Honeydale 01

Author's notes; the idea is Touma and Othinus are together, but otherwise follow the stations of canon to a point. Involves lemony contents.


Kamijou Touma woke up with a groan. His eyes found the ceiling, the bed, and then the person beside him. Blonde hair cascaded down her petite body. He trailed a forefinger down her smooth back, focusing on her spine.

"Mhm... Human..." Othinus spoke in her sleep.

The blanket was the only thing that covered their modesty. As much as Touma wanted to hold her and drown himself in her warmth, he had a tight schedule. He got out of the bed, ignored the TV he forgot to turn off last night, picked up his clothes, and went to the bathroom. He emerged a few minutes later, good as new. He left the old clothes at the hamper. Covered in only a towel, he ambled to the closet for a fresh set of clothes.

"I like what I see," Othinus said behind him. He glanced at the large bed. She sat up, one hand holding the red sheets over her modesty. Her green eye hungrily observed his form. Her right eye was covered by an eyepatch, and he never did get the story on how she obtained the accessory.

He rolled his eyes.

"What do you want for breakfast?" He asked.


"Other than me."

"Do I have to?" She asked in a teasing tone. He ignored her widening grin as he changed in front of her. They've seen each other naked, so this was nothing.

Othinus purchased the dormitory Touma lived in when she decided to stay with him that day. What he mistook for a beautiful foreigner was actually a very wealthy girl, who sometimes affectionately calls him human.

"Can't believe you made a door between my dorm and the next," he said. She turned his place into her bedroom, and the next room over became a part of their 'house'. Othinus shrugged.

"My property," she said with a shrug and left the bed. It was his turn to watch her greedily as she sauntered towards him. Her alluring smile and nubile body left him a gaping idiot. Her hand squeezed his chest, and with a wink she took the towel.

Touma did not watch her sashaying towards the bathroom. Especially not her ass. Nor did he blush when she caught him with a smirk as she closed the door.

Touma released a breath. His knees felt weak. He leaned his back against the wall beside the closet for support. "Damn it... I thought I'm over this."

"I do not need that this early in the morning," he said, referring to his little excitement. He reminisced about the good old days. How he and his lover met...

"You Aquarii born between January 20th and February 18th have the greatest luck in love, work, and money! No matter how incredibly improbable things may get, only good things will happen, so how about you go play the lottery!? But no matter how popular you may be, don't try dating three or four girls at the same time."

Touma turned off the TV. He can't believe he left that on since last night. Then again, given his activities... He can be forgiven.

It was July 20th, the first day of summer vacation.

The entire bedroom that was formerly the entirety of Touma's dorm was covered in red. Red mats, red curtains, red painted wall, and even red bed sheets. A portrait hung on the wall above the television. It held the picture of Touma and Othinus smiling, holding hands in blue and pink winter clothes. Snowflakes were frozen into the air of the photo. The white backdrop consisted entirely of snow.

That was when they took a vacation to Germany. He met Othinus' extended family... Which consisted solely of her butlers and maids. She didn't have any living blood relative, she told him.

And then left him a stuttering fool when she added on her plan of making some with him.

"Honestly, that girl..." Touma scratched his head, folding his spiky hair against his hand. He wore a blue shirt, black shorts and slippers. Comfort clothes. He didn't even feel the air conditioner anymore. He got used to it after living with Othinus for nearly a month in Germany.

Touma opened the screen door to the balcony. He needed some fresh air. A blue sky, white futon, and students on the streets below greeted his view. Touma wondered if he should introduce Othinus to his parents. Things were getting serious between them, and he was worried he might've gotten her pregnant with their constant activities. Despite being a high school student he wasn't worried about the financial needs. Othinus took care of that.

What he was worried about was the responsibility of taking care of a child. He imagined a miniature version of Othinus demanding his attention every moment of the day. "I wonder..."

Touma blinked. White futon?

"I'm hungry," White Futon said.

He noticed she had green eyes.


"So you're a magician?" Touma asked.

"Yup. That's right!" Index said, twirling her fork. "And my name is Index."

"Um, you've already told me that?" Touma counted his fingers. "Like, three times?"

"And don't you forget it."

They were at the lounge room. Originally another dorm separated by a wall from his. Othinus renovated it. Now there were two black armchairs where they seated in and a red couch facing the electric fireplace. The walls were painted brown with lines that mimicked wood.

