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Ch 11 Big Reveal

"So Marco, care to tell me how you know Vulen Trisgwyn," she asked smiling, already knowing that whatever his answer was it would be very entertaining for her.

"Well, you see," Marco was already looking disheveled and blushing up a storm even before his first words left his mouth. "We met during the filming of the Princess Turdina movie."

"What!" she wasn't expecting that answer. "You," she pointed her sharp finger at Marco. "Were at the filming of Turdina, Princess Hero."

"Based on your reaction I'm guessing you're a fan."

"You bet your ass I am. That girl was great in that movie. The cinematography was perfect, the love story was the best I've seen, and both that dress and that swimsuit she wore was as hot as the fires in my forge at home. Even the kissing scene she had with Vulen was superb. I mean, I know he's gay and all but when she swept him off his feet it looked like Vulen liked it. So you know she's good at it for him to like it." Then out of nowhere she snapped out of it and returned back to the topic at hand. "So, Marco. I'm waiting for an answer."

"Would you ever accept the answer of we just met as passersby?"

Hekapoo giggled as she shook her head in the negative, conveying she didn't accept his answer. "Oh please, Marco. Vulen only remembers the names of guys he fucks or guys he wants to fuck. Don't get me wrong, that's a pretty hard list to get on. Vulen has some high standards."

"Well you see-" he was about to make up some excuse, but Hekapoo cut him off.

"What? Why would 'you' be at the filming, Vulen did say before he met you 'and' Star there?"

Marco could already feel the regret he'd be having after this conversation.

"Wait, are Turdina and Star friends?"

And the regret was already pilling up.

"Yeah, they are. You can even say they are the best of friends."

Hekapoo's eye was practically sparkling in delight at this bit of info.

"Marco, could you perhaps introduce me to Turdina. I mean, I'd do it myself, being me and all, but she is just so elusive and they also say only princesses of high esteem get to meet with her."

That last part wasn't completely true. It was more on the lines of a request from a friend that wanted to go out to dance and party with Marco as Turdina.


He really didn't want to do this.

"Yes, Marco."

He leaned in close to her and whispered in a soft voice only she could hear with her heightened hearing.

"I'm Turdina."

"As in you, in a dress . . . and a wig?"

"Yes," He answered but then looked at himself and then added. "Well my younger self. In a dress and wig, just so it's clear."

Gone was the sparkle in her eye. Replaced with a squinted look as she focused in on Marco.

"But… in the movie, you wore a two-piece swimsuit. How did you cover up the, you know what." She pointed under the table at his junk. "Little Marco Jr."

"Ok first off, no one would call him 'Little' and to answer your question my swimsuit was very frilly. It hid Jr very well for the most part. Add some video editing here and there and the viewer is none the wiser."

Again Hekapoo looked him over with her keen eye and smiled. "That's hot."


Seeing the confused look on his face, Hekapoo decided to clarify what meant by 'that's hot.'

"What I meant was looking back on it now. That kissing scene you and Vulen did makes way more sense. It also adds a lot more believability to the scene when both parties enjoy the 'act' they partake in with each other."

"I didn't like it when he kissed me!"

"Bitch please, I know Vulen. He is a world-class kisser and he looks and sounds like a girl. Let's face it, Marco, everyone nowadays is a little bisexual. Don't sit there and tell me you didn't like it."


"Just what I thought, I was right."

"Well, you don't have to rub it in Hekapoo."

"I know, but I like to. However, there is one thing I don't get."

"Oh, what's that?"

"Did Vulen know you as Marco or Turdina?"

"Uh," not understanding the logic behind this train of thought Marco just gave an honest answer. "Turdina."

"But that's the thing," It was then Hekapoo's smile turned from a playful smile into a predatory grin, showing off her white sharp teeth. "He knows you as Marco as well."

It was then Marco knew. He fucked up big time.

"So tell me, Marco. How did Vulen meet Turdina and then found out about who you really were and fell in love with you?"

"He's not in love with me!"

"That kissing scene begs to differ as well as that love scene after you saved him from that old hag."

"You do understand that was in a movie right? That love scene didn't happen."

"Oh, please Marco I know. I was just messing with you." She really was and Marco knew it, but there was always that small chance she wasn't. "But seriously Marco, how did he find out you weren't really a princess but instead a prince?"

"It was a bit embarrassing."

"Oh, juicy," Marco paused his rendition of his story to give Hekapoo the 'if you want me to tell you the story be quiet' look. "Sorry. I'll be silent now. Continue."

"Well, it all started when I and Star meet Vulen for the first time and well. You could say our first meeting with him wasn't… I'm going to say, professional."

"Because of Star, right?"

"Yeah, because of Star. Thankfully it all worked out in the end. Sort of anyways."


"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Marco for bringing me along with you," Star repeatedly thanked Marco in his Turdina persona. "Or, should I be referring you to as Turdina while we're here?"

