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For a twelve-year-old in an amusement park, he was remarkably skittish. Seo, as the boy was called, glanced around, locks of his dark brown hair tussling further as he searched. He wasn't with an adult, but that wasn't what worried him. Rather, the thought of his 'supervisors' waiting at the exit wasn't reassuring in the least.

His supervisors had hustled him across borders, trying to force him into bending his morals. They had instructed him to kidnap, to steal a child directly under the noses of their loving family. It was completely and utterly wrong, especially when Seo wasn't given the luxury of having his own family.

Seo had wanted to refuse on principle, but as his all too generous time limit was drawing to an end, so was their patience. Seo surveyed the area. The crowd was pretty big, and despite his mixed heritage, Seo would be able to blend right in. He could run if he really wanted to.

At the thought, Seo's expression turned to disgust. Even if he didn't have a family, he still had friends, didn't he? Friends that was being held at gunpoint without them even knowing it… Some friend he turned out to be…

Seo pushed forward, even as he pushed back his self-pity. Oh, why couldn't they have figured out what he had gotten himself into? They fancied themselves detectives! Called themselves the Baker Street Irregulars, of all things. Yet, the name sort of suited them. They certainly were irregular…

Sighing, Seo continued scouting for unsupervised children.

Seo nearly jumped out of his skin when police sirens sounded nearby. His palms were suddenly very cold and sticky. Did they know? How? It wasn't as if he'd kidnapped anyone yet! Seo forced down his panic. The police were gathered at the mystery coaster. This had nothing to do with him. There was no possible way they could know what he was about to do. Or what he was being forced to do…

Stealing his nerves, Seo hesitantly approached a group of kids multiple times, but always bailed out at last moment. He couldn't do it.

The sun had long since set. No child would have stuck back this long. There was no way he could go back. Absolutely no way. The situation being what it was, Seo figured a panic attack was well warranted, but his pride wouldn't allow it. At least, he thought, biting his lip… not in public. In that sense, the secluded alleyway to his right was looked like an awful tempting spot to hang out…

Seo sighed, dragging his hands through his hair. He wouldn't be able to avoid his 'supervisors' for long, but he didn't want to return to them just yet. Coming back empty handed was just… he looked down in shame. His deadline was awfully close, and they took him to an amusement park for the sheer simplicity of it. At least he should try to blow off a little steam. It wouldn't do anyone good to snap at his supervisors.

He turned the corner into the alley, a frown marring his face when he came across something decidedly… strange. Seo blinked stupidly at a kid that was laying knocked out in a bundle of clothes that were more suited for someone twice his age. "...What?"

This was an unexpected development. The kid was breathing heavily and covered in blood, sweat, and dirt. Seo honestly couldn't decide whether or not the kid was lucky he found him. Hesitantly, Seo scooped up the bundle and hurried to the park gates.

It took a minute, but Seo spotted his supervisors with relative ease. Their dark demeanors horribly clashed with the cheery theme park. Upon shuffling up to them, the stockier man raised his eyebrows. "What the heck, boy? We told you to nab a kid, not beat 'em senseless." Seo looked away in indignation but kept a tight hold on the small child in his arms.

The man took a smaller booklet from his coat pocket and studied the face of the child. He snorted in pleasant surprise. The newly faked passport had an incredible likeness to the child. "I swear," he muttered, "all these Japanese people look exactly the same. I can't image the number of doppelgangers that are going to crop up around this kid..." He shook his head as if dispelling the image. "In any case, this makes it all the easier to smuggle him into London."

And so it began that Kudo Shinichi was set on the path to becoming a member of the baker street irregulars.

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