Author's Note: Well hello everyone. It's been a while since. First of all, I'm sorry. My timing for The Dingo From Another World is been long, and since I was begin to lacking any ideas for that story, it was been put on hold.

Well… to put in it's place, I decided to create a new Crossover Fan-fiction story.

Although it was a Crossover, it take place 3 years after the events of Zootopia, when Nick Wilde went into hiding from Prey Hate Groups that were targeting Predators just mere hours after the ZPD Press Conference on the Missing Mammal Case.

In order to create the story, it is time to build it from the ground up. Enjoy the Prologue and the First Chapter.

(End of Transmission, Loading Holodisc File: Metal Gear Howler)

Zanzibar Breeze (SNES Capcom Style)

It is the Early 2019, as The world is embarking on an age of peace and stable, but distrusted and hated world.

Relations between NATO, CSTO, The Asian Security Organisation (TASO), and United Muslim Defence Union (UMDU) have been thawed. With regional conflicts and tensions between nations have been resolved either from careful co-ordination, to proposed agreements. But it came with a cost. With the threats of Chemical Warfare is still in place, the United Nations come to an agreement to dispose the warheads of a deadly substance. With the threat of Chemical Warfare gone, it was now a thing of the past.

However, there are some who do not desire peace…

An atmosphere of tension begins to build in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, as the Republic of Aminalia experienced an era of change.

A silent fascist junta, who was under control by a lamb called Dawn Bellwether, came into power in the struggling segregated republic 3 years ago. Once a member of NATO, located in the between the North Americas and Europe, the Republic of Aminalia is a small to medium sized nation, with the population run entirely by Anthropomorphic Mammals.

With the discovery of chemical warheads been placed under storage in Mexico by Aminalian Agents, the Republic of Aminalia raided the storage site, as well as raiding multiple intact nuclear warheads in launch sites of the United States, China, Russia, Iran, France, Israel, and the United Kingdom.

With the Weapons of Mass Destruction under Aminalian control, the United States immediately disposes Aminalian's of it's Membership from NATO, as well as the UN put moderate sanctions onto the fascist Republic.

Once again, after renouncing chemical and nukes return, the world is once again is been put into a state of crisis.

Meanwhile, the world's oil supply, which was to last more than 800 years, suddenly and unexpectedly disappeared. The oil supply also affected Oilix, a microbe that can synthesise high-grade petroleum, and high amounts of high quality oil. Even with the microbe disappeared, the world was throned into another severe energy crisis.

Even in all of these dire situations, Dr Novak Antic, a Serbian biologist, develops OmiOil, a new type of oil that can use oxygen, carbon dioxide, and saline water as main ingredients to produced a special microbe to build up high quality oil and petroleum. With this discovery, OmiOil can deliver far a lot more of oil than Oilix, which used Botryococcus Braunii planktonic microalgae.

With the discovery of OmiOil, the global tensions are easing until Dr Antic's disappearance in Paris. After weeks of speculations and countless investigations, the United Nations Security Council have been notified that Dawn Bellwether, now President and Leader of the Republic of Aminalia, was responsible for Antic's kidnapping. With her entire operations completely compromised, the United Nations send over a rescue team over to Zootopia to rescue Dr Antic. However, the Plan failed.

With the failed rescue mission, Dawn Bellwether denounced the UN for "triggering savageness towards the Predators, and attacking the prey". She further go on to even gives an ultimatum to the United Nations, demanding that the UN will removed it's "blockade" within 5 days, or it will launch Chemical and Nuclear Weapons upon every nation of the world.

As a result, the UN begins Operation Mammal Unknown, where they sent a spec op soldier inside the Republic of Aminalia's Capital of Zootopia. The mission is clear… rescue, and if possible, ignite a revolution.

A tiny but special microbe, far smaller than Oilix, can control the fate of the world forever…

Wednesday January 22nd 2019, 0410hrs. 34 Kms Offshore from Zootopia, Republic of Aminalia.

4 Days, 12hrs, 20mins till deadline...

Metal Gear Solid 3 OST (DISC 1) /04 – Virtuous Mission

It was dark on the early hours in the morning. Most mammals are in bed, while some were attacking the other subspecies, hunting the predators who didn't wear the "Shocks". Zootopia, while simply a nice and beautiful place to live, is home to 84.9 million mammals and 72,000 humans. However, only 90 percent of mammals in this city were classified as prey.

It started less than 12 hours ago when President Bellwether issued an ultimatum to the United Nations, that if they don't lift the "blockade" of Aminalia, then the Aminalian "United" Armed Forces will launch most, if not all of the Chemical and Nuclear Weapons throughout the world. In short, Dawn Bellwether holds the world as a hostage, and as an opponent.

As the night sky is still dark, a MV-22B Osprey, outfitted with auxiliary internal fuel tanks and panted with Dark Grey Paint that can denied radar detection entirely. It flew towards the coastline of Aminalia. Flying at 6,840 metres in the air, the aircraft was only beginning to show signs that it was slowing down.

