Well anyways here the next chapter.

It's now 5:40 am, Harry and Chance had just finished with their meal. After Chance saved some leftovers for Jake, both Harry and him are now cleaning the kitchen. Chance is washing the dishes while Harry is cleaning the table.

Chance was smiling to himself, because of his "brother" being alright and for meeting Harry though he doesn't know very much about him. He has enjoyed the little guys company so far, Harry helping him find the first aid kit for Jake making for a good first impression.

From what he can tell, Harry seems to be a hard worker for a kid his age. The only things that he finds concerning about the situation is where Harry's family is and why they left him alone here. Why does Harry seem to twitch every time he touches him on the head or shoulder. He will ignore this... for now. Though he will ask later, if Harry keeps showing signs of abuse but then again Harry is an alien he may just be read the situation wrong even.

Clearing his head of such thoughts Chance then noted he had finished with washing the dishes, then he heard small Yawn and he saw that Harry had fallen asleep while cleaning the table.

'Aww.' he thought as he smiles at the sleeping boy before rubbing his hair and picking him up from the chair to take him upstairs to sleep.

Chance walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs while carrying Harry carefully, still surprised how light Harry was. Harry felt so light that Chance had to wonder if his bones were hollow, nevertheless he got Harry upstairs and opened up the nearest room door to find what seemed to be a kid's bedroom.

He walked over and placed Harry into bed then tucked the blankets over him. He looks around and he sees a picture on the bedside table.

"Hey, that's weird." he commented quietly so Harry wouldn't hear. He looked at the picture and two things stood out to him. First Harry wasn't in this picture at all and second the three people in the picture looked nothing like Harry.

'Is he adopted?,' he shakes his head and asked himself trying to figure it out, but he then he realizes something why isn't Harry with them and where are they?

He looks at Harry before yawning quietly and said, "I've been up far to long."

'No matter.' Chance thought, he will ask later when Harry is awake. He walks toward the door and into the hall before walking down to the kitchen to make some coffee for himself to stay up.

Meanwhile, in the living room a groan could be heard and familiar human-like cat with a red-brown is waking up as he felt the pain in his shoulder. This cat was Jake Clawson and at first he didn't remember anything of what happened last night then slowly his memory starts to come back to him.

"Dark Swat Kats!, Lighting bolt!, Royal Air Force!, shot in shoulder!, Chance!" Jake's thoughts raced before the feeling of all the pain from his shoulder wakes him up. His eyes widen to see he in some place he doesn't recall.

'Chance?!...where is he, please be okay!' Jake thought as he gets up although he still feels the pain in his shoulder a little. He looks around seeing he was on a flower Pattern couch in a pink and white wallpaper room with a fireplace that he had to guess was a living room.

He smells the scent of coffee in the air and he took off running. He headed to where the scent was coming from and relaxes as he sees Chance making coffee. Chance turned around and looked at him with a big smile across his face before he came over to hug him carefully.

They stayed silent while Chance hugged him in a brotherly hug before letting go and asked "how do you feel Buddy... you okay?"

"No I… I was panicking when I thought that something happen to you, but besides that I'm fine though my shoulder hurts like heck." Jake said hugging Chance again.

"Sorry, I worried you buddy just glad to see you alright." said Chance looking guilty

Chance... has always been his best friend, his brother in everything but blood he doesn't know where he might be now without Chance. Sure they can get angry at each other, but in the end they love each other, they never stay angry at each other nor would they ever leave each other behind.

Jake thought as a smile appeared on his face as he let go though he still felt the pain in his shoulder a little and said "No it's not your fault. I've just been worried, I'm alright. I don't know what I would do without you Buddy and thanks for patching me up."

"I don't know either, but I did have some help from one of the kids that live here to find the first aid kit." Chance explain with a small smile.

"Kid…?" Jake look surprised before Chance started to explain and recalling in detail everything that Happened while Jake was unconscious as he got them coffee to drink, then Chance continued retelling everything that happened so far as they were sitting at the kitchen table.

"So... where is this Harry then?" Jake asked whating to meet him and also wondering what he looks like after what Chance had just explained.

"I placeed him upstairs in what I guess is his bedroom, but yeah after our meal he started to clean, before he fell asleep cleaning the table." Chance said his coffee half full.

"Chance did you asked why he was here alone?" Jake asked wondering why a little boy is here all alone with noboby there to look after him.

"No I didn't, he fell asleep before then. Also, he kinda reminds me of how you were when we were seven." He answered.

Jake remembers those times and he wasn't proud of himself back then. He was always nervous and hiding the fact that he was bullied. The only reason he got over it, was thanks to Chance following him one day and finding out about it. Why is Harry acting like that he wonders?

Elsewhere, A few hours earlier and in a hotel in Hawaii.

"And the baby bear s…." said a story teller to the children in the hotel that the Dursley's were staying at.

"Dad I feel like the FREAK is sleeping in my room!" yelled His son as they walk into the elevator.

"Vernon dear, somehow I feel like him and some more freaks have been eating our food." Petunia complains as they get into the elevator.

Vernon normally would tear himself and his family away and return home when they feel like the "FREAK" is doing something, but not this time he will not ruin their vacation this time.

"It doesn't matter right now Pet, I won't let that FREAK ruin our vacation. Besides I will use my newest drill on him, before breaking his legs, then lock him in the cupboard for two weeks without feeding him and fin…." suddenly before Vernon finished he felt something... SOME FREAK IS DRINKING FROM "HIS" COFFEE, OUT OF HIS FAVORITE MUG "Muggy"!

"I tear the little Magical FREAK'S heart out and bury him alive for eight mouthes with no food maybe that will finally kill IT, because nothing else has... not even when we drown IT or stabbed IT!" He said angry before he hears Petunia growl with a sadistic smile that would scary anybody if not them.

"Oooh, Vernon I love it when you go on about ways of punishing the FREAK." She said kissing him on the cheek.

Unknown to them the hotel security guard was watching from the cameras and he felt sick to his stomach as he continued to hear.

"Dad, can I ram the golf club in his..." said Dudley before the security guard change to somewhere else and started calling up the Magical Congress of the United States of America.

The end of chapter.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Easter.