A/N: After several requests, I am continuing this story.

Chapter 3: The holiday season

Callen was spending Thanksgiving with Sam and his family. He recently discovered he had a half-sister (Alex) and nephew (Jake) living in LA, but had not officially introduced himself to them.

Sam and Deeks knew about them but neither had mentioned it to Kensi, per Callen's request. It's not that he didn't want her to know about Alex and Jake; he just wanted to tell her himself.

Kensi was spending Thanksgiving with Deeks and both moms. Though full of love, caring and lots of food, Kensi was overwhelmed and quickly looked for a way to escape the mama madness.

She found herself at Callen's doorstep just shy of midnight. Callen cautiously opened the door when she knocked and immediately let Kensi into his house.

C: Kensi, is everything okay?

K: Yes and No. Do you mind if I hang out with you for a while.

C: Why just a while. You can stay overnight if you wish. You know I'll never push you out of my house. Does Deeks know you are here?

K: Yes, he knows. I sent him a text when I reached so he wouldn't worry. He says hello, by the way.

C: Okay. I'm glad you're here, actually. I've got some news I've been meaning to share with you directly and not through Deeks or Sam.

K: What is it? You're worrying me.

C: It's nothing bad so don't worry. I found out I have a half-sister and nephew right here in LA.

K: Oh my god, Callen! That's great...isn't it?I mean, you've been looking for your family for years and now you have some locally!

C: I'm happy and nervous. I'm just getting used to the fact my dad is alive and in town and now I have a sister and nephew.

K: Well I'm happy for you! I know how much family means to you and would love to meet them when you're ready.

C: Hugging Kensi tightly "Thanks Kens! You're the only one to not pressure me about them."

K: Hugging Callen tightly "You're welcome, Callen!"

After their conversation, Callen and Kensi were exhausted and went to bed, knowing they will be alright with each other for support.


When Christmas came around, Callen invited Kensi and Deeks to Christmas dinner along with his Dad and Anna. He knew he'd be fine with Anna, but having Kensi there was peace of mind for him.

The dinner turned out very well. Deeks and Anna discussed the finer points of having luscious blonde hair, of which Callen and Kensi promptly busted out laughing.

Kensi, however, was sad she wasn't cleared to work. Luckily Callen had assured her she will be soon enough and he couldn't wait to have her back sitting next to him.