Lips pursed and eyes narrowed, Yang stared her partner down with the sort of look that she'd seen on her uncle's face whenever something was stopping him from getting a drink. The same look she'd seen on her father's face whenever his attempts at online dating come to nothing.

The anticipation of a fight. Desperation. The willingness to cut a bitch to get your fix. All of those things and more were in her eyes as Blake fought against that glare with her signature feline apathy. With a slow blink over glazed and sleepy amber that could, at any moment, come to life before the fur began to fly.

… And now, Yang had to consider whether or not that last thought was racist. She'd never had to think about it before, but now... Later though. This wasn't the time.

This was serious.

"If you take this from me...if you keep me from having this one thing..." Yang started calmly, her tone of voice (if not the subject matter) at complete odds to the glowing flickers building up at the ends of her hair. A crime of passion in the making if things didn't work out how she hoped… They'd never convict her. She'd have to believe that. It was all she had. "I'll never forgive you, Blake. You know that, right?"

"That would be a shame if that happened. A real shame." Blake cocked her head in an almost challenging manner. "But, considering what we're playing for, I'll think I'll learn to live with it… So would you, if you'd only just learned to lighten up and broaden your horizons. Get a boyfriend or something."

Yang scoffed at that. Then again as she put her hands up for another round of rock-paper-scissors, to really rub in what she thought of that idea. "No thanks. Not all of us are as equal opportunity as you are, Blake." No guy was getting into her shorts, no sir. All dumb as bricks and not even half as nice to sleep with… Not that Blake seemed to mind all that much, the weirdo. To her, all that mattered was if it had a pulse and if it could talk in whole sentences. Yang liked to think she was more discerning than that. "Another reason as to why I should go first… I want it to be special..."

"Weiss already went first though. And I think she's made Ruby feel plenty special as is. Variety is important, you know?" Blake heartlessly pointed out, upping the glow in Yang's hair with another couple of embers. "Besides. I don't want to hear how weird I am when you're the one that wants to sleep with your sister."

"You want to sleep with your mom!" To Yang, whose biological mother had abandoned her at birth while her actual mother had died far away from home, a mommy fetish was the farthest thing from sexy that she could think of that didn't involve something...disgusting. She tried to be understanding normally, but with emotions running high... "And Weiss wants to sleep with her sister too! Get off my back!"

Weiss talked a big game about her lack of deviancy when compared to their little circle...but they'd all heard her in the middle of the night, letting off some stress. Her insatiable lust for Winter was an open secret.

"I don't want to sleep with my mom."

Yang's glare became twice as hard.

"I already have. Twice. It was nice and I wouldn't mind doing it again." Blake didn't deny. Hell, she looked proud of it. "But that's not the point. Glass houses and stones, Yang."

Yang muttered something rude under her breath, much to Blake's amusement. "I hate you..."

"No, you don't." Blake grinned as she finally put her hands up to initiate their sadly bloodless battle of luck and reflexes. "Yet."

"Gods! Really!" Weiss, who had, so far, been completely quiet as she separated and folded the once-soiled clothing that Ruby and her had had sex in, finally snapped. A testament to just how much more relaxed she was, now that she'd dealt with her sexual frustrations. "Stop being so loud!" Yang had expected her to break thirty minutes ago, honestly. "You're like children, the both of you! I swear!" She grumbled. "Just get your silly little game over with so that we can move on with our lives if you please?"

"Fine, fine…" Blake sighed. "Ready, Yang?"

"To put you six-feet under?" The blonde smirked. "Always."

Blake, instead of answering, rolled her eyes and gave her palm the first strike without a count. Then the second, with Yang quick to follow as her eyes began to flicker red and back again from excitement.

At the third, it was decided…

"HELL YEAH!" Yang cheered. "MY TURN! SUCK IT, BLAKE!"

"Congratulations," Weiss replied wearily.

"Good job, Yang. Would you like a cookie? And, maybe later, if you're a good girl."

"Promises, Blake. Promises~"

And Yang couldn't have been happier with how it had ended...even with the disinterest the other two girls were showing. Or just the interest in other things that Blake was showing... Now, where was the lube? No shade on Weiss or anything, but she wasn't exactly the biggest of the trio at the best of times and Ruby was so very small… Also, candies. And candles. Lots of candles.


Where were the candles!?


"Nora. I have to ask you a question. Is that okay?"

Nora, currently face deep in a bowl of honey and cinnamon soaked oatmeal looked up and made a questioning noise. Messily. It just made it worse when she decided to reply around her mouthful, shamelessly showing off the chewed up gunk in her mouth with a cheery gurgle.