A glass table was between them. Index helped herself on some apple pies imported directly from an American company. She had long silver hair, white skin, and wore a nun's habit.

"You don't seem surprised though," she said.

"My girlfriend's a magician," Touma said.

"Indeed I am," Othinus said. She emerged from the kitchen area, separated from the dining room by a white counter and from the lounge room with a white door.

Othinus wore a frilly red tank top with ruffles in the chest area, and red pajama shorts. In other words, she left a lot of skin bare. Her eye caught him staring, and her straight lip curved into a smile. She enjoys him appreciating her body just as much as she appreciates his. She said so after one of their activities, which immediately turned him on into another round.

She sat on the armchair, above Touma's arm. He blushed. His hand reached her legs. She squeezed his shoulder. He looked up. She leaned forward and kissed his lips. "Breakfast was lovely, Touma."

He blushed. It was just bacon and eggs.

"Really?" Index asked. "Maybe you can help me. I need to get to the Anglican Church-"

Othinus raised a hand. "Silence."

Index frowned.

"Before you speak anything else, might I remind you of the uninitiated?" She jerked her thumb at Touma.

"Huh?" Index's nose wiggled. Touma found it cute.

"It's alright, I get it. You magicians aren't supposed to bring normal people into this conflict or else the Secret Cabal will wipe out everyone that learns of the existence of magic."

Index gaped at him.

"That is right," Othinus said. Her voice was solemn. She didn't even look at him. Touma understood her worries. She must've wanted to share her secrets with him but chose not to.

"Um, y-yeah." Index forced a wrinkled smile and gave a thumbs up. "That totally exists."

"I know," Touma said. Othinus rubbed the back of his head.

"Don't you have school to attend to?" Othinus asked.

"What happened to you taking care of me?" Touma asked. "You going back on that?"

She snorted. "Please. School's just for show. I know you go there to hang out with your friends. As much as I desire monopolizing your attention, it wouldn't be fair to you now would it?"

Her smile brightened his day. With another kiss, Touma left the lounge area.

"Bye Touma!" Index's voice followed the entryway.

"See you later, Index."

"Later?" she parroted him. He closed the door. In the bedroom he rummaged the closet for his uniform. After changing he went to school.


The suited man was checking the registrar after having served their drinks.

"So you're cutting classes?" Mikoto asked. They were at the counter in a bar that was owned by Othinus' company. Mikoto swished the white straw of her lemon juice. Touma took a sip from his.

He shrugged. "Othinus is having some girl time with someone else."

Mikoto wasa middle school girl with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a gray pleated skirt, a short sleeved blouse, and a summer sweater.

"Hey, aren't you a little too young for this place?" A bartender asked, having emerged from the hallway and immediately honing on them after seeing their appearance. A bunch of kids in an adult's place. That was a little off-putting. Mikoto he could understand, but wasn't Touma a little old to be kicked out with her?

The suited man tapped the bartender's shoulder. "Manager? What is it, boss?"

"That young man is the partner of this bar's owner. And that girl is the #3 Level 5. It would be best to let them be."

"Y-yes sir." The bartender nodded at the manager's words, and forced a smile when his eyes met Touma's.

Touma waved him off. The bartender sighed with visible relief.

"Wow. You do not hesitate to abuse your girlfriend's powers, you gold digger," Mikoto said, smiling cheekily as she teased him.

Touma ignored her words. She liked provoking him, for some odd reason. Always goading him into a fight.

"So where's your girlfriend?"

"Hanging out with Index."

"The book?"

"The person. Hey, remember when we met? You were hanging out with 'her' at the time while I was on a date with Othinus. It was a double date," Touma said. His voice was clouded with good memories of the past. He met her and the other girl by chance. At least, that's what he believed until Mikoto panicked and insisted she was teleported from her previous location.

The teleportation incident was never explained. But he was thankful for having met them both.

Mikoto's cheeks blushed furiously. "I keep telling you I was not dating Misaki! That girl can go to hell for all I care!"

"Was? So you're dating her now?"

"Listen here you insufferable prick..."

He snickered and ignored her shaking fist sparking with blue electricity.

He tuned out her insults and growls, focusing instead on two other customers that entered the bar. A Caucasian red haired man in a black church habit was followed by an Asian voluptuous girl in a T-shirt and jeans. The first thing he noticed was their height.