"Yes, Star, please. Not a lot of people know that Turdina is a guy and I'd like to keep it that way."

"Fine Marco uh, I mean Turdina. Wink, wink." She said as she winked at Marco.

He couldn't stay mad at her. "And thanks again for helping out with the movie crew, Star. Without your magic, we wouldn't have had the chance to film today."

"Oh, please Turdina. Changing the weather was easy. It was no biggy."

"Yeah, I'll say. It just makes me wonder how you can change the weather with a little dance and a few words, but fail to do my costume change with said magic in the same amount of time."

"I said I was sorry and I didn't fail at it that bad."

"Star, you had the word 'bold' in the spell."

"It was a slip of the tongue Turdina. And besides, it was a quick fix."

"If by quick fix you mean it took you several attempts to get it right," he corrected irritatingly.

"I was having an off day, okay? I'm all better now I swear. No more screw-ups from me, Marco."

"Star," Marco only needed to say her name and she could both feel and hear his disappointment which only meant one thing.

'Oh crap. I screwed up didn't I.' Star readily began to panic as she tried to figure out what she did wrong. 'Think Star think!' then it hit her.

"Turdina! Turdina right yes. No more screw-ups from me, Turdina. Starting now." As if to play it off cool her she gave 'Turdina' a wink and dual finger pistol.

"Just don't embarrass me, Star. This is important and… and she's gone." Looking away from Star for a second she had disappeared on him.

Thankfully or unthankfully, depending on how you look at it, she wasn't very hard to find. Which sadly was not a very good thing. Marco looked off into the distance and saw Star had cornered someone, a snow elf from the looks of it. Rushing to their aid Marco could already hear how badly Star screwed up.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" Star constantly repeated in her high energy voice. "I'm such a big fan! I've listened to all your songs and I've even worn some of your dresses you've modeled in. I especially liked your punk rocker line."

Vulen's expression was pained as he could not escape this woman's invasion of his personal space. Silently, he prayed to the gods for a dashing prince or charming rogue to save him, but alas, he would have to resort to saving himself somehow.

"Those clothes were meant for men, you know," he said nervously not knowing why he said that.

"Those were meant for men? But they had skirts, high heels, and tiaras."

"Well, we elves don't restrict our fashion sense to gender stereotype norms. Now if you excuse me, I have to uh… do a little bit of a touch up before the filming starts. Okay? So bye."

"Wait!" Star yelped as she invaded deeper into Vulen's personal space. "Sign my face!"

Frozen in horror, Vulen could do nothing as he was pushed back to the wall. Facing down this creature whose eyes grown so wide big he was scared they would pop out of her head and explode in a shower of blood and glitter that would ruin his fabulous dress. The fabulously manly dress that is. Made by manly delicate hands by the finest elven dress weavers of the snow drip lands. Besides, crimson red and glitter would clash with the blue and purple dress he was wearing right now. His very manly dress that is.



'Oh crap, they're multiplying.'

Pulling Star away from Vulen and bowing in apology for the inconvenience. "I'm so sorry about my friend here." Marco pulled Star in a quick bow in a forced apology. "She can get easily excited. It won't happen again. Right, Star?" Marco's voice left no room for an argument from his friend.

"Yeah, sorry about that. It won't happen again, I promise."

Vulen didn't really believe it as he has dealt with people like this before. It's always something with airheaded princesses. That as well he knew of Star Butterfly, she had a reputation. A very bad reputation from what he has heard.

"Ah, you must be Star Butterfly, from the royal family in Mewni?"

Star beamed. She had been recognized by 'the' Vulen, prince of the snow elves. "Yes, that is ME!" she gleefully shouted, barely keeping in her enthusiasm.

"Is it true that you set your kingdom on fire on the very same day you got your wand?" And just like that, Star's enthusiasm was snuffed out like a match stick in a raging blizzard of snow and ice.

"Y-y-yes." Embarrassed, Star stepped back a bit behind Marco.

Looking over to Marco Vulen gave a polite smile to him. "And you must be my co-star, Turdina… I'm sorry. I don't know your last name."

Well, that was something he never thought about. Oh, well. He'll just go with it for now.

"It's Diaz, Turdina Diaz." He gave him a little curtsy bow.

"Vulen Trisgwyn, a pleasure to meet you, Turdina Diaz." He let out his right hand for her to kiss. A sign of respect and good graces in his culture. And there was nothing manlier than good graces. Just like his mother and sisters taught him to do.

This however didn't translate well with Marco. As he saw this as a handshake and he did just that and shook his hand strongly and firmly. Just like his dad taught him to do. It was almost like second nature to him. When the handshake ended Vulen just stared at his hand with a look of bewilderment.

"Is something wrong?"

"Uh, no. it's just… never mind it, I was just zoning out there."

"Well, okay then. I'll see you on set."

"Yes, yes you will. Until then."

