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Tuesday January 21st 2019, 1835hrs. 373Kms Offshore from Zootopia, Republic of Aminalia.

2.6kms from Aminalian Exclusive Maritime Economic Zone Border.

"Well, I've got some important news for us. And for the MammualUnit." Four said as he sits down on his office chair. Four then opened up a drawer on his desk and pulls out a large document folder.

"The United Nations knew this is a life or death mission, but this the world's last ditch effort to stop the crisis entirely." Four continued as he opened the folder and pulled out an A4 sized paper with the initials "United Nations Crisis Management Bureau" printed on the top with the official UN Insignia on the top left. "In short, we're been deployed in short notice, agent. If we, and the UN failed to stop Aminalia from either launching WMD Warheads, or the OmiOil database had been destroyed?" Four said as his right hand begin to struggling to hold his pen.

"Then it will be a lose-lose situation." Metal Snake said while looking over the document folder that Commander Four had set down. "If we failed to stop them from launch a nuke, or recovered the OmiOil data, the world will most likely unable to contain the crisis. If that happens, we'll see nations fighting over what's left of the oil resources."

"That will be correct, Snake." Four said while drawing some lines on his notepad. "If that happens, everyone will forget peace entirely. And the UN, together with countless countries, worked hard around the clock to keep peace throughout the world. If it failed, everyone sees conflict within their borders, countless riots that will bring revolutions, the United Nations will be fractured, and completely ended it's use in the international community. If that ever happened, the Republic of Aminalia will invade weak countries one by one, infiltrating politics to create chaos, igniting riots, installing puppet regimes, started another World War. You get the idea."

"And how long does the countdown started?" Metal Snake questioned.

"About two hours ago. We still got only 4 days, 21 hours, and 54 minutes left on the countdown." Commander Four answered back while bring out his Samsung Galaxy S10X, and give it to Snake. "Look at the Doomsday Clock from Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists."

Metal Snake then look at the news report from Four's phone. The headline reads "Doomsday Clock at 60 seconds to Midnight due to Ultimatum". It also showed concerned scientists looking nervelessly at the press with the Doomsday Clock shown. The long hand of the clock is nearly pointing straight up.

"One minute to midnight." Metal Snake said as he give back Four's phone.

"Yes. They were working around the clock trying to check in with the crisis." Four said as he looked at his key card. "The World Leaders had been notified about this, and they were preparing to defend most of their civilians for the event like this. As of now, the Prime Minister is already returned to Canberra after a visit cut short in Tokyo, and he is headed back as of now to address the nation."

"Commander? What is the Mission?" Metal Snake said as Commander Four pulled out another folder with an SSD Hard Drive in it.

"You have to connect this to your Codec Control System." Four said as he handed the Hard Drive over to Metal Snake.

"Codec Control System? Why do we need it for the late 2010's? It was mostly obsolete when we had nanomachines." Metal Snake questioned.

"Basically, your Codec had an nanomachine that can recharge it by using a very small dose of Glucose, and it can control the levels of Glucose in the blood through your blood vains." Four said while pulled out a picture of a nanomachine in a sample drop of blood. "In short, it can prevent Diabetes and abnormal high blood sugar levels. Once more, it can automatically monitor your body's response to glucose, and lower the glucose levels to a safe level."

"Looks like I'm unable to have Diabetes, huh." Metal Snake said. "Anyways, I bet we can conduct the briefing."

Snake then connects the SSD Hard Drive into a slot right on the receiver. He kneel down and reached his hand to his right ear to listen to the briefing.

[Codec on]

Punch-In Controller 6

Load Executive Order 07652

Issued from the United Nations Security Council on 21st January 2019

Effective Immediately

Mission Briefing:

One day ago, a rescue attempt was conducted by the UNSC in conjunction with the Special Air Service, US Marines, and Elements of the DMCU (Special Mammal Commando Unit). Their objectives is to Rescue Dr Novak Antic, a Serbian biologist, who comes up with a solution to end the current severe energy crisis since the Zanzibar Incident in 1999.

His solution is OmiOil, a revolutionary microbe that utilised oxygen, carbon dioxide, and saline water. That also means that it will carefully reduce the levels of carbon dioxide, while keeping oxygen at a liveable level.

Just if they infiltrated Zootopia, something happened to them. Most of our men were killed. Some who survived, were been placed under arrest.

Just after the word that the entire Operation had failed, President Dawn Bellwether issued an ultimatum to the UN, threaten to bring nuclear and chemical war throughout the world, if the UNSC come to an agreement to lift our "blockade".

In response, we begin our last ditch effort; the United Nations has called into an emergency meeting to initiate Operation Mammal Unknown.

