REAL-NAME: Maxson Conner Dark/A.K.A: Max.

ALIES: Gemini.

RACE: Human/Caucasian/American.

PROFESSION: Spellslinger.


AGE: 15-17.

HEIGHT: 5'6"




SKILLS: Skilled in a Rapier sword fighting.

-Adapt in duel knife fighting.

-Adapt in boxing and using his elbows.

-A crack shot with a gun, but has limits with long distances.

-An expert in pickpocketing.

-Known to have a sly tongue for business and getting himself out of trouble.

-A great actor.

-Can play the piano.

MAGIC: Water Manipulation: A master at water magic. Max created his own style of water magic he calls 'BlackWater'. By creating his own formula of water Max gains complete control of the water, able to shape it into anything he chooses, such as barriers and blades. But Max likes to keep it simple in fights and mostly uses the BlackWater for long range fighting, or create barriers to stop or redirect attacks. Max always has the BlackWater on hand in multiple bottles.

-Maximum range of BlackWater is about 120 yards.

-BlackWater can pierce and slash through steel with near ease.

-Can do the same with regular water but limited control and power compared to BlackWater.

-Can attach BlackWater to his feet to make him glide on the floor, like skates.

-Dark Leviathan: A large sea monster construct of BlackWater with incredible strength and power, can rip through steel with near ease. Draw back is that it takes an incredible large amount of magic and needs 10 seconds to complete. The more magic put into it the stronger it becomes.

-Hydra: A construct of BlackWater with multiple spear like heads, which can also be flatten, that is directly connected to Max's back. Is known for it's blinding speeds but lacks power. It's a considerable amount of magic to create and Max needs to see in order to direct it.

-Oniate: A hands of BlackWater that holds down anyone with great strength.

-Umibozu: A 15 foot tall human construct of BlackWater that is directly linked to Max's movements with incredible strength but leans on the slow side. Need's a constant source of magic and if used for too long will drain Max of all his magic.

-Surge: Can generate electricity from the hand, but it drains magic faster the longer it's used.

-Frost: Can freeze BlackWater, making it nearly as heard as steel.

-Breath: Can breath in any none breathable environment, such as under water or space.

-Blood Manipulation: If a situation demands it Max can use his own blood as a weapon, but if used for too long can put his life in danger. Can even manipulate his blood to close up wounds for a period of time. Cannot manipulate someone else's blood.

-Knows a spell to completely change his gender. Why, because he was curious and for the ultimate disguise. Takes 10 seconds to change.

-Created a potion to heal nearly any wound or poison, the bigger the wound the longer it takes to heal. Even has the potential to reattach limes.

-Ingredients for healing potion: Various healing herbs, vitamins K and C, protein, Zinc, fish fat, and Magic to strengthen it and bring it all together.

-Ingredients for BlackWater: Pure water, ink, iron shavings, silver dust, some of Max's blood, lemon juice, and salt.

KNOWLEDGE: Extensive knowledge on the supernatural and other forms of magic and artifacts.

-Has some knowledge on basic medicine, but only at an EMT level.

-Has knowledge to create other potions, but rarely makes them unless the situation demands it.

-Has had experience with negotiation with people older and more dangerous then himself.

-Is very observant and can understand a complicated situation most of the time.

-Can learn any spell if given enough time and knows the fundamentals behind it, though will take time to master it.

ABILITIES: While training Max discovered a way to break down the 5 barriers in the human mind that hold back the body. By taking these barriers down Max gains inhuman strength, but with each barrier down will tax his body. Taking down the last barrier will give him incredible strength, but can completely destroy his body. Max has taken to calling this 'Levels'. This ability requires no magic to use.

-With each level unlocked will put a strain on Max's body, higher the level the higher the strain. Level 5 will completely destroy Max's body.

-Level 0: Can lift 150 pounds on average. (Without unlocking a level)

-Level 1: (Can lift 300 pounds)

-Level 2: (Can lift 710 pounds)

-Level 3: (Can lift 1,100 pounds)

-Level 4: (Can lift 3.5 tons)

-Level 5: Has the equivalent strength of a African Bush Elephant, but has yet to tap into the full strength of this level and only uses this level as a very last resort. (Can lift 10 tons)

-Gabriel's Fist: By imbuing magic into his arm Max can nearly double the strength of his level and keep his arm intact. The draw back is that this uses a large amount of magic and will cause Max excruciating pain to the point it will feel nearly numb.

PREFERRED GEAR: A Kevlar bulletproof vest.

-Uses BlackWater to make a long duster coat to increase his defense.

-A black fedora and silver sunglasses he uses to hide his identity.

-A small flashlight that can also use UV lighting.

-A pair of binoculars.

-2 bottles of healing potion.

