A/N: Callensi fic, slightly OC. Characters and series credit to Shane Brennan, JP Kousakis and R. Scott Gemmill.

A/N2: This originally covered the first few episodes of Season 8; however, it now covers all of Season 8.


Chapter 1: The crash

"I'm sorry!" Those fateful words Kensi spoke before she fell unconscious played on an endless loop in Callen's mind.

He never imagined a trip to Syria to recover a high-priority target guilty of treason, would result in his favorite agent getting critically injured.

The aftermath of the crash was on Callen's mind for several weeks. He's been in bad situations before, and seen horrible things, so nightmares were unfortunately common for him. However, in this latest one, he kept seeing Kensi trapped underneath the helicopter, while it quickly went up in flames. He couldn't get to her in time, resulting in her death, and that triggered the latest round of nightmares.

That day he had repeatedly told her "it's okay... it'll be alright... we're going to figure this out", if not to ease her distress then his own worry. He refused to acknowledge what would happen if she didn't make it. It wasn't a scenario he was even willing to entertain.

Sam knew there was something below the surface about Kensi's accident that unsettled G. He also knew not to say anything until Kensi was in capable hands and when G was comfortable enough to speak to him about it.

To Sam, Kensi is his little sister, so he would move mountains to ensure she is safe.

Deeks was a whole other matter. Callen knew it would devastate him if Kensi didn't make it. He expected Deeks to have a fit about Kensi's care and transport when they were on the aircraft carrier. Deeks did not disappoint.

Callen hoped things would be a little better once they were back in LA. It was only a matter of time.