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Chapter 3

Sitting in the dark, cross-legged and alone, Harry meditated in silence. As Mission slept on the bed in the empty room, Harry continued to meditate, making sure that he did not wake his sleeping wife. As he mediated, he reached out with the Force and began to sense every other being within the Temple. He felt his peaceful wife sleeping behind him. He felt the Temple Guards patrol the halls of theTemple, keeping watch for anything suspicious. He sensed Clone Troopers near the hanger, going about their business, he felt as T3 was moving along the Perseverance doing his duty o check up on the ship's systems, and repairing what needed to be repaired.

Stretching his senses further, Harry felt the trillions of other life forms that lived within the planet. Se could feel every single being going about their business. However, as he felt the currents of the Force move alongside him, he could feel a dark and hidden force moving alongside it's current, disguising itself as part of the natural Force. While he could feel the Dark Side clouding his vision slightly, being a former Dark Lord of the Sith, he could easily see past it and watch the Force, unbridled and free. Focusing on the dark force moving along the waves of the Force, Harry tried to catch the illusive presence. But however much he tried, it seemed to evade his capture.

Suddenly the Force seemed to pull him into it's current instead of alongside it. As he felt his presence be dragged by the Force, Harry wondered what the Force was going to show him this time.

As Harry opened his eyes, he saw himself standing in front of a tattered and dirty black cloak. He saw that he was wearing a brown jacket, a button up shirt, jeans and brown shoes. He felt a pair of wire framed glasses sitting against his nose. As he looked around, he saw the crumbled remains of a large stone castle. The sky was dark, with grey clouds blocking the suns rays. Everything about his appearance screamed old, like something out of the history museum.

As his eyes roved along the pavement, he saw the countless dead among the ground, many of them with large vacant eyes, some of them from wounds that caused to bleed out. Many of them were actually children, some barely into their twenties. They each wore clothing that was something that would be something found on planets that had not achieved space exploration technology yet.

As he saw his other self's hand clench tighter among something, he looked down to notice that he was holding onto a long stick that had little nodules that ran along the stick. 'The Elder Wand' his mind informed, as if knowing what it was the whole time. 'The Deathstick. The Wand of Destiny. The first of the Deathly Hallows' All these names came to him in his mind, as if he himself though of them himself.

"Harry James Potter, born on July 31 1980, son of James and Lily Potter. Master of Death" Harry heard. Turning around, Harry saw Revan walking up to him, with Bastila and his old Master, Master Vandar accompanying him.

"Master Vandar, Revan Bastila. What are you all doing here?" He asked, happy to once again be seeing such familiar faces, especially his old Master and Bastila.

"We are here to help you Harry, to explain to you what it is you are seeing before you." Bastila answered.

"WHAT am I looking at?" Harry asked, confused on this whole situation.

"Your past." Master Vandar replied.

"My past, Master Vandar?" Harry repeated, absolutely lost. "But I already know my past! I was born on Derelia, to two loving parents, both who were Jedi and were killed! You then found me and trained me as a Jedi!" He cried out.

"That is the past of your current self, my old Padawan." Master Vandar said. "What you see before you is your old life, your previous life."

"How is that even possible?" Harry asked.

"Through the Force, anything is possible." Revan quoted. "Especially when the Force itself decides to do something."

"Why am I being shown this?" Harry asked. "Why not earlier?"

"Because the Force did not believe it was time." Bastila stated. "You were reborn into this galaxy for a reason Harry. And the Force will show."

As she said this, Harry hear the cry of a young woman. Turning to the source, he saw a beautiful woman running up to his counterpart. She wore a a bright blue jacket with a dark red shirt under it, black jeans and black shoes. She had brown hair that was tied up in a ponytail. She also had a pair brown eyes. As she ran up to his counterpart, who did not even turn or even gave an indication that he had heard her, she hugged him from behind.

"It's over, Harry. It over. Voldemort is dead." the woman said as she buried her head against his shoulder. "We won."

"At what cost Hermione?" His counterpart asked. "Thousands dead. Hogwarts is nothing more that a pile of rubble and most of its defender lie dead or wounded. How is that a victory?"

"We can rebuilt. Make things right." Hermione answered.

His counterpart turned towards Hermione and moved towards the beat down castle, Hermione standing at the same spot, worry clearly etched on her face.