Ruby, fighting the urge to get a napkin and wipe Nora's face as milk and other things ran down her chin, forcibly pulled herself back into the moment by remembering that she'd seen worse during breakfast back home on Patch. Also, she wasn't Nora's mom. She could be as childish as she wanted to be, not Ruby's problem. "Did you know that my team was…about that thing with..." Ruby huffed. "Stuff?"

Nora held up a finger and swallowed the fist-sized mass in her mouth easily while Ruby waited, feeling disturbed as said mass visibly slid down the orange-haired girl's throat. Then, she daintily dabbed at her face with a nearby napkin like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. "Stuff, huh?"

"Yes. Stuff."

"You came to the right place. I like stuff. I also like answering questions." Nora nodded to herself before throwing her napkin on the table. "But, I think you're going to have to be a little more clear about things if you want my opinion...because your team is a lot of things, and I don't want to start talking about the wrong stuff. That would just be a waste of our time." She shut one of her eyes and squinted the other one at Ruby as she lowered her voice. "And time is pancakes."

A beat of silence.

"... You know, the first time I heard you liked pancakes, I thought it was a charming and harmless quirk. But now, after how long I've known you, I have to say that you kind of worry me sometimes."

Ruby wasn't kidding either. Nora was a good friend, yes, but when the only person stranger than you was Penny...

"All according to plan!" Nora cackled madly for a good five seconds, then suddenly stopped. "Yeah, but no. I could explain why I love pancakes so much, telling you an extremely personal story of love and loss and deep-seated emotional insecurities that, if turned into a script, Spruce Willis would be all over in a heartbeat… Or I could answer whatever question it is that's keeping you up at night."

Ruby was a lot of things...but she wasn't sure whether she'd be able to deal with having Nora's personal issues added to her own. She'd like to, but...

"Did you know that Weiss and Blake had… Ah..." Ruby raised her hands up in front of her and gave them some space. A foot or so where she held it for a little while, then let them drop into her lap with a blush in the face of the amusement in Nora's eyes. "Penises?"

Oh god. If it hadn't been just the two of them in here, she'd have never been able to say it. Heck, she'd barely been able to say it when it was just the two of them in here. Ren was off at the gym, Pyrrha was whipping Jaune into shape, and Jaune was… Jauning. He was doing better now.

There was that.

"Did I?" Nora laughed like a normal person this time, thank the One. "How did I not? Hell, how didn't you? You live with them!"

Better than her, apparently...

"I'm not very observant, okay!"

Nora continued to giggle. "No, duh. I wouldn't have guessed. They weren't exactly hiding it all that well, you know? Yang and Blake are a buncha horndogs, and Weiss is always at her grumpiest when she's got her legs together all proper-like." She coughed to clear her throat before lowering her voice once more. "The pressure she's putting on her junk must be insane. It's almost like no one ever told her that sitting on your nuts is a bad thing!"

A thought struck Ruby right then...and she had to ask. Boy, she was just full of questions these days, wasn't she? "That sounded kind of like personal experience. Are you like…?"

"Naaaah. A hundred percent, Grade-A woman. So is Pyrrha, funnily enough. That's rare in this school, I tell you what." Nora, spoon in her hand, waved that accusation off with a twirl of the wrist that wouldn't have been out of place on the conductor of a symphony. It was surprisingly graceful, for someone that twirled a near hundred pound hammer around like it was a plastic baton. "If I had been like the rest of your team, I'd have been all over you before you'd even sat down. You're adorable."

Ruby wriggled uncomfortably in her seat while she mulled that over. ""

"Just saying what everyone's thinking, cookie queen." Nora winked at Ruby, raising the uncomfortable feeling yet higher as she casually put her chin down on the back of one of her hands for support. "Anyway, back to brass tacks. You're asking me about this because one of them got under that skirt of yours, huh? I'm thinking...Weiss." She clicked her tongue in the face of Ruby's quiet mortification. "Yeah. Definitely Weiss."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Ruby whispered from behind her fingers, her eyes tightly shut in hopes that, as long as she couldn't see Nora, Nora couldn't see her. "What does it matter if it was Weiss?"

"Well, for one, you're over here instead of over there. The girl has no stamina." Nora flicked her fingers in the general direction of Ruby's dorm. "If it had been Yang—kinky, by the way—or, Gods forbid, Blake that had had you in their clutches for your first time…" The ginger girl snickered. "Aura or not, you'd have needed a wheelchair...and boy, do I feel bad for Sun. He's climbing a really tall tree right there, know what I mean? … I wonder if he knows?"

Ruby put her hands over her mouth and just quietly blinked in response. Her feelings right then weren't exactly the sort that would allow her to talk without squeaking...and for good reason. Beyond Nora's (hopefully) overstated accounting of the sexual aggressiveness of a good half of her team, a half which included her sister, being turned on the school's populace… She had to worry about said aggression being turned on her, once again including her biological sister.

