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Chapter 4

Entering the Council Chambers, Harry took off his helmet and held it in the crook of his arm. Bowing slightly to the occupants of the room, which had the same number of people as yesterday, with the exception of Anakin, who he brought along seeing as Anakin was who the Chancellor spoke most to. As everyone waited for what Harry was about to speak, he thought about everything that had transpired in the office and his thoughts on it.

On one hand the fact that a Sith Lord was literally sitting right under the Jedi's noses, was both hilarous and also concerning. It was clear to Harry that the Sith had changed thier ways from being open about being a Sith to them hiding in plain sight. While it was a brilliant move, he knew for a fact that many of the Sith in time past would be rolling in thier graves to see how far their followers had fallen. He remembered leading an entire battalion of Sith against a Republic fortress on the dessert world of Jakku.

What was concerning was the plan that Sidious had to wipe out the Jedi. Using the Clone Wars to hide your real agenda by slowly whittling their numbers, and when they were at their weakest, crush them in one swift strike. While it was a brilliant idea, there were a lot of variables that had to be taken into consideration, something he was sure that Palpatine had thought of. But Harry doubted that even Palpatine could thought of an ancient Jedi Master being brought into the present and unraveling his plan before he was ready.

Something that brought a smile to Harry's face.

"Something amusing, is there Master Potter?" Master Yoda asked.

"Just finding out that the Chancellor is the Sith Lord that you've been looking for and that I am now a major threat to his plans." Harry said, grinning like a mad man.

"What!" was everyone's response to that piece of information as many of the Council members began to whisper among themselves.

"That can't be true! The Chancellor is a good man. And even if he were the Sith Lord, then we would have found out about it." Anakin said, defending Palpatine.

"Allow me to show you the evidence." Harry said as he pressed a few buttons on his wrist and immediately a hologram of the Chancellor and Harry's private meeting was shown to the whole council.

As everyone began to leave, Harry stayed in his place, waiting for everyone to leave. Once the door had closed behind Anakin, Harry pressed a button on his wrist, activating the recording device that he had on his armour, allowing for video and audio recording. He cleared his throat, which seemed to startle the Chancellor, but Harry was not fooled. He saw the questioning, yet calculating eyes of Palpatine narrow for just a second, before going back to normal.

"Yes, Master Potter. Is there something you wish to speak about?" he asked, not moving from his position.

"You have some very interesting pieces of decoration Chancellor. Those artifacts were only made a few times, for very very special people." Harry commented. "Not only that, but they only come from one planet."

"Well yes. I was gifted them when I was made Chancellor." Palpatine stated.

"Perhaps. Or perhaps you brought them here to mask your presence. These artifacts come from the Sith homeworld, Korriban." Harry stated. "The question then lies, with why you have them in your office."

"Excuse me. But are you insinuating that i am a Sith!" Palpatine asked indignantly.

"No. You are." Harry stated. "Now tell me, Sith. Who are you? You could hide from the Jedi all you like, but i can sense the Dark Side in you, as clear as any one can if they have used the Dark Side."

"Very Well, Jedi." Palpatine spat, his voice getting lower. "I am a Sith. I am Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith."

As he said this, Palpatine unleashed his full power of the Dark Side, bathing the room in it's oppressive force. Harry could in fact feel it pushing against him, whispering power to him. Yet Harry simply ignored them and simply stood there, arms crossed.

"Impressive. Most impressive." He commented. "But allow me to show the true power of the Force."

As he said this, Harry unleashed his full power against Palpatine's. His power, that of both the Light and Dark Side of the Force flowing out of him, his aura shining like the sun, seemingly blinding Palpatine as he felt the Force in it's truest form. As the power washed throughout the room, the aura that Harry exerted was so powerful it drove the darkness away from the room.

As Palpatine stumbled back he asked. "Who are you Jedi?"

Reigning his aura back until it was back to normal, Harry placed his helmet upon his head and answered. "I've faced the most powerful of Jedi, Sith and Mandalorians. I've defeated armies of Mandalorians and the Dark Side and helped to nearly bring the galaxy under an Empire that stretched into the depths of Wild Space to the very borders of the Republic! I've killed the Sith Emperor in single combat and defeated Revan and his army. I am Jedi Master Harry Potter, and YOU, Darth Sidious are no match against me."

