This is a fanfic idea about three old men and one old woman from Shonen anime will be reborn into the world of remnant in Rwby. Also I'm sure this goes without saying but they can't be nearly as powerful as they were in their respective anime or they'll be able to one shot the strongest people Remnant has to offer so keep them as strong as a student of beacon should be maybe a little stronger.

Now here's the three old men and one old woman reborn as students of beacon along with there resemblances and weapons also their roles on the team and there weaknesses and there nationality.

Edward Newgate aka Whitebeard: Keep his height that could be a great source of comedy. His weapon will be his bisento as seen in the anime but it cat turn into a Canon. His semblance will basically be his Gura Gura no mi. And he'll be the muscle and tank of the team. His weakness will be his speed and skill. He hails from mistral.

Isaac Netero: His weapon will be a small pair of gauntlets that turn into semiautomatic patrols. His semblance is his 100-type guanyin bodhisttva. His role will the fastest member of the team his weakness will be the fact that he's a glass canon. He was born and raised in vale.

Joseph joestar: His weapon will be metal clackers that he control due to his perfect aura control. his semblance he calls Hermit purple. He's without a doubt the smartest member of his team and he is the teams leader his weakness is his lack of destructive power and arrogance. The place he's from is Mistral.

Chiyo: Her weapons are her various puppets that have several weapons(they are her ten puppets she had in Naruto but go ahead and give her Crow,Ant and salamander as well) she controls her weapons with strings made out of her aura. Her semblance will be store she can store multiple objects within various items. She will be the specialist in long range combat of the team her weakness is that because she uses up a lot of her aura with here puppets she can't take many hits. She going to beacon from Vacuo.

Also try to add old people from other anime as well hell they don't even need to be from an anime as long as they are badass and old it's fine.