Helpless Heaven



That he had not called him 'dobe' in return was something Naruto took as a great victory. Now, he was no longer the Dead Last who would pull him back and drag him down. He was not the idiot who squinted at the simplest of explanations.

Wave had changed them, for better or worse.

His silent contemplation, however, was not to remain undisturbed. "Well, Naruto, are you going to say something, or just sit there and scratch your nonexistent beard?" Sakura snarked. She had changed the most of them all, it seemed. She had stopped calling him an idiot, though some of her deep-seated doubt in his abilities remained. It was hard to give up five years of near-indoctrination.

Naruto grimaced. He had picked up the habit from Old Man Hokage, and had noticed it wasn't very popular, for some reason. But no matter. He began again.

"Have you ever wondered what Kakashi-Sensei means? I mean, when he says to 'Look Underneath the Underneath'?" The Wave Mission had shook his life to the very foundation, and his attempts at rebuilding had had some... problems.

"..." Sasuke, Uchiha that he was, was not going to admit that he actually did not know something. Sakura, however, had no such reservations.

"Can't say that I have. I put it down to those eccentricities Iruka-Sensei mentioned. The ones that help powerful Shinobi cope." She hadn't understood what that meant, back then, but now she liked to think she did.

"Let's ask him."

"Hn." A silent agreement.


"Are you sure, children? This could be... traumatic." Kakashi asked, his serious words at complete odds with the jovial tone he said them with. They could see him almost jumping with excitement, mask stretched with a smile, and his voice was crammed to the brim with a mixture of feelings they knew but could not recognize.

They voiced their agreement in boisterous words. Naruto did, at least.

"Then come."


"Sensei, why are we in a clothes shop? I mean, I appreciate the sentiment and all, but... a girls' shop? With me and teme disguised as girls? Why?" Naruto was not a pleasant person to be around when he was whining.

His teacher, however, had been exposed to Maito Gai. There were few who could overcome the annoyance that was his YOUTH. "Remember the handsigns?"

"Hn." That single sound somehow indicated how affronted he was that his teacher thought that they could have forgotten the handsigns, how annoyed he was that they couldn't know what they did, and how impatient he was to get the job done.

Sasuke's vocabulary was a miracle of nature.

"Now. Do it."

Three pairs of hands moved as one.

"Ninpo: Miru Genoge no Jutsu"

The world was translucent. Something was different, though.

The women... were unclothed. And their underwear... transparent.

It was at that moment that Sasuke understood. Underneath a woman's clothes... was underwear. And underneath that...

That which was underneath the underneath... was Heaven.

The manager was perplexed as to why two girls suddenly dropped to the ground with a nosebleed.


Later, on a mission were they were scouring Orochimaru's bases for info on Sasuke, and Naruto suggested using the Miru Genoge, that Sakura realized.

Kakashi had taught them the most powerful intelligence-gathering technique in the world.

See Underneath the Underneath.