"We shall see, Jedi!" Palpatine said.

"Indeed we shall." Harry said, grabbing his lightsaber but not activating it. "Seeing as how i know that you are a Sith Lord, your obvious plan is to wipe out the Jedi and take over the Republic. This war will help you in diminishing their numbers, but even you know that that will not be enough to destroy them. So how?"

Palpatine said nothing, only narrowing his eyes at him in hate, their eyes no longer blue but Sith yellow.

"Ah, so that's it, isn't it." Harry said, coming to a realization. "You plan to use the Clones to murder the Jedi. You won't do it now, despite the Jedi being weakened, I will say that they will come out on top. That would reveal you hand to early."

"The time of the Sith has come. The Jedi will be wiped out and once more the Sith will rule the galaxy." Palpatine proclaimed, sneering at him.

"Not yet." Harry said.

"You cannot stop this. I play both sides of this war and i can control the outcome of it. I could send my apprentice to destroy an entire medical facility and leave it defenseless at the same time." Palpatine said. "There is nothing you can do to stop what has already begun."

"We shall see." Harry said, turning around and leaving Palpatine's office, deactivating his recorder.

As soon as the recording was finished, every single occupant barring, Anakin, Obi Wan and Mace Windu were talking quite loudly. Many of them were asking why Harry never tried to bring him in or why he did not immediately inform them that the Chancellor was the Sith Lord.

"ENOUGH!" Yoda spoke loudly, silencing everyone. "Allow Master Potter to speak we will. Know why he did not bring Chancellor Palpatine in we must."

"Thank you Master Yoda." Harry said, nodding towards the small green Grand Master. "The only reason that I did not bring him for his crimes, is simply because that, while he admitted to both being a Sith Lord and playing both sides of the war, we can't bring him. At least not without some form of hard evidence." He explained.

"What about that recording, is that not sufficient proof?" Windu asked.

"To some, perhaps. But not to the Senate. Being a Sith Lord has not been illegal since before the Hundred Year Darkness. So we can't bring him in for that as the Senate would just see it a Jedi issue. To bring Palpitate in for treason against the Republic, we would need to get confirmation from the Separatist leaders themselves, saying that Palpatine is the one that started the Clone Wars."

"That won't be easy, Nute Gunray would be a difficult person to catch due to the fact that he is so heavily guarded. As for Count Dooku, he is another problem entirely." Obi Wan commented.

"I will deal with Count Dooku, the capture of Nute Gunray however comes secondary. Once we have Dooku, he will tell us where Gunray is hiding." Harry said.

"Are you sure Master Potter? Dooku is not an easy opponent to face." Anakin asked, still shocked over the fact that the man he trusted was the Sith Lord.

"Very much so. If Palpatine is going to act as I know he will, he is going to send his apprentice to deal with me." Harry explained.

Suddenly a beeping was heard from his wrist, where his communicator was. Pressing the answer button, Harry heard his wife's voice on the other line.

"Harry, you might want to come to the ship. I've got some Clones trying to enter the ship. They say their here under the Chancellor's orders." Mission said.

"I'm on my way." Harry replied, shutting off his communicator and running out of the Council Chambers and towards the Hangers, Anakin and Obi Wan in pursuit.

Barging into the Hangers, harry saw his wife at the loading ramp blocking the passageway into the ship with T3 beside her, his blaster out and aimed at the Clones, who were standing in front of her. One batch of them seemed to have red marking on their shoulder pads, chest and helmet, marking them as the Courscant Guards. Another group of four had a different color scheme with their armor being black instead of white, with their shoulder pad, upper chest and helmet having dark grey markings with red highlights, similar to his own armor color scheme. They even had a pauldron on their shoulders, denoting them as ARC Troopers.

Marching towards his ship, Harry begin to hear the conversation a little better.