You will be drop above 24,000 feet in the air just outside the city limits of Zootopia, the Capital of Aminalia. One of the USMC MV-22B Ospreys was refitted with stealth capabilities. It also be refitted with extra fuel to get from outside the Exclusive Maritime Economic Zone, to the Outskirts of Zootopia and back.

Once you landed, dispose of your parachute. Once it was disposed of, make your way south to Zootopia, keep yourself undetected, and defend yourself. There is also Intel that there was a facility on your way, so check it out carefully.

Your objective is to Rescue Dr Novak Antic, as well as data of OmiOil that the Doctor was keeping. Also, if the Aminalians have the capabilities to launch either a nuclear or chemical warhead, and if they do, try to prevent them from launching. The best chances of preventing the launch is to infiltrate the ICBM Launch Facility.

There is also orbital images that there is some type of shanty-town just inside Zootopia. If you want to find out about that, be sure to sneak in there. If there is Intel related, send it through Codec.

Also, and here is a real kicker. There is concern surrounding in Aminalia. There were stories that Predators was "shocked" by some collar on their necks. And there were also stories that Predators go "savage" at random because of their "biology". The UN don't know about whenever these stories were turn out to be true.

True or Not, we guess that Bellwether was up to something. However, if you encounter a "savage" Predator, defend yourself with whatever means necessary. So far, those stories were Unconfirmed as of now. If you infiltrate the President's Home, there will be Intel or some sorts.

And one last thing. There were Rumours going around about a group made up entirely of one human, and the rest is, just Prey Mammals. If you one of the members, remember your training in the special forces.

Alright, that's all we have right now. Commander Four will give you the timing of when the operation starts.

As of now, good luck Agent.

[Codec off]

Metal Snake then stands up on his 2 feet and looks at Commander Four.

"When is the timing of the operation?" Metal Snake questioned Commander Four.

"The MV-22B will be taking off at 0328 hours. And you need to sleep well tonight. You need it for the early morning deployment." Commander Four answered back.

"So much for my sleep then. Alright, I'm in." Metal Snake said as he offered his Commander a hand shake to which he accepts.

Back to Present

Wednesday January 22nd 2019, 0436hrs. 5 Miles (8 kms) from Zootopian Suburbs, Republic of Aminalia.

4 Days, 11hrs, 54mins till deadline…

As Snake continue to fell through the air like a living bullet fired towards the earth below. Miles tore past every some seconds. When he broke through the clouds, he saw a sea of green, full of forest with flora and fauna living throughout.

Snake then pulled the break cord that was fixed to his chest, as the parachute canopy unfurled with a loud snap, inflated everything at once by the blast of the air as he felt some terrific shock as the chute jerked him upright.

"Snake, your mission is to infiltrate Zootopia, find the biologist, recover the data of OmiOil, prevent the launch of Aminalian warheads if possible, and if we got enough time, find any Intel relating to the Aminalian Government and it's Armed Forces." Commander Four briefed over the Codec.

"Got it. I'll do my best." Snake said as he was slowly lowered through the air.

"Once we've confirmed the rescue of Novak, stand-by at the recovery point." Four said. "A recovery balloon will be dropped at that point. Helium will be pumped in the balloon to inflate it. The process will take around 15 to 20 minutes. Once it's complete, a specialised recovery C-130 will latch onto the balloon and pull it up."

"The Fulton Surface-to-Air Recovery System." Snake said as he looked briefly below him as the trees were coming closer to him. "I'm familiar with the theory, and it's was been combat-proven in the past. Do you think that Novak is up for it?"

"The shock will be less than during a parachute jump. And the arm can handle more that five hundred pounds." Four said. "Even better, the C-130 was equipped with offensive ordinances. It even defend itself against interceptions from aircraft."

"So it's sounds like the aircraft can hold itself on it's own against a battalion of tanks." Snake said while he found a spot to land.

"Yes, and we got a 4 day time limit." Four said. "Even if we got spotted, the timer will reset closer to deadline, so try not to get spotted. It may take some time until the 26th."

"Home in time for Australia Day." Metal Snake said.

"But if anything gone wrong, you will be celebrating Australia day, and the rest of our days in radioactive, yet toxic world we called home." Four said as the Codec turned off.

Snake then swerve through the forest, cutting across the bonds that fastened the chute to his body. The sudden pull of his body jerked diagonally downwards in a forward motion.

The young commando that was now that guided the new next generation of the legend, Metal Snake stood up from his landing point.

He begins to remove his parachute bag that was connected to his survival bag. The pulled out his oxygen mask from his helmet and took it off.

