Taken out of time

Thrown into a world he didn't understand

The mother who loved him, dead and gone

The sister who accepted him, scattered in the wind

A broken promise filled his heart with hate

A grudge for him to hold endlessly

When the time came for him to step up

He accepted it with no fear

If he died it would t be the worst.

It's not like anyone cared anyway

Plunged into the darkness.

His worst fear come to life.

Monsters at every corner

Roads that led him into more danger.

Wait. Wait.


It seemed like years

But was only days

Lost again.

In a world where no one would accept him.

A world that was destined to hate him.

He watched them fall.

And he was powerless

They plunged in unwillingly

And he did nothing to help.

"Lead them." Was Percy's plea

and agree He does.

He owed him, yet again

Leading a group to certain death

With no evidence they'll survive.

He makes it,

Revealing his secret along the way.

One of his secrets anyway

He has so many


They come out together

Taking a poison dagger to his heart

Twisting it faster as they tell their stories

Living through hell together

Yet they shared a burden.

He had no one.


Begrudgingly taking a quest

It could cause his death

Yet he accepts yet again

With no fear

He shares his burden

Gains friends,

but he still keeps himself hidden

Hidden from the world.

He tells himself it's impossible

To feel that way about someone

To be happy.

Maybe he should leave

Hide himself further

And no one will know

The real struggles he had

The things he went through.

there is so much he still hasn't said

Anne he probably never will

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