The man had a bar-code tattoo under his right eye, silver rings glinting from his fingers and piercings on his ears. Touma wondered if he was the American version of a delinquent.

The girl had black hair tied to a ponytail. The lower part of the girl's shirt was tied off, showing her midriff. Her left jean was cut up to the base of her thigh. A two meter Japanese sword was sheathed and hung down from her holster.

Wow, she's very pretty, he thought.

"Um, thank you," she said and looked away. A blush covered her face.

"Nice going, genius," Mikoto sardonically said beside Touma.

"Shut it, pipsqueak or I'll kick you out of the club."

The red haired man laughed and nudged her shoulder with his. "Fancy that, Kanzaki. We just arrived in this city and you've already got a fan."

'Kanzaki' scowled. "Stiyl, would you shut up? My sword hasn't been drawn just yet. Don't make me start now."

He chuckled and the two took a seat on the black stools beside them. 'Stiyl', the red haired man gave Touma a cheery grin. "So I'm guessing you're one of the espers in this city? Aren't you a little too young to be in this pub?"

"My girlfriend owns this place so..." He shrugged and took a sip of his drink.

Stiyl looked behind Touma. "That little girl?"

"I'm not his girlfriend!" Mikoto denied from the deepest pits of her heart.

"So you're already cheating on her with another girl? Quite brave aren't you!"

Touma pinched the bridge of his nose as Mikoto continued defending herself against Stiyl's light teases.

"Bartender, a Bushmills Irish Whiskey for me and a pale ale for my friend." Stiyl dropped some pounds on the counter.

"Sorry guys, this place only accepts yen," the bartender said.

"Oh? A shame."

"Told you we should've brought some yen," Kanzaki said, leaning close enough that her lips could almost touch Stiyl's ear as she squeezed his wrist. He groaned before she released him.

"It's on me," Touma said, "Put it in my tab."

"Yes, boss. Irish Whiskey and pale ale coming right up."

While the bartender started working on their drinks, Stiyl nodded at Touma appreciatively. "Thanks for the save, kid."

"Please stop calling me kid. My name's Touma." He jerked his thumb at Mikoto. "She's the middle school student here."

Mikoto, who was busy texting someone at the time, scowled and flicked his ear with a jolt of electricity.

"Stop treating me like a kid," she said.

"That stings, Mikoto." Touma covered his ear with one hand.

"Why pale beer? You never let me try anything." Touma overheard Kanzaki complaining to her companion as their drinks were served.

"Because you have low tolerance? We've got a job to do, so I'd like at least one of us to be in our best behavior."

She groaned. "Stiyl, give me something stronger. I need something to relieve my stress."

"Not while we're on the job." She flicked his ear. He yelped.

"So, is Misaki coming here or not?" Touma asked, returning his focus to Mikoto.

She shrugged. "That girl's always plotting something and roping us in her misadventures. Maybe this time we'll catch a break but I doubt it." She struck Touma's chest with her forefinger. "And look at you, corrupting two innocent middle school students into cutting class!"

He raised a brow. "I thought you didn't have classes today?"

If he learned he was becoming a bad influence on her he might have to cut ties for a while.

Mikoto swiveled her stool, crossed her leg, and gave him the meanest glare she could muster. It looked like a pout. Touma pinched her cheek.

"Stop it!" Mikoto slapped his hand away.

"I'm sorry. You just looked so cute," he said, thinking of a puppy.

"R-really?" She fiddled her fingers as she looked at her lap.

"Um, really. So are you cutting classes, Mikoto? You know I wouldn't have called either of you if I'd known I was bad influence on you girls."

Her glare returned. "I keep telling you I'm not cutting classes! The teachers decided to reward us with a break today. For some odd reason. It was around the time Misaki participated in a gala for a charity event with our teachers..."

Mikoto groaned, covering her face with her palm. "Touma, I think Misaki's controlling the school. Would explain why we keep acing our tests despite having less time to study."

"That doesn't good," Touma said, feeling a shiver crawl up his skin. If Misaki's abusing her power because of him, then he had to put an end to it. But how? Most of her puppets run out autopilot. Looks like he has no choice but to tell Misaki to release the teachers from her power or else he'll stop being her friend.

Then again... Othinus did tell him to be more lenient with growing girls.