The scene suddenly shifted and they were now standing in front of a massive door. His counterpart took a deep breath before pushing the door open and a bright light emanated from the room beyond. As his counterpart shielded his eyes from the brightness, he began to step forward into the light until there was nothing left of him. When nothing happened, Harry wondered why they were still standing in front of the massive doors.

"Why can't we see what's going on on the other side?" Harry asked.

"Because it is something that you are not meant to see, but you are allowed to listen." Revan said.

Suddenly a powerful yet soft melodic voice spoke out, as if all around them at once. "Greetings Harry James Potter. Thank you for coming."

"Why am I here?" Harry heard his counterpart ask. Yet the voice sounded as if it were an echo. "And who are you?"

"I am what comes to all in the end. I am there to push the chairs in, turn off the lights and shut the door when time is at an end." The voice answered.

"You're Death. Creator of the Deathly Hallows." his counterpart said in awe. "But why am I here?"

"To give you a choice young wizard." The voice said. "You, who have shown great courage, amidst the great darkness that had shadowed you your entire life, have to choose."

"Choose? Choose what!" the voice of his past self shouted. "I don't have to choose anything!. I am just so tire of everything that had happened that all i want to do is rest."

"Perhaps. But what I offer to you is a chance to save everyone you care about, from dying a most painful death." the voice said.

"Why. What happens that I need to make such a choice?" Harry cried out, incidentally the same line that his counterpart asked.

"Years from now, when you are older. A powerful being from across the stars will arrive at the head of a massive invasion and will enslave your people." the voice answered.

"Who! Who would dare here and enslave us!" Harry's past asked.

"A being of supreme darkness. And much like Voldemort, he will be seen as an immortal god. But unlike Voldemort, he would have powers that would make Voldemort seem but a schoolyard bully. nothing, not even magic or even the Deathly Hallows could stop him from coming to your world and destroying it." The voice explained. "A thousand ships, with a million soldiers will descend from the skies above and lay waste to your people unless you choose."

"What are they?" His counterpart asked.

"The choice is simple." The voice said. "You can choose to be reborn, with your memories locked away until such a time as you are ready. Or you can choose to stay, and leave the fate of your planet and it's people to the fate it awaits. But do not make this choice lightly, little wizard. For if you choose to be reborn, you will live a life of pain and loss. You might find love, but your life will know only conflict. Stay and you could live your life in peace and rest, with a loving wife and no more troubles till the day you die."

Both Harry's, past and present, were quiet as they thought over the decision. While Harry of the present already knew the answer that his past self was going to make, it did make Harry wonder. Just what his life was like before he was reborn. From what the voice had said, it seemed that this Voldemort had hounded him and made his life hell. That it would be enough to cause a full on war that would leave thousands dead was something that Harry wished would not have happened.

Any other person would have died or have given up after so long fighting, but it just showed how much of a fighter he was against the threat that seemed to constantly hang over his head. Looking back at everything that had happened since he was reborn, Harry wondered if his past self would have made the same choice if he knew what he was going to do in the future.

"I have seen your entire history, my old Padawan." Master Vandar said, standing next to him. "You have such a capacity for courage and that even as a young boy, no obstacle that was put in your path would stop you. Your greatest strength is you indomitable will and tenacity against all odds that make you a great Jedi."

"Indeed. Even against the Emperor, against myself on Yavin, Mandalorians and armies of both Jedi and Sith, nothing would hold you down or stop you from achieving your goal." Revan said with Bastila nodding behind him.

Suddenly his past voice asked. "And what will happen to the people who I leave behind? What will happen to them?"

"They will mourn you at first. Search for you, but they will move on. They will rebuild, taking your legacy and making something that you would be proud of." The voice answered. "Your friend Ronald Weasley will become an Auror, one who live up to the example of his best friend. Neville Longbottom will help rebuild Hogwarts and become it's Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher for many years, eventually becoming Headmaster. Luna Lovegood will work as the head of the magical Creatures department, making many new discoveries and mending old wounds between Wizards and Magical Beings."

"And Hermione? What will become of Hermione?" His past self asked.

"She will search the world for you after restoring her parents memories. Failing that, she would turn to books and and research and become the new Minister for Magic after Kingsley Shackelbolt." The voice answered.

"And my magic? Will that change?" His past asked.

"When you are reborn, you will not have your magic, but you will have the force that gives the dark being his power. The rest is up to you." The voice answered.