"Flying over the Coastline, altitude 22,440.94 feet. Approaching Aminalian Airspace." the pilot reported as the Osprey flew above the Aminalian Capital, Zootopia.

"Twenty-Five minutes to drop-off, Commencing internal depressurization shortly." one of the crew member said as the spec-op soldier was sitting, vaping carefully with an Electronic Cigarette.

"Equipment check. Arm main parachute." the pilot said as the Osprey begin to slow down and putting it onto helicopter mode.

In the cockpit, a wolf who was wearing a military grade headset with a microphone stood up and put his hand onto a chair's headrest.

"All right," he said, as is voice was clipped with a slight British and South African accent. "Are we ready with the operation?"

"Drop zone is still showing high precious mass, CAVOK! (Cloud and Visibility OK)" the pilot said as the Osprey begins to hover on one spot, just 5 miles from the city suburbs.

"Ok then! Good, we've got visibility advantage. Speed it up carefully. Let him know." the wolf said as he checked his watch.


Meanwhile, back at the cargo deck, the soldier is finishing up is last vape as the crew member walks over.

"Turn off the E-CIG (Electric Cigarette)." the crew member said as the soldier complies. "Connecting oxygen hose to interior connector."

The Spec-op turns off his E-CIG and put it in his right pocket. He then held a cup full of water and begin drink it all slowly.

"Hey, put on your mask." the crew member said as the soldier was just completely finished drinking the entire cup of water. He then put it in his military grade bag.

"This man knows what he is doing?" the crew member radioed to the wolf.

"He knows. Trust me, it was his first mission. He was preparing." the wolf said as the spec-op soldier begin to put on his mask. The crew member looks back at him, astonished, as the soldier is following orders while preparing himself for the operation.

"At least he was following orders." the crew member radioed back.

As the Osprey came to a complete stop, the wolf checked the time.

"Ten Minutes to drop-off, get ready. Begin final preparations." the wolf said as the soldier finishes putting his mask on.

The light goes from red to yellow in the cargo hold, as the soldier's head ping up.

"Depressurization complete." another crew member said. "Checking oxygen supply."

"Six minutes to drop-off. Opening Rear Hatch!" the first crew member said as the rear hatch of the Osprey begin to open to reveal a dark sky, with the lights of the city is still illuminated in the distance.

"0430 hours." the pilot said as the Osprey continue to hover higher, reaching around 23,860 feet.

"External temperature is minus 41 degrees Celsius (-41.8 Fahrenheit)." the second crew member said as the sound of the aircraft is still been heard.

"Two minutes to drop-off. Stand up soldier." the first crew member said as the spec-op soldier followed the order. The soldier was measured around 1.86 metres in height as one of the crew member gives a thumbs up for him. As a change of altitude, he exchanges a thumbs up back at them.

"Ok, you'll be falling at 130 miles per hour (209.215 kms/hr). Try not to get frostbite from the wind chill, Agent." the wolf radioed as the soldier stood behind the ramp.

"Ok, 60 seconds to drop-off, Move to the rear. Good luck." the first crew member said as the soldier takes a small step forward towards the ramp carefully.

"Activate Ballout bottle." the second crew member said.

"It might be one of the world's last HALO jump the world knew about. I hope it will not be the last." the wolf said as the soldier moves closer to the edge of the ramp.

"Ten seconds to drop-off, standby." the first crew member said as he push in some important buttons.

As the soldier got to the edge of the ramp, he maintains balance as he was begin to time the jump.

"Status is OK, all green!" the first crew member said as the lights turn from yellow to green.

"Prepare for drop-off." the pilot said as he begin to count down. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

"Spread your wings and fly. God be with you!" the wolf said as the soldier begins to tip over from the Osprey.

His boots left the metal deck of the ramp as he propelled himself into the air of 24,200 feet in the sky.

10 hours ago…

The soldier opens the door to the bridge as there were people continue to work out on how to prevent a WMD attack. As the soldier walks towards the front of the bridge, a certain voice come into his mind.

"Metal Snake?" the soldier turns to his right to see the wolf in DPCU Combat Uniform.

"Commander Four" Metal Snake said as he saluted to Four.

"Ok, meet me at my quarters." Four said "Oh! Everyone, try to contact the UNSC (United Nations Security Council). I'll be at my quarters. If you managed to contact SC Support, arrange a meeting with me in the next two hours."

"Yes sir." one of the navy crew member said as he saluted to Four.

As Four and Metal Snake reached Four's Quarters, Metal Snake noticed an unknown emblem on the table. Four also see it, and carefully grabs it.

"Well, I've got some important news for us. And for the MammualUnit." Four said as he sits down on his office chair.

Author's Note: Well, that was it for this chapter. I do say, it was my first crossover by the way.

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