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It's a moon filled night sky with millions of stars out overlooking the normally quiet street of Privet Drive. Suddenly around the corner came two figures as they ran for their lives, and behind them was a pursuer giving chase with a small gun in his hand trying to focus on them. Over their heads are dimly lit lamp posts some flickering in the mist. One of the fleeing figures was short while the other was tall. The tall figure looked behind them giving an incredibly miffed look at their pursuer, and thought to himself, 'Come on how is this guy keeping up with us?'

He looks to his left side to see that his shorter partner is still keeping up with him, through, the figure could tell that his partner was breathing heavily, and looking like he was about to collapse at any moment.

'Damn it looks like Razor, can't last for much longer if we keep this up. I need to come up with something quick,' Thought the figure before he looked around to see a trash can to his right. The figure ran quickly towards it at full speed before grabbing it, and then launched it at their pursuer. He then turned and kept running. Their pursuer's eyes widened at the speeding trash can heading towards him, but unfortunately was able to throw himself out of the way and landed roughly on his shoulder as he squeezes the...


The tall figure suddenly stopped and turned in place, his eyes widening in horror as he saw where the shot was heading.

He yelled as he tried to move into it's path, "Razor, look out!"

Unfortunately, it was too late as Razor, whose eyes grew wide as he felt the bullet hit his left shoulder let out a pain filled scream before his legs gave away causing him to collapse. The tall figure ran over to him panicking from what he just saw.

He yelled, his voice filled with panic as he ran "Razor!"

The figure reacted fast pulling his partner up and placing Razor's body over his right shoulder carefully. Making sure Razor was firmly on there before he broke into a run. He kept a good pace while making sure that Razor, has a strong hold on his shoulder, and then ran them around a corner. All his vision could see as they continued to run, was that all the houses looked the same. While his mind panics, trying to think of something, or anything that could help Razor, at this moment.

It would have been easier if they were back home because, then he would just fly Razor home and get the first aid kit. Right now however, he along with his partner were on some strange alien planet... so he couldn't do that.

Suddenly, he felt something over come him as he looked to his left. Seeing one of the many similar looking houses, and his gut is telling him to go in there. He knows it's a shot in the dark, but he looks at his best friend that he considers a brother who is bleeding, and knows that if there somehow was a first aid kit, or anything that could help him then he has to do it.

'Just keep holding on Buddy,' Thought the tall figure as he kept moving quickly just hoping he isn't making a mistake by doing this.

Once upon a moon filled night, and there was little neglected boy whose name was Harry James Potter. Harry never had a pleasureful life, but tonight that's all going to change as the Dursleys were on a business trip, and Mrs. Figg was unavailable as a babysitter. Which left Harry all alone at number 4 Privet Drive locked within his small cupboard under the stairs.

The cupboard wasn't that big, though it was able to fit a small mattress in there. It's quite messy with over sized hand-me downs from his fat cousin lying around the cupboard floor. Along with the walls that are covered in small dirty hand prints and old dried spots of blood, and light bulb is shining dimly.

Harry, had been awake for a while now, and the small boy had pulled himself into a fetal position as he sobbed on his bed. Harry had been crying over the belief that nobody will ever care about him, but even then he still hoped for somebody that some day could take him away from his Relatives, and suddenly he heard the front door slam open then shut quickly.

'WHAT! Wait it can't be uncle Vernon... could it?' He thought anxiously, and a bit panic-stricken of the possibility. Then he started hearing a rather rough unfamiliar voice panting heavily from outside of his cupboard. He panics, but takes a deep breath, before he bravely crawled near the door of his cupboard before he placed his right ear onto the door to listen in.

"Don't worry buddy you will be alright, and I will go find a medical kit just. Please hold on." Harry, heard the loud but clearly unfamiliar voice say, though Harry could tell that there was panic in it.

