Hi! It's ya boi here with another story! I'm not sure where I really wanted to go with this or how I came to how it goes, but anyway, enjoy my newest story!

(Also the italics are mostly her inner monologue)


When Velma came to, she was laying down on a surface. She wasn't able to tell much about it, even by feeling the surface with her hands. It felt like glass, but it probably wouldn't be able to support her, so she ruled it out but left it as a possibility. It was neither warm nor cool, comfortable nor uncomfortable. She spent a while merely stroking the surface languidly, as the smoothness of the "glass" soothed her.

How did I end up here? she asked herself.

It didn't matter. All that mattered was that she was alive and doing better than expected after...

She shot up suddenly, aware of the pain in her head. It was a dull ache, really, not enough to render her unable to move, but it was where...

She shuddered and pushed back the memory. It had something to do with why she was here. And where she was in the first place.

Did he trap her here?

She found her glasses were still perched on her face, eerily perfectly. She looked around. Darkness surrounded her, swallowing her whole. She stood up. She couldn't see if there was a wall or ceiling, so she walked in one direction for a few moments before deeming that this was a very large room.

She took another step and without warning, a sob in the back of her throat released itself. A sob she hadn't known she'd been choking back. She found herself overcome with feelings and emotions she couldn't identify. It brought her to her knees, but she wasn't able to react to any of it.

Oh, no, I'm shutting down again, she realized, and it was true.

Before it could get worse, she forced herself to crawl back into the direction she came from and the powerful feelings subsided. That was strange. She stood back up and walked in the opposite direction for a few moments.

She wondered what had caused that surge of what she wanted to call sadness. But it was powerful. At least, the reaction it gave her was. The thing was, she hadn't felt upset. It was just an onslaught of tears. She wiped her nose with her sleeve and continued on.

"Hello?" she finally asked. Her voice didn't echo. "Is anyone in here? Where am I?" No one responded and she sighed and finally made a left.

The lack of walls was frustrating. This room, as far as she could tell, stretched on infinitely. It didn't feel right. She moved onward until she saw a faint glow. She turned toward the light and moved forward.

She approached a woman with light brown skin and ebony hair tied into a ponytail. Her eyes were closed and she was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

"Hello?" The woman opened her eyes and smiled warmly.

"Hello, Velma."

"How... How do you know my name?"

"I know a lot of things about you."


"Do you know what this place is? I want to find my way out."

"Oh, my dear, there's no way out."

Alissa's expression was oddly cheerful for such a dark thing to say. Upon noticing Velma's rather confused expression, she smiled again.

"I can certainly show you around, help you understand it, perhaps?" Velma nodded. The woman chuckled.

"You may call me Alissa. Welcome."

"What is this place?" Alissa stood up and gestured for Velma to follow her.

"I don't think I can just tell you. Perhaps with time, I will, but I think you can figure it out." Velma followed Alissa through the abyss for what felt like forever.

"Where are we going?"

"Here." Alissa raised a hand. Light poured from her fingertips like a flashlight and Velma was able to see they were in what looked like a forest.


"We'll reach a clearing soon."

Velma was perplexed but continued to follow Alissa. She didn't want to go back to the darkness. Plus, there was something... Comfortable about her. She was easy to trust.


"I feel as though I must warn you, this journey may be difficult for you, but it is entirely necessary. I want you to remember this as we continue."

"Why is it necessary?" Alissa sighed.

"You're broken. I'm trying to help you repair yourself."

That was oddly cryptic, Velma noted.

What did Alissa mean by broken? She felt alright! Still, no way was she staying in this dark room forever. Velma took a deep breath and stepped into the dirt and tree branches.


Hi again! Before we continue, I just wanted to add that my very first burst of inspiration came from the game Cats Are Liquid (really great game by the way) because of it's interesting storytelling, but I can assure you that no, Velma is not a cat that can turn into a puddle and she doesn't learn to fly (or bomb things... Or obtain a gray square). Cats Are Liquid was only my first bit of inspiration, but I'm adding it for credit anyway, since doing so otherwise wouldn't be fair. Until next time!