"Okay, hold up there." Hekapoo stopped Marco's retelling of his story. "He found out that you were a dude with just a handshake? I'm still perplexed I couldn't tell Turdina was just you in a wig and a dress or two-piece swimsuit."

"No, it wasn't the handshake."

"Was it the kiss in the movie?" Grinning at her own question she added, "Did you pop a boner when he kissed you and he saw that big meaty thing sticking out of your dress?"

"What?! No! That's not what happened, well not entirely..."

"Oh, really now? Do go on."

"You just want to get to where he found out I was a guy, don't you?"

"YES! Now tell me about those juicy details."

Skipping over a lot of the minor details of the events, Marco went to where the story took place after a film scene had just been recorded for the movie. Marco was still in his Turdina persona only his dress was dirty and covered in sweat. He walked towards Star, who held a towel and a 1-liter bottle of ice-cold water. Not even needed to be told she handed Marco the bottled water and helped him dry off.

"So… how was it?"

"Star," Marco huffed in-between gulps of water and air. "I regret not asking for a stunt double."

"But it looked like you were having fun back there." He was having fun, besides most of it that is. "Running, fighting, jumping through rings of fire while saving that baby from that pool of baby eating hell pit dolphins, which I'll add are very real and very dangerous. Also, was that baby real because those cries of fear sounded real?"

"What, no," Marco answered while finishing his water. "That was just Ransomgram in a baby blanket."

"Yeah, Turdina." A little green monster with horns walked up to the pair with her mirror in hand. "I just wanted to say thanks again for this great opportunity and I'm very grateful. Also, the director said my part was finished and that I could go home but I was wondering if I could get a…" she did finish what she wanted to ask for before she was picked and held closely to Marco.

"Of course I'd love to take a photo with you."


"Yeah," he took the mirror off Ransomgram and handed it to Star. "Star, would you kindly?"

"Don't mind if I do." Taking the mirror, Star positioned it to take a photo of the pair. "Say rebel."

"Rebel." Both Marco and Ransomgram said as the flash went off.

Putting her down, Star handed her mirror back to her. Looking at the photo she beamed with joy. "Thanks, Princess Turdina. This means so much, thank you."

"No worries Ransomgram, it was my pleasure. I hope to see you again."

"Me too, and Turdina."


Looking a little shy she whispered loud enough for only him to hear. "My real name is Juliet." And with that, she hurried away to her day job.

"Super cute."

"Yeah, super cute." Marco agreed. "Well, if you'd excuse me that liter of water I just drank kind of went through me. Got to go to the bathroom."

Marco had a long hard day. He was both mentally and physically excused to the extreme. The filming of this movie was taking a lot out of him and he wasn't even close to halfway finished with it. He wasn't sure if he could continue this for another three weeks if every day was going to be like this. He really hoped that it wouldn't be the case.

Entering the bathroom he made a b-line to the closest unoccupied urinal hiked up his tattered dress, aimed, and let loose. There were very few things in life that felt as good as reliving one's self of his bodily fluids after a whole day of hard work. Unfortunately, there was always a way to tarnish a good time and it all came from one word.

"Turdina?" Or in this cause a question.

Looking off to his side Marco saw the last person he wanted to see standing right next to him. Locking eyes he saw it was Vulen using the urinal right next to him. He'd just notice he was in the guy's bathroom as well as using the urinal. Something that any princess of respite wouldn't use.

The situation he was in was getting out of hand and to the shame of Marco, he had broken one of the sacred rules of the bro-code and looked down on Vulen's exposed privates. This act, even though it was an accident, gave the snow elf the expressed right to look down and pass judgment on his member. It got even more awkward, for Marco that is, when Vulen found him wanting.

"Well, Princess Turdina." The pronunciation of his name had an undertone of lustful desire he had not heard from him since he met him. "Or would you prefer Prince Turdina, or is that even your real name?"

"Uh… I can totally, explain this," Marco really could but the real question would be would he believe him?

"It doesn't matter. For I got my Dashing Rogue to my rescue."

"Uh… I think I'm missing some context here."

"Shh…" Vulen placed a single finger atop Marco's lips to silence him. "Don't worry, I can keep a secret. That is, if you want me to?"

"Are you touching my lips with your finger while we are using the bathroom?"

"Don't worry. I only use my off-hand when I use the bathroom unlike some people that," he paused and looked down and quickly back up to meet Marco's eyes. "Requires the use of both of their hands."

"I need an adult."

"How about I make you into an adult?" Vulen began tracing his finger across the side of Marco's face and brushed some loose strands of hair behind his ear. "Also, quick question before we go any farther. I don't want to seem rude or anything, but you haven't stopped peeing since you got here. Should I be concerned about anything?" Gone was the sexy undertone of his voice and now replaced with one of worry and concern. For his or his own person Marco couldn't tell.

"Nah, I just drank a full liter of cold water before I got here is all."

"Ah, good to know." And now the sexy undertone was back. With a vengeance.

'Dammit, I should've made something up.'

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