Now, Ruby had nothing against wheelchairs or anything...but she liked her own two feet plenty. She semblanced with them and junk, so it was only to be expected...also, wasn't incest bad or something? Ruby wasn't a biologist but she was pretty sure that was the case...maybe? She might have zoned out during that class, which was probably why she'd been completely blindsided by the idea that Yang's gender wasn't as rare as she'd believed it to be... At least, not in hunting schools anyway. Also, Yang was her So how did that even work?

Why couldn't her dad be half as interesting as her Uncle when class was going on, dang it! Why!? Why did rampant alcoholism and five o' clock shadow make you so cool and interesting!?

When a random, and very familiar bark from nearby cut Nora's string of incomprehensible babbling off at the knees, Ruby finally realized that she hadn't blinked in what might have been a minute. Possibly, what with the irritation that she was forced to rub out of her eyes, one then the other, while Nora shot up in her seat like a rocket and kicked her chair to the floor and onto it's back.

"It was nice talking to you, Ruby! But I've got stuff to do! Club stuff! Those mysteries aren't going to solve themselves!" Nora, from a hidden pocket in her skirt, pulled out a pair of coke bottle thick glasses and slid them on. "Good luck!"

Beacon had clubs? Really? Maybe they had a metall- No! Forget that!

"Hey, wait! No! You can't just leave me like this!" Ruby cried out with an outstretched hand as she tried, and failed, to catch the tails of Nora's back ribbon. "I need advice and all you gave me was anxiety!"

She already had plenty of that as it was! She didn't need any more!

"I believe in you, Ruby! You can do anything if you put your mind to it!" Nora spun on her heel, clenched her fist in what might have been a supportive manner in Ruby's direction, and started walking back towards the door where Zwei was waiting with an oddly expressive Ren in the background… Ruby tried to remember the last time she'd seen him smile before this moment and came up with nothing. "Or your waist and hips… Whatever! Go get 'em!"



… Ruby wasn't sure what she'd expected when she'd come to Nora for help...but she probably should have expected something like that. This was her fault...and it looked like she was just going to have to bite the bullet. By herself. Without any help…

Oh God, no.


A loud cry of 'where is it' was the first thing that Ruby heard when she crept into her room. Literally crept. With her hood over her head and everything as she held herself low to the ground and pretended to be a mouse. Short, quick movements. Lots of cover. Keeping to the shadowed parts of the room, which wasn't that hard since the only light that was still on in the room was Blake's bedside light.

Really though. That was all the light she needed to see who was talking...and freeze in place behind Blake's bed, her cheeks bursting into metaphorical flames as she looked up and over it to see her sister, naked as the day she was born. Her butt wagging back and forth almost teasingly, almost if only because she didn't know that Ruby was there, as she loudly searched under her bed for something or other...something that Ruby suspected, seeing how the last day or so had gone, was meant for her.

For some reason, seeing as Christmas had passed barely a month ago and her birthday was on Halloween, she didn't think that Yang was looking for Ruby's biannual package of sweets and high explosives. Just a hunch...and by Uncle Qrow's reserve of Mantle '88, how did Yang hide that in a pair of hotpants in a short skirt!? She wasn't even hard, but it was almost half as thick as one of Yang's calves.

Ruby couldn't help but whimper at that thought, the quick mental calculations she put herself through really making the logistics involved with Yang's anatomy sink in...the price of the dust weave necessary to hide it was super expensive...and it was loud enough that Yang, just like she did whenever she watched a scary movie (too tough for horror her butt) jumped. Jumped, and hit the bottom of her bed with a very solid crack and a loud curse as she fell flat on her stomach and grabbed at her head with yet more cursing.

Yang though, being Yang, was used to pain. It was kind of her thing, considering what her Semblance was, so it took her, at most, two seconds to slither out from under the bed with a pout, her body language changing in a heartbeat as soon as she saw Ruby, still frozen like a baby Nevermore in the headlights of a bullhead, peeking at her from barely five feet away.

"Oh, hey, Rubes." Chest out, shoulders squared back, stance wide. Like nothing had ever happened… Completely shameless. It was just like Yang. "What's up?" A cocky smile grew over her face. "See something you like?"

Ruby fell behind Blake's bed with a squeak with Yang's low laughter ringing in her ears. Then, with a shaking hand, she pointed at Yang's crotch to ask the questions that really mattered.


Yang blinked as her smile got a little slack to it? "Excuse me?"

"I've never thought about it before, but how do you hide that thing!? Heck, how does Blake?!" Ruby looked over the edge of the bed once more in what was supposed to be a quick look, but went on for a lot longer as she took in just what Yang was planning on putting inside of her...the thought of it was hypnotic. "I can understand Weiss because she wears actual skirts and has the money to afford the dust weaves responsible for invisible expansion, but this is too much!" She took in a deep breath. "YOU HAVE ANOTHER LEG IN YOUR SHORTS!"

