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Note, I'm going by the Broadway version, because as much as I enjoy the movie, I felt magic elements didn't work in a story that was based off of real historical events.

The sun rose in Paris and shone on a sleeping, Anya, Demeti and their dog Pooka. As Anya awoke in her small motel bedroom, she couldn't believe what had transpired in the last few days, she not only found her long lost grandmother, discovered that she was really the princess of Russia, managed convince Geb to leave her and Demeti alone, today was the first day of the rest of her life with Demeti and Pooka. As Anya began to fantasize about what the future might bring, she felt something move beside her, Anya looked down to see Pooka waking up and licking her hand.

Anya smiled as she whispered "Good morning, Pooka. Did you have a good night's sleep?"

Pooka simply stood up on his hind legs and licked her face. Anya giggled as she whispered "I love you too, boy."

Then the puppy and his mistress heard Demeti start to wake up. Anya smiled as Demeti opened his eyes as she said "Good morning, sleepyhead."

Demeti smiled as he playfully said "Good morning, Anya or should I call you Anastasia?"

"Anya's fine. It's dangerous for me to be called that name." The heir to the Russian throne replied.

"True and where would you like to live?" Demeti added.

"Why don't we move to the countryside?" Anya suggested. "It's nice, quiet and a great place to raise to a family." She added with a smile.

At once, Demeti's face became pale.

"What's wrong?" Anya wondered.

Demeti chose his words carefully before he replied "Anya, I love you and Pooka with all my heart, but I don't know if we're ready for kids yet. We don't even have a home, I don't even have a job and we're not even citizens of this country yet."

Anya smiled as she said "We'll find a way. Besides, how hard could becoming citizens of this country be?"

Sometime later, at the immigration center Anya and Demeti were learning just how hard it could be to become a citizen of France.

"How are we going to get all the paperwork?" Demeti muttered.

"I know we can get my Grandma-ma to vouch for us, but we don't have any money of our own." Anya said in an attempt to sound optimistic. "Still, we'll find a way." She added.

"I'm almost starting to wish I did take the money." Demeti added as they began to leave the building.

Then they heard a voice whispering "Are you guys looking for work?"

At once, both Demeti and Anya spotted a shady looking fellow appear from the alleyway. "I can get you jobs if you're interested." The Shady figure added.

Knowing where this was going, Demeti narrowed his eyes as he said "Sorry, not interested."

With that, he quickly ushered his wife away to safety.

"What was that all about?" Anya questioned.

"Con man, I could smell him a mile away." Demeti explained as he led Anya back to their motel. Then he added "I'm afraid that I might have to go back to my old tricks again just so that we may have enough to live."

"Maybe we can ask Grandma-ma or Sophie to hire us as servants or something." His wife suggested.

"Your Grandma would never allow you or me to work as servants." Demeti remarked.

"She might have to." Anya stated.

"No, I will not allow this. I will not have the both of you work as servants" The Dowager Empress Marie stated as she stood up from her chair. "If you need money, I can led you some."

"Thank you very much, Grandma-ma, but that would attract too much attention, create all kinds of rumors, not to mention it bring to Russian government back on our tail again." Anya replied.

"Again? What do you mean 'again?' Has this happened before?" A worried Marie stated as her cousin Sophie and Demeti looked up, equally as anxious and concerned upon hearing what his wife and her third cousin once removed just said.

Anya sighed as she thought What have I gotten myself into?

Pulling herself out of her thoughts, Anya said "I didn't want to scare you guys, but the night during the ball, one of the Chekist officers entered my room with the intent to kill me."

"What?!" Demeti, Sophie and Marie all cried out in shock and horror at once.

"How did you convince him to let you go?" Demeti wondered as he wrapped his arms around Anya.

"I didn't. I told him I wasn't afraid to die and I could see my family again." Anya replied before she added "He must've had a change of heart after what I said since he told me that he would tell his superiors that my survival is nothing more than a rumor and then he left."

Demeti, Sophie and Marie exchanged glances of confusion and relief. They didn't know how Anya was able to convince that solder to let her live, but they were glad that she did it anyway.

Marie was the first to break the silence with "I'm just glad that you, Demeti and Pooka are safe and I can see you're right. We can't attract too much attention to you guys, so you will work as servants in my home, but you will work your way up to a more respectful position."

"How will we do that?" Demeti wounded.

"You shall go to college and get an education in business." Marie stated with smile.

Anya and Demeti looked at each other in shock. They couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"How am I going to pay for the tuition, books and other stuff?" Demeti wondered.

"I'll pay for it." Marie answered.

Note: I don't know how closely related Sophie and Anya are, but if Marie and Sophie are cousins, then Anya must be a third cousin once removed. If I'm wrong, please let me know.

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