"This is childish," Weiss whined. "And embarrassing. And degrading… And more than a little objectifying."

"I agree." Blake blinked slowly in reply, so very obviously a cat at that moment, that it was hard to believe no one had figured her secret out before."But this is our only option now."

"That's not true." Yang pointed out, the other two girls turning towards her with frowns. Disgust from Weiss, reluctant intrigue from Blake. "If you'd only just accept that I'm the best possible choice for Ruby, before those hussies— "

"Being her sister," Weiss hissed, uncaring of the fact that Yang's eyes had just turned a solid, terrifying red. "Does not make you the best possible choice, Xiao Long. In fact, that should disqualify you."

"I will fight you in the streets about this, I swear to god."

"As I was saying." Blake sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose as Yang and Weiss squared off, the glares they gave each other deadly enough to stop the hearts of the elderly by mere proximity. "This is the only possible option that doesn't involve group homicide or stepping on each other's toes. So hands out."

"So stupid…" Weiss grumbled even as she followed Blake's instructions. "Rock paper scissors is not the right way to go about this sort of thing."

"Shut up and do it, Weiss-cream." The fingers of Yang's right hand cracked as she curled them into a fist in the palm of her left. "Or are you scared that this is a check you just can't cash?"

"I am a Schnee." A muscle in the heiress's jaw twitched as she did the same as the blonde across from her, if only in a much more delicate manner. "There is no check I can not cash. Peasant."

"Alright. So I guess we're doing this." Blake sighed as she started tapping her fist in a testing motion against her palm. "Smacktalk. Great… I have a bigger dick than you. Done." The other girls turned their heads fast enough to break the sound barrier. Literally. There was a crack and everything. "Too much?"

"How crude!"

"Why did you have to make this personal, Blake? Not cool."

"Whatever. Not like it wasn't crude before. Or personal." Blake squared her shoulders, eyes lit up with the first signs of interest she'd shown since the conversation had started. "And you're just mad that it's true." Yang flipped her off. "Now, all at once, on three."

"One." Weiss frowned. "Two," Yang smirked. "Three." Blake sighed some more. "Draw!"

A quick flurry of rapid hand movements later…

"Goddamnit!" Yang swore while Blake rolled her eyes. "You cheated!" Yang pointed an accusatory finger at Weiss. "You cheated, I know it!"

"I cheated?" Weiss scoffed while she buffed her nails on her blouse. Haughtily. In a way that made Blake's bow twitch and Yang's teeth grind in agitation. "My hand stopped a half second before yours, at most. You're just a sore loser."

"Shut up..." Yang replied lamely, obviously realizing how lame she had sounded as she crossed her arms over her chest with a sneer. "Not so childish now, is it Weiss? Since you're going first and all."

"I think I should be the one feeling bitter about this. Going last and all. But I'm not," Blake commented dryly. Yang went to open her mouth. "No, Yang. This isn't two out of three. No take backs or trading of favors." Blake nodded respectfully at Weiss as she started to shove Yang out the door, the blonde fighting her every step of the way. "Doubt she'd take a trade anyway. She won, we lost. Get over it."


"Ruby will be around at any moment now. We'll stay out of your way, let you get comfortable," Blake said, very matter of fact as she finally got Yang through the door. "But don't get greedy, and don't push if she says no." Blake's eyes flicked downwards at herself, then back up at Weiss's mouth. "You know the penalty."

"Of course I do. I made it up after all." Weiss's mouth twitched upwards in a half smile. "But you can't blame me if she comes back for more, now can you?" Weiss slipped a compact out from a sleeve and popped it open. "Completely different from me searching her out."

"In the streets, Schnee! In the god damned streets!"

"Man, I know this sounds mean and all but Jaune should totally give up being a hunter," Ruby said before stuffing another homemade chocolate vanilla swirl cookie into her mouth. "These cookies are amazing."

"I knowww." Nora grabbed a fistful of her own from the container with a moan. Ruby clutched it to her chest with a hiss that sounded suspiciously like 'my precious'. "Like, I'm not the sort to rain on someone's parade for no reason, you know that. But," Nora looked around the completely empty hallway with suspicion before she leaned down with a hand hiding her mouth, looking more than a little like a chipmunk with how stuffed her cheeks were. "He's just not very good at being a hunter."

"You weren't supposed to agree with me." Now Ruby felt bad.