"You're not the first one to call me a tripod," Yang said with a bark of laughter, "but I don't think I can remember the last time someone acted like it was going to kill them!"


"You say the nicest things," The blonde teased with a wiggle of the fingers before she started padding her way towards the kitchen, suggestively swaying her hips as she did so. "Now, come on. Calm down and get up. I'm making a cake and I need someone to lick the spoon."

At the word 'cake' Ruby instantly perked up and nearly forgot where she was and what kind of situation she was in. Nearly. Seeing Yang's super perky butt, bouncing in all its glory didn't allow for the whole deal...but still. Cake! That always made things better, except when it didn't, which wasn't now!

Denial and selective hearing, just behind Weiss (wow was that relationship weird) were her best friends. As long as she focused on the spoon, everything would be good. Fine. Great.

"What flavor is it? Vanilla? Strawberry?" Ruby asked, her eyes set firmly in the general area of Yang's forehead, what with eye contact being far too embarrassing to commit too while the other girl was completely naked...and, from what a quick and in no way intentional look downwards had told her, semi-erect. "Red Velvet, maybe?"

"Nope. Even better." Yang tapped a giant bag of something solid and delicious. "Double chocolate death by chocolate overtime with chocolate chunks and chips...with the powder already premade and everything."

Ruby gasped as her mouth filled with drool. Some might have escaped her, but she didn't care. "Dad's recipe!? Where? How!?"

She'd only ever seen it twice in her life! Twice! And both those times were some of her greatest memories!

"I have my ways...and a couple auto-injectors filled with insulin. You know. The basics." Yang shrugged as she ripped the top right off the bag, filling the air around her with the dark brown tint that was powdered gourmet chocolate. "It's better if you don't know the specifics."

"What I don't know can't be guilted out of me, I know! Now, what are you waiting for!" Ruby agreed cheerily. Then, with a hop and a spin on her personal axis, she was over the counter and next to Yang with her fists balled up right under her chin with excitement. "Get to the mixing before I explode!"

"Explode then!" Yang cackled as Ruby grabbed at her chest with yet another gasp. "More cake for me, sucker!"

With a loud cry of 'noooo', Ruby grabbed her sister around the waist, put all of her weight on the much taller girl's body, and started kicking her legs like she was five again. Seriously. She could remember doing something like this when she was five. Of course, at the time, she'd been doing it to her dad. Yang hadn't been nearly big enough to allow it to work, and she wasn't the one that had had the cookie jar.

Things had changed though. Now Yang was the one holding the sweets hostage...and she'd grown up. She'd grown up a lot. They both had in more ways than one, which was something that Ruby had forgotten about in the midst of an instinctual and panicked response.

Having a handful of bare butt in one hand, a curvy hip in the other, with a faceful of male anatomy and hair really helped you remember your age and the age of those around you. Yes, it did...and good Lord! Did Yang even know what a razor was!? It was like looking at a well-trimmed jungle (contradiction or not, that's what Ruby thought of when she first saw it) giant, man-eating anaconda included!

The hand that dropped onto her head and ruffled her hair told her everything that she needed to know about the direction this position had put her on. The actions that she was about to take...and she wasn't getting out of this. The spoon that slowly came into view, slowly dripping with glue-thick chocolate cake mix as it hovered over Yang's shaft only sealed her fate.

"Well. If you're that excited to get going, sis, I guess we can do it your way," Yang said cheerfully, slowly turning towards Ruby as she did, rubbing her crotch against the younger huntress's cheek as she did before she was forced to fall onto her knees or lose an eye. "I was planning on having a nice dinner first, maybe with some candles if I could only just find them...but this works too."

She was now starting down the entire veiny, meaty, shaft of Yang. She licked her lips. In fear or anticipation? She couldn't say. Not after what Weiss and her had done together… Not after she'd had her eyes opened to the joys of adulthood and sweaty bedroom activities.

Ruby's mouth dried up faster than a running Vacuoan resistance fighter's water supply when a drop of cake batter fell on Yang's throbbing length. Just the first of many, all of them just so very solid as Yang laid down a curving road of deliciousness and lewd innuendo. A line of cocoa and vanilla-scented body wash and bubbly sweetness... It really was dad's recipe. It couldn't be anything else.

The feeling of impending diabetes was supremely distinctive. Like gunpowder, the feeling of lightning dust on her teeth… It was her childhood. There was nothing else in the world quite like it and damn Yang for making this harder than it had to be!.

