Derek's parents ,Alice and Victor ,were very serious back when Derek was a didn't believe anything that was made up or told in a book. Even ,sometimes ,they take themselves so serious on everybody that they got on on their son Derek for believing in the...Tooth Fairy.

It was a rainy stormy night, Alice and Victor were sitting in the kitchen having nice cups of tea. They could see their 5 year old son Derek saying "Mommy,Daddy!" Alice and Victor put their cups of tea down sadly. They were interrupted by their own son but they can't just ignore him ,that would be just wrong. Alice asked "What is it Derek?"

Derek put his hand in his pocket and took something out it the something was a small tooth "It's a small tooth!" . Victor and Alice looked at each other in confusion "So?" asked Victor.

"So the tooth fairy will come to visit yay!" cheered Derek . Victor and Alice looked at each other again

"Derek ,sweetie ,there is something we want to tell you." said Alice

"Yes what is it?" asked Derek

"The tooth fairy isn't real." answered Alice

"What?..I hear that she is ! People told me she is real." said Derek

"Well they're lying." Said Victor.

Derek gasped as he looked at his tooth ,he started sniffling he was crying! Alice and Victor looked at each other again they shouldn't have said that to their son his just a kid so Alice had to apologize "Derek we're..." before Alice could finish Derek looked at them angrily with watery tears in his eyes.

"You are lying ,you are the liars tell me that's not true!" He shouted

"Are you calling us liars!?" yelled Victor with a scary voice like a giant .

"Yes ,you said the tooth fairy doesn't exist!" yelled Derek .Victor stared at Derek angrily then, without a word, Victor slapped Derek in the face! As Derek fell flat on the floor ,Victor put the tooth in his pocket .

"We had enough of hearing your behavior. Son,go to your room!" yelled Victor .Derek walked up to his room sadly . He was still crying. His parents never believe in anything ,and never believed in the Tooth Fairy ! Does that mean he won't believe also?