"I wasn't?" The ginger said questioningly, before swallowing the mass in her mouth in a single go. One day, Ruby would learn how to do that. There would be a reckoning. A pastry holocaust that would be spoken of in hushed whispers around the cooking stoves. Victory would be hers! "Now gimme the goods," Nora demanded while reaching for the cookie tin again.

However, before Ruby could draw Crescent Rose and cut off Nora's hand at the wrist, any such semi-lethal antics were forcefully brought to a halt. Watching Blake literally shoving a very angry Yang down the hallway did things like that. A very angry Yang who was currently shouting very angrily over her shoulder as she passed Ruby and her companion by.

"In the streets, Schnee! In the god damned streets!" Blake gave Ruby an apologetic smile as she forcefully pulled her sister around the corner. "Your death will be slow! And painful!"

Very angry… She'd probably got her hair caught in Weiss's tiara again. It was just so pointy.

"Well." Nora clicked her tongue. "That was weird. I hope Weiss is okay," She then quickly grabbed the cookie tin from a distracted Ruby, replacing it with a still sticky pancake pan. "Have fun finding out what that's about!" She said as she literally skipped down the hall. "Breaking a face that pretty should be a crime!"

Ruby looked at the pan in her hands, to where Nora was skipping down the hallway, back to where the cookie tin used to be. What— how— Where did she even hide—

"NORA!" Ruby shouted at her. And sighed as she realized it wasn't worth the fight to get them back, seeing how they were probably already gone... And she'd just gotten off of detention for doing exactly that a week ago. With Professor Port. Ruby wasn't keen on doing that again anytime soon. "She wasn't wrong though…"

Breaking a face as pretty as Weiss's should be a crime… And Ruby really hoped Yang hadn't decided to break her partner's face. Talking to her would be awkward after something like that.

"Hey, Weiss!" Ruby called out. "Before I open the door, how bad is your face broken? On a one to ten scale?"

"... Excuse me?"

"You can still talk! So you're fine then!" Ruby opened the door, dropped the pan off into the sink, and floated up onto her bed in a hail of rose petals. "That's good! Like, I saw Yang outside all," Ruby curled her fingers into hooks and clawed at the air, making Grimm noises. Not that Weiss could see it from her seat on her bed… But Ruby thought it was funny. That was what mattered. "So I got kind of worried that she might have gone all Vacuan modern art on your face!"

"Vacuan modern… art?" Weiss peered over the edge of Ruby's bed, eyebrow raised questioningly. "I didn't know that Vacuo even had art."


"... You're lucky you're so cute."


"Just," Weiss made an amused huffing noise. "Get down here, if you would." Her face sank down below the edge of Ruby's bed. "Talking to you while you're on that deathtrap of yours makes me nervous."

"My bed is not a deathtrap!" At worst, it was only capable of a light maiming. Deathtrap was an exaggeration. "I did the math, and it is perfectly safe for anything that possesses an unlocked Aura!"

"Whatever you say, Ruby," Ruby swore she could feel Weiss roll her eyes. "Just get down here? Please? So that we can talk?"

"Talk?" Ruby dangled her legs over the edge of the bed and let herself drop, landing lightly on her feet. "About what?" Only to fall back into the bed. The bed was surprisingly springy when compared to hers. Comfortable. Good jumping material... And new. So, so new. "Also, wow."

"You noticed then?" Weiss asked with a hint of pride in her voice. "Had it shipped to the school only a day ago. The mattress is completely new." The heiress's hand absentmindedly stroked the duvet. "As is everything else."

"You can tell." The brunette said dreamily, doing a snow angel motion once or twice before she sat up. "Soft…" She blushed as Weiss laughed into her hand. "Alright, yes. Talk." Ruby straightened up awkwardly and coughed into her hand. "What did you want to talk about?"

Hopefully, it wasn't about that time she'd used half of her shampoo on weapons maintenance… It had been for a worthy cause, and she was sticking to it.

"Well, how do I say this…" Weiss's rubbed a thumb and forefinger together nervously in thought, scooting closer to her partner as she did so. "We're a good team, aren't we? You and I."

"Yessssss?" Ruby drew out the word slowly, unsure where this was going. "I— didn't think that was something you had to ask though?" They'd fought for their lives together. It wasn't like something like that was in doubt, right? "Why?"

"You see..." Weiss sighed, then took one of Ruby's hands in hers with a smile. "The other girls and I, we had an idea, together, about undergoing a sort of," Weiss rolled her other hand, "Bonding exercise. An experience, if you will."