"I'll tell Othinus about this. She can solve it." Touma groaned and slouched on the counter.

"That's a good idea! Your girlfriend's way more competent than you are, so Misaki's bound to listen to her."

Touma pulled out his phone and texted Othinus on Misaki's mind games. Hopefully Othinus could sort her out. He shuddered to think of a world controlled by a blonde haired girl. That would be unthinkable!

"Hope it's enough," Touma said.

"Found her," Stiyl muttered.

Touma glanced from his phone the same Stiyl looked away from his.

"Girl problems?" Touma asked.

Stiyl laughed. "You have no idea."

"Have you found Index?" Kanzaki asked, standing behind Stiyl and looking ready to go.

Touma frowned.

Othinus sent a message of her own. He began reading.

"Index has pursuers. They're going to kill her."

Mikoto read the message, heard Index's name, recalled his earlier words, and widened her eyes in surprise.

"Yeah." Stiyl stood up, tapped Touma's shoulder and said, "Thanks for the drink, Touma."

"No problem, Stiyl. Oh, and Stiyl?"

"Yeah?" He was too distracted with his phone, so he didn't see the fist that decked his face.

Kanzaki wasn't as distracted. She grabbed Stiyl's torso with strength greater than her tender limbs displayed, carrying him from the spear of electricity that scorched the floor. Blue tiles exploded, hitting nearly tables, chairs and walls.

Kanzaki leaped through the air, kicking one table towards Touma's location as she retreated further. The table blasted towards him, hitting him straight in the stomach and throwing his back against the counter. He gasped for air.

"Touma!" Mikoto searched for wounds, found none, and scowled at their enemy. Crackling sound of static electricity resonated from her fists, and surged through her entire body. A number of lightning spears shot out from Mikoto's bangs. Deafening sounds and blinding light broke his sense of direction.

The wall was shattered. Light seeped through the hole. Debris and small bouts of flame could be seen on the other side.

But Kanzaki did not take a single hit. She still carried her partner. She kicked another table, this time aimed at Mikoto. With supernatural strength supporting her bare leg the table blasted through the air. If it met Mikoto's body it would've pulverized her completely.

Mikoto pushed her arms forward, as if to stop the attack with her limbs. Static electricity crackled against the blow. Like it was an extension of her limbs, the moment Mikoto's arms made a throwing motion the table was propeled to the side, damaging more property.

"Mikoto, look out!" Even as he warned her Touma forced himself to stand up. Stiyl was beyond his view, but Kanzaki was right in front of them. She used the table merely as a distraction. She spun through the air, prepared to deliver a kick with what he assumed was superhuman strength.

Mikoto grinned. She pulled her arm back, fingers closing as if to weave invisible strings towards her. Tables, chairs, and other metallic objects all congregated into a shell of steel. Kanzaki's foot dented the shell, but did little else.

Bluish-white sparks flew from her bangs. A tremendous roar rang out. The metallic shell below Kanzaki was blown away. It tore through the ceiling of the two story building, creating a skylight as it disappeared from his view.

"Isn't that overkill?" Touma asked.

Mikoto shrugged. "It was self defense."

Still, they needed to look for Kanzaki. She may be an enemy that might hurt Touma's guest, but she didn't deserve the beating Mikoto gave her.

"Nanasen!" The roof above them shattered and fell. Touma saw a shadow of their enemy, nodachi glinting with the light of the sun, as she tore through the rooftop and let the debris take them.

Sand generated from Mikoto's feet, her fingertips, and her hair. It was iron sand. The iron sand formed a black sword in her hand, which shot into the air with serpentine movements where it ruthlessly destroyed the falling pieces of rubble.

Again, Kanzaki used it as a distraction. Her nodachi glinting with light was waved into an arc. Mikoto's own black iron sword raised to meet it. Another explosion blinded Touma from the fight.

When his eyes opened Kanzaki stood imposingly a few meters away from him. Mikoto stood in front of him defiantly, ready to protect him with her life.

Their fighting styles were different. Mikoto simply stood still and concentrated, with her sword splitting into thinner blades that tried to either cut through her enemy's defenses or devour Kanzaki whole.

Against all logic, Kanzaki's sword was repelling the iron sand with nothing more than her swordplay, slicing through the air with speed beyond humanly possible. Mikoto's free hand shot out as if to grab Kanzaki's sword, electricity crackling from her palm with the movement.