"Ma'am, with all due respect, we are here at the behest at of the Chancellor. He says that he wants an inspection of the ship." One of the guards said, this one clearly the leader as his helmet as different from the others.

"And with all due respect, soldier. This is my ship and I don't care if the Chancellor comes here himself, no one is allowed to do any inspection without myself or my husband's approval." Mission replied, arms crossed over her chest.

"You heard her Fox. She's not going to allow anyone into the ship." one of the clones from the other batch said.

Clearly Fox did not like this as he shook his head. "Ma'am, we have permission to enter with force if we are not allowed to inspect the ship." he said.

"And what right does the Chancellor have to inspect my ship? and for what purpose may I ask." Hary asked as he stood behind the group.

"High General!" all the clones greeted, saluting.

"At ease men. Now tell me, why are you here to inspect my ship?" Harry repeated.

"We are here on orders from the Chancellor, High General. He says that since this ship is old, he wants to be sure that there are no hidden artifacts that could be dangerous." Fox stated.

"That has got to be the most ridicules thing i have ever heard." Harry replied. "Ask General Kenobi or Skywalker. They can tell you that there were no artifacts that could be dangerous. Tell the Chancellor that he is not allowed to have any voice in Jedi affairs. On orders from the High General."

"I'm sorry sir, but the Chancellor is of higher rank than you sir." Fox said, shaking his head.

"You'll find that in times of war, the position of High General supersedes all others and that only a medical officer outranks myself in terms of health." Harry argued back.

Fox said nothing before nodding and ordering his men to leave. As they left, the other group of clones simply stood there, waiting to be addressed. Finally Harry and the others turned to the other group.

"And who are you?" Harry asked.

"ARC Trooper Commander Vorn, High General. With me are ARC troopers Canon, Styx and Prime." Commander Vorn introduced.

"And might I ask why you are here?" Harry asked.

"We've been ordered by Kamino to be placed under your direct command, sir." Vorn answered.

Harry raised an eyebrow at that answer, considering that ARC Troopers were considered the best soldiers on the front line, just below the Republic Commandos. To have one or two ARC Troopers was a blessing, but to have four as part of your team is overkill. "Any particular reason for this?"

Vorn shook his head. "Sorry sir, all i know is that since your the High General, you were given command us."

"Considering that my appointment of High General was only yesterday, with the only ones knowing being the Jedi Council. The question then becomes, how you managed to get here so quickly." Harry stated.

"We were not stationed at Kamino sir. We were already in Corascant when the orders came." Styx replied.

"And just who gave you those orders?" Harry asked.

"The orders, from me they came." Master Yoda's voice sounded out.

"Master Yoda? Might i ask why you decided to give me field command with four ARC Troopers, who could be better served on the front lines?" Harry asked.

"Special Forces you will need, to take down Count Dooku. Chosen these four were, to aid you in your mission." Master Yoda explained. "A question if i may?"

"Of course." Harry replied.

"To find Dooku, how will you?" Master Yoda asked.

"Simple, we're going to Serenno." Harry replied.

"But that's deep in Seperatist territory! How will you get there undetected?" Anakin asked.

"Best you not know the details. Anyway, the sooner we get to capturing Dooku, the better." Harry said as he begun to board the ramp while Mission and T3 prepped the engines while the four ARC Troopers also boarded.

As the ramp closed and the ship began it's final preparations for launch, Harry gave the ARC Troopers a tour of his ship. They were currently in the main War Room, where communication with the wider galaxy via hologram could be accessed. It also acted as a real time battlefield report on where everyone was. The room also acted as a place where one could relax and enjoy some light reading.

He showed them where the medical bay was, with the newly installed equipment. In the medical bay was a Bacta tank, alongside an assortment of vaccines, medpacks and a bed for a patient to lie on. He then showed them the Cargo hold, where they would keep any items that needed to be transported. It also came with a weapons rack where they could place any extra weapons that they did not need. After showing them the Cargo Hold, Harry brought them to their rooms where they would be staying.

Once they were settled in, Harry made his way towards the cockpit and helped to steer the ship out of the hanger and out into the sky.

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