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Okay, so this is about Juno.

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For me, it makes a lot more sense if it was Juno other than Minerva. We all know Juno plans for freedom, and she will do anything to have that. Minerva does not want that. She will not help Desmond save the temple, knowing the reason behind it. So Juno will do everything to stop anyone getting in her way.

I hope that made sense (or perhaps, I created more confusion). With that, tell me if anything still confuses you.

Chapter 3:


Desmond narrowed his eyes, keeping his body low on the ground as possible, using the tall grasses around him as a cover. One wrong move, and everything he worked for will all be for nothing. He stared at his target, which was just a few meters ahead of him, as excitement surge through his nerves.

The unknowing dear bend it's neck down to tear off a set of berries from a bush, before chewing the food.

The former human carefully inched closer until he was just a feet away, paused for a second, then jumped out of his hiding spot and sunk his teeth into his target's flesh. The deer began to thrash, using all of it's strength to take the predator off of it. Desmond had no intention of letting go. However, instead of slowing down due to blood loss, the deer became more violent. Clearly, it did not wished to be eaten by the wolf. The former bartender could not wait any longer. He pushed the squirming deer to the ground, and bit deeper into it's neck. The animal howled in great pain, before Desmond literally ripped the flesh apart with his fangs. The animal laid motionless, as a pool of blood began to spread around it. He grimaced at the gruesome sight (oh well, it was still food).

Half an hour later, a satisfied Desmond walked through the forest. Fortunately for him, there was no one in sight, otherwise, he would scare the people to death for seeing a white and bloody looking wolf roaming around the Homestead. After staying at the manor for a month and a half resting, sleeping, and doing completely nothing, he felt good to be finally be out again.

Connor should arrive at the Homestead any day now, he said so after he knew Desmond was capable to hunt food for himself, and then left the manor three weeks ago. He wanted to go with him, but his ancestor left before he could do so. For the past weeks before the man's departure, the wolf had been trying to tell the assassin about his weird dream with Juno, but with Connor rarely staying at the manor and often outside to do his tasks, it was hard for Desmond. Plus, the fact that the man could not understand him.

Juno told him to keep the templars away from the precursor site, and getting their hands on the Piece of Eden. The map Connor got from the templars, lead to that artifact. The reason why his ancestor did not find it, was because there was more to the map, another piece. However, Juno did not tell Desmond where the other piece was, which meant more work for him. Lovely.

After spending a short time in washing the blood off of him by the river, Desmond decided to see how the people were doing around the Homestead. However, before he could go with his plan, he saw his ancestor making his way quickly to the manor on a horse.

Determination began to spark in his mind. Desmond followed after Connor, and halted to where the horses were kept. The man moved down from his horse, before grabbing his things by the saddle. The wolf growled, not like he could bark anyway, and got the assassin's attention.

"What's the matter?" Connor raised an eyebrow at the animal.

'What, no 'Hey, how have you been doing for the past three weeks?'

The assassin grew confused, but soon glanced away from the animal, and went to grab a bucket of water for the horse.

'Oh what's the point?' Desmond growled one more time, completely frustrated.

The wolf spend the last two days glaring at his ancestor. It was nearly pass noon, this time, Connor ignored him and busied himself with a book about selling cargos. It was not completely his fault, since he cannot understand Desmond. However, he had been trying to tell him about their important mission ever since that night. The assassin's actions for not listening to him was grating his nerves.

A knock came by the door. Connor opened it, and was greeted with his first mate.

"Goodmornin' Cap'n! It's a sunny morning and we're all set to sail."

The smell of alcohol, and days of no shower, hit Desmond's nose hard. He would had coughed, but refused the urge to sneeze.

'Seriously, how does Connor manage to put on a straight face while standing near with this guy?'

"Are the supplies I've asked already been put in the ship?"

"Aye captain."

Connor nodded. "Wait for me at the harbor."

As the veteran sailor left to head back down to the port, Desmond's ancestor made his way downstairs, to where he stored his weapons and clothes for such occasions. A few seconds later, an idea came into his mind. Perhaps the other piece lies where Connor was going. This was his opportunity. He was itching for an exciting trip outside of Davenport anyway.

The wolf waited until his ancestor came out of the basement, wearing his complete captain suit. Desmond followed after Connor outside. By the time they made it to the horses, the assassin acknowledged the wolf's presence.