"A bonding exercise?" Ruby whispered, eyes bright, making Weiss flush prettily as Ruby pressed herself closer to her friend. "I'm so proud of you guys, taking your own— um..."


"Initiative, right!" The brunette nodded heavily. "That! I thought we were going to be relying on the book for years! But, yeah," Ruby ignored the grimace that crossed her friend's face at her mention of the book of friendship plans. This was too important of an occasion to ruin it with an argument, even if her friend was a filthy heretic. "What's the plan?"

"The first part of the plan is actually already done," The older girl said slowly as she began rubbing small circles with her thumb on the back of Ruby's hand, "Deciding which of us got to bond with you first." And then she laughed. Lightly. The amount of smug in it, thick enough to cut with a knife. "The debate was—lively."

"For me?" Ruby didn't think she'd ever been more flattered in her entire life. Even more than that one time Uncle Qrow had said that she'd 'done okay'! That was high praise!

"You are a hot commodity, in— certain— circles. Outside of our own, I mean." Ruby blinked, looking at her friend's face closely, somewhat concerned at how breathy she'd sounded then. "Not that we're the type to share." Ruby gulped as Weiss focused on her fully, icy blue orbs searching her own silver, reflecting her fully. "You are part of team RWBY. None other… and the fact that this is as clear of a message as it is fun? And useful?" Ruby relaxed as Weiss looked away again, a blush burning bright along the younger girl's face and neck. "A nice side effect."

"Y-you… I— " The younger girl took a strand of her own hair in between her fingers and started fiddling with it. "You sound like someone has been trying to poach me." Weiss hummed noncommittally. "From the team."

"That is exactly what I mean." Ruby's breath caught at that, choking on her gasp as she noticed Weiss's dress start to tent, lifting upwards as if under its own power. "Women like I are not exactly - common, outside of our team… But I know of at least three others within this school. Two of which would snatch you up in a heartbeat."

"Oh. Oh god." Ruby covered her mouth with a free hand, eyes painfully wide as her friend's skirt began shifting to a beat. The beat of a heart. "You're like Yang. You have a penis."

"Ah… So you do know," Weiss snorted at that. "And your sister was so sure that she'd kept you completely in the dark." Then started giggling. "I can't wait to see her face when she finds out."

"Of course I knew," Ruby whispered loudly. "She's my sister. I'd have to be blind, and deaf, to not know she had one." Damn it, Yang. Why couldn't she have been more…

"Walked in on her," Weiss pumped a hand suggestively. Twice. It was a startlingly crude thing for the heiress to do… But so was gaining an erection in the middle what Ruby had expected to be a heartfelt talk about friendship. "Relaxing then?"

"Saw. Heard. Both. So many times." Ruby groaned. Weiss chortled. "So many."

"Then…" Ruby stiffened up as Weiss wrapped an arm around her waist, dragging her closer. "I assume this means that you understand the mechanics, behind our little bonding exercise?" Then moving a lock of the brunette's hair gently behind her ear. "What would be expected of you, if we continue?"

"... Sex." Ruby nodded slowly, kicking her feet as she interlocked her hands in her lap, Weiss's hand on her stomach conspicuously warm through her clothing. Possessive. "With— you?" Weiss nodded. "With everyone? Even with my…?"

"If you want it." Weiss replied carefully, softly as she began pulling her skirt up, inching it towards her waist out of the corner of Ruby's eye. "None, one, all. It doesn't matter. None of us are going to force you into anything you don't want to do." Her expression soured slightly. "Even if things will get - difficult, with certain people putting their noses into things they have no business in if you choose none of us…" She sighed. "We'll be able to handle it."

It was quiet for a while. Awkward, thoughtful quiet. Because really. What could you say to that? What could you say to make things less awkward?

