The dock was silent. Not a creature seemed to be stirring.


A tall, shabby looking man known as Chris McLean came into view.

"Have you been spending in the arcade solo much that you're broke and helpless?" He asked, grinning.

"Well look no further! Here at Total Drama, were offering a prise of $100,000!" He said dramatically, waving his hands around.

"But, there's a catch. You will be competing against 21 others!" He chuckled.

"The challenges are brutal, the food wild, and the drama... Hm... Dramatic!" He said, scratching his chin.

"Sign up now, to TOTAL. DRAMA. ISLAND!" He announced and the camera cut off.

You heard the man right, TD is just around the corner and we need your OCs! We'll be doing the full original season and even sequels, so don't miss out on this! All you need to do is to sign up your review and I'll check it out! If I like it, you're in! I'm accepting 11 boys and 11 girls. If you're ready to let your OC wild, sign up now!

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