NAME: Jay Ray Bronson


RACE: Human/Zombie


AGE: 20-25

HEIGHT: 6'8"


HAIR COLOR: Dirty-Blond

SKILLS: Master Guitarist

-Adapt with most instruments

-Adapt in Parkour

-Adapt street fighter

KNOWLEDGE: High school level knowledge

-Knows most of the style and trends from the 90's

ABILITIES: Zombie body

-Super strength

-Near immortality

GEAR: Leather cloths and jacket



WEAPONES: Special guitar, 'Black Vibe' is nearly indestructible and can magnify sound to a certain level, creating sonic blasts.

-Brass knuckles

PERSONALITY: Jay will do the right thing overall, but all he wants to do is play music as much as he can.

Is a chill dude that only gets pissed if he see's someone messing with a woman or a kid for no good reason.

WEAKNESSES: Normal Durability

-Strength can cause self harm

BACKGROUND: Jay Ray Bronson was an up and coming musician who died in the late 80's to the early 90's. Jay had a passion for playing music since he could walk and wanted nothing more then to play for a living. So after graduation high school Jay started to travel the U.S playing music hoping to get discovered.

After a years Jay was discovered and put on a band as lead guitarist in a rock band 'The Black Vipers' with two other guys.

The band wasn't that popular or well known, but Jay didn't mind one bit. All he wanted to do was continue to play music and one day play a consort with a crowed the size of a football field. As the band tour Jay made a guitar by hand to play for his consorts.

The guitar was made from the wood of an old tree from Salem and engraved by a shaman. The whole thing cost most of Jay's money to pay for, but it was well worth it.

As time went on 'The Black Vipers' started to become known less and less. As a last ditch effort to make some big money in one go the manager of the Vipers sabotage the band's bus, causing it to crash and burn, killing everyone.

Years later Jay Ray Branson has come back, not just for payback, but to have one last big show before going back six-feet under.