For a moment Kanzaki's eyes widened in surprise, and Mikoto's lips grinned in triumph.

Seven steel wires wrapped around her open arm.

"That was a mistake," Kanzaki said. The wires tightened. Mikoto groaned against the pain. A mettalic object flew behind Kanzaki, making her glance back in alarm. The object flew past her, into Mikoto's hand.

Mikoto gritted her teeth, moved her thumb, and fired the Railgun. The coin could move at three times the speed of sound, and the friction gave it an orange glow.

Kanzaki took her attack at point blank range. Normally, Mikoto wouldn't even think of using her special attack this close to an enemy, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

A great noise exploded from Kanzaki's body.

She flew through the air. Mikoto screamed in pain as she was dragged alongside the enemy. The steel wires resisted her own abilities and forced her to experience a new form of pain that nearly tore her arm from its socket.

The two girls flew through the wall beside the front door, destroying the wall, as they crashed through a lamp post, a car, and into the opposite building across the road.

Touma was already running towards them. Pedestrians panicked and ran from the destructive fight.

Dead, they were both dead. That was all he imagined as he ignored the debris, scattered shards, and brokwn property that spread throughout the street. It was a miracle bystanders weren't hurt.

The crater he found relieved him of his stress.

Mikoto was bruised, her head bleeding, her uniform ripped, but she was still breathing. Kanzaki took the brunt of the damage, almost like she shielded Mikoto from further harm even as they fought, if Kanzaki's arm wrapped around Mikoto's body was any indication.

Kanzaki was also damaged. Bruises in her cheeks, cuts in her skin, the blood drooling from her mouth, and her burned clothes revealed the damage she took.

"You are one durable girl, Kanzaki," Touma said, shaking his head with a sigh.

"She's a Saint for a reason." Stiyl's voice spoke behind him. "Kenaz."

Touma turned around, right hand protecting his body from a flaming sword. The moment it touched his right arm it lost shape and exploded in all directions like a volcano.

They were either espers like him or magicians like Othinus and Index. He didn't know if Stiyl's tier was like Kanzaki's who could go toe to toe with the #3 level 5. If so then he needed to end this quickly. Otherwise he's going to get pulverized.

Touma's right hand reached out, grabbing Stiyl's neck. His left hand clenched into a fist and punched Stiyl repeatedly. As long as Touma kept his hand on Stiyl's body the enemy wouldn't be able to use their supernatural abilities.

Even through the beating Stiyl received he managed to grin with bloody teeth. "You're not... Like her…" He said, referring to Mikoto.

Stiyl's arm striked beneath Touma. It held a broken shard from the glass that served Stiyl's drink. It probably shattered during Mikoto and Kanzaki's battle.

It dug into Touma's skin. He felt his pierced body heat up where the shard dug into his flesh. His blood slid through the shard. Stiyl smiled despite the swelling on his face, spitting blood on Touma's cheek as he twisted the shard in Touma's body.

"Hhnn!" Touma tasted copper in his mouth. "Fuuuck!"

His hands clenched Stiyl's face. His head pulled back, and then smacked into Stiyl's nose. Stiyl released his hold on the shard and fell into the street.

Touma clutched the wounded part of his body. He needed help. He needed a teleporter. He reached for his cellphone, sighing jubilantly when he found it intact in his pocket. He turned towards Mikoto's location, ready to pull her out of the crater.

That was when all hope disappeared from his chest.

Kanzaki forced herself up through sheer willpower. She clenched her fists, gave a pained growl, and gave him one nasty glare.

He was wounded. He wasn't sure he could fight here at his best, and definitely not at his worst. But he wasn't the only one wounded.

Kanzaki was breathing heavily. She took the full brunt of Mikoto's attack. Despite the facade she gave she must be hurting too. And she wasn't even carrying her sword. Perhaps she was too tired to hold it.

Despite the painful wound in his body and his protesting legs, Touma raised his fists. Ready to fight.

He ran towards her, adrenaline fuelling his body. He howled a battle cry and threw a fist, delivering a blow to her face. He was going to give another, but she blocked his second hit and threw a punch of her own.

Touma's nose shattered against her fist. His body smacked to the ground. His head bounced on the ground. Dark spots filled his vision.

"Stiyl, you alright?" Kanzaki asked her partner.