-5 bottles of BlackWater.

WEAPONRY: A special cane with a hidden 6 inch titanium blade at the end, uses cane for a Rapier style fighting. The cane also doubles as a magic staff where he uses to help him cast his magic. Though he can cast magic without it, it becomes incredibly difficult.

-Two Bowie knives used for close combat if the situation demands it. (Black Ops Zombie Bowie knifes Style)

-A Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum Revolver, customize.

ARCH-ANGEL MODE: When Max's back is against the wall he goes to his last resort. By drinking his BlackWater and fully unlocking Level 5 of his barriers, Max is able to achieve Arch-Angel mode. The BlackWater hardens, improves, and hold together Max's body and is able to use the full power of Level 5, but their are some major flaws in this form.

-Goes into a blind rage and has little regard for his own body or those around him

-Max body losses most awareness but in turn is quicker to react on instinct alone.

-Can manipulate BlackWater without cane but has very limited range.

-Speed, strength, and durability are all increased drastically to the point of super-human level.

-Doubles Level 5 strength.

-Ones Arch-Angel Mode is finish Max's body will be on the border line of being destroyed and without any magic power, leaving him defenseless.

-Maximum amount of time is 10 minutes, less if his body is already wounded.

BLOODY MARY: If in a life or death situation Max will put it all on the table when using BLOODY MARY. By cutting open a major blood vessel and forcing nearly all the blood in his body out, Max can form a humanoid female figure made out of the blood about twice the size of Max's body.

-Can move at high speeds and has enough strength to move a truck.

-Can form the iron in the blood to create blades and projectiles.

-Is virtually indestructible to most attacks.

-Because BLOODY MARY uses so much blood Max cannot move his body on his own. MARY must also keep a constant connection to Max to keep the blood flowing through his brain and organs.

-Uses a constant source of magic when used and if used wrong can end up killing Max.

PERSONALITY: Max is a cunning young man, preferring to always have a trick up his sleeve when in any situation. When fighting, Max fights using long range first and if the situation demands he will resort to close range combat.

-Will always stand by his friends even in the worst situation as long as it doesn't go against his morals.

-Not afraid to say what is on his mind and dose what he likes.

-Is not a guy to simply kill on a whim, but dose believe in the term one life of a hundred.

-He is always faithful to his lover and would never cheat on her.

-Always try's to laugh off a bad situation, but if the need calls can be serious.

-Known to be a bit greedy when it comes to money but knows when to put it aside.

-Is morally flexible with thief's, and depending on the situation will only intervene if necessary.

-Always makes it a habit to make friends in certain areas in case if he ever needs a favor.

-Hate's constantly relying on people and rather make his own money.

WEAKNESSES: Has been known to be arrogant when fighting a weaker opponent.

-Dose not have a infinite pool of magic aura and if used to much can easily drain him.

-Extreme heat can destroy BlackWater and turn it into mist, making it extremely harder to use, but not impossible.

-Max has pushed himself and his body past it's limits before and this has left him extremely vulnerable and damaged.

-Max's body is still human, and can be killed like one.

-Cannot make BlackWater on the fly, requires time and resources.

-Dose not use kicks for attacks of any kind.

BACKGROUND: Max was not given the best hand of life at birth. Max's mother was a prostitute that seduced a wealthy Tycoon, Max's Father, so she could get pregnant and be given an easy life. The plan worked half way, Max's mom was pregnant with him but Max's father denied all clam of Max when she brought him to his father when Max was 5.

So for the next 3 years Max was raised with his prostitute mother and constantly reminded of what a failure he was, making Max grow up quicker and see the world for what it was at an early age. Tired of taking care of the failed plan Max's mom throw him out at the age of 8 and sent him to live at an orphanage.

Not wanting to live in another abusive home Max ran away and started to live on the streets. He lived off of pickpocketing and stealing from wealth people, people who could afford to lose a little money and watches in their lives. Max lived like this in the streets of Chicago for about a 2 years before he meet Simon Dark.

Simon was a tall, blind, black man and a descended of a Bushman tribe. When Max tried to pickpocket Simon the blind man instantly found out and saw the potential and strong will power in Max. Simon took Max in and taught the boy the ways of magic. For 5 years Simon taught Max everything he knew and Max saw the man as the Father he never had. Simon Dark later died to cancer and was cremated.

Sadden by Simon's death Max took the man's last name as his own to always remember him. A last wish Simon asked Max was for him to spread Simon's ashes in the Kalahari desert and to find his ancestral Bushmen tribe and spread his ashes their, all while walking their on foot. A final gift Simon left his adoptive son was a large inheritance of $500,000.

Max used this money explore the world, seeking adventure and excitement until he can fine his a place to call home. All under his Spellslinger name Gemini.