'Is somebody hurt?' Harry, thought to himself feeling that he had to do something if that was the case. He always had felt this way whenever he saw somebody in need, though he doesn't understand this feeling of his at all. He knows of the chance that these people could be dangerous... just something is telling him to go help despite that very possibility.

He sucked in a deep breath before letting it out with a sigh and hoped this doesn't end with him in pain. He picks on the lock, and softly opened the cupboard door slightly. He then checked to make sure that it was clear for him to get out of his cupboard without whoever was in the house seeing him, and then he got out of the cupboard closing the door as quietly as possible. He all of a sudden heard a small groan coming from the living room couch, and he could smell that there was an all to familiar scent to Harry, knew it well.

'Oh no... that smell... it's Blood!' He thought with panic, but he calmed himself knowing that he couldn't do anything if he panicked, suddenly he jumped as he heard loud noises coming from the kitchen, and he looks down at the hallway which leads right into the kitchen.

He takes in a deep breath before he slowly starts to sneak down the hallway with the sounds getting ever so louder as he gets closer and he starts hearing the voice that he heard from earlier.

"Please... there has to be a first aid kit in here somewhere. I mean any family would have one just in case!" yelled the rough voice causing him to takes a few steps backward in panic before he takes another deep breath trying to calm his nerves and bravely kept walking.

He steps into the kitchen where he sees a rather large, and muscular figure moving around. Though, he could only see the figure's shadow because of the moonlight shining though the kitchen windows. Then he noticed something off on the figure's head there seemed to be pointy ears. Harry shaking nervously as he reached for the light switch, and slowly he flips on the light switch while he closes his eyes in fear of what he might see.

"Huh what the!" Harry heard the figure yell while trying to open his eyes, but the lights were blinding his vision through he kept his eyes opened, and his vision started adjusting to the light. What he saw very much shocked him as he saw the once shadowy figure had blue eyes, sharp teeth, a some sort of dark blue, and red jumpsuit with… blond fur.

Blond Fur?

Harry didn't know how he could process this but what he saw was a walking talking blond fur human-like cat creature who is staring right back at him in surprise, and fear?

Yeah it was fear... it was the same look that Harry, saw before in the eyes that belong to the victims of Dudley's gang of bullies whenever anybody had tried to be friends with Harry. They stared at each other for a few moments before Harry suddenly turned back, and was really to run away not knowing what think.

"WAIT!", Harry stopped immediately after hearing that yell, and he looked down at the floor shaking at the tenseness building up throughout his body.

"Please wait I… I don't know if you are able to understand what I'm saying right now but, I need your help please my best friend is dying." Harry head shot up as heard that, and he turned back toward the human-like Cat who look at him pleading.

Harry didn't know what to say, or to do, but it's like something was telling him that it was genuinely the truth, and that he needed to help. So he took a deep breath before nodding tensely as he closed his eyes getting really for whatever happened next. He then heard the human-like cat creature who sounded much more relaxed say, "Thank you kid, can you show me where the first aid kit is... there is one I hope... please?"

Harry nodded once again opening his eyes as he turned, and started leading the cat to the upstairs turning a left to where the bathroom was.

The bathroom was rather large with a black and white tile floor, cream white walls, a large bathtub, a toilet, and a black sink cabinet where the first aid kit is held within. Harry remember that it's always been there, ever since Dudley had hit his head on the bathtub when they were three, and he pointed at the cabinet silently telling the blond cat that it was in there.

The blond cat just nod in understanding before he walked in, and over to where the sink cabinet was. He opened it, and he grinned seeing there within was the first aid kit. Just like that he grabbed it, and then with a determined smile as he ran pass Harry, through the hall then down the stairs.

Harry was surprised, but he followed right after him. They reached the living room where the lights were then on.

He saw the blond cat working with the first aid kit quickly, and he walked over to see if he could help. When he did he saw on the couch there was another human-like cat. This one was shorter with red-brown fur and, was wearing the same suit only with longer sleeves and had a top part of the suit taken off, so the blond cat could perform first aid.