"Been better," he said through pained gasps. "Help. We need leave before backup arrives."

She nodded tersely, taking a step towards him. After she retrieves her sword they needed to hide and lick their wounds.

"Impressive. You have earned my ire with your fighting abilities." The honey blonde girl with doll-like features in her face hissed as she raised a hand covered in long goves, pointing a remote at Kanzaki.

Before Kanzaki could react Shokuhou Misaki pressed a button in her remote.

All sense of will vanished from Kanzaki and Stiyl's eyes.

A moment later they were covered in greenish white light, and burst into flecks that vanished with the wind.

"Bastards!" She dropped her remote, uncaring if it broke as it fell, and rushed towards Touma's beaten body. Her knee socks and tight looking uniform might've hindered her some other day, but blind panic gave her speed she never thought she had.

"Stay with me you buffoon!" She knelt and pulled his unconscious body into her lap.

"Misaki?" He asked in a strained voice.

She nodded, smiling even as tears fell from her eyes. "It's fine. You have great healing abilities. You should brush this off."

He gave a pained laugh that made her flinch.

"Guess…" He coughed. "Cutting classes h-has its worth."

"Yeah. Stay with me, Touma." Her hand squeezed his.

"Yeah…" He closed his eyes and let darkness take him.


Mikoto woke up. She found a white ceiling with blinding light that made her cover her eyes. She sat up, found her body donning a white shirt, and tried to recall her memories.

The last thing she remembered was that woman, Kanzaki, dragging her into the opposite building across the street.

Her body that was supposed to be hurting all over didn't feel any pain at all.

Mikoto looked at her bandaged arm. If it was wounded, then how come she didn't feel anything when she squeezed it?

"Best not use your curious ability," Misaki said as she entered their room.

Mikoto shrugged. "What did you do?"

Misaki winked, pressed her forefinger to her lips, and said, "It's a secret."

Mikoto looked at her stupid starry eyes, then to her large chest, scowled, and focused on the white wall facing the bed.

"I didn't think there people that strong, Misaki. I thought we were the only level 5's."

Misaki tilted her head. She ambled to the bed, knelt by the bedside and pulled Mikoto's hand in hers. Their fingers interlaced and she squeezed Mikoto's hand. Mikoto smiled and returned the gesture.

"You had me worried there," Misaki said. "I almost thought you'd go ahead and die. Would be such a shame for your stalker."

"You mean Kuroko?" Mikoto asked. "She's just a friend, Misaki. Get that yuri manga out of your system. Where are we anyway?"

"In one of Touma's dorms. Othinus was kind enough to let us use them. She owns this building and most rooms here are vacant, though Touma doesn't know that." Misaki closed her eyes and smiled fondly. "He's alright. Spending some time with his girlfriend."

Mikoto scowled. She didn't like it, that Othinus was monopolizing Touma most of the time. "How's his injury? Magically disappeared like mine?"

Misaki shrugged and opened her eyes. "Something like that."

"So, did you find anything about those attackers?" Mikoto asked.

"I know they caused a lot in property damage," Misaki said.

Mikoto grimaced. "I think I might have caused some of those."

"It's fine. The money into repairing those came straight out of my bank account." Misaki giggled in a girlish way Mikoto couldn't emulate. "That was reckless of you, Railgun. Getting caught up like that and forcing Touma to watch your back when you were busy sleeping?"

Mikoto looked down at the white bed with a crestfallen expression. Misaki's eyes widened in worry. She bit her lip, shook her head, and pulled Mikoto's chin with her free hand, redirecting Mikoto's gaze into her. "Hey, hey. I was joking, stupid. Use your logic ability sometimes, Mikoto. It won't be fun if you don't."

"Ugh!" Mikoto pinched the bridge of her nose. "Touma wouldn't have lasted against her. His power isn't as effective against fast opponents." Mikoto sighed, huffed, and pulled the yelping Misaki's arm up into the bed.

Misaki, despite her large chest, was lighter than Mikoto. Thoroughly unfair, but she can't win them all. Mikoto pulled Misaki into a hug. She was soft, warm and her hair carried the scent of strawberry shampoo.

"Thanks for saving us, Misaki," Mikoto said.

Misaki's surprised expression turned into satisfaction. She rubbed Mikoto's back. "No problem."