There was silence for a few moments before his counterpart spoke again. "Alright. Alright, I will be reborn again, if only to spare someone else the pain."

"Are you sure young wizard. You will not live a life of comfort or safety. You will know only war." the voice asked.

"Yes. I'm sure." Harry confirmed.

"Very well young wizard. Now please, hand over the Elder Wand." The voice commanded. Harry could almost see himself give the wand to the person that was perhaps standing in front of his past self. "And now with the Elder Wand, The Cloak of Invisibility and the Resurrection Stone, I will give the power to defeat your enemies. With these three items, I Death, will grant you the boost you need to face the darkness!" The voice chanted, and with each word said, her voice became deeper and more powerful.

Suddenly the scene shifted to the cries of a woman screaming in pain as she lay on a hospital bed, clearly about to give birth. All around her, medical droids were moving around, hoping have the baby be delivered safely. The woman was beautiful, what with her red hair and piercing green eyes, so much like Harry's. Standing next to the woman was a man holding her hand. This man had black unruly hair with warm brown eyes as he spoke words of encouragement to his wife.

"Come on Lily! Once last push." The man said.

With a scream that would pierce the heavens, the woman gave one final push and with that the wails and cries of a newborn was heard.

"It's a boy." The droid informed as it handed the child over to Lily.

As Lily took here son into her arms, with her husband standing next to her, tears about to fall from his eyes, he asked. "What shall we name him?"

"Harry. Harry James Potter." Lily answered as she kissed the baby's forehead as he continued to wail in the room.

With a gasp, Harry broke from his meditation and fell on his back. He was in shock and also a little disturbed that he had to witness his own birth by his parents. Again!

Sitting back up, Harry looked at the clock and saw that it was pretty late at night. He then remembered that he would have a meeting with the Chancellor later on and decided to think about what he just saw later and rest.

Getting in bed, Harry laid down next to his wife and placed an arm around her waist and closed his eyes, falling asleep in moments.

Walking into the Chancellor's office, Harry could only see one colour, and that was red. So much red.

Wearing his armour, his helmet in his hand, Harry watched as the Chancellor rose to greet Master Yoda, Obi Wan and Anakin. Harry looked around the office and noted the many decorations that lined the office. Many of these object in fact gave off a small amount of the Dark Side, not enough to be noticeable by a Jedi, but enough that anyone who had dabbled in the Dark Side would know straight away.

"I don't believe we have met Master Jedi." The Chancellor's voice rang out.

Focusing back to the present, Harry was about to introduce himself, when his senses screamed to him that this man was using the Dark Side. Catching himself before things got awkward, he hastily introduced himself.

"Chancellor Palpatine, allow us to introduce to you Jedi Master Harry Potter." Anakin introduced.

"It is an honour, Chancellor." Harry said with a small bow.

"A pleasure." The Chancellor said. "Now what can I help you Jedi with?" he asked.

"Chancellor, just recently did we discover Master Potter in stasis alongside his wife. They both come from the time of the old Republic, during the Mandalorian Wars." Obi Wan explained.

"Truly! This is a great discovery Master Jedi. If what you say is true, then he could tell us much about our history before the Ruusun Reformation." The Palpatine said.

"Something else, there is Chancellor." Master Yoda spoke, getting the attention of the Chancellor.

"Oh, is something the matter?" Palpatine asked, worried.

"No Chancellor. However, concerned about the state of the military, we are. Not enough Jedi to fight, we do." Yoda explained. "Too few Jedi there are, to be everywhere. Appointed a special position to command the entire army, we have. Jedi High General, the title is called."

"And what exactly would this High General do, Master Yoda?" Palpatine asked.

"Command the forces of the Grand Army of the Republic, he shall. Tell them where to go, he will. A swift end to the war, he will help bring." Yoda answered.

"And who is this person that you have appointed? Does this person have the capabilities to lead such a force." Palpatine asked.

"They have chosen me to lead the Clone Army Chancellor. As for my ability to lead. I have fought in many wars and commanded hundreds of ships into battle. I will help bring a quicker end to this war." Harry spoke up.

Palpatine was quiet as he seemed to be thinking about it. As he sat down at his chair, the streets of Coruscant going about their day behind him, the Jedi were waiting on what the Chancellor was going to say. "Very well, Master Potter. I trust you to help us bring a quick victory over the Separatists."

"Thank you Chancellor." Harry thanked, bowing slightly.