"I know you want me to take you with me, but it won't be today. The crew might not.. well,"

Desmond mentally raised an eyebrow, staring at the man, who looked at the wolf with a stern face.

'Oh, I know what you mean. Look, just because I look like one, doesn't mean I act like one. Stupid language barrier.'

"I know I've rarely visited the manor, and you want to go outside of the Homestead, but I think it's best you stay here."

Desmond narrowed his eyes at this. No way was he staying. Connor's expression held no argument, as he rode on his horse, and left with a last glance at the wolf. Just as his ancestor dissappeared from his sight, Desmond dashed after him, and made sure to keep a safe distance away from Connor.

By the time the former human made it down to the harbor, his ancestor was already behind the wheel, telling his crew to get ready to set sail. Desmond quickly looked around, anything to let him slip inside the ship without anyone noticing. He spotted a bunch of crates at his far side, which got him an idea. After making sure no one was looking, he went inside an empty crate. Not before long, one of the crew closed it shut, oblivious of the wolf hidden inside, and pushed the wagon to the upper deck. Soon, the ship was out to the open sea.

When the coast was clear, Desmond opened the lid, as dust particles scattered around the air. There were a lot of barrels and crates everywhere, as well was explosives, a huge amount of cannon balls, and nets for fishing. He was at the lower deck of the Aquilla. The wolf's ears perked up at the sound of footsteps coming closer. Without missing a beat, he quickly went out of the crate. A man went to where Desmond was hiding seconds ago, placed a sack inside, before closing it and turning around swiftly. He was walking right towards him. Desmond quickly left the room.

The wolf made his way to where he was sure the cabin was located. He ducked under a hammock, and slipped into the kitchen. Desmond looked around, there was no one there. Ahead of him, was the stairs that led to the upper deck. He heard the footsteps from before neared him. With no other place to hide, he wasted no time in scrambling up the stairs.

Upon reaching outside, he was greeted with the sight of the crew hauling down the sails, lifting up the anchor, and tying up ropes in tightly secured knots. Completely occupied with their tasks, they did not noticed the white animal peeking outside of the open hatch. The sound behind him was closer than before, and without any choice, Desmond leaped to the closest barrel, and tried to hide his body behind it. It was not a long moment later when someone spotted him.

"There's a wolf on the deck!"

The man's exclamation caught half of the crew's attention nearby. They widened their eyes at Desmond, and did not hesitate to pick up their weapons. The former bartender dodged, jumped, and ducked any sharp objects that were aimed and swung at him. He ran to the other side of the ship, and widen his eyes when they started to throw sharp knives at his direction, missing a hair's breath away. Some stood by and watched with anticipation, while most waved their weapons at the wolf, and decided to trap him into a corner. Desmond took a quick glance behind him, went up to the railing at the side of the ship, then jumped. Not to the ocean water below him, but through the air above their heads, and landed on the wooden floor behind them. Men gawked with their jaws open, as some stared wide-eyed. Smirking at their awed expressions, he slipped under their legs. Desmond doubted he could continue this chase any longer.

Far ahead, he saw Robert instead of Connor behind the wheel. The man had his mouth opened, noticing the commotion before him for the first time. The master assassin was nowhere to be found, thus, Desmond's hope for getting out of this mess was missing, and felt dreadful about his situation. They switched to use their guns, and he started to panic for his life as he tried to avoid the incoming bullets aimed at him. More men began to block his path. The former human jumped on the railing, did what he had done earlier, as bullets followed closely beside him. He then heard the man yelling furiously at the crew about blowing holes at the sails.

Once on the ground, Desmond frantically looked around for a way to escape. He felt relieved when he saw Connor walking out of the captain's quarters. The assassin then stared wide eyed, shocked to see the wolf running straight towards him, while his crew followed closely behind it, attempting to kill the predator with their guns.

Desmond dashed past Connor's feet, and went inside the room. As soon as he was inside, the door closed behind him. Finally, he let out a breath he was holding. A few moments later, the door opened, and in came Connor. The man's face held with clear annoyance.

"I told you to stay at Davenport."

'What's wrong with me coming with you? It's not like I'd get in your way, and I rather much like to be here than doing nothing.'

Desmond continued to stare at his ancestor's unwavering heated glare. It would be too much of a hassle just to bring him back to Davenport, his crew would get confuse and questions he did not feel like answering would follow about his sudden change of mind.