The story of her life. This was it. She probably shouldn't have expected anything different...and neither should have Yang, looking all smug and superior.

That might have been how Yang liked to play...but Ruby had spent her entire life being a disrespectful, irreverent, and difficult little twit in the face of her older sibling's assumed authority since she'd first learned what the word 'no' meant and how it drove Yang crazy in the right context.

Disturbingly large erection in her face or not. Mouthwatering sweets and deliciousness and fevered promises of sexual pleasure or not… There was a dynamic here that would not be ignored!

"... Now that's not right. I thought I taught you better than that." Yang said with a combination of disappointment and mirth as Ruby, instead of licking the mess right off of her sister like had been expected, used the tips of her fingers to get the batter off of Yang and into her mouth. "That's not how you clean off a spoon, Ruby."

Was it petty? Yes. Did she care? Of course not. Little sisters rise up! The new model replaces the old! RULES OF NATURE!

"Oh wow! Really? I didn't know that!" Ruby hummed a laugh around the finger in her mouth, pressed against the inside of her cheek as she added some bite to her words. "How embarrassing… Good thing I'm cleaning your dick instead, huh? You should totally see a doctor about that forgetfulness you're getting in your old age."

"Old age, huh?" Yang pursed her lips, nodded, then allowed them to separate with a loud pop as she came to a decision. "Yeah. Okay. That isn't your only uniform, right?"

Ruby, nonplussed, furrowed her brows in confusion. "Nooooo? I've got something like...five of them? Why?"

"Training accident."

"Training wha-" Ruby found herself cut off by her own squeals and the sound of ripping cloth when Yang, completely out of patience with her shenanigans, took her by the collar from both ends and pulled. Her jacket, and the blouse under it, didn't so much rip as disintegrate. "What the hell, Yang!?"

"You should probably get that cloak off if you don't want it getting dirty. Fair warning." Yang continued firmly, ignoring Ruby's protestations as she grabbed the other girl around the waist, lifted her up into the air, and plonked her right down on the cleanest part of the countertop...for a given value of clean. "This is going to get messy."

Ruby didn't need more of a warning than that. Her fingers were at her cloak pin, mindlessly yet smoothly fiddling with the catch while Yang loosened the laces of her boots and added yet another pair of hose to the bin with, much like what had been done to Ruby's upper clothing, a quick pull down.

It was only a quick look of warning that kept Yang from doing the same to Ruby's favorite pair of underwear. Strawberry patterned cotton, fresh out of the laundry. A limited run on Patch...that involved a three-hour walk through a forest to get to the island's only Tailor. She was already going to have to go shopping for new clothes as it was, and having to deal with that as well as this, was just too much.

Ruby knew her rights here. Yang could pout all she wanted, but if Ruby felt like cutting this off, she was cutting this off. There were lines you just didn't cross, and tearing up your sister's favorite pair of panties so that you could…that wasn't relevant, was one of them. Yang had already torn up what had technically been her bra (corsets were a type of bra, right?) and that was far enough.

On Yang's end, rolling Ruby's underwear down to her ankles was far too easy for her. Almost every day from the look in her violet eyes. The sort of thing that put more than just a hint of truth in Nora's claims about Yang's experience in such matters, with the inclusion of Yang joining her on the counter, calmly and gently guiding a blushing and stuttering Ruby onto her hands and knees just the bright-red cherry on top.

This was already different from how it had been with Weiss. Clearly so. Weiss had been making it all up as she went along, talking herself up as much as she had been Ruby. Feigned assurance and false experience that Ruby hadn't been able to catch because she'd been so much worse off in comparison. Off-balance, lost, a child...but she wasn't a child now. Not anymore...and Yang hadn't been a child for longer still.

"I'm missing the candles and you came back far too soon for the cake to be done," Yang breathed into Ruby's ear before she pressed her lips into the smaller huntress's neck. "But that's okay..." A nibble, a lick, and that was all she needed to get her sister's heartbeat pounding and pressure rising. "Big sister Yang is still going to make this real special for you..."

"... Are you trying to make this weird, Yang? Weirder?" The brunette chuckled shakily, only to be cut off by her teeth clicking together involuntarily. By a hiss sliding through the gaps of her teeth, more of a whine than an actual protest when her sister's hand brushed the astonishingly sensitive flesh of her milky-pale lower stomach. A couple of blinks to refocus her eyes later though, and Ruby was able to continue. "Because that's how you make this weird…"

"Ruby. Sweetie. Didn't Weiss tell you what's up? Have you been paying attention to the last few days?" Yang cooed as that hand of hers, that hand that had nearly knocked Ruby out for the count went lower yet to tangle themselves up in the sparse hairs of the younger girl's mound. "This is weird…" A gentle tug. Another hiss. A finger straight down the middle of Ruby's lower lips, wet sounding loud and clear when Yang started to circle her entrance. "And, if it ain't weird, it ain't worth doing~"

When Yang's lips pressed against hers, all Ruby could think about was how soft they were. Smooth. How they tasted of cherries and chocolate, lip gloss and cake mix and lightning dancing down her spine when Yang stopped teasing her and slid a pair of fingers right-Oh Shiz.