"You're saying that it doesn't have to be you?" That, supposedly. It was a nice try. "That it's okay as long as I," Ruby's voice became hushed. "Sleep with one of the team," Weiss shifted uncomfortably at that, her erection flexing noticeably under the material of her skirt. "Then we won't have any problems from…"

"People like your sister. Blake and I," Weiss shrugged. "It's a cultural thing, one of us staking a claim on a girl… not sure how it started, stupid as it is, but it did. Some believe in it wholeheartedly, which is why this is a problem in the first place." Weiss looked Ruby in the eyes again, this stare thankfully not nearly as intense as the last. "If you're not comfortable with being with me, then I'll..." The heiress stopped, mouthing a couple of words until she hit on something that felt right to her. "Be disappointed, of course, but-"

"I didn't say I wasn't going to choose you…" Ruby's fingers dug deeply into the ruffles of her combat skirt as Weiss's shaft finally sprung free of its prison, bouncing twice before it came to a stop, standing tall. It had to be about seven inches, at least… Much more than Ruby had expected to take today, or any day, to be honest. "Just— god, I wasn't expecting to lose my—oh god." Ruby glanced sideways at her partner, the brunette chewing a bit on her bottom lip as Weiss began playing with herself, circling pale, long fingers around the bottom part of her length then pulling up. Squeezing and stroking until a dot of clear liquid came out the tip. "That is the most distracting thing I've ever seen in my entire life."

Ruby knew what a distraction is. She'd once flown on a Giant Nevermore and rode a train that carried a bomb strong enough to bust through a mountain. This though? This was something else… Was it weird that the only reason she hadn't run out of room, screaming at this point… was that she'd seen way too many of her sister's masturbation sessions for her own good?

Yes. Yes, it was. What kind of question was that even?

"Is it?" Weiss asked casually, laying a kiss at the corner of Ruby's mouth that had the younger girl freezing in place again. "We're going to have to work on that tolerance of yours." Another kiss, a simple peck full on the lips got Ruby moving again if only to touch her fingers to her mouth. "And now is as good a time as any to do so, yes?"

"I— um... I guess, technically, since it's a holiday on a Friday," Ruby started slowly, speeding up into a babble. "And we don't have anything we need to do for today since we all finished our homework the night before," Ruby blinked, hands moving around in odd patterns as Weiss looked on with amusement. "And we don't have anything important to do for the next few hours-"

"Ruby, relax. Breathe," The younger of the two made a small squeak as the back of her friend's hand brushed against the underside of her breast. "And lie down for a while." Ruby shivered at the low sound of her friend's voice, changed, husky and warm. "Let me take care of you."

"Just—I...let me... God." Ruby's fingers went to the clasps of her cloak to fiddle with it, all shaking fingers and sounds of embarrassed distress. "Have… Have you done this before?" She must have. No one was this, smooth, without practice. "With someone that wasn't— "

"A lady doesn't kiss and tell, Ruby." If that wasn't a yes, Ruby didn't know what was. "Talking about such a thing would be unbelievably crass… And please," Weiss ghosted her fingers over Ruby's corset, coaxing a shudder from her form, "don't get undressed on my account." And cupped a breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. "You look beautiful as you are."

"Weiss…" Ruby said weakly, glad that she hadn't been standing up as her completely normal knees suddenly lost any strength they might have had. No one had ever called her… beautiful before. Cute, adorable. Precious once. But never… beautiful… "I thought we were going to— have sex." That still sounded weird, no matter how many times she said it.

"I must confess, Ruby." Weiss giggled. A sound that made Ruby feel— light. Weak as her partner fell, dragging Ruby with her, onto the bed that the brunette realized had been bought for her, for this, as Weiss rolled on top of her. "When I try to get under someone's skirt, I prefer it to be… literal." The white-haired girl tossed her hair back over her shoulder, eyes half-lidded, smug. Secure in her place as she looked down on her partner. "If you catch my drift?"

"I—think I do? Maybe? You want to," Ruby finally unlatched her cloak from around her shoulders as the temperature felt like it had went up a couple of degrees. Some pulling and a bit of a struggle getting it out from under her, "Have sex with me while I'm wearing m-my clothes, right?" Weiss nodded. "I can do that, maybe." Before she handed it to Weiss, "As long as you don't mind me not wearing this…"

It was her mother's. Her last physical memory of her, other than the faded pictures on the mantel at home. Enough said.

"Shame." Weiss murmured as she placed the cloak on her nightstand, carefully folded. "But I am not without mercy." The heiress grinned, a hand of hers, the one not at the side of Ruby's head, sliding under the layers of the brunette's skirt, nails running across her stockings with a hiss. "The chance to make love to you is worth something as small as that."

"Love… making?" Ruby whispered, eyes wide as Weiss's face came closer to her own and their foreheads touched. "Do you—mean it?"

This was big. Bigger than big. The biggest. A turning point in her life, that would change, well, everything if it were true. Her first confession… from a friend. The largest step in her life so far… Besides, being a huntress, obviously.