He then noticed the parachute, covering some plants in a nearby tree. He walked over and pulled it out. Setting it on the flat surface, snake began to fold it like a flag.

Once the parachute is folded up, he stuff it carefully into the chute bag and reconnecting the bag to his survival bag. He then walked over to his mask and helmet. Snake look around just to keep himself undetected.

Snake then started to put the mask and helmet together and stuff them into his survival bag.

Just as he finished, Metal Snake get to cover behind a large tree while keeping a lookout for any mammals that he come across. Once he is in the clear, he knell down and put his hand into his right ear as the Codec beeps.

[Codec On]

Frequency 140.85

Metal Snake: This is Snake, reporting in.

Four: Ah! Good. You're already in enemy territory, and no-one is eavesdropping onto us. As of now, your Codename will be "Metal Snake", as I will be referring to you as "Snake" from now on. Try not to mention your real name, as it will cause suspicion throughout Aminalia.

Metal Snake: Got it.

Four: My Codename will be still called "Commander Four", or you will referring to me as "Four C", is that clear?

Metal Snake: Got it, Four C.

Four: Good. Now, this is an infiltration operation, Snake. Try not to be seen by the enemy, and leave very little to no trace of your presence. Weapons and equipment like food, camouflage, disguises, and even Intel are procured on-site.

Metal Snake: At least I got a standard issue MP5K with a small suppressor, is this going to be enough?

Four: Sometimes, not most of everything is enough. C4, mine detectors, scouting devices, anything that you can think of that was part of the military, excluding vesicles, will be found if you find them from soldiers to military bases.

Metal Snake: Huh. So that's why I outfitted with some equipment.

Four: At least you had those binoculars on you, you will be fine. I'll be monitoring your progress on Codec as we cannot risk escalating this crisis any further. However, I'll be at HMAS Camberra, just at international waters. My frequency is 140.85. Sometimes, it might be jammed, so used 141.02 as a backup.

Metal Snake: Got it. Hows the diversionary mission going?

?: 3 F-35C just took off from USS Gerald R. Ford, and they will be within Zootopia Civilian Air Space shortly.

Metal Snake: Who's that?

Four: Oh, so sorry about that. I forgot to introduce you two. Snake this is Fabienne Growley, former ZNN (Zootopian News Network) News Presenter.

Fabienne: Wow! I just met the person who was been trained by the "legend".

Metal Snake: Uh? Why are you here? How did you joined the military ranks?

Fabienne: I was a long story. But I'll tell it to you once we progress much further.

Metal Snake: Well, ok then.

Four: Snake, there is one more person I want you to introduce.

Metal Snake: Who?

?: Hello, Metal.

Metal Snake: Solid? Solid Snake?

Four: Yes, it was Actually Solid Snake that got an approval to authorise this op in the first place. I have some run-ins with him in my past missions. He is also going to be serving as MammalUnit's mission advisor, and your mentor.

Solid Snake: It was been 1 Month, 2 weeks, 4 days, and 6 hours since I last seen you.

Metal Snake: It is, Solid. It is.

Solid Snake: I do whatever I have to do to get your job done, Metal. Don't think about politics. Set it aside for now, and focus your mission completely.

Metal Snake: As in I have to do my job.

Solid Snake: Yes. You live alongside your country. You play alongside your country. We suffer alongside our country. Don't worry, we on your side.

Metal Snake: Yes Mentor. And Solid?

Solid Snake: Hmm?

Metal Snake: Call me Snake.

Solid Snake: That's sounds, and suits you well. I also got that code-name back then.

Metal Snake: Wow. It's good to hear your voice again, sir.

Solid Snake: Same here. Snake, you were top marks at urban warfare and infiltrating buildings. However, this is the forrest. Survival is key, as these CQC techniques I taught you through VR Training are sure to come in handy.

Metal Snake: I'm sure thankful using it.

Solid Snake: That's ok. I'll be here to help after all. This is your first actual survival and infiltration mission. I'll be supporting you over the Codec, my frequency is 141.42.

Metal Snake: Gotcha.

Solid Snake: Your mission is to retrieve Dr Novak Antic. He was been held somewhere in Zootopia, located south of your current location. Try to avoid heavy combat, and don't let any mammal see you. And don't forget: this is an infiltration mission.

[Codec off]

Snake rose to his fees as he braced the handle of his knife against the butt of the USP, just as Solid Snake had taught him years ago. This stance always hand complete relaxing effects on him.

He then aimed his pistol while keeping his knife at the same spot.

"Commencing Operation Mammal Unknown … now." Snake said, uttering the codeword. With that been said, the Operation had begun.

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