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The first thing he noticed, was that everything smelled so earthy and wet. Probably it just rained a moment ago. His body ached, however, it felt utterly strange. The blood on the right side of his face, slid down on to his right eye, all the way to his chin.

'Something's wrong.'

With much effort, Desmond opened his heavy eyes. Dark brown dirt greeted him, as the grass tickled his nose. The whole area was filled with grass and tall trees. He could hear the birds chirping from above, as the night welcomed the forest with the moon's light embrace.

'How the hell did I end up here?'

Desmond gritted his teeth, the strange pain booming in his arm caught the former bartender's attention. His eyes darted down, as the sight of a dark grey paw greeted him, he widen his eyes. The man yelped, ending up hitting behind his head by a tree. Desmond hissed with pain, as it surge through him like a wave.

His breath came out in quick puffs. Once the pain faded into a dull throb, he took a look at himself again. Every part of him was covered in white fur, literally.

'What the hell?'

Desmond's brows furrowed, not clearly understanding how on earth he became something like this, whatever he just turned into. Since he was busy figuring out where he was, he did not notice his increased of senses. More usual than not, Desmond would had a hard time seeing in the dark. Albeit the moon was up and full, the man could see every shadowed corner. As well as his hearing increased as well, the thumping of a herd of dear was miles away, yet he could hear them closely.

'This is really weird.'

He glanced down at his hands– paws, again, and sniffed it (huh, was that he really smelled like?). He remembered placing his right hand on the pedestal, back at the temple, and ended up killing him. The mark of a burned flesh was still present, it went up all the way to his furry elbow. Desmond was all covered in white fur, what animal he turned into, was beyond him. Although this could be a dream, an extremely strange dream.

Desmond could not move, his muscles were still painfully weak, and some parts of him were still bleeding. He looked around, and saw no one. Although a few animals were scattered feets away, but the matter did not seem important to Desmond. An animal would not do any help. Desmond hoped he would not start talking to animals now, cause that would just take the cake.

The former bartender sighed, but it ended up as a whimper in his ears. Figures, animals do not sigh, which proved his thought about being turned into one. His stomach began to known it's presence by growling, there was not that much he could do, except laying on the dirt.

'Atleast the others made it out okay.'

He wondered if Juno did kept her promise. She should, otherwise Desmond will make her pay by any means. He could not do anything at the moment, so he just sat there.

His ear twitched when he heard footsteps from his right side. 10 feet– no, it was coming towards him. Desmond would have leapt to his feet, but in this situation, he was vulnerable. Just as the voices drew near, another sound suddenly erupted. The man-turned-animal could not help but jumped at the sound of gunshots, as a couple of red coats ran passed by, oblivious of Desmond.

"Stop right there!"

It was either Desmond was in an area where a movie set was currently filming, or he had teleported through time. He preferred the former, really. The sound of guns and metal clashing were just seven feet away, as well was the slicing through flesh, stabs into the body, and fists making contact to the face. Everything. He could not stop the shiver and the urge to vomit, when the slice went through the man's stomach, spilling his insides out.

With what was left of his strength, the former human crawled into the bush, hid his body, and watched the deadly battle scene before him.

The man in the hood ducked an axe, and swiftly aimed his tomahawk on the man's shoulder, ending his life in seconds. Before he stepped on the other men's foot, and screamed in pain which turned into a bloody gurgle, as the hooded man sliced his rib cage. There were three more men left. Both at the same time, the redcoats aimed their swords, but they were no match as the man in the hood avoided the hits, before effortlessly released his hidden blades deep into their throats. With one more redcoat left, the hooded man ran forward. He aimed his gun at him, and since Desmond was just below the redcoat's feet, he sunk his teeth into the man's leg like a beef steak. He screamed in surprised, pain, and horror, as the man in the hood silenced the redcoat by jumping on him and stabbed his head.


The former bartender could taste the blood left in his mouth, but his attention was elsewhere. Desmond did not bother to hide his body more under the bush, he was not in any condition to move a single muscle any way. Besides, the other had probably already noticed his presence. He waited, as the man crouched down, and finally took a look on his face. He dressed exactly like his ancestor, or, it could be his ancestor.



Desmond could only stare. His ancestor-look-alike moved to grab something in his bag, and took out–

'Dear meat? What am I, a predator?'

The man did not really expect Desmond to eat that. He was proven wrong when he placed the food just a few feet away, and stayed in a crouched position. Desmond could not completely move anymore.

The man's lips turned into a frown.

"Don't be scared."

He was not actually scared. Desmond tried again, and ordered every part of his muscles to obey him. Finally, he managed to barely crawl out of the bush, and into the light. The man in the hood perked up, his posture seemed like he saw something peculiar. Desmond really wanted to take a look at himself now.

The man stared at him, as his face turned into one of alarm.

"You're hurt."

Desmond could only stare back, it took a huge amount of effort just to stay awake for the last few minutes. But this time, he could not help it when he felt his muscles gave up, and his world turned black.

To be continued..

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