"You are not to be seen outside, and you can not go otherwise without my permission, am I understood?"

'I'm not your pet. And after what happened back there, I doubt I'll be going out anytime soon.'

Connor crossed his arms. "I'll be fixing the mess you made outside, I'll be back later." With a last glare aimed at the animal, he left, leaving Desmond with his thoughts.

'Before Connor left, he acts exactly like my dad, and not in a good way either. It's actually annoying.'

Without anything to do at the moment, he decided to take a look around. There was nothing much, just maps, chests, and a bunch of scrolls that left Desmond curious. He itched to use his hands–paws for something, like making a martini, or mixing various liquors, and perhaps take a shot for himself enough to make him forget he was ever here. Alas, such luxury will never be given to him. He glanced at the door, sighed mentally, and sat on the wooden floor as he waited for Connor. Yet again, another boring activity, waiting.

A day has passed, and Desmond was beginning to regret his decision about boarding the ship. His head ached with pain, as well was his stomach, and every turn or sway of the ship made him want to vomit on the spotless floor board. He had done it a few minutes ago, and Connor did not bother to hide the disgusted expression or statements he expressed, as he cleaned the wolf's mess with a rug and a bucket. Albeit the windows had been opened due to the stench, Desmond did not feel any better. Which was weird, considering he never felt sick when riding on ships, although it was probably because he was a wolf. Another thing he placed on his list about how much he hated being an animal. He heard Connor sighed.

"Perhaps you need a bit of fresh air, wolves were never suited for this kind of journey."

'Obviously. But how can I go outside without anyone noticing?'

As if sensing his thoughts, Connor stood up. "I'll be right back." Bucket in hand, he left.

Desmond swallowed the saliva that gathered in his mouth. Soon, the ship swayed more harshly this time. The former bartender whined and cursed in his mind. Later, he heard the door opened. He looked up, and saw a huge crate was held in Connor's hands.

The novice assassin did not have a choice either way. Quietly, he made his way inside the crate. A blanket was covered on top of him, as Connor lifted the crate up effortlessly. The moment he realized he was outside, relief washed over him, like a soothing drink after many days of thirst. His head ache began to slowly fade away, while the Native carried him up the stairs, and placed him beside the wheel. He saw Robert stepping aside for his captain, as Connor began to steer the ship himself. Slowly, Desmond can finally open his eyes without any pain.

Through the crack, Desmond saw men either laughing, running around, or scrubbing the floors. Beside him, his ancestor navigated the Aquilla in silence. He spent the following hours watching the crew, and the ocean that spread for eternity before him.

"It will be another day 'till we arrive to our destination, what will you do after the cargo is delivered?" Asked the man beside Connor.

The assassin turned his head slightly to his first mate. "Rest, the crew deserves it after all, then we shall set sail back to the Homestead."

The man nodded, as an idea popped in his mind. "We should use the money to restock the Aquilla, she has gotten a lot of men as well, we will need to expand the sleeping quarters Captain."

"It will be done. Anything else?"

"We will also need a large supply of rum, to keep the crew cheery, you know? The sails will need to be replaced due to the wolf incident yesterday, although replacing them won't be too much of a bother so–"

"Enemy ship sighted!"

Desmond perked up from his crouched position, and looked through the crack of the crate. Far at the distance, was a ship larger than the Aquilla, with dirty grey sails. At the top, were flags they all know to well. Not a moment after the enemy ship was found, cannon balls flew through the sky, and left a deadly sound at it's wake.

"Stand down!" Ordered the Aquilla's captain. They hit the side of their ship, jerking it to the side, and left damages on the steeled hull. Without missing a beat, Connor began to order his crew for battle at sea. Men went to their stations, filling cannons with cannon balls. Before the other could fire back, the assassin ordered his men to fire, as a dozen of black balls were fired back at the bandits' ship, inflicting damages at their hull. It began to turn to their direction, heading full speed to the Aquilla.

The violent impact against each ship caused them to jerk, as some of the men lost their footing due to the hit. Not a moment after, ropes flew to the sky, and landed on the Aquilla's deck, with a hook which will prevent the ships separating from each other. Laughter sought through the air, as bandits began to jump down on the upper deck, armed with their swords. Metal clashed against each other, and sounds of gunshots were everywhere. Desmond leaped from his hiding spot and bit the bandit's leg, stopping him from slicing Robert's back, who was busy fighting a man. After he sliced his sword across the other's torso, he turned around, and found the white predator looking back at him. Recognition filled the man's eyes, as well was a hint of bewilderment. Soon, he was fighting off another bandit, ignoring the wolf for the time being. Desmond jumped on another bandit, then another, and another, each was surprised at the sight of him, as the former human made sure they will never open their eyes again.

