All things Potter belong to the brilliant JKR. I am just messing around with her wonderful characters.

The full story below I will be using as a precursor to two other stories that I have in the pipeline, both already part written. This current story and the two separate storylines to follow are all following the 'Deathly Hallows' timeline. As these are my first 'FanFics' ever I hope you like them and comment will be much appreciated.

As to censorship, as I am an adult male I will write on occasions in an adult manner, and this first story will get a bit steamy in places although not explicit at all; it does leave a little bit to the imagination! So I better give this a 'T+' verging on 'M' rating for content. Enjoy!


THE SUMMER OF 1997-The Burrow

Chapter 1.

The week leading up to Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour's wedding had been a rough one. What with the springing of Harry from Privet Drive, the fight with Voldemort and his Death Eaters resulting in the killing of Mad-Eye Moody and Hedwig, and the injury to George Weasley, the week did not have the best of starts. Then with all the wedding preparations in which Mrs Weasley had them all working busily on something or other and at a frantic pace, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny had little time at all to be together. A few odd minutes here and there when there was a bit of downtime by avoiding Mrs Weasleys attention or when she was preparing a meal but that was it. By the Thursday evening however, although with still a few things to complete, most of the wedding work had been done and all that was being talked about was the pre-wedding party on the Friday evening and a certain young wizard's 17th birthday.

"Mrs Weasley…Molly….I wasn't expecting a birthday party. What with the wedding and all the other stuff that's been happening I…."

"Harry James Potter. How could you think that I,…..WE,….would not have a party for your 17th birthday. It is the most important birthday in a young witch or wizard's life! You are officially an adult, you lose the trace, you can perform all the magic you like anywhere you like. And you are no different from anyone else in this family. You and Hermione, are just part of us. Both of you." At that she looked to Hermione Granger with a look of great affection. Hermione blushed at that, but smiled back at the Weasley matriarch with a very similar look.

"Now no more excuses. You are having a party. And you are NOT going to be involved in any of the organising. The rest of us will be doing that, WON'T WE WEASLEYS!" as Mrs Weasley made her point.

"Yes mum" came a chorus of agreement. The Weasley clan knew better than to disagree with Molly when she was in this determined a mood.

"Not you Ginevra. I have thought over what you asked me. The answer is yes, love, so off you go and take Harry with you, but only to the front room, do you hear me?"

Ginny blushed, but a smile lit her face up. "Thanks mum", and she went to her and gave her a hug. As she turned, Hermione caught her eye. Hermione gave her a big wink and mouthed silently 'Good luck!'

Then she turned to Harry, grabbing his hand and pulling him from the chair.

"Come on you. You're with me. The party isn't a surprise but what it will look like is. So I am keeping you occupied till bedtime. And no peeking later!", as she dragged him indoors, through the kitchen to the living room.

Ron looked at the disappearing pair and a bit aggrieved said,

"OI! How come they two are getting off even more preparations and the rest of us are stuck doing them?"

"Don't you 'Oi' me Ronald Weasley. I'm your mother and you are still young enough to get hexed", and at that Hermione gave Ron a slap on the arm. "Don't 'Oi' your mother Ronald. That's rude."

"Blimey, what have I done? All I want to know is why they can skive off and the rest of us are stuck with even more preparations.. And anyway, why Ginny? Harry is my mate. Why isn't it me keeping him out of of the way?"

Harmione gave Molly and Fleur a look and raised her eybrows.

"He doesn't get it does he? Feelings and teaspoon spring to mind" as the other two ladies smirked, in on the joke.