Thinking about her

Watching Sakura from the back of a formation. This team will be my chance.

Thinking about me

If I could show what I could be. What I would do for them

Thinking about us

Me, Sakura, and Sasuke could be great. This would be a chance for me to have important people. People that wouldn't look at me with empty eyes.

Opened my eyes

I didn't think I would have to go so far, for a memory of oaths made with pain

It was just a dream

Sasuke left, where we not enough? Sakura still chasing after his shadow. Hell, so am I. Just chasing a phantom

Drive on back down that road

How many times will I have to chase down my teammate? How many times will I have to see these tears Sakura cries when I don't bring him back.

Will she come back

Sakura's asking for missions in Tea, and I follow. I am just hoping for her to look back at me. Just once so I know I am actually part of what she's chasing. Will she look back at me?

No one knows

Where is the bloody teme? We've been through so many countries and I haven't seen him. No one knows where he is.

I realize

He doesn't need this team. She doesn't need it either. She just wants him. Not us. I wasn't needed

Yeah, it was only just a dream

It never was a team.