The blond cat took out what seemed to be a bullet from a wound at the shoulder, and then slowly started bandaging his friend's shoulder. A few minutes later the blond cat finished, and his friend seemed to be alright.

The blond cat sighed in relief, then looked at Harry with a smile, and this had shocked Harry to his core, but suddenly the cat held out his paw before he said, "Thanks kid... I mean it. Also, by the way my name is Chance Furlong... and who, or what are you?"

Harry look surprised at this... Chance was thanking him nobody ever thanked him for anything before even the crazy cat lady across the street never did, Nor did anybody besides his teachers ever asked him for his name either so this was mostly new to him, he looked at the paw while hesitatingly bringing out his own hand to him.

Chance reach out for it, and grabbed Harry's hand gently, but firmly as he shakes it.

Then Harry said trying to keep the nervous out of his voice, "I'm Harry, and I'm a Human hm… nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you as-well kid," He said grateful while still shaking his small hand gently.

It felt nice to Harry somebody actually liked him although said somebody was a humanoid cat, and Harry smiled back timidly then he looked at the other humanoid cat with a frown before looking back asking, "Will he be alright?"

Chance let go of Harry's hand for a moment, and looked at his friend before saying with a nod, "His name is Jake, and he will be fine thanks to you Harry, He just needs some rest for now."

Chance look at him with a goofy smile, and said, "Anyway how about I make you some food to pay you back for helping me and Jake alright... hm?"

Harry shook his head in a negative, and he said, "I don't want you to go though the trou..."

Chance cut him off while getting up from the floor , and said, "It's no trouble at all Harry, and besides I insist."

Chance held out his paw toward him, and Harry didn't know what to do, or what to say that could stop the cat. This is just too new to him, but he gives in before grabbing Chance's paw and helping him stand up. Chance walked to the kitchen with Harry, following right behind him.

They entered into the kitchen, and Harry was panic-stricken when he saw that it was a complete mess. He looks up at Chance who has a sheepish grin on his face looking at him as he rubs the back of his neck nervously.

"Sorry I was panicking, so I kinda made a mess looking for a first aid kit but don't worry after we eat I will clean this all up," Chance said with calm, but strong reassuring tone. Harry nods calmly looking at it though inside Harry is feeling very worried, because he knew that the Dursleys will be coming back from their vacation at the end of the week and if they find anything at all out-of-place then he will be in trouble.

He was scared at the thought of the Dursleys coming in and seeing it like this. Although he didn't have time to think of what the Dursleys would do to him, because he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder causing him to jump a little before looking up at Chance who was looking at him with a concerned facial expression.

"Are you alright? You seemed to zone out there for a moment Harry." He asked, and Harry just nodded, though, he looked very much surprised about the concern.

"I'm fine, and I can make it," He said not wanting to the trouble cat.

Chance shook his head with a serious look, and said, "Harry, no you are way too young, and might burn yourself."

"Can I at least help?" Harry asked wanting to at least do something, and Chance looks like he is thinking about it before saying with a soft smile, "Well I do need some help to find the ingredients since I don't know where they are in this Kitchen, but I do the cooking alright?"

'At least Chance, is letting me help.' thought Harry giving a small smile back, and nod in understanding.

"Okay... now have you ever had pancakes before?" He asked Harry who just look confusedly at him then shook his head, having never even heard of them before.

"Alright I guess this will be a treat for you then huh." Chance said giving a small laugh, before rubbing a paw into Harry's hair causing him to twitch a little as he did so.

'It's going to take some time before I get used to this.' Harry thought, through he must admit that he is enjoying the contact with the cat before Chance stopped, and kindly asked him if he could get a bag of flour for him.

Harry nodded, and walked off to get it.

This takes place after the dark Swat Kats episode, but not before the end of that episode. Instead of them getting back to their universe immediately like in show they ended up in Harry's.

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