"Hey girls!" A silver haired girl in a green shirt and black shorts barged into the bedroom. She carried a can of ice cream and three spoons. "Wanna hang out? I-whoa! Is everyone here dating?"

Mikoto's face burned with embarrassment. "She's not my girlfriend!" She tried to pull herself from Misaki but unexpectedly met some resistance. Misaki's amused expression as they parted increased Mikoto's anger.

"Her name's Index," Misaki said. She tapped the bed. Index bridged the space in an instant, jumping on her stomach towards the free space with a carefree attitude. She reminded Mikoto of herself, when she was younger.

"Nice to meet ya," Mikoto-chan!"

"Call me that again and I'll electrocute you!"

"Is this what I requested?" Misaki asked.

Index pulled the ice cream can out of her stomach, read the labels, and grinned. "Fat free!"

"Good. I need to maintain my diet ability to be lighter than Mikoto, ow, ow, ow."

Mikoto growled as she pulled Misaki's pinched cheek to hers. "What did you say about my weight?"

"The truth hurts, doesn't it, Mikoto?" Misaki hissed.

"I am not fat!"

"I didn't even say that! Quit it you washboard prick!"

"Fuck you, fat cow!"

While they argued Index began eating on the ice cream can.


"Good evening, darling." A sweet voice greeted his ears. Touma groaned and saw blonde hair curtaining him from the rest of the room. Her glittery green eye gleamed with love even as her lips curled in amusement. Othinus pressed her body to his, grinding her hips against his and making him groan in pleasure. She was wearing her old clothes, which consisted of almost nothing but straps that only covered her modesty.

And he wasn't wearing a shirt either. She must've cleaned the dirt away. He was left with his boxers and her with those straps of clothing. Normally this would've been a wonderful way to wake up, but his wounds protested otherwise.

Well, they should have. He didn't actually feel the pain. His hand found bandages but no discomfort. "The stab wound-"

She pressed her finger to his lips. "Is gone. I used some of my more esoteric abilities to make it go away. But if you want I can kiss your boo-boo and make you feel good."

The way she spoke was so erotic it was arousing him. Her slender arms pressed on his chest. She gyrated her hips. He bit back a moan. He failed to contain it when she bit his lower lip and nibbled.

"Othinus... Those two..."

"Got away." She kissed him. "Mikoto's fine." She kissed him again. Deeper this time. He moaned into the kiss as her tongue probed his mouth.

he pulled her clothes to the side. She pulled his boxers off his manhood. Othinus hissed in pleasure as Touma slowly filled her. She took all the way in, pushing him back into the bed when he tried to rise. He pulsated inside her, groaning as she undulated on him. Her mouth opened and closed as she sinuously bounced on his groin, moving his manhood inside her. His thumbs brushed her thighs, and roamed up her body to her chest. He pulled the straps aside, cupped her small breasts in his hands, and drew a moan.

She closed her eye, focusing on the pleasure he gave her. His hips synced with hers. His manhood swelled as the minutes passed by. She moved even slower, as if to tease him. He groaned underneath her. It felt so good. He played with her nipples, increased the pace of his thrusts, and bit his lip from releasing another sound.

Her eye gleamed, catching his act. He knew what she was thinking. She pinched his nipple, causing him to squeeze hers. They moaned, him in surprise and her in pleasure. She arched her back. His hands remained on her breasts, tightening his hold. The sight of her body glistening with sweat, blonde hair clinging to her skin, face moaning in a pleasure he caused. It was too much. Touma increased his thrusts, pushing himself each time she fell.

"Touma... Touma!" She gripped his chest, digging her nails into his skin. Her walls squeezed his manhood. And then she reached her orgasm. He hardened inside her, trying to hold on for as long as possible. Her lips smashed into his, moaning into the kiss. That was the last straw. He gave in, releasing himself inside her even as she unfurled in her orgasm. Their bodies writhed with each other. He gripped her ass and bit her neck, drawing another scream from the girl, and from the squeeze of her walls a smaller orgasm.

After releasing himself completely, Touma closed his eyes and gasped for breath. Othinus pecked his cheeks, curled at his side and said, "I love you..."

"Love you too," he said, meeting her words with a loving gaze. His hand touched her back and pulled her closer to him. He caressed her legs and felt comfort in the presence of her hot, smooth body. With a final sigh he let sleep take him.