The Wild Nor'Wester, commonly known as the Express, is a long heavy passenger train that crosses over from Sodor to the Mainland. Gordon normally pulls it, but James, Henry, or Bear take over when Gordon is unavailable. Once the train reaches the station at the end of the line, one of the Mainland engines takes over and pulls it to London.

Gordon once took the Express to London after an engine from the Other Railway derailed. He was called upon to pull the Express all the way to London, but was disappointed that the station was not King's Cross as he had argued with Duck, but St. Pancras.

This time, the same thing happened. The engine who was scheduled to take over the Express derailed on the way to the station, and Gordon got to go to London again. James and Henry were quite cross to see Gordon depart, having witnessed the derailment while arranging their own trains.

In London, Gordon got the expected audience from awaiting passengers. Then, he went off to the shed for a rest. As he backed down into his berth, a large red engine beside him spoke up.

"So, the famous Gordon returns!"

"Excuse me?" replied Gordon. He had never seen this engine before.

"Pardon me. Name's Olton. Big fan of you Sudrian engines. I was on a run up to Scotland last time you came, but word traveled fast that you made the trip from Sodor."

Gordon was flattered. He liked that this engine, who's red paint gleamed as bright as James', knew his important position.

"What do you do here, Olton?" asked Gordon.

"I pull a special Express up to Scotland…" started Olton, but Gordon interrupted.

"What do you mean by 'special'?" asked Gordon. To him, the most "special" train of all was the Wild Nor'Wester.

"This Express is for young wizarding students who go to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft an Wizardry".

"Bah!" huffed Gordon. "Wizards don't exist!" He was started to get fed up with this engine.

"They do so!" said Olton. "Being a Sudrian engine, you should know that magic exists. It also exists for a select few people, but they become wizards and witches."

And Olton told Gordon all about British wizards, and how he was chosen to pull the Hogwarts Express. Gordon scoffed and argued until he was as blue as his livery, when a man appeared approached the quarreling engines. He wore long silver robes, had a long white beard, and carried a long wooden wand in his hand.

"Magic does exist Gordon," said the man. "Sir Topham Hatt and I like to discuss magic as much as you and Olton, but much more quietly, lest the other Muggles overhear."

"That's Professor Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts," whispered Olton to Gordon. "He's the most powerful wizard in the world!"

"Well…Professor," stammered Gordon, "if wizards do exist, why isn't there any proof of your magic?"

"Look at your paintwork, Gordon," Dumbledore answered, as he flicked his wand.

Gordon looked behind him and gasped. His paint was changing from blue to green, to red, then to black, as if by magic!

"Sir, what did you do?" gasped Gordon. "I can't go around changing colours all the time! Blue is the only colour for me!"

"I just introduced you to wizard magic, Gordon," replied the bearded wizard. "Blue truly is the only colour for you, I agree with you there," he added, and flicked his wand again. Gordon's livery returned to his natural blue, and he sighed with relief.

Gordon stared as Dumbledore left with a twirl of his robes and quick wink. He was now starting to believe that there was such a thing as wizardry. He asked Olton question after question until it was dark. The old engine needed his rest, because he had to pull the Hogwart's Express the next day.

But that night, Olton felt ill. He coughed incessantly, and his boiler shuddered. Gordon tried to sleep, but it was very difficult.