Ruby's startled, pleasured yelp, caused by Yang pressing a knuckle into something inside of her like it was a button, lost itself in the depths of Yang's mouth. Shattered against the older girl's tongue as that slick, pink muscle wrapped around her own and dominated it as easily as Yang normally dominated anything she did. Fast, hard, overwhelming...and with so much passion that it burned. Pounded any resistance she might have had into goo and set it aflame.

Yang was good at this. Too, too many people had she gone through on her way to getting this good? Five? Ten? A hundred? More? If all it took was a kiss to bring Ruby to her metaphorical knees, to not care what she was doing and who it was with.

Her horizons were expanding everyday—

Ruby whimpered when Yang's lips left her own. When the pleasurable heat pouring off of Yang's body noticeably dropped and Ruby finally realized that she'd been sweating, if only because the room was suddenly unbearably cold… A state of affairs that only lasted a moment, up to the point where Yang, without warning, fed her the absolutely gigantic tip of her dick into the start of her sister's needy tunnel, and pushed.

—as were her insides. Those too. Definitely her insides. She was getting stretched, spread out around the throbbing, needy length that her sister had been half-heartedly hiding from her all through their lives together. Stuck in between keeping it secret, keeping Ruby pure, and flaunting what she had as was her habit… Stuck in between sisterly love and whatever...this was...until now, where she'd clearly decided to go all in on breaking the masquerade in the clearest way possible, far too tired to bother holding what she felt back anymore...or so Ruby thought.

That was the only way Ruby could think of it, of Yang's motivations, when she started this part off by wrapping some of her hair around a hand and pulling back, just as her pelvis slapped against the meat of the smaller girl's rear. The impact on its own forced her eyelids to flutter and mouth to flap open and closed as she came to terms with what had just happened. The depth that Yang had gone to, forcibly acquainting Ruby's cervix to the veiny battering ram attached to her crotch nearly knocked Ruby on her face when her arms lost a great deal of their strength.

When Yang started nudging her, pulling out then back in a series of short, tight strokes and jabs that got Ruby to squeak with every rep, the only thing that kept her up when her arms did give out was the hand in her hair. The one that Yang was using as a form of leverage to keep her strokes consistent...and a form of control, of domination. A way to keep Ruby pinned beneath her without completely smothering the girl with her weight.

She hissed as Yang pulled at her hair, pulling her close just before Yang's nuts, heavy and full, came into contact with Ruby's body in a solid clap. Sharp pain mixed with relentless pleasure, the tension of her hair being forced to full extension only loosened when Yang withdrew from her and left her empty... Yang was careful in how she did it. Very careful. Pain without harm. Just enough pressure to yank at the scalp without having to worry about the risk of losing any hair. Ruby didn't have to have gone through this before to know that.

She knew Yang...and if anyone knew how to pull some hair and make it feel good without messing something up, it was her… Not that Ruby would have minded if she did lose a hair or two. Sometimes, sacrifices had to be made for the things you wanted...and damn her if this wasn't something that she wanted.

It wasn't even the act that got her, even if it was fun. Not completely. It was the closeness. The intimacy. The feeling of being one with someone that she loved in her own way. Partner, teammate...sister... There was more than one sort of bonding. Of common interests. Proximity. The battlefield. What they were doing, right here, right now? Same thing.

This was just another form of bonding...and she was going to have to add this to the book of friendship activities as soon as she could walk to her desk without waddling. Weiss had made walking more than a little stiff afterward. The size alone... If Yang didn't leave her walking bowlegged afterward, then Ruby would have been forced to wonder if she had a regeneration semblance she hadn't known about.

"Just like heaven… Everything I ever wanted. Anything..." Yang sighed. Growled as that hand in Ruby's hair disappeared, letting Ruby fall for less than a second before she had a forearm around her neck. At her throat, pulling her up straight and putting her head right in between Yang's breasts as the blonde's faster pummeling of her sister's insides, the sudden difficulty in taking a breath leaving Ruby lightheaded and gasping as orgasmic sparks and dots of light started to burst behind her eyes. "Should have done this forever ago, Rubes. The time we've lost with me just dancing around the issue instead of getting down to business is just..."