"I wouldn't be doing this with someone I didn't care for." The next kiss was different from the other two, if only with a single difference, as Ruby kissed her back. Hands wrapped around the more experienced girl's back in a hug that felt like it would never end, even as their lips separated, if only so that Weiss could finish talking. "You dunce."

That was so Weiss.

"You know," Weiss said throatily into the hollow of Ruby's neck as the younger girl gasped at the feeling of fingers pressing into her hip. Caressing the slope of her rear. "That the fact that you aren't wearing underwear isn't lost on me?" Ruby's chest heaved at that, a false denial as Weiss massaged her lower stomach, the lack of anything under her hose perfectly clear. "And I used to think that you were so," Ruby's moaned, her neck falling to the side as Weiss gave it a suck. "Innocent."

"They were all—oh god." Ruby flinched, groaned. Legs sliding, one kicking at nothing when Weiss slid her length in between her thighs, prodding at her entrance. Testing and stretching the fabric that covered her, the brunette's final defense. "In the wash, Weiss. That's all. Nothing was clean."

It was amazing just how quickly one ran through clothing when you were in a combat school. Rips, tears. Blood and grass stains. It added up; entire wardrobes gone in the blink of an eye… The stains she was getting now were new though. Very new. Not something she'd like to explain, not at all.

"A likely story, Miss Rose." Ruby quivered, mouth open and panting as Weiss ground harder into her body, her skirt forcefully rucked up over her waist by her frie—lover's impatient hand. "But I find it more likely, that you somehow caught wind of our little plan. Relied on the fact that your hose wasn't sheer while you went about your day," Ruby went in for a hesitant nip of her own, receiving a pleased moan and smile from Weiss in return for her daring. "Only to come back to your room, ready to receive whoever lay in wait."

"Noooo…" Ruby writhed, nails slipping against the smooth material of Weiss's outfit, clawing against something that might as well be water at an especially vicious thrust. A thrust that took her breath away as she felt warmth and nylon going places they had never gone before. "Stop being weird…."

The things that Weiss said set Ruby's heart to racing, running as fast as it ever had in a fight. Harder even, the beat heavy enough for her to wonder if her semblance was running. Short of breath, hard to breathe. Hard to care when it was Weiss's lips, her mouth, and tongue over her own, that made it so.

"... Is it really so hard to allow me my fantasies, Ruby?" Weiss huffed, letting up on Ruby by replacing her cock with her hand, pressing her rod against Ruby's thigh instead as she got a grip in the soaking fabric in between Ruby's legs, "Especially when they are so very," And balled it up in her fist. It creaked, the sound of synthetic fibers snapping under the stress as she pulled up. "Relevant, to the matter at hand?"

A sharp tug up, to the sides, then back down rent Ruby's tights straight down the middle, the open air like ice on her skin from how wet she'd become. How wet she had been since Weiss had revealed her intentions, her goals. Even her feelings, something a rarity for the normally taciturn heiress, a gift that Ruby couldn't help but return… Because that was just how she was.

Weiss hummed appreciatively as they kissed, a counterpoint to Ruby's muffled screams as her clit was rolled in between Weiss's fingers. Stroked repeatedly with the pad of the older girl's thumb as the rest of the hand tested the waters, playing with her lower lips and her opening, dipping in and out without rest.

And there was something to be said, about being on the bottom of things. There was that.

"I do believe you're ready." Weiss mused, her fingers sliding out from Ruby's insides with a soft, liquid noise. Ruby's hold around the heiress's body tightened, a search for comfort as Weiss held that hand up in front of Ruby's face, glistening, almost dripping with the younger girl's juices. "What do you think?"

Ruby nervously licked her lips, her whole body unbelievably warm as Weiss wiped her fingers on the sheets while adjusting herself, shifting her hips with a goal in mind. All Ruby could do was let out a cute little whimper as she finally felt something hard, hot, and pulsing fit itself against her slit. Skin against skin, with nothing left to hide behind.

The end.

"Are you ready Ruby?" Weiss whispered into Ruby's ear. "Yes? No?" Weiss focused her weight in her hips, adding pressure teasingly, only letting up right before Ruby gave way. "It's all up to you."

How? How was it all up to her? Why was it up to her, when she had no idea what to do? Everything had been so quick, moving past her in the blink of an eye, before she realized it. She was just—going along for the ride of her life, a helpless passenger. Her direction being wherever Weiss led her.