"Now if you will excuse me Master Jedi, I would like to prepare for another Senate Meeting later on. Good day." Palpatine said, clearly an end to their current meeting as he stood up and faced the large window.

As everyone began to leave, Harry stayed in his place, waiting for everyone to leave. Once the door had closed behind Anakin, Harry pressed a button on his wrist, activating the recording device that he had on his armour, allowing for video and audio recording. He cleared his throat, which seemed to startle the Chancellor, but Harry was not fooled. He saw the questioning, yet calculating eyes of Palpatine narrow for just a second, before going back to normal.

"Yes, Master Potter. Is there something you wish to speak about?" he asked, not moving from his position.

"You have some very interesting pieces of decoration Chancellor. Those artefacts were only made a few times, for very very special people." Harry commented. "Not only that, but they only come from one planet."

"Well yes. I was gifted them when I was made Chancellor." Palpatine stated.

"Perhaps. Or perhaps you brought them here to mask your presence. These artefacts come from the Sith homeworld, Korriban." Harry stated. "The question then lies, with why you have them in your office."

"Excuse me. But are you insinuating that i am a Sith!" Palpatine asked indignantly.

"No. You are." Harry stated. "Now tell me, Sith. Who are you? You could hide from the Jedi all you like, but i can sense the Dark Side in you, as clear as any one can if they have used the Dark Side."

"Very Well, Jedi." Palpatine spat, his voice getting lower. "I am a Sith. I am Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith."

As he said this, Palpatine unleashed his full power of the Dark Side, bathing the room in it's oppressive force. Harry could in fact feel it pushing against him, whispering power to him. Yet Harry simply ignored them and simply stood there, arms crossed.

"Impressive. Most impressive." He commented. "But allow me to show the true power of the Force."

As he said this, Harry unleashed his full power against Palpatine's. His power, that of both the Light and Darkside of the Force flowing out of him, his aura shining like the sun, seemingly blinding Palpatine as he felt the Force in it's truest form. As the power washed throughout the room, the aura that Harry exerted was so powerful it drove the darkness away from the room.

As Palpatine stumbled back he asked. "Who are you Jedi?"

Reigning his aura back until it was back to normal, Harry placed his helmet upon his head and answered. "I've faced the most powerful of Jedi, Sith and Mandalorians. I've defeated armies of Mandalorians and the Dark Side and helped to nearly bring the galaxy under an Empire that stretched into the depths of Wild Space to the very borders of the Republic! I've killed the Sith Emperor in single combat and defeated Revan and his army. I am Jedi Master Harry Potter, and YOU, Darth Sidious are no match against me."

"We shall see, Jedi!" Palpatine said.

"Indeed we shall." Harry said, grabbing his lightsaber but not activating it. "Seeing as how i know that you are a Sith Lord, your obvious plan is to wipe out the Jedi and take over the Republic. This war will help you in diminishing their numbers, but even you know that that will not be enough to destroy them. So how?"

Palpatine said nothing, only narrowing his eyes at him in hate, their eyes no longer blue but Sith yellow.

"Ah, so that's it, isn't it." Harry said, coming to a realisation. "You plan to use the Clones to murder the Jedi. You won't do it now, despite the Jedi being weakened, I will say that they will come out on top. That would reveal you hand to early."

"The time of the Sith has come. The Jedi will be wiped out and once more the Sith will rule the galaxy." Palpatine proclaimed, sneering at him.

"Not yet." Harry said.

"You cannot stop this. I play both sides of this war and i can control the outcome of it. I could send my apprentice to destroy an entire medical facility and leave it defenceless at the same time." Palpatine said. "There is nothing you can do to stop what has already begun."

"We shall see." Harry said, turning around and leaving Palpatine's office, deactivating his recorder.

Palpatine scowled as he watched the disgusting Jedi walk away from him, as if he was not a threat at all. He almost wanted to use Force Lightning on the fool , but held it in to avoid a confrontation. On the outside he was upset, but on the inside he was afraid. If what this Jedi had just said was true, then this Jedi came from a time when the Jedi were at their most powerful. His proclamation about facing the Mandalorians, Jedi and Sith worried him. The many conflicts the Jedi and the Mandalorians stretched for hundreds of years, but only once was there ever a war between the Republic and the Mandalorians.

