the council, scanning the room. His eyes rested on Obi-Wan's before widening in astonishment. "Master Kenobi, you're back!"

"It seems so," the Jedi general chuckled. He knew he and Anakin were well known in the temple because of their efforts in the Clone Wars, but he was surprised by the number of people that noticed he was back at the temple.

The room darkened as the Jedi disconnected the signal. At this, the high council stood up as one. Obi-Wan trailed the other masters as they left the room. One of them followed him.

"Master Plo," Kenobi nodded politely.

"Master Kenobi," the Jedi master returned, "I was curious about something. Ever since you have returned from your recovery, I have felt a strong presence in the Force, centered around you. I've never seen anything like it."

The duo passed several rooms, all filled with different purposes. Obi-Wan's face mirrored the shock that Yoda had experienced when he first met with him. "I-I didn't know. Why- I mean, it's not like I'm the Chosen One," his eyebrows furrowed.

"I have no answer, Master Kenobi," Plo Koon's deep voice agreed.

"Well, maybe the Force will," Obi-Wan suggested. "Would you care to meditate with me?

"I would be glad to." The pair made their way over to the Room of a Thousand Fountains, a place in the temple where jedi came to meditate. It was a calm, relaxing room, overlooking the beautiful lights of Coruscant.

Plo Koon settled down next to Kenobi, and together, they sank into the Force.

The Force swirled around the pair, appeased.

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