A good leader knew when to let others lead.

"Go ahead." Ruby leaned into the hand caressing her cheek, looking into her friend's eyes, bright and clear. Affection, joy. Anxiety. The same things Ruby felt as she stood at the edge of adulthood. "I trust you."

And Ruby liked to think she was a good leader.

Ruby gasped, back arching into Weiss's chest as her words were taken as the invitation it was. Committing, no longer teasing, pressing into Ruby's body until the head of her cock was taken, then even further. Spreading her out, further than—no matter her sister's thoughts on the matter—her own masturbation sessions had ever done, deeper than her fingers had ever reached, no matter how she tried.

And Weiss wasn't even halfway in.

"By the gods, Ruby…" Weiss whimpered as she grit her teeth, cheeks a subtle shade of pink, one that got slightly darker at the next roll of her hips. Several strands of hair slipped out of their confinement, jostled loose as she began to find her rhythm. The method she'd use to sink herself in, up to the hilt. "You're so... Tight."

"Don't say that…" Ruby whined breathlessly, hesitantly moving her hips, fits and starts as she wrapped her arms around the back of her friend's neck and tried to find her place in the rhythm. The near frantic, yet methodical push and pull of every thrust she was given. "Don't…." Ruby's body quaked, legs going straight as the bed they were on proved to be worth the money Weiss had spent on it, easily absorbing the heiress's frustrated pounding, "Oh, god!"

"Finally in." Weiss panted, almost growling as sweat dripped down her brow and her pelvis finally clapped against Ruby's. As she gave the glossy eyed girl below her a kiss. Passionate. Hungry. Hips still rolling in a relentless grind even as Ruby's legs wrapped around her back, fingers tangled themselves in the older girl's hair. "Finally."

After that, there were no more words. A creaking bed. The slap of flesh against flesh and rustling clothing. Ruby's moans and squeaks as Weiss laid her lips on every part of her that she could reach, the heiresses thrust becoming deeper, faster. Every hammering blow spurring along the growth of that heat Ruby could feel, building up in her lower stomach, coiled and tense. The need to cum, more intense than it had ever been before in her nighttime explorations, almost painful in comparison.

And Weiss was the same. She had to be. Her eyes screwed tightly shut. Breath heavy, face red and dripping with sweat as her rhythm started to falter, the throbbing of her cock becoming worse and worse, teasing Ruby's sensitive inner walls in a whole new way… And then the withdrawal. The slow, torturous withdrawal as Ruby's body refused to let her go, the girl herself wrapping herself as tightly as possible around the heiress's body in instinctual response. A response, tempered by conscious decision as Weiss came down again.

Ruby's eyes snapped open, tears at the corners at the corners as she finally came, her skin breaking out in goosebumps as a liquid heat began to build up in her furthest depths. Slow, heavy. A constant stream that Weiss wasn't content to just ride out as she jerked herself forward, milking herself into Ruby's body and extending her orgasm all at once. Selfishly sweet, even as she whimpered into the brunette's mouth.

Once again… That was so Weiss.

However, it was right then, in spite of Weiss's desperate thrusts and the steady pumping of seed, that Ruby realized something as Weiss broke their kiss, gasping for air. A steady chant, low, soft. A whisper so quiet that it almost passing by without comment, hidden by the sound of her own breathing, too tired to wipe away the spit from her mouth, connecting her lips with her friend's.

"I finally did it…"

"Weiss. I'm just wondering, but," Ruby managed to gasp out as the heiress's softened member slid out of her, adding a streak of white to the stains in the brunette's skirt as Weiss rolled off her. "Were you... were you a virgin, before this? Were you just playing yourself up? Not that I mind, but I just want to know."

"... No. Of course not." Weiss muttered as she crawled her way to Ruby's right side. "You dunce."

"You totally were!" Ruby giggled at the half-hearted glare Weiss gave her, at the absurdity of it all. It had been a very odd day. "I was terrified, thinking that I had no idea what I was doing, and you were in the same boat, you jerk!" Ruby tried to sit up, only to fall back on the bed with a flop. "I can't feel my stomach." Help.

"Virgin or not, I was able to satisfy you." Weiss cleared her sweat matted hair away from her forehead with a huff. "I am content in that much…" She gave Ruby a lazy smirk, one that sent a rush of heat running through her body. "And I was very convincing, wasn't I?"

"Yeah, you were... I bet you took acting classes."

"Of course I did."