They were too many. After his fifth bandit, Desmond glanced up, and saw his ancestor slicing his tomahawk through the bandit's leg. The man kneeled down, before Connor ended his life with a hidden blade sunk deep in his face, and was surrounded by more bandits. A man, who wore a red colored bandana unlike the rest of them, jumped down on the Aquilla's deck. The leader took out his pistol, and aimed it at the assassin's head. The former American widened his eyes. He hastily jumped down from the stairs and leaped at the man, who quickly turned his face at the incoming wolf, caught by surprise. He jumped on the man's torso. The shot was missed, as the man took steps back, screamed in fear, and fell to the ocean.

The bullet cut off a rope instead, which had been holding the mast upright, began to slid down from above Connor and the men he was busy fighting with. Desmond mentally yelled at his ancestor to duck.

Connor hit the man's face with the hilt of his tomahawk, the bandit took a couple of steps back, and held his now broken and bloody nose. Furiously, he swung his sword at the assassin with more vigor than before. The Aquilla's captain blocked each of his attempts effortlessly, and was about to end his life in a single slice through his ribcage when he froze, as if hearing something despite the loud metal clashing and gunshots, before quickly ducking down. The mast swiftly wiped the bandits off the deck, they screamed in terror, as they were thrown out to the ocean. Desmond sighed mentally in relief, and chuckled.

'Glad you listened to me huh?'

Not that Connor could understand Desmond anyway, he must had sensed the mast coming to him. Without missing a beat, the assassin climb his way to the bandits' ship. A minute later, Connor jumped from the enemy's deck, followed by screams of fear from behind him, as he landed on the wooden floor. Seconds later, the ship exploded, fire erupted to the sky at it's wake like fireworks. The crew shouted at their victory, raising their swords above their heads. Now that the battle was over, Desmond hid before anyone noticed he was there.

Desmond was back at the captain's quarters, taking notice of his white fur, which was slightly covered in blood. At the sight of it, he felt the sudden urge to lick it off of him. He was surprised at that thought, and quickly pushed it out of his mind. Every day, he was slowly turning into a wolf, and fear surged through him. He occupied his mind with other things instead, when the sound of footsteps reached his ears. It stopped at the doorway, before the door opened as Connor came inside. He noted there was less blood on him than Desmond.

Connor looked at the wolf before walking passed it and to his desk, his back facing the animal. He studied his ancestor's posture for a while, and sensed the man was tired. Well, the sun just set and darkness has covered the sky, and after that battle earlier, there was no doubt that the assassin needed rest. Desmond was starting to get hungry, and missed eating deer meat.

'I need more than fish right now..' Desmond mentally sighed.

The former human did not noticed his ancestor perking up, looking around at his surroundings, before laying his eyes upon the wolf before him. There was movement beside Desmond. He looked up at Connor, and was surprised to see a frown settling on the man's face, staring down at him rather intently. Desmond began to feel slightly uncomfortable with the man's gaze.


"It was you, wasn't it? You told me to duck during that time."

Desmond's eyes widen, he would have opened his jaws due to shock. Without blinking, Connor leaned back and crossed his arms.

"It was you. Pray tell, why didn't you said anything the moment we met? Were you scared of being found out?"

Desmond pushed his shock away. 'Hey, I have been trying to talk with you all those times, so don't blame me. And now that I can finally say what's on my mind, literally, is that there is another piece of Eden.'

Desmond let his words sink in.

"Piece of Eden? What is that?"

Desmond blinked, and quickly searched for words. 'Uh, it's an artifact made by those who lived before. It holds great power and the templars want it, we can't let them have it. A lot of things will go wrong if they do.'

Connor blinked, recognition fell upon his face. "And where is this piece of Eden now?"

'The map you found a month ago has a missing piece. I don't know where it is, but it's the only way to find it.' Desmond paused for a moment, he began to feel nervous. 'Also.. I'm not your ancestor.'

Connor did not show it on his face, but his eyes held suspicion in them.

'Actually, I'm your descendant. From the future.'

To be continued..