Ruby let out a breathless gasp. One of many as Yang's fingers plucked at her nipples. Rose (heh) red and perfectly stiff as they were strummed and rolled in between her sister's digits, more sensitive than she could ever remember them being, or ever actually being, even in her fantasies as Yang's erection slipped in and out of her at a frantic pace and the blonde breathed heavily, wetly into the crook of her neck...and then Yang stiffened. Her moans rose in pitch and she, well...came.

Just once. Just one shot that Ruby could feel before Yang pulled out of her, covering her crotch with a creamy-white, white-hot coating with yet another shot before she was pushed back down onto her hands and knees again. On her face, her shaking bottom pointing in Yang's direction, in the middle of a light orgasm as her back, so cold and dry without Yang's body against hers...was suddenly not cold and dry. Not even close.

Instead, it was almost like Yang was spewing liquid lava over every inch of skin that she could cover.

And then, without any fanfare, Yang sighed. Pulled away… And dropped her on the counter. Left her where she lay like a used tissue and just...walked away.

Ruby blinked. She walked away. Without a word. Without any attention or cuddles... Not even a towel. She might have been sheltered, but even she had heard the phrase 'pump-and-dump' before. She hadn't really known what it had meant, but she'd known that it was a thing...and it was a thing that had just been done to her. To her. By her sister.

Oh hell no.

Before Ruby could start up a good, long rant about how she was supposed to be treated instead of what Yang had done, with her cheeks puffing out and everything as she tried to get up on her own power (Oh boy) she heard the oven door open. And then it closed...and then Ruby had to think about things as she panted for air and whatever bruising might have been on her neck cleared itself up. Unimportant things, maybe, but things.

Had there always been an oven there? Had all of those stairs down to the kitchens so that she could use their equipment been in vain? This was going to bug her for days.

"Back!" Yang crowed as, from out of nowhere, she wrapped her arms around her sister's waist and lifted her into the air. "Had to put the cake in." Yang explained as she moved Ruby's body about like a rag doll. With as much strength as Ruby had in her limbs right then, it was a damn close comparison. "Sorry for leaving you behind like that, but I had to do it so it didn't go bad. You understand, right?"

"No! Yes! Maybe!" Ruby flailed weakly, coughed, then continued what she'd been doing. "What are you doing!?"

"Just getting you into position!" Yang cheerfully said as she jostled Ruby around even more, making Ruby's eyes roll around in her head for a moment as she tried to focus on any one thing and just made herself dizzy enough to get her feeling as if she was about to be sick. "You didn't think I was going to stop at just one load, right?"

"I did, actually! Weiss was-"

"Weiss?" Yang interrupted her sister with a playful snort. "I'm not throwing shade here, love the girl to bits, but she was a virgin (not that there's anything wrong with that)...and her Semblance doesn't exactly give her staying power." Yang snickered. "You know how my Semblance works, right?"

It didn't take long for Ruby's eyes to take up a good quarter of her face at that insinuation. "Oh… Oh no. No way!"

She'd die! She'd totally die!

"Yes way, Rubes!" Yang cackled as she stopped in place and allowed Ruby to catch her bearings. "The more I fuck, the harder and longer I can go!" Her head in between Yang's breasts, back against chest in a repeat of before. Warmth and softness. The drumbeat of Yang's heart...but, this time, with a few simple differences. Ones that, in an odd way in Ruby's addled mind, reminded her of long nights of watching wrestling videos and then reenacting said was probably the arms hooked under her knees that were keeping her legs up that did it, honestly. "We're going to be here all day, baby!"

At that proclamation, and the clap of Yang's hands against her cheeks that completed the position known as the 'Full Nelson'... Ruby could no longer tell whether she was anticipating the next few hours or if she was horrified as she was forced to look at Yang's cock standing upright in between her legs. Covered in cum and fluids...and other things while somehow being bigger than before as Yang worked her hips around, looking for the angle she needed to sink herself back into Ruby's tight, wet slit.

It was one of those things. Enough said. What she did know was that, without a doubt, she was never going to forget this.

"Never had a girl small enough for me to do this and mean it." Yang hummed as she gave the top of Ruby's head a nuzzle. "You're a lucky, lucky girl, Ruby."

Ruby wasn't listening. All she could do was stare, wide-eyed at Yang's penis. Intimidated by it. Intimidated beyond all sense and reason by Yang's threat of being here the entire day as it ran through her mind like it was on a track. An endless loop of her being taken, again and again by the Semblance powered dynamo that was Yang at her most enthusiastic...and her heart skipped a beat. Stopped near completely, leaving her short of breath once more as her stomach tensed then released in orgasm, coating the monstrously large organ that Yang was threatening her with, with a healthy dose of feminine cum.

Ruby nearly died on the spot from sheer embarrassment.

"Someone's wound tight~" Yang cooed, uncaring of her sister's sudden screaming fit (Don't look, don't look, don't loooooook at meeeeee!) as she, without any quarter or mercy, forced the solid head into Ruby's slit. All the way to the root without hesitation as she leaned her head back and released a deep and shuddering breath of utter contentment...and Ruby was forced to shut up, utterly and completely as her lungs stopped working.

She could see it. She could see Yang's dick, just under her skin. From tip to hilt where it pushed out the creamy-paleness of her flesh...and she'd thought she'd been full before.

"Hey. Sis." Yang said casually before lifting Ruby up once more. Dragging out the extraction as a form of pleasurable torture on both their ends with Yang the only one in control. That Ruby's chest was able to inflate with air throughout this ordeal could only be called a miracle. That she wasn't even able to cry out before being brought back down, stretched out to her limits again, was only to be expected.

Yang's hands at either side of Ruby's skull was the only thing keeping her head from rolling around, from being jostled from side-to-side by the semblance enhanced power behind Yang's pounding thrust. The brutal strength behind her rapid-fire impalement of her little sister's dripping insides, all while the brunette's legs bonelessly flopped and kicked about in the air and her eyes rolled around in her head.

She was sinking. Falling into a fog of pleasure of which there was no way out. No way that she could see. No way that she could think of as she drooled on herself. Twitched weakly. Sweat buckets and babbled nonsense as the room began to fill with the smell of boiling hot sex. With a thin layer of steam growing ever thicker as the embers in Yang's hair burst into actual flames.

Once again, in her sex-addled state of mind, it was to her surprise when she felt her hair being pulled back, and her head being twisted to the side… Just before Yang's lips pressed against hers...and Ruby was filled with heat. Metaphorical. Literal. One or both… She was burning up inside as flames filled her lungs and traveled down her limbs with the speed of an out of control wildfire.

Energy. Strength. Defiance. Want. Feelings, the light of Yang's soul touching on Ruby's own. Melding and mingling with it in something so much more intimate and forceful than anything that Yang could do with her body alone as she felt some of that light flow over to her, over her, like the sun overlaid itself over everything else—

"Fuck me!" Ruby howled. Screamed hard enough that the tendons on her neck stood out like steel cables under her skin as soon as Yang pulled her lips away. "FUCK ME LIKE YOU LOVE ME, YOU FUCKING BITCH!"

—and gave her a bit of a bronzing. A tint...enough of one that Ruby only felt a twinge instead of a metaphorical dagger in her heart as those words, those dirty, dirty words...left her mouth. Her mouth.

Newsflash. Yang was a bad influence. More at eleven...and damn her for making it so hard for Ruby to care that Yang was such a bad influence. Damn her for devoting her every stroke to hollowing Ruby out as she whispered pleasant nothings into Ruby's burning ears...whenever she wasn't nibbling on them. Or licking. Or blowing. Or…or being completely silent as a stutter appeared in her stroke, just after Ruby stopped her screams and busied herself with sucking in air...and Yang did much the same.

Was she shocked? Did the filth that had come out of her sister's mouth actually shock her?

"... Did you kiss Weiss with that mouth?" Yang asked, a dark undertone of horrified awe laid over what might very well have been righteous anger. Ironic, considering what she was doing to her sister...but that was what Ruby heard. "Did you just kiss me with that mouth? Where did I go wrong!?"

Yes. Yes, it had...and Yang, hard as it was to see when she kept up that front of hers...could be such a nerd.

"I think it was around the time you started, you know, FUCKING YOUR SISTER!" Ruby roared as she clamped down on Yang. Hard.

"Oh my god, Ruby!" Was all Yang could say to that, both to the language and her sister's action. And that was when what Ruby had actually said hit her. "NOOOOOO!"

"That's right!" Ruby shouted with glee, suddenly brimming with energy. She could feel Yang started to twitch and throb rapidly at that in warning, just as she tried to pull out. In response, Ruby just clamped down yet harder, doing her best to make sure that Yang didn't even seriously think about withdrawing. "This is your fault! All!"

"No, no, no, no, no!"




She was rewarded for her actions when the first, still literally molten, burst of cum came. She could feel Yang shudder, near catatonic as she reflexively continued to pump up into her sister, milking herself into the younger girl's coiling, writhing insides even as she fell to her knees with wide open eyes… Eyes that only grew larger when Ruby, who had escaped Yang's grasp as soon as her legs were free, spun around and sat on Yang's lap. Impaled herself on that still spurting length, even as Ruby cradled Yang's head in return and laid a kiss on her in revenge.

"Do you remember what you said about promises when I was younger?" She smiled. "About keeping them?" Her smile grew yet further when, after a grind, Yang's erection went from soft to hard in an instant. "You said we'd be here all day, so you'd better be ready to put your money where your mouth is...because the Rose train stops for no one."