He, like many Sith Lords and Jedi have heard of the exploits of Revan. Jedi turned Sith and then back to Jedi. The man had fought against the Mandalorians alongside a losing Republic, and against the odds, he won. After that he disappeared from known space, taking alongside most of his men and several Jedi, only to return two years later as the Dark Lord of the Sith. The Jedi Civil War lasted for a total of two years, and in that time Revan had conquered most of the galaxy and was at the Republic's doorstep when his apprentice Darth Malak betrayed him.

Revan would later be rescued by the Jedi, his memory wiped and replaced with a new one, loyal to the Republic. He would then travel alongside Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, who he would later marry, and a crew of others to kill Malak and destroy the Star Forge. An ancient factory that was powered by the Dark Side created by the Rakatan Empire that ruled the galaxy even before the Republic even existed. He would later on disappear from known space in search for the True Sith, ruled by Vitiate, only to be captured and tortured for three years before being rescued by the Exile. With her help and another Sith Lord, revan and his allies tried to kill the Sith Emperor, only to fail and Revan to be imprisoned for another three hundred years.

He would later be freed by a Jedi strike team, where Revan would thank them before leaving them and, from reports that Palpatine had found, was killed. Only Revan would return with a small army and try to resurrect the weakened Sith Emperor into a new body, only to be beaten by the combined forces of the Republic and the Sith Empire. He would then die and become one with the Force.

To say that this Master Potter was there for every single one of those conflicts was preposterous. He even had the gall to claim that it was he who had killed the Sith Emperor, the first time around.

"You are a fool to cast aside that man's words." a voice suddenly said in his mind.

"Who is there. Who dare speaks to the Dark Lord of the Sith in such a manner!" Palpatine demanded.

"One who has crossed the mortal realm and entered into godhood. I am the most powerful of Sith." A deep voice echoed in his mind.

Suddenly he saw visions, too fast for him to take a second look at but enough for him to see them clearly. Once the visions ended, he found himself on his hands and knees, sweating. "The Sith Emperor. Vitiate." Palpatine said in awe and fear.

"I prefer to be called, Valkorian now child." Valkorian said.

"How? How is this possible." Palpatine asked.

"I am the most powerful of the Sith and you dare to ask such a question." Valkorian asked, anger laced in his voice.

Palpatine felt immense pain, as if he could feel the power of Force Lightning being inflicted upon him. Yet as soon as it started, it ended just as quickly. Getting up from the floor, spasming at points, he limped towards his chair and sat down.

"What is that you want?" Palpatine asked.

"What I want, what?" Valkorian asked.

"What do you want, my master." Palpatine said, spitting out the last two words. Words that he had not said in nearly a decade.

He heard Valkorian chuckle within his head, and it sent a bone chilling crawl down his spine, something that he would never admit to anyone, especially to himself. "I want Harry Potter before me in chains. to witness my power. But I cannot do that just yet. No. I want you to keep your little war going a little while longer, until Potter kill you that is. After that the galaxy will be mine for the taking." Valkorian explained.

"And what makes you think that i will allow that to happen?" Palpatine asked.

"You cannot stop what has already begun." Valkorian answered leaving Palpatine's mind, throwing what Palpatine said to Harry earlier right back at him.

As Valkorian left his mind, Palpatine himself was seething inside and also very much afraid. The power that Valkorian possessed, enough to somehow speak from the dead and yet the way he answered, it was as if he was still alive. Something that troubled him greatly. Valkorian and Potter both came from a time when there was no Rule of Two and that there was a preverbiale army of Jedi and Sith clashing against each other.

As he recovered from his pain, he quickly locked the door and shut down all recording devices in his room and blinded the massive window behind him. Grabbing his cloak and donning it, raising the hood to cover his face, he contacted Darth Tyrannous.

"What is thy bidding, my master" Count Dooku asked, from his kneeling position.

"Lord Tyrannous." Sidious greeted. "We have a new enemy. An ancient Jedi Master from the days of the Old Republic has been brought to this time and will command the entire Republic army."

"Do you wish for me to kill him my master." Dooku asked.

"Yes, we must act swiftly. He knows who I am and knows our goals. we must stop him before he can stop us." Sidious said.

"It will be done my lord." Dooku acknowledged, bowing his head.

"You must be swift and also cautious. He is as powerful as Master Yoda and Master Windu combined. Do not take him likely." Sidious warned.

"As you wish, my master." Dooku said.

Sidious then cut the transmission and sat back in his chair, thinking of ways to kill Potter.

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