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Beatrix couldn't believe that B.B. was turning six! It was all happening so fast.

B.B. wanted her birthday party to be an anime party. Of course, Beatrix has to put her foot down when she wanted mature anime. She explained it to her as "B.B., when it's just and me who watches this stuff, it's no problem. However if you introduce it to your friends, their mommies and daddies aren't going to like it."

"Why won't they like it?" B.B. questioned.

"You know how they're things that are just between the two of us?" Beatrix reminded her daughter.

B.B. nodded as her Mommy continued with "Well, most Mommies and Daddies don't let their kids watch grown up anime because they think it could give their children nightmares. I know you can handle of all the dark stuff in the anime, but the truth is that most other children can't. It's too scary for them. If other Mommies and Daddies found out I let their kids watch grown up anime, they wouldn't let you play with them anymore."

She must've said the wrong thing, because B.B. starters to cry and ran towards her room.

"B.B.! B.B.!" Beatrix cried as she followed her daughter.

"Go away! I hate you!" B.B. yelled as she shut the door to her room.

"That's too bad. I love you no matter what." Beatrix replied as she knelt by the door. She sighed as she added "My explanation came out wrong. The point is that there are somethings you can do with your friends that their families will be okay with, but there are other things that you can only do with me, okay?"

B.B. was quiet in her room before she replied "Okay."

Then she opened the door and ran out to hug her mother.

"I'm sorry, Mommy. I'm sorry I said I hated you." B.B. said.

"It's okay, I forgive you and I know you didn't really mean it." Beatrix replied as she pulled her daughter into a tight embrace. Then, she added "Come on, let's get ready for your special day."

Sometime later, Beatrix and B.B. had finished setting up all the party decorations. The living room and dining room was decorated with streamers, balloons and confetti. Now, all they had to do was wait for the guests to show up at 4:30.

As they say by the front door, Beatrix reminded her daughter "B.B. there might be some guests who'll come early…"

Beatrix never got the chance to finish her sentence, because at that moment, the door bell rang. B.B. stood up and made her way to answer the door, but her mother stood up as she said "I'll get it."

As she opened the door, Beatrix was greeted by the sight of Skye and Chloe, followed by their mom and their dad. Liane's husband was light skinned, handsome African-American man with short black hair.

Beatrix smiled warmly as she said "Liane, Skye, Chole. I'm glad you all could make it."

Then she turned to Liane's husband and asked "What's your name?"

"My name is Edward and you must be Emma." Liane's husband replied as he put their presents for B.B. on the table by the doorway. Then he turned his attention to B.B. and said "And you must be the birthday girl!"

B.B. giggled and quickly decided that she liked Skye and Chloe's Daddy, already.

Then, the birthday girl's thoughts were interrupted as Chloe asked "How old are you turning?"

"I'm turning seven." B.B. answered with a smile.

"Let's get this party started!" Chloe yelled with joy.

"Not until the rest of the guests arrive I'm afraid." Beatrix replied.

"How many people did you guys invite?" Skye wondered.

"The whole class, you guys know that." B.B. stated, surprised that her friends would forget that so quickly. She handed out the invitations in class around a mouth ago. B.B. could even remember it as if it were only yesterday.

B.B. was feeling a little nervous as she carried her invitations. She never had a birthday party like this before and she never had to hand out the invitations by herself.

As B.B. looked around deciding, who should she give the first invitation to, her thoughts were interrupted as she heard Chloe ask "What do you have there?"

B.B. blinked to find Chloe and her sister Skye standing in front of her.

Suddenly, B.B. know who she would give her first invitations to.

At once, she handed out a pair to the twins and asked "Would you guys like to come to my party?"

"Of course." Both Chloé and Skye answered.

Then, the rest of the class came over and B.B. ended up handing out the rest of the invites to Max Fuller, Violet Hargrove, Graciela Leon, Kaito Sumoto-Leon, Isabel Pena, Sofia Luna-Wilde, Arnold Freeman, Blossom De Mayo, Carl Green, Olivia Cantelli, Danielle Evans, Oeflia Baquero, Lisa Adams, Amelia Witherspoon, Steven Tucci Connie Chandra, Hazel Chiba, Alice Ridley, Sherman Charles, Gratuity Bello, Mateo Baldoni , Albert La Boff, Marine Waters, Mariam Malik and Vido Rodriguez.

As B.B. pulled herself out of her thoughts, she still couldn't believe that many people were coming and to think that she and her Mommy did this. Before she could dwell on it, the door rang again and watched her Mommy open the door. The group was then greeted by Max and his mom, Vido, his Dad and his Dad's new girlfriend, Sofia, her mom, her stepfather and her step-siblings, Hazel and her Dad, Isabel and her grandma or her abula as she called her.

"Guys, come on in!" Both Beatrix and B.B. called out at once.

Soon, all of the guests arrived and the party got started with a game of musical chairs and pinning the tail on the donkey. While, B.B. won musical chairs, Carl won pin the tail on the donkey. After that, all the kids got to jump on a bouncy house that Beatrix had rented for the day. It was the most popular thing at the party, multiple children went back inside over and over again, at least until it was time for the birthday cake.

As all the guests sat around, a sense of excitement and happiness was in the air. Soon, Beatrix brought out the cake and everyone started to sing "Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear B.B. Happy Birthday to you."

The crowd cheered for a moment as B.B. closed her eyes before she blowed out the candles as the crowd cheered again, Beatrix made sure that no one could see her as she turned away and silently cried in the corner. This was B.B.'s first birthday with her mommy and it made the former assassin'a heart break with sadness and anger that the last four years with her daughter had been stolen from her thanks to her coma and Bill.

At least, he looked after B.B. when I couldn't and he was a good father to her. It almost makes me feel remorseful that I had to kill him. Beatrix thought to herself.

Before, she could continue to lament what could've been if she hadn't had fallen into that coma, Beatrix's thoughts were interrupted as she heard B.B. ask "Mommy, when are you going to cut the cake? Are you okay?"

Beatrix blinked as she realized that not only was B.B. looking at her but so was everyone else. Fighting back the urge to blush, Beatrix began to make quick work of the cake.

Sometime later, as everyone else was leaving, Beatrix and B.B. stood at the doorway waving good-bye to the guests. Once they were all gone, B.B. turned to her mother and wrapped her arms around her waist as she said "Thank you, Mommy. This was the best birthday, I ever had."

Beatrix has to fight back tears of joy as she asked "How come, sweetheart?"

"Because, you were here with me." B.B. answered before she added "For the past four years, I kept wishing that you would wake up and find me. Now, it's a dream come true." She added.

Beatrix blinked back her tears as she stroked her daughter's head, she knelt to B.B.'s level and said "Come on, let's open your presents."

The two of them looked at the table by the doorway and saw that it was it filled with all kinds of presents. B.B. first picked one that seemed the easiest to reach. After that, B.B and Beatrix spent the rest of night unwrapping the presents until it was time for bed.

B.B. and her mommy struggled up together as they watched Shogun Assassin together until B.B. fell asleep.

Beatrix smiled as she got up, tucked her daughter in bed and walked back into her own bedroom. Then she got into her own bed, pulled the covers